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Apple Watch Set To Be Sold In Best Buy Stores Around The US

When the Apple Watch first debuted, we were promised a premium retail experience — specially trained staff, swanky new stores, watches that were ‘fitted’ rather than just tried on. Well, according to the WSJ, all that is about to change.

Artist Pranks Shoppers With Fake Useless Plastic Black Box

Shopping for electronics already feels like some kind of hidden camera prank, with staff who never want to help and rarely know a thing about the gear they’re selling. But an artist who refers to himself as Plastic Jesus — which apparently is not a gag — took things one step further by secretly stocking displays with a useless plastic box complete with a description of the non-existent product.

Samsung Is Building A Whopping 1400 Retail Stores In The US

In a bid to compete more directly with Apple, Samsung has announced that in the coming months it will open 1400 Samsung Experience shops within electronics stores around the US.

Louis CK's Crap Electronics Store Experience

Clearly retailers have plenty of problems that are out of any one person’s control. But the fact that the incredibly unpleasant employee interaction at Louis‘ store is so guttingly familiar sure speaks volumes.

The Worst Super Bowl Tech Ads

If you watched this year’s Super Bowl, you probably noticed one thing: Madonna looks good for a 53-year-old. Oh, and also, the commercials sucked. Screw Brady and Manning, where the heck is the creativity, ad people? You guys are boring me. I need something more than King Elton John and moonwalking dogs.

Man Roots Six-Foot Nexus S Display At US Electronics Store

Best Buy had a six-foot Nexus S on display that caught the eye of a customer waiting for his phone to be repaired. Instead of merely exploring the giant phone, he decided to go one step further and root it.

This Moron Got His Lamborghini Serviced At Best Buy

This photo provided by a reader shows car crime on the level of taking your Lamborghini to Best Buy to get a stereo (or DVD player or iPad) installed. Because it’s someone taking their Lamborghini Murcielago to Best Buy for a stereo installation.

Retailers Are Running Out Of MacBook Airs

The Macbook Airs listed on are apparently “Not Available” for shipping. This jibes with news we’ve been hearing about an imminent MBA refresh with Sandy Bridge processors.

9 to 5 Mac has also been hearing tell of a launch the week of July 4th, but that rumour goes unconfirmed. It can’t be much longer now. [9 to 5 Mac]

Best Buy Is Joining The Cloud Music Party

Best Buy has joined Amazon, Apple and Google in the Great Cloud Race of 2011 by announcing their own Music Cloud.

Lodsys Suit Gets Ridiculous As They Go After Adidas, Black & Decker

Remember Lodsys, that patent troll going after Apple and Google for in-app purchases? Well it looks like they’re attacking a few more companies, including Sam’s Club, Vitamin Shoppe and Best Buy for violating their patents. Oh come on! [CNET]

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