bad ideas

Drunk Idiot Takes A Nap On Airport Baggage Belt And Gets X-Rayed

Passing out in weird places is part of any good drunk’s job, but a Norwegian tourist has taken the artform to a whole new level by falling asleep on an airport baggage belt, and taking a trip back to the scanners.

A Guy Started A Fire On A Nuclear Submarine To Leave Work Early

Here’s a friendly reminder for everyone who wants to leave work early: don’t ever set fire to your workplace. Especially if you work on a million nuclear submarine. Especially if you’ll cause $US400 million in damage. And especially if you just want to leave early because of a silly text message argument with your ex-girlfriend. It’s completely dumb and you could possibly end up in jail for life like the idiot guy who did just that might.

The 9 Most Terrible Tech Tattoos

You’re free to ink whatever permanent monstrosity you want on your body, but when it comes to technology tattoos, be careful! Some tech tats have expiration dates. All technologies will eventually be replaced, but some will be remembered more fondly than others — and some won’t be remembered at all.

Band Discovers The Stupidest Way To Avoid Ticketmaster Fees

Ticketmaster fees are horrible, and we’re all about bands using clever means to combat the monolith, but The String Cheese Incident is doing it wrong.

Thieves Get Caught On Video By The Same Security Cameras They Were Stealing

If you’re looking into becoming an enterprising criminal, don’t be like these guys. Why? Because these two super slick robbers stole security cameras… without bothering to steal the security cam’s footage. Meaning they were recorded stealing by the items they stole.

Idiot Hitman Uses 'HitManForHire' Domain Name

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if the site you’re on is legit. But if you stumbled on, what would you think? A joke, right? Turns out its owner was dead serious. I can’t believe I have to explain this, but: If you plan to commit crime, don’t announce it online. OK?

This Hoarder's House Is So Messy You Can See It From Google Maps

I still find it hard to believe that hoarding is a thing, but then I remember people are weird and crazy. Like Richard Baker, a man who’s collected, held on to and hoarded so much stuff that you can see it all from Google Maps.

Thief Explodes Himself By Peeing On Power Transformer

Michael Harper, 36, was in the middle of robbing a power substation when he decided, hey, why not urinate on the power transformer. The transformer exploded, Harper caught on fire, and 2000 people lost power. Dunce.

Homemade Bungee Jumping Looks Like The Scariest Thing In The World

Bungee jumping is already the scariest thing in the world, so how does one make it EVEN SCARIER? By going the homemade, DIY route. These guys just tied a few knots, used a few carabiners and then just jumped off a freaking bridge. That’s it. Watch it, you’ll be stunned at how flimsy the entire set up looks.

You Won't Believe How Much This USB Cable Costs

I’ve long been over the ridiculously overpriced-ness of idiotic Vertu phones. 300 grand for a dumbphone? Whatever, the stupid rich who spend that stupidly are beyond saving anyway. But Vertu has hit a new low (or high?) with this one: a $US190 Vertu USB cable.