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Arrow's Showrunner Explains Why [REDACTED] Had To Die

Kevin Smith further confirms Ben Affleck’s involvement in writing the Batman solo film. The Russo brothers tease Cap and Bucky’s relationship in Civil War. There’s a first look at the Secret Warriors on Agents of SHIELD. Plus, an update on Bill & Ted 3 and HBO continues to tease Game of Thrones fans. Spoilers now!

Turn Your Smartphone's Camera Flash Into The Bat-Signal

If you find yourself in trouble you can always use your phone to dial 000. Or you can reach for this compact 3D-printed lens that turns your smartphone’s camera flash into the Bat-Signal, summoning someone who can help but who also has a way cooler car than the police do.

Warner Bros. Is In Such Denial Over Batman V Superman

Despite the abundance of negative reviews for Batman v Superman and the film’s swift, severe drop in box office sales since its debut a week and a half ago (even with an utter lack of competition!), Warner Bros. executives seem adamant in learning absolutely nothing from the movie’s problems.

Another Star Wars Hero Is Definitely Coming Back For Episode VIII

An Arrow star is heading to The Flash, with a twist. Zack Snyder discusses Ben Affleck’s reticent involvement in the standalone Batman movie. Get a whole new look at the Doctor Who spinoff’s cast. Plus, an update on the Last of Us movie, and new clips from Agents of SHIELD and iZombie. Spoilers get!

7 Times Batman Has Bent His 'No Guns' Rule

For a hero almost entirely defined by his aversion to firearms, Batman seems to bend his rule a lot: even the latest Batmobile has some huge cannons on the front. It’s not the first time he’s twisted it, and it won’t be the last – but here’s just a selection of times Batman has taken fancy to the weapon of the enemy.

Superhero Movies, Ranked

Thus far, 2016 is the year of the superhero. Deadpool and Batman v. Superman both shattered the box office, proving that audiences can’t get enough of costumes and powers. But what’s the best superhero movie of all time? And what’s the worst? Here’s our ranking of all 109 superhero movies to date.

6 Heroes Who Had Their Asses Thoroughly Kicked By Wonder Woman

It’s amazing that anyone would ever dismiss Wonder Woman. She’s a better fighter than Superman, and more powerful than 99.9% of most other DC characters… and she’s got the fight card to prove it. Besides all the villains she’s defeated, here are some of the fellow superheroes she’s had occasion to trounce.

The Caped Crusade Takes An In Depth Look At The Batman And What He Says About Us

You can’t go anywhere on the internet without running into Batman somewhere. How did the caped crusader go from the original comic books to pop culture icon? That’s the focus of Glen Weldon’s new book, The Caped Crusade: Batman and the Rise of Nerd Culture.

How The 1940s Superman Cartoon Changed Eveything

The Superman cartoons from the 1940s were animated with a beauty and fluidity not seen before, but they were also hugely influential outside the world of animation.

Watch How Superman And Batman Evolve In These Retrospectives

Video: We’ve been enjoying Burger Fiction’s in-depth videos on film, and in light of Batman v Superman‘s release last weekend, they have released a pair of videos looking at the evolution of each character.

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