You Have To Really Love Batman To Use This Absurd iPhone Tumbler Case

Most smartphone cases strive to provide as much protection for your device as possible without adding too much bulk or extra weight. But that’s not the approach Bandai has taken with this monstrosity. Squarely targeted at die-hard Batman fans, this case is a perfect replica of the Tumbler Batmobile featured in Christopher Nolan’s films, but designed to protect your iPhone — not the Dark Knight.

You'll Never Guess How Much The Original Batmobile Just Sold For

The Adam West Batman TV show from the 60s is perfect. It’s action-packed for the kids and hilarious for adults. This story is a testament to the popularity of the world’s greatest detective: decades after it finished going to air, the show’s props are still going for millions.

Mind-Blowing Lego Tumbler Looks As Detailed As The Real Batmobile

Legendary Lego builder Paweł “Sariel” Kmiec is back with a remote control Technic Tumbler that will have Dark Knight fans begging the company to turn it into a real set. If crime has become an issue in your minifig town, justice has arrived.

Watch This Behind-The-Scenes Clip Of The Dark Knight's Bat

While you were watching Nolan’s third and final Dark Knight flick, did you wonder how in the hell they got the Bat to do all of its hovering, darting and intimidating? Sure you did!

What Batman Would Ride, Were He A Skater

I’d imagine this is the sort of thing the Dark Knight would use as a last resort. If the Batmobile, Batwing and even Batpod were all out of commission, he’d still be able to run down baddies at 20 MPH using this gas-powered motorboard.

Even Batman Would Be Jealous Of This Turbine-Powered Batmobile

We’ve seen fan-made Batmobiles before, but none have been like this. Created by Casey Putsch of Putsch Racing, this Tim Burton-era Batmobile is 4.5m long, uses a Military Boeing turboshaft helicopter engine and even throws in an iPad for good measure.

Gordon Murray's F1-style, Hydrogen-powered Batmobile

For its “Batman Live” stage show in Europe, DC Comics commissioned former Formula 1 designer and McLaren maestro Gordon Murray to fashion a new set of wheels for the caped crusader. Formula Hydrogen Fuel Cell with lasers, anyone?

Autonomous "Raider" Combat Vehicle Takes Design Cues From The Batmobile

Those cheeky gents across the pond are taking design elements from the current incarnation of Batman and putting them into an autonomous assault vehicle called the Tumbler. Sorry, the Raider. You understand why there’s confusion—they look very similar!

Awesome Official 1966 Batmobile Replicas Now For Sale

I can’t believe DC has officially licensed the 1966 Batmobile for real, full-scale car production. Not because it’s not the right and awesome thing to do, but because I thought kitsch shininess and glam sexual innuendo didn’t require any licence.

Bruce Wayne's Obnoxious Golfmobile

I’ve always seen Bruce Wayne as this guy who thinks he’s hiding the world’s deepest secret, but really, a penchant for muscle tees, bruises, bats and the colour black blew his cover with the fine citizens of Gotham long ago.