The Experimental Satellite That Gave Us Live International Television

Throughout the 1950s, broadcast television was limited to domestic transmissions simply because we didn’t have a means to relay signals far enough to span the vast expanse of the oceans around us. It wasn’t until NASA shot Telstar, an unproven, newfangled “active” communications satellite into orbit in 1963, that mass media truly become an international phenomenon.

Audi Shows Off The Brains Of Its Future Self-Driving Cars

Here in Las Vegas at CES, Audi has showcased continued work on its self-driving ‘piloted drive’ efforts — currently housed in a stylish A7 concept car. While brains of the ‘zFAS’ system need the power to continually monitor surroundings and plan or control trajectory, Audi’s engineers have shrunk the components down to the size of an iPad. The future is coming. Take a look…

AT&T Brings Global LTE Connectivity To The Car

AT&T is joining the connected car fray with AT&T Drive. Announced today at CES, it gives automakers a global data platform for things like voice-controlled apps and in-car entertainment, similar to plans by Google and Apple.

American Customer Service Horror Stories

While my own Verizon horror story did work out in the end (replacement phone received, $US500 penalty avoided, woohoo), not many people have a globe-spanning soapbox like Gizmodo upon which to kvetch. Here are 10 of the most stupendously terrible cases of customer service Giz US readers have had to endure. Let us know your Aussie tales in the comments.

US Mobile Service Provider Says It Can't Keep Subsidising Phones

The big carriers have long subsidised phones to lure customers in. But that could all be coming to an end, at least in the US, if AT&T’s chief is to be believed.

Report: CIA Pays US Telco Over $10 Million A Year To Spy On Phone Calls

Check it out, guys. It’s a creepy revelation about the US government spying on phone calls that didn’t come from Edward Snowden’s NSA leak. Nope, just your standard sketchy CIA arrangements with a telecommunications company — AT&T to be exact.

Google's Sordid History Of Net Neutrality Hypocrisy

Google is a company that’s long stood up for the principles of net neutrality, the idea that all packets of information on the internet should be treated equally. But now that it’s an internet service provider, the company’s changing its tune. It’s not the first time.

Sun-Powered Charging Spots Will Ensure No One Goes Tweetless In NYC

There’s nothing worse than being stranded at the beach with a dead battery. But no New Yorker will go without Snapchat again later this year, thanks to a pilot program sponsored by AT&T. The program will install 25 charging stations across the city, including parks and beaches, in a Parks Department-approved strategy to improve public infrastructure in New York.

Automatic Do-Not-Disturb Measures Your Brainwaves To Know When You're Busy

Italian-born neuroscientist Ruggero Scorcioni has developed a new technology that will help you get stuff done by deflecting phone calls or other notifications away when you’re busy. Finally, technology to help keep your brainspace clear when you need it.

We Would Not Have Survived CES Without This Gear

New gadgets take the spotlight at CES. And though we’re occasionally blinded by the bright, shiny things, we know where our loyalties lie. Behind the barrage of posts and sprinting between booths, the real stars of the show are the tried and true bits of gear we’re using behind the scenes. Each of us has our own beloved item — tech or otherwise — that we’ll swear is the only reason we made it out of Vegas alive. Spoiler: There are a lot of batteries mentioned in this post.