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Nook Tablet Review: More Power Doesn't Mean More Performance

It’s been a year since Barnes & Noble’s Nook colour first hit store shelves. But the biggest question about the Nook Tablet isn’t if it’s better than its predecessor. It’s how it holds up against some very convincing competition.

Nook Tablet: Faster, Thinner, Lighter Kindle Fire Killer?

The Nook Tablet isn’t a completely new product or a radical overhaul of the Nook colour. It’s still a 7-inch tablet packing wi-fi and 16GB of storage, but now with a dual core processor. How does it stack up against the Kindle Fire?

Amazon And Barnes & Noble Give Up On In-App Purchases For iOS

Looks like Amazon and Barnes & Noble are finally bending to Apple’s new rules regarding in-app purchases. Both the Kindle and Nook apps have been quietly updated to remove the links to their respective ebookstores.

Nook Readers Can Get Unlimited Access To, Too

Joining Kindle readers, Barnes & Nobile Nook readers can hit up and get unlimited access to the paper, provided they have a paid-up subscription. The Nook will be switched on at the Grey Lady in the coming weeks, but if you want to take a squizz at the site for free, there are still ways! [ZDNet]

How To Root Your NookColor To Read Kindle Ebooks

Want to read Kindle ebooks on a colour screen? One man rooted his NookColor (which runs Android), and loaded on the Kindle app. You can follow the instructions and do it too, if you dare. [BlogKindle via CrunchGear]

What You Need To Know When Buying An Ebook Reader

Ebook reader options are better than ever for digital bookworms. Here are some favourite choices from the folks at Wired along with the basic things you need to know when buying an ebook reader.

Nook's Kindle Counterpunch: The Hands-On Approach

The new $US140 Wi-Fi Kindle might have been the latest salvo in the ebook reader wars, but it’s definitely not the last. The ball’s in Barnes & Noble’s court, and they’re focused on the home field advantage of 720 storefronts.

Best Buy To Begin Selling Nook

Starting on April 18th, you supposedly won’t have to run to a Barnes and Noble to get a Nook because it seems that the ebook reader is starting to pop up in Best Buy’s inventory system. [Engadget]

Amazon's Bezos Compares Nook eBook Sharing To Sophie's Choice

Meow! Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is on the warpath against Barnes & Noble’s Nook, specifically its eBook lending feature. In an interview with the New York Times Magazine, he pulled no punches with some masterful hyperbole:

Ship Date For Backordered Nooks Delayed Until January 11th

Nook pre-orders have been sold out since November 20th, and orders placed after that have been subject to oft-delayed ship dates. Now B&N says that these backordered Nooks won’t ship until January 11th, even later than reported this morning.

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