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What Made Cartridge Games So Clever

Early consoles and home computers worked with extremely limited firepower. In those days, not only was the hardware less capable, there really wasn’t room for expandability to make machines like the Commodore VIC-20 or Famicom more capable. Or wasn’t there?

Artificial Curiosity Allows This Bot To Triumph At Montezuma's Revenge

When it first appeared in 1984, Montezuma’s Revenge was considered one of the most challenging video games to appear on a gaming console. Now, in an effort to help machines learn more efficiently, AI researchers have created an algorithm that actually motivates the hero of this classic video game in some very important ways — and it’s surprisingly effective.

Someone Is Trying To Make Movies Out Of Centipede And Missile Command

Trace the history of video games back to its roots and, near the beginning, you’ll find Atari’s Centipede and Missile Command. The shoot-em-up games were early pioneers of the genre, and now they’re catching up with modern games by getting their very own movies.

An Atari Cartridge Game Boy Lets You Play Retro Games Without A Console

The electronics powering the Atari 2600 were even simpler than those found in the original Game Boy. So why are recreations like the Atari Flashback 2.0 so big? There’s no reason they have to be, as lovablechevy proved by squeezing them into a old Atari video game cartridge.

Perfect Custom Action Figures Based On Classic Atari Video Game Box Art

If there ever was a strong case for a false advertising lawsuit, it would involve the box art that accompanied the countless video games released in the ’80s. Rarely did the artwork match the visuals in the actual game, but instead of taking companies like Atari to court, artist Dan Polydoris has turned the characters on the boxes into actual action figures.

Google's AI Is Now Insanely Good At Playing Space Invaders 

Since Google acquired the artificial intelligence company DeepMind for $US628 million last year, it’s put the software to hard work… playing Atari 2600 video games. Really. It’s learning how to play 49 different Atari games showcases the promises — and the weaknesses — of DeepMind’s software.

The Incredible Evolution Of Video Game Graphics In One Image

Image Cache: This picture represents over 30 years of progress in video game graphics. And my, how far we’ve come. On one side, we have Indiana Jones in the video game version of Raiders of the Lost Ark on the Atari 2600. On the other side, we have Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4 on the PS4. We’ll let you guess which side is which.

You Can Buy A Buried E.T. Atari Cartridge For A Few Hundred Bucks

Remember back in April, when excavators finally unearthed thousands of lost E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial video game cartridges for the Atari 2600? Well, you can finally own one of them, if you’ve got an extra few hundred US dollars.

Atari Arcade Games Inspired The Original Apple Mouse

It’s hard to say if the Macintosh would have been so successful if it hadn’t had such a revolutionary interface — namely, the mouse. While Apple didn’t invent the mouse, it did commission the now legendary engineer Jim Yurchenco to make it viable. And he looked to Steve Jobs’ former employer for inspiration.

Does Digital Media Make Physical Artifacts Obsolete?

Today, diggers unearthed a cache of Atari 2600 game cartridges in a New Mexico landfill. Game aficionados have told the urban legend around the buried games for decades. Now I’m wondering: in a world of digital-only media, will this sort of discovery cease to exist? What do you think?

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