Asus Transformer Pad TF701T Australian Review: Android For Your Work Day

Using Android for productivity — typing documents, videoconferencing, building spreadsheets — has traditionally not been a simple task. Good apps can go a long way toward solving that problem, but there’s a fundamental input problem with typing on a touchscreen. The Asus Transformer Book TF701T, with its clip-on, battery-toting keyboard and touchpad, and Asus’s custom-built Android skin, wants to make the platform a true competitor to Mac OS X, Windows 8, and ChromeOS.

10 Big Gaming Laptops That Get Stuff Done

So your parents, boss or school have said they’ll help you pay for a new laptop to kick off the year. Lucky you! If you’re a PC gamer, these powerful desktop replacements — many with vibrant 17-inch HD screens — will not only keep you on task, but also let you get your Steam on. Take a look…

Asus Transformer Book Duet: One Laptop, Two Tablets, All The Crazy

Once upon a time (earlier this year) Asus announced its Transformer Book Trio; a Windows PC with an Android tablet hiding inside. Now with the Transformer Book Duet, Asus is pushing its “more is more” approach one step further by adding “Windows 8.1 tablet” to the repertoire.

Asus Zenfones: An Android Army With Intel Inside

Asus is branching out on its phone offerings and introducing not one, not two, but three flavours of “Zenfone,” Android handsets with ultrabook lineage.

Asus CES Press Conference Live Stream

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is go! Luke and I are both here in Vegas — along with the Gizmodo US and UK crew — to bring you all the news. Tune in from 7am AEST this morning as Asus officially unveils its new gear for 2014. Will we see the Transformer Book Duet tablet running both Windows 8 and Android? Watch right here…

Chromebooks Dominate US Holiday Period

Amazon figures are in, and the once-derided Chromebook is now enjoying success. Of its top three best-selling laptops, Chromebooks make up two — Acer’s and Samsung’s models — with Asus’ transformer laptop/tablet hybrid coming in third.

Tablets In 2014: What Can We Expect?

By some estimates, as many as 7 million Australians currently use a tablet. And tablets could make up half of first-time computer purchases by 2017, according to recent Gartner research. But the real question is: what shiny new tablet will you be streaming 2014’s World Cup on? Let’s preview upcoming tablets — known and rumoured — along with the processor, display and operating system technologies that will drive them. UPDATED

2014's Laptops, Ultrabooks And Hybrids: What Should We Expect?

Let’s pull out the roadmaps and gauge how developments in processors, display and operating systems are shaping the slimmer, faster, more power-efficient laptops of 2014.

Here's A Leaked Render Of The Padfone Mini

“Mini” is sitting comfortably in the list of top gadgets buzzwords (for now) and while it’s there, vendors are going to take the opportunity to brand the slightly smaller versions of their products with this moniker. Next off the rank is ASUS with its Padfone Mini, a press render of which has apparently leaked via Twitter.

Asus To Release Wearable Tech Next Year

Things aren’t great for Asus right now when it comes to the bottom line. Profit is down due to tax obligations, but that’s not about to stop the company pushing forward with new products. Asus wants its own wearable gadgets!