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Bill Gates Wants To Turn Your Birth Control On With A Remote

As far as contraception innovation goes, for the past several years, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has been leading the pack. Next on the list? Revolutionising actual bodily implants. Say hello to wireless birth control.

This Shocking Prototype Condom Puts Some Wiring On Your Pole

It’s been almost a year since Bill Gates put out his $100,000 call for better, high-tech condoms, and we haven’t found a new de facto standard yet. But Firaz Peer and Andrew Quitmeyer of Georgia Tech have a potential solution, if you’re OK with putting electrodes on your man-parts.

Bison, Hollywood, Glycoprotein And... Birth Control

A rocky outpost off the coast of Los Angeles, Santa Catalina Island was originally home to exactly zero bison. In 1924, however, when the island was owned by William Wrigley Jr. of chewing gum fame, a film crew imported 14 buffalo for a movie shoot. The crew left; the bison did not. The finished film, The Vanishing American, contains exactly zero scenes with bison.

Why Is There No Male Birth Control Pill?

Bet you didn’t have this marked on your calendar: it was World Vasectomy Day on Friday, a holiday celebrated not with parades or fireworks, but with the delicate snip of two tiny tubes. But is such a largely permanent step really our only male birth control option? Where’s the male version of the pill?

Scientists Have Discovered A Compound That May Lead To The First Male Birth Control Pill

Scientists have just discovered that a compound originally meant to treat cancer could actually lead to the real-life creation of a unicorn: the male birth control pill. The researchers report that the compound, known as JQ1, holds the promise of a reversible form of male birth control. It’s the pill but for dudes.

Sperm-Crippling Gene Could Lead To Non-Hormonal Male Contraceptives

Boffins in Edinburgh, Scotland have discovered that a single mutated gene in male mice can inhibit the last stages of sperm development, thus inducing infertility. As a result, we are that much closer to hormone-free, reversible, and surgery-free male contraception.

WARNING: Those Morning After Pills May Be Fake

So you had a good night but something went wrong and you think that you or your partner may get an unwanted pregnancy. Best solution? Morning after pill. Worst solution? Fake morning after pills. The US Federal Drug Administration is warning about them:

The Pill Doesn't Make You Fat, Though Drug Companies Say It Does

The pill doesn’t make you gain weight? The idea goes completely against what pretty much every woman in the world believes, myself included — until today.

The Best Birth Control Is A Piece Of Plastic Lodged Inside Your Uterus

What’s the most aggravating form of birth control? Taking a pill every day for most of your young adulthood or inserting a spindly plastic thingy — otherwise known as an intrauterine device — in your uterus? If you’re not a lady you’d guess the former. But you might be wrong.

An Ingenious New Sperm-Crippling Birth Control For Dudes

We need better birth control. This isn’t terribly controversial. Most current birth control is based on decades old science, merely refined as the years have gone by. And there’s still no male equivalent of the pill, which puts the brunt of the burden of long-term birth control on women.

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