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Don't Bother Getting Excited About That Marvel/Fox Team-Up Rumour

But Fox/Marvel isn’t the only rumour getting debunked this morning. Plus, Bryan Cranston talks about being a giant blue head with an unhealthy interest in teens with attitude, and actor Benedict Wong discusses Dr Strange‘s Wong. Spoilers, ho!

On The Set Of Justice League, the Movie That Wants To Save The DC Cinematic Universe

Last Friday, we were among a group of journalists invited to the London set of Justice League. There director Zack Snyder, star/executive producer Ben Affleck and everyone involved all had one, simple message for us: We know. And we’re trying.

Meet Gotham's Brand New Teenage Mutant Poison Ivy

Gotham has recast Poison Ivy! Maggie Geha, 28, will be taking over the role of Ivy Pepper from 14-year-old actress Clare Flory. While people assumed that Ivy would see some sort of a growth spurt, doubling her age definitely comes as a surprise. So, what’s the deal? Oh, it’s just Gotham continuing to be as insane as possible.

8 Science Fiction Movies That You Didn't Realise Were Love Stories

These are just a few of our favourite films that promise you one thing but — by the end — end up being pretty romantic. Make no mistake though, these aren’t romantic comedies. They’re movies that sneakily make romance a priority, in an otherwise wild and crazy world.

The 50 Most Cringe-Worthy Moments In Comic-Book Movie History

There have been hundreds of movies based on comic-books, going back to the earliest days of both media. And that cinematic flood has come with a certain amount of “holy crap, what was that” moments. Here are the 50 most shudder-inducing comic-book-movie moments.

Why Batman: The Animated Series Is The Best Batman Ever

Video: What’s your favourite version of Batman? Tim Burton’s? Christopher Nolan’s? Maybe you should consider that Batman: The Animated Series actually has the best Batman. Hear me out.

Which Superhero Is Best? Research Says Definitely Not Batman

It’s kind of impossible to say which superhero is the best, since there’s just too many of them to count, but a seven-year study at the University of Leicester purports to help shine a light on the debate.

Star Wars, Batman, And The Avengers Get Gorgeous Infographics In A New Show

Everyone loves a good infographic. You see them constantly as you pop around the internet and yet, would you ever hang one on your wall? These you would. Three artists have combined to do a full gallery show of infographics based on your favourite pop culture properties and they are slick.

There's A Ton Of New Footage In This Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition Trailer

Video: For anyone who missed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it’s coming home July 20 in a brand-new Ultimate Edition. As promised, it features an R-rated extended version of the film that runs 30 minutes longer. The first trailer for it is here, and its packed with unseen footage from the movie.

Intriguing New Details About Batman's Role In Suicide Squad

A Black Panther casting call alleges a veritable who’s who of comic book characters will be in the film. The screenwriters of Infinity War tease even more characters being in the film. Plus, an update on Shazam and new teases for the season finales of Arrow and Flash. Spoilers get!

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