Australian Stories

Instagram Went Nuts Over The Incredible Sunset In Sydney Yesterday

If you happened to be outside when the sun went down over Sydney last night you were treated to an amazing sky, as well as a whole bunch of people trying to capture it on their devices.

Microsoft Omitted An Important Point In Its Latest Siri Attack Ad

It’s a day ending in “y”, which means Microsoft is looking to loosen Apple’s stranglehold on the smartphone market again. This time it’s hammering Siri for not being as awesome as Redmond’s new voice assistant, Cortana. But in its haste to crow about how drop-dead awesome it is, Microsoft has forgotten one very important piece of information.

Australian Government's Leaked Anti-Piracy Proposal Is Unrealistic

The Australian Government has proposed Internet Service Providers (ISPs) monitor and punish Australians who download and infringe copyright. In a discussion paper circulated by Attorney-General George Brandis, and leaked last Friday, the government proposes a sweeping change to Australian copyright law. If implemented, it would force ISPs to take steps to prevent Australians from infringing copyright. But is it likely to help? Not really.

How Much Sleep Do You Need To Feel Normal And Healthy?

Feeling a little groggy this morning? I don’t blame you: Tuesdays are tough. Maybe it’s because you just didn’t get enough sleep last night? “Enough sleep” is a weird concept, considering that everyone is a little bit different. What does science have to say on the matter? Just how much sleep should you be getting?

Breakfast Wrap: Monday Night's Top Stories

The New Hobbit Movie Teaser Trailer Looks Freaking Amazing The first trailer for the last Hobbit film.

Two New Mysterious Giant Holes Found In Siberia, Scientists Puzzled It’s not the work of humans, but it doesn’t look natural either.

A New Pure Lithium Battery Could Double Your Phone’s Life Awesome. Because mine can’t get through a working day without dying.

These Light Paintings Show How Wi-Fi Swirls And Shifts Around You So shoving your arm out in all directions in hopes of a better signal works!

Australian Hackers Build An ATM That Plays Doom Hey, cool, you have an ATM. Wait a minute.

Tape A GoPro To A Car's Tyre, Watch The Video, Instantly Vomit

GoPro’s miniature action cameras are pretty good at capturing fast motion, with great rolling shutter control and the ability to record at fast frame rates, but there are some things they just can’t deal with. One of those things is being taped to a car’s tyre and flung around at 70 kilometres per hour.

Abromatherapy And The Pursuit Of Modern Silence

What did you do last night? Maybe watched a movie; enjoyed some pizza and the Destiny beta or maybe just prep for the week ahead. I usually do all of these things come Sunday night, but last night was different. Last night I needed calm. Silence. An escape from the hamster wheel of technology and to focus on me. Last night I engaged in my first ever round of Abromatheraphy, and I can’t recommend it enough.

How To Find Your Uber Passenger Rating

Are you a nightmare passenger or a perfect scorer on Uber? Find out with this handy tweak.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Gets Its First Real Trailer

Forget viral campaigns and fan-made fakes: the first real trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay (Part One) is here, and it’s awesome.

The National Gallery Of Victoria Is Hosting A Masquerade Ball For Robots

Dr. Wade Marynowsky’s Nostalgia For Obsolete Futures is an interactive exhibition opening next month at the National Gallery of Victoria. Blending performance art, sound and video installations with robotics, the work includes four super-creepy programmed and Victorian-era-dressed robots that will roam the Gallery’s foyer.