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App Deals: Create Innovative Sound With FLUX:FX

Today’s best deals include Alpha Omega for Android and FLUX:FX Play for iOS. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

Trypophobia: The Fear Of Holes Driven By The Internet And Mathematics

Warning: This article will contain images of lotus seed pods and other examples of holes that some readers may find distressing. Avoid if you must! — Rae

Since the advent of the internet, people have been able to discuss their symptoms with others globally. Sometimes people with very unusual symptoms discover others with similar experiences, which they are then able to discuss without fear of ridicule. Discussion forums and support groups are formed and eventually a new medical condition may be recognised. A case in point is “visual snow”, which individuals experience as bright dots persistently floating like snow across their vision. Another is trypophobia.

Tesla's Powerwall And Solar Panels Can Save You Money, But Only In Very Specific Circumstances

Thanks to Natural Solar and the Pfitzner family, we now have real-world usage figures from a solar panel setup and Powerwall combination system. While promising, the announcement was a little light on in details, so we got a hold of the full figures and did a number crunching analysis of the results. So is the setup worth it?

Thursday's Must-Read Stories

Every evening, we wrap up the day’s must-read stories in one place for you to easily check out. If you’ve been off the grid all day, jump in here and catch up on current events.

How Much You Need To Exercise To Make Up For Sitting All Day There’s been a lot of finger-wagging of late about the health risks associated with sitting at a desk all day.

Something Is Erasing The Craters On Ceres Ceres, the tiny asteroid belt world we’ve come to know and love through NASA’s Dawn mission, seems to delight in mysteries.

The Case Against Netflix’s Binge-Watching Model I love binge-watching TV as much as the next obsessive.

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The Case Against Netflix's Binge-Watching Model

I love binge-watching TV as much as the next obsessive. I wasted many weekends of my youth stretching the tape on bootleg Simpsons tapes. I devoured Battlestar Galactica on DVD over a few days in bed with the flu, and downloaded a few hundred episodes of Scrubs after a particularly bad break-up. As Aya Cash, star of the excellent televisions show You’re The Worst tweeted, “I’ve been binge-watching shows since it was just called depression.”

Fitmodo: How Safe Is Your Fitness Tracker Data?

Welcome to Fitmodo, your regular weekly round up of the news you need to know to keep your earthly form in top shape — from fitness advice to breakthroughs in medical research.

This week:

This Calculator Will Tell You How Much Time And Money You Spend Commuting

I catch a $7 return train to the office everyday. That’s $88,935 spent on getting to work in my lifetime, “enough to buy a 41m2 house in Bali!” Ford’s Commuter Calculator gleefully told me. There is no joy in knowing this information.

Google's Family Library Lets You Share Your Apps, Games And Movies For Free

You can now share your Google Play apps, games, movies, TV shows, or books with up to six family members for no additional cost, thanks to the new Family Library service.

Tesla Australia Turned Its Melbourne Service Centre Into A Drive-In Theatre

Buying your way into the exclusive Tesla owner’s club in Australia gets you a ticket to some pretty cool events — albeit at a pretty significant six-figure price tag. After a social drive day from Sydney to the historic Hydro Majestic in the Blue Mountains and a Victorian meet at a petrol station without petrol, a third Aussie event was a movie screening at the company’s Melbourne showroom — a drive-in movie.

The New Features That Help Make The Next Mercedes Benz E-Class So Revolutionary

Just when you thought cars couldn’t get much smarter, Mercedes-Benz has brought us the all new E-Class.

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