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Joe Manganiello Will Play Deathstroke In The Batman Solo Movie

The character’s surprising arrival in the DCEU was only recently revealed, but now we know who’ll be playing the man behind Slade Wilson’s mask: True Blood‘s Joe Mangienello.

And Now, Every Time Batman Has Kissed Someone In Live-Action

Video: The kills have been counted — now it’s time for Bat-smooches. Turns out the Dark Knight (or really, his alter-ego) spent quite a bit of his time in between beating the crap out of bad guys engaging in intimate relations.

Michael Keaton's Batman V Christopher Reeve's Superman: Mash-Up Of Justice

Video: This fan-made trailer from Stryder HD makes a compelling argument that it would have been pretty cool to see the two ’80s cinematic superheroes face-off on-screen. Bonus points for realising Lex’s plan to use Zod’s body to create his own Kryptonian in BvS lines up eerily well with Lex’s plan to make his own whatever-the-hell-Nuclear-Man-was from one of Superman’s hairs in The Quest for Peace.

What Warner Bros. Needs To Do To Save The DC Extended Universe From Its Biggest Enemy, Warner Bros.

Last week, the news came out that Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow) would direct a Justice League Dark movie, with a script from Guillermo del Toro, who would be sticking around to produce. All of that sounds like great news, but there’s just one issue: The looming presence of Warner Bros. over it all.

Watch: Being Batman (In Virtual Reality)

Batman Arkham is Rocksteady’s first PlayStation Virtual Reality game, and it will be one of PlayStation VR’s launch titles, available in October. We had a play at E3 this year, and confirmed it’s probably the closest any of us will ever get to being Batman. We’ll get to pop on the cowl, play with gadgets, solve a crime and find a purpose for our dusty Move controllers.

Here’s the latest behind-the-scenes look at Batman Arkham VR.

The First Look At Deathstroke, The Villain In Ben Affleck's Solo Batman Film

Ben Affleck brought us what appears to be tangible evidence as to Deathstroke’s arrival in the DC Extended Universe.

This Guy's Gadget-Packed Batman Costume Earned Him A Guinness World Record

By now, there’s a Guinness World Record for just about any random accomplishment you can think of, including “most functional gadgets on a cos-play suit”. This record is currently held by Ireland’s Julian Checkley, who managed to cram 23 different contraptions into his impressive Batsuit.

Why The Joker In The Dark Knight Was The Ultimate Villain

Video: Even if you didn’t see Suicide Squad and somehow escaped the reviews of it and, like, also didn’t hear the horror stories about Jared Leto’s Joker, you’d already know that it would never have topped Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight anyway. Not only is Ledger’s Joker an iconic performance, his character was also the most perfect antagonist there’s ever been for Batman (or maybe, for any superhero). Lessons from the Screenplay analyses what an antagonist should be and shows how The Dark Knight’s Joker nails it perfectly.

This Guy Made A Replica Of The Lost In Space Computer

If you’re a fan of 1960s sci-fi shows, then you probably recognise the computer in this video. Everybody from the Robinson family to Bruce Wayne had one and to viewers, it looked like the future.

Open Channel: Just How Much Is Gotham Beyond Saving?

Gotham is one of those shows that’s aged way too fast for its own good, and I honestly don’t know how much longer we have until Fox sends it to a farm upstate.

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