Who Should Have Played Batman?

Ben Affleck has just been cast as Batman in Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel sequel (sorry, Daredevil 2 hold-outs), and the internet is flipping its collective desk over at the very idea of a quippy Dark Knight. If you’re so smart, you fix it: who should have been cast?

Everything Wrong With Batman Begins

2005 was quite a long time ago! That was back when everyone had an iPod, that was when we knew Android as just being a robot and that was the year that Batman Begins came out. And though Batman Begins certainly was a fantastic movie that kicked off an even more fantastic trilogy, there were still little annoyances in the film. Our friends at Cinema Sins found 50. Totally worth it for The Dark Knight. [CinemaSins]

The Dark Knight With Added 1960's Sound Effects Is Awesome

The epic conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s Batman saga was pretty great, but it still felt like it was missing something. The fights didn’t feel as epic as they should have. It lacked that POW, BAM and WHOP that made the original Batman series so good. Thankfully, someone has re-edited the fight sequences to include old Adam West dialogue and sound effects to make it more fun!

How Much Does It Really Cost To Be Batman?

It’s been done before, but hey, scientific propositions need repeated testing, don’t they? Movieclips Trailers analysed the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy and compared Batman’s gear to current market prices to come up with the definitive price it would take to be the dark knight. The final tally? $US79,237,480.98. Not too expensive for a billionaire, right?

This Gel Works Like The Memory Cloth From The Dark Knight

Remember that scene from The Dark Knight where Christian Bale leaps off a building in Hong Kong, grabs his cape and the gloves Morgan Freeman made him send an electrical charge through the material causing it to firm up in the shape of a wing. Well, a material like that actually exists.

What Superheroes Would Post To Instagram

Having fun taking pictures of slushy drinks in highball glasses on perfectly distressed hardwood tables and hashtagging it #happyhour? What about posting pictures of the sky and clouds that look like every other picture of the sky and cloud and commenting how ‘this is just how I feel right now’? These are the Instagram pictures we see everyday! But that’s because we’re mere humans. What would superheroes post to Instagram?

Zack Snyder To Direct Batman/Superman Movie

It had to happen eventually. Warner Bros. has confirmed that Zack Snyder’s next Superman movie will also feature Batman, with the plot taking inspiration from Frank Miller’s critically-acclaimed graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns. But who will play the new Batman?

How Superheroes Take Selfies

Let’s face it; no one takes better pictures of themselves than superheroes getting ready for a poster. But how do they get the perfect set-up every time? Like this.

Here Is The Batman TV Theme, Brought To You By Real Bats

Bats aren’t know for their musical prowess… at least not in regular human circles. But! With a little tinkering with the natural sounds they produce, bats can be just as hip as the rest of the animal kingdom. What better place to start their new career in audio than a rendition of the theme song to 1960s’ Batman?