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Over Half Of Australian Twitter Users Have No Idea Who They'll Vote For

While no one can truly say which way the upcoming federal election will go, methods exist so we can have a really good guess. No, not tea leaves and chicken bones — we can do better in the modern age. Take Twitter, which is a digital goldmine of info on voting preferences, important political issues and whether or not you look fat in those pants.

Rally Car Dash Cam Captures Unbelievable Footage Of Flipping Vehicle

Driver Martin Kdér is racing in the Podbrdská Rally Legend 2016 competition and flying along without a care in the world. Well, except for keeping his Skoda 130 LR on the road. Who would have guessed that, moments later, his dash cam would capture a truly amazing shot… at the expense of his vehicle.

Telstra Blames Outages On Dodgy Modems And DNS

Telstra has shed some more light on the reasons behind its recent NBN and ADSL outages, telling customers their modems’ firmware and a bug in the telco’s network-level DNS is to blame.

This Amazing 145 Megapixel, Helicopter-Mounted 5-Camera Rig Is Aussie-Made

You might be proud of your home-made camera rig that lets you take steady shots by mounting your shooter to your belt buckle, but it’s nothing compared to the work done by Wayne Rogers and the folks at the Camera Clinic.

Porsche Is Going Digital

In an age where electric cars are (finally) reaching maturity and vehicles on our roads are getting smarter with how they interact with the objects around them and the people inside them, it’s good to see that even very traditional car companies are getting on board. Porsche has just launched an entirely new wing of its company devoted to in-car connectivity and autonomous driving.

Even TJ Miller's Outtakes From Silicon Valley Are Hilarious

If you haven’t seen TJ Miller on Silicon Valley, you’ll almost certainly recognise him as the bar owner from Deadpool. Miller serves a similar purpose in both pieces of media — that of deadpan comedy relief. And while we get to see the very best lines and delivery from the actor, these are often curated from a much larger selection.

Nvidia Put Adam Savage From Mythbusters Into Its VR Funhouse

Video: Adam Savage from Mythbusters is a notorious geek — he’s one of the brains behind technology website, and as well as having a background in special effects and fabrication, he’s also worked as an animator and graphic designer. On the launch of its new GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card, Nvidia put Savage inside its physics-accelerated Funhouse virtual reality tech demo.

McDonald's Just Opened A Free Restaurant That Only Serves French Fries

Yesterday, McDonald’s opened the doors to a new concept store in Glebe that serves nothing but French fries — completely free of charge. The appropriately named “Fries With That” is being billed as the world’s first Macca’s “Fries Eatery”. Customers can choose from a range of unique gourmet toppings ranging from Pesto & Parmesan to Chipotle Cheese Sauce. Here are the details.

A Smarter Beehive Has Won This Year's Australian Good Design Awards

A beehive that takes almost all the work out of harvesting honey — no need to don a protective hood and smoke out your precious bees — has won this year’s Good Design Awards, joining the Microsoft HoloLens, Mazda MX-5 and the sustainable Nev House in snagging top honours. Built by a father and son team out of the far north coast of New South Wales, it’s another plaudit for a very cool little gadget.

Etihad Has A 360-Degree Film Tour Of Its Airbus A380

United Arab Emirates flag-carrier Etihad has created a five-minute, 360-degree virtual reality film for Android and iOS smartphones to promote the first-class cabin on its Airbus A380 passenger jets. Starring Nicole Kidman, the movie — shot on Red Dragon cameras — required the interior of an Etihad A380 to be almost gutted, with lockers and seats removed to allow shots to be lit and filmed.

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