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The Night Time View Of The Aurora Borealis

I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking at. And then things started to make sense, you can see the city lights outline the US and the geographical footprint of other places and then this swirl mixture that basically takes over Canada. It’s the Aurora Borealis at night.

Two Books You Must Read If You Care About The Future Of Humanity In Space

Two of the most celebrated authors in science fiction, Kim Stanley Robinson and Neal Stephenson, released epic novels this summer about our future lives in space. And yet both Robinson’s Aurora and Stephenson’s Seveneves are actually about why we may never be able to leave Earth behind.

Astronomers Found A Million-Times-Brighter Aurora -- 18 Light Years Away

A team of astronomers has discovered the most powerful aurora ever observed. But unlike our own Northern Lights, this astronomical phenomenon can be found 18 light years away in the skies above the brown dwarf LSR J1835+3259.

The Southern Lights Look Beautiful Through Satellite Eyes

The infrared eye of the Suomi NPP satellite captured this amazingly atmospheric light show created by the southern lights — aka aurora australis — over Antarctica before dawn on June 24, 2015.

Astronaut Scott Kelly Had The Best View Of Last Night's Bonkers Aurora

An ultra-rare, ultra-gigantic geomagnetic storm last night had people seeing Northern Lights as far south as Georgia. But from his perch at the International Space Station, astronaut Scott Kelly captured pretty much the most amazing aurora borealis shots ever.

Citizen Scientists Are Helping NASA Map The Aurora Like Never Before

The aurora borealis that took place on St. Patrick’s day was spectacular, but aside from being the strongest geomagnetic storm in a decade, there’s another reason it was special. It was the first time that thousands of citizen scientists tweeted about the aurora to help NASA construct a detailed global map of the event.

The Southern Lights Are Going Off In Australia, And It Looks Amazing

Visiting the Northern Lights is a dream many of us share, but the distance between Australia and the top of the world puts it out of reach for most. Thankfully, the Sun has our best interests at heart, and blasted charged particles our way so Australia and New Zealand could view the lights. The videos are pretty spectacular.

The Entire Planet Seems Shrouded In One Aurora In This Space Video

Video: I would never get tired of looking through the cupola of the International Space Station, which is how I imagine Darth Vader’s Death Star bedroom window. Astronaut/Captain America Reid Wiseman used it to record this great clip of an aurora. It makes Earth look like a magic green marble — or a palantir.

Seeing The Aurora Borealis In Real Time Is Better Than Any Timelapse

We’ve seen so many beautiful timelapses of the Aurora Borealis (not that I’m complaining!) that it’s pretty refreshing to see how ethereal it can be in real time too. I guess that means I should really see it in real life.

Incredible Photo Of The Milky Way Rising Over Green And Violet Auroras

Briefly: A long exposure photo by masterful Swedish astrophotographer Göran Strand is featured once again on NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day: Double aurora ovals — green and violet — over the town of Östersund, Sweden, with the Milky Way covering the entire sky. What an awesome world we live in.

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