There Is A Right And A Wrong Way To Use A Beach Towel

You think your beach towel is just some colourful barrier between your arse and the sand? Wrong. That water-wicking blanket is actually an intricately designed instrument, fine-tuned to provide you with the best possible poolside experience. And here’s the thing: It’s entirely possible that you’ve been using it wrong all along.

Helicopter Crashes Right On The Beach

I don’t know what’s wrong with helicopters in Brazil, but they keep crashing them in the most idiotic ways possible. Check out this one, going a little bit too close to the beach until it finally crashes against the waves. [Bing]

These Sand Castles Will Never Wash Away

Remember all the hard work you put into sand castles as a little kid? Crouching, scooping and shaping. It was tough! And it was always for naught because the stupid ocean would eventually swallow your castles whole and wash it away. What if you could make sand castles live forever, though? Turns out you can.

What Kind Of Beach Uses 7937 Umbrellas To Block Out The Sun?

This is Haeundae Beach in South Korea. It’s ridiculously popular with up to a million visitors per day. But the funny thing is, it’s not the open sunny beach we know. Instead, it’s lined with umbrellas to block out the sun.

Coconut Headphones Are Built For The Beach

Perfect for those stranded on deserted islands or just anyone who wants to feel more tropical, this DIY headphone mod was crafted from coconut husks and some twine for an authentic beach style and questionable acoustics. [Daugibach via MAKE]

The Deep Flight Super Falcon Sub Is A Private Airplane For The Sea

I’d never been envious of Tom Perkins’ giant sailboat, the Maltese Falcon, until it received a deployable submarine in its belly. The sub, called the Deep Flight Super Falcon, is a 6.5m electric vehicle, bringing aerodynamic principles to the sea.

What Do You Think She's Listening To?

I think she’s going to get some sand stuck in that thing.

Dubai Hotelier Hasn't Heard of Flip-Flops, Plans to Refrigerate Entire Beach

There’s nothing like a good bit of Dubai excess, but this just isn’t impressive enough to justify the profligacy: the Palazzo Versace hotel is building a beach with refrigerated sand.

Squid Face Pillow Lets You Lie Face Down Comfortably

Lying face down on the ground to tan or get a back massage invariably leads to awkward positioning and sore necks. Not so if you have the Squid Face Pillow! It keeps your face pointed straight down and your neck comfortable, allowing you to cook your skin to an appetizing golden brown without any side effects other than skin cancer. Sold! [Product Page via Nerd Approved]

Beach Golf Concept Makes Caddies Obsolete

This golf club concept is supposedly just for use on the beach, so you don’t need to carry a whole set of clubs around, but I see no reason for it not to be just as practical on the actual links. It’s a club with a rotating face, allowing for you to adjust that 5 iron to a 9 iron quickly and easily. It’s a neat idea, and if the hollow body and mesh face were replaced with regular club materials I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to bring this to Augusta, leaving your sassy caddie back at the pro shop. [ThisNext via Be Sportier]