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From 0% To 48% In Five Minutes: Huawei Demos New Battery Charging Tech

Batteries remain the Achilles’ heel of mobile devices. Until we can figure out a practical and affordable way to dramatically up energy densities, other approaches will have to suffice. So, if we can’t make better batteries, how about faster charging ones? Huawei’s Watt Lab just might have the answer.

Going Solar? Meet The Smart Services That Will Make The Most Of Your Power

Reposit Power is pioneering a new take on the traditional power station. It doesn’t have a generator running on dirty coal — but neither does it have huge fields of wind turbines or solar panels. Instead, Reposit’s ‘power station’ consists of a network of homes across Australia that have solar panels and battery storage, and want to sell their power back into the grid in a smarter way.

FAA Is Doing Nothing About Continued Boeing Dreamliner Battery Failures

In 2013, the troubled Boeing 787 Dreamliner was grounded for nearly four months because the plane’s lithium-ion batteries caught fire. It’s had at least three more cell failures since the plane was allowed to resume flying. While the Federal Aviation Administration dismisses these new failures, the fact that these battery malfunctions continue to happen is a big deal.

You Can Quickly Recharge This Backup Battery Using Your MacBook's Charger

Portable chargers have become as ubiquitous a smartphone accessory as cases, and rarely do they include any genuine innovation anymore — but the Quarter does. It’s the first backup battery that can be charged using your MacBook’s power adaptor, giving you enough juice to revive a dead iPhone in just 15 minutes.

FAA Says You Must Not Pack Lithium Batteries In Your Hold Luggage

If you squirrel away batteries in hold luggage ready to power your kit through a trip, you may need to rethink: the Federal Aviation Administration is making a push to ensure you don’t.

Careful Application Of Heat Could Extend The Lifetime Of A Battery

Think of heat and batteries, and you probably imagine a li-on cell bursting into flames. But now researchers think that a little heat at the right time could actually be used to extend the lifespan of a battery.

Don't Buy The Bullshit This Indiegogo Campaign Is Selling

Batteriser is a crowdfunding campaign for a magical little sleeve you pop over your AA batteries, extending their useful life by ‘up to 800%’. Sound a little too good to be true? That’s because it 800% is.

Australia's Electricity Companies Will Fight Tesla Over Powerwall Batteries

Opinion: Tesla’s Powerwall battery is coming to Australia later this year, and it promises to lower your power bills by charging from your house’s solar panels or when off-peak energy generation tariffs are in effect. But it may face competition and obstruction from Australia’s existing energy suppliers and retailers, whose current businesses are built around power generation and consumption, not storage.

SNES Controller Backup Battery: Now You're Really Playing With Power

Even if you haven’t touched a Super Nintendo in 20 years, you probably still remember the first time you held its near flawless controller. So why not indulge in a little nostalgia with this $US87 portable charger that looks like an SNES controller, minus all the Doritos stains.

Transparent Batteries That Charge In The Sun Could Replace Smartphone Screens

A group of Japanese researchers have managed to improve the design of a transparent lithium-ion battery so that it’s now able to recharge itself when exposed to sunlight without the need for a separate solar cell.

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