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People Are Still Constantly Bringing Batarangs On Flights And The TSA Is Annoyed

Most of us can pretty confidently guess what is and isn’t allowed on an aeroplane. No weapons is a big one. And yet, in recent months, one item that should pretty obviously be a “cannot bring on board” item has been consistently been confiscated by the TSA: Batarangs.

The Evolution Of Joker In Film And TV History

Video: The Joker is easily one of the best villains in film and TV (and obviously, comic book) history, but who is the best Joker? Jack Nicholson combined the mischievous campiness of the character with the deranged thirst for violence. Heath Ledger’s The Dark Knight Joker is somehow just as iconic as Nicholson and fit Christopher Nolan’s Gotham perfectly. And Mark Hamill has basically become the standard-bearer of the Joker through his work in the animated Batman series.

'Batman' Arrested In Seattle After Throwing An Actual Batarang At Police

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that a lot of Batman’s cool weapons and gadgets would be failures in real life. Shark repellent would top the list of course, but the batarang wouldn’t be far behind. That didn’t stop a 23-year old gentleman in the US from recently trying.

Turns Out Ezra Miller's Flash Has Excellent Taste In TV

We already liked Ezra Miller’s Flash when he appeared in last night’s Justice League Comic-Con trailer, but now? We’re ready to be BFFs, because it turns out the (Movie’s) Fastest Man Alive is a big Rick & Morty fan.

The Main Reason Batman V Superman Sucked Isn't What You Think It Is

Video: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a joyless movie that had none of the fun that comes with being a superhero flick (I mean, even Batman can have fun between grunts). But that wasn’t the main reason it sucked. Nerdwriter explains that its the movie’s over-reliance on moments versus scenes that makes the whole thing feel awkward, staged and inauthentic. The film tried to awe us with slow motion shots, montage sequences, dream scenes, close up shots and absolute destruction… but as a result, it forgot to build a world or tell a story we would care about.

The Killing Joke Movie Is A Disaster, Right Down To Its Comic-Con Panel

The Killing Joke is a 30-year-old Batman graphic novel that goes to ugly places, especially in what it does Batgirl. And when folks expressed anger at Barbara Gordon’s portrayal in a new, controversial scene in the upcoming film adaptation during a DC panel, things got ugly in real life.

Use This Predictive Text Generator To Write Internet Fanfiction 

“Batman isn’t paid to destroy crime corners. He is actually attracted to the crimes and also The Penguin.”

LEGO Batman Calls His New Batmobile The Speedwagon

Entertainment Weekly has the first shots of two upcoming sets for the LEGO Batman movie that’s due to hit theatres next year. Yesterday we got our first look at the movie’s minifig versions of Robin and the Joker, but these sets reveal other characters that will be appearing in the film, plus Batman’s latest ride.

Hot Toys May Have Accidentally Revealed A Crazy Suicide Squad Spoiler

Hot Toys, maker of preternaturally quality action figures, has their line of Suicide Squad toys on display at San Diego Comic-Con, as is standard procedure. What is less standard is that one of its figures is a character that hasn’t even been hinted at in all of Suicide Squad‘s vast marketing, making it a bit of a spoiler.

The New Batman Movie May Have Decided Where It's Putting The Dark Knight

The new Van Helsing film has an unlikely inspiration for its main character. Simon Pegg talks even more about Sulu’s family in Star Trek Beyond. Plus, new footage from Suicide Squad and new looks at Dirk Gently and Riverdale. Spoilers get!

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