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Rotating Adaptor Head Might Just Make This USB Ribbon Cable Worth It

We recently reviewed AViiQ’s line of ribbon-style USB adaptor cables, but found that what made them most unique — their flat cable design — also made them difficult to use. The convenience of this new triple-headed all-in-one design might make this cable worth carrying.

Aviiq Ready Clips USB Cables Review: Stylish But Stiff

If you frequently lug a laptop around, you know how horrible it is when your cables tangle into a homogenous mess. Aviiq’s Ready Clips USB cables solve the problem with a nice bit of style.

Here's A Smart Cover Stand For Your Laptop

If you’re hooked on Apple’s Smart Cover design and you’ve wished you could somehow mimic its propping functionality on your laptop, AViiQ’s Portable Quick Stand might work for you.

AViiQ Aluminium Laptop Stand Review

AViiQ is a new company that makes just one product: a portable, aluminium laptop stand that supports systems up to 17 inches while folding up like an accordion.

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