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This Stretchable Battery Pack Wraps Around Anything And Charges Itself

There’s one big obstacle holding back flexible electronics and conformable wearables, and that’s stiff and bulky li-ion batteries. Now, a team of scientists has developed a stretchable mesh of power cells that sticks to surfaces like a plaster to skin — and it can even charge itself.

New Nanowire Batteries Can Be Charged More Than 100,000 Times

Li-on batteries gradually deteriorate as they’re repeatedly drained and recharged. But now researchers from University of California, Irvine have developed a new nano-wire battery that can survive hundreds of thousands of charging cycles.

Australian Scientists Discover A Natural Path To High Performance Renewable Batteries

Inspired by 16th century Chinese medicine, Australian scientists from Griffith University have turned to nature for solutions to improve the performance of batteries.

Professor Eddie Shanqing Zhang and his team have identified three natural sources which will not only reduce pollution in the manufacturing of lithium ion batteries and lithium-sulfur batteries, but improve overall performance and cyclability. This discovery could power a new generation of batteries using renewable power generation.

Tesla Is Discontinuing Its 10 Kilowatt Powerwall 

Earlier this week, Tesla pulled its listing for the 10 kilowatt Powerwall device, leaving only its 6.4 kwh battery listed for sale. In a statement to GreenTechMedia, the company confirmed that the option has been discontinued.

An iPhone Is The Latest Thing To Catch Fire On A Plane

Lithium-ion batteries and aircraft have some bad blood: Boeing’s 787 Dreamliners were grounded three years ago because of battery fires, the US FAA banned all lithium batteries in hold luggage, and now an innocent iPhone has caused a fire on an Alaska Air flight.

Dyson Is Spending Nearly $3 Billion On Batteries, Motors And Robot Research

Dyson had a good 2015. Australia is responsible for a moderate chunk of the company’s $850 million (£448 million) in yearly profit, but a lot of that comes from Dyson’s battery-powered V6 handstick vacuums — sales grew by 35 per cent in Australia. Dyson is putting that money back into making its gadgets better, though — including nearly $2 billion over five years for research into better batteries.

An Alternative Battery Burns Carbon Nanotubes To Make Electricity

If you thought lithium-ion batteries catching fire were dangerous, how about a portable power source that actually relies on igniting its fuel from the get-go? That’s pretty much what a new battery alternative developed at MIT does.

Oppo Claims It Can Fully Charge A Phone In Just 15 Minutes

Fast-charging systems are making huge jumps in speed and Oppo seems to have reached a massive milestone: It claims it can fully charge an empty smartphone battery in a mere 15 minutes.

There's A New Kind Of Wi-Fi That Uses 10,000 Times Less Power

Wi-Fi is already a very great thing. Problem is — especially for mobile devices — Wi-Fi is also an energy suck. But now, scientists have come up with a way of connecting to Wi-Fi that requires even less energy than a Bluetooth connection.

BioLite's New Camping Accessories Make Roughing It Not So Rough

Unless required by your reality TV series, you don’t always need to completely disconnect from civilisation when you venture into the great outdoors. And BioLite is introducing three new ways to make camping a little more comfortable.

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