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I don't like Batman. Like an old pair of tennis shoes or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movies, Batman is something I grew out of. It's hard to relate to a rich white dude who works out his pathos by investing in the militarisation of vigilantes and police instead funnelling cash into the crumbling infrastructure that produces his rogue gallery. And then I played Batman: Arkham VR.


In these uncertain times, it's nice to have constants in our lives, whether they be friends, family, or Gotham. It's genuinely comforting to me to know that the show, which is ostensibly about the eventual rise of Batman, is still hard at work making sure it is getting the Batman mythos as relentlessly wrong as possible.


Kids may not be happy about going to school, but it could be worse — they could be going to one of these schools, where danger, physical damage and even death stalk the classrooms. Here are 10 schools where you have an equal chance of graduating as dying.