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Obsessed Audiophiles In Japan Are Installing Their Own Power Poles To Improve Sound

To an audiophile, there’s no such thing as ‘too expensive’ if it means an upgrade to their setup could improve their listening experience. And in Japan, some acoustic connoisseurs are now installing their own utility poles, with custom transformers, to ensure all of their audio gear is getting the purest power possible.

Fender FXA7 Review: Headphones Worth Their $700 Price Tag

The best headphones transform the music. They reveal notes lost and whispers hidden and the rub of a finger down the string of a guitar. They expand the music and transport you. Whenever you move up a price point, the sound should move too. And that’s exactly what happened with the Fender FXA7 in-ear monitors (IEMs).

Two New Accessories Give LG's Modular Smartphone Super Powers

You probably know by now that the LG G5 is a modular phone. The bottom of the device is removable and can be swapped with different accessories that multiply the phone possibilities. A couple of them caught our attention: a little module that will amaze audiophiles, and a bulky module that adds physical camera buttons.

Don't Let Sony Charge You Five Times More For A 'Premium Sound' Memory Card

Sony’s got a new deal for audiophiles, and it’s so scammy it’s almost impressive. The electronics company that apparently doesn’t want to be an electronics company anymore is now peddling a Micro SD card “for Premium Sounds”. A 64GB card will cost $US160 which is more than five times what you’d pay for a normal Sony Micro SD card.

Rotel 12 Series Internet Radio, Amp & CD Player Components Deliver Affordable Audiophile Connectivity

As a 50 year old high-end Japanese brand synonymous with high-end AV gear, it’s great to see Rotel take its highly regarded components to new heights — and commit to pricing and connectivity perfect for audio buffs on a budget. Real home sound goes beyond the dock and speaker. It begins with the right components. Here’s what you need to know.

Nuclear-Powered Preamp Promises Excessive Accuracy With Built-in Atomic Clock

Audiophiles are always on the hunt for the most over-the-top setup to impress and make other audiophiles jealous. There’s now a nuclear option in the audiophile arms race with this DAC featuring a built-in rubidium-powered atomic clock promising incredibly accurate and stable digital to analogue conversions, and vice versa.

$US650 'Audio Vibration Neutralising' Board Would Be More Effective As A Chopping Board

Look, I understand audiophiles are willing to try anything to get to audio nirvana, but spending $US650 on a glorified chopping board shouldn’t be on the list. You’d have better luck replacing your cables with coathangers,

McIntosh-Owning Audiophiles Probably Heard About This MCLK12 Clock Already

Audiophiles who don’t bat an eyelash at spending $US7,500 on a McIntosh sound system inevitably purchased this wall clock before it even came out, but for we ear-challenged individuals, a few details regarding a $US2,000 clock:

You Should Only Talk To Audiophiles In Person

It does make me wonder, how do Audiophiles deal with the puny sound of a mobile phone? The complex notes and tones in our voices just don’t pop anymore! [xkcd]

AudioFeeds Alerts Deliver Social Media Updates With Soothing 3D Sounds

Twitter and Facebook updates? Everywhere I go I hear their chimes and beeps all the live long day. Annoying, but not nearly annoying enough. Enter a technique called AudioFeeds, which will deliver them with something called “3D sonification.” Sounds peachy.

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