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The ZenWatch 2 Is A Damn Good-Looking Smartwatch For Not Too Much Cash

We got an early peek at the ZenWatch 2 earlier this year, but today, we’re getting the full specs. Wow, can you actually get good Android Wear without spending a fortune?

How To Live Stream Asus' 2015 IFA Press Conference

Keen to hear what’s next for Asus? The company’s IFA live stream is for you. Get in here and watch.

On-Hub: Google Made Its Own Wi-Fi Router Because Your Wi-Fi Sucks

Wi-Fi is a double-edged sword. It’s one of the most convenient things ever, but also one of the most annoying when it inevitably goes wrong. Google is hoping to take away the pain of running a dodgy Wi-Fi network with a new, smarter router called OnHub.

Asus' Z170 ROG Motherboards Are Made For Serious Overclocking Of Intel's New Chips

Thinking of building a new super-high-end gaming PC? Asus has a bunch of new hardcore motherboards, made for Intel’s new sixth-generation Skylake overclocking-friendly CPUs, to tempt your wallet.

ASUS ROG G751JY G-Sync Laptop: Australian Review

Gaming laptops are a funny breed. They’re usually massive, hulking, power-hungry devices that don’t offer anything substantial over a comparably priced desktop PC while also costing a hell of a lot in the first place. Now, though, there’s a feature where a gaming laptop is undeniably superior to a desktop machine — Asus’ monster Republic of Gamers G751JY is a laptop with integrated G-Sync, meaning no more stuttery gameplay when things get tough.

Check Your Windows 10 Motherboard Compatibility Before Upgrading

Getting on the Windows 10 bandwagon today? To make sure it all goes smoothly, it’s worth checking if your motherboard is ready to rock and roll. Both Gigabyte and ASUS have web pages dedicated to checking if your PC is Windows 10 ready.

Powerful Silence: What You Can Expect From The World's Thinnest Ultrabook

The ASUS ZenBook UX305 is beautiful, silent, and works wherever you want it to, all day.

Laptop Keyboards, Trackpads And Input/Output Ports Explained: Working While On The Go

After its screen, a computer’s keyboard and mouse and input ports are what you’ll be using the most when you sit down to browse the Web or watch a movie or do some work. Here’s everything you need to know when it comes to choosing the right laptop based on its keyboard and trackpad and the ports you’ll be using day in, day out.

The Five Thinnest And Lightest Laptops You Can Buy In Australia Today

Thinking of buying a new laptop, but really need some serious portability? Travelling around the world and want a light but capable machine to carry with you? Here are the five thinnest and lightest ultraportable laptops that you can buy today from an Australian retailer.

Computex 2015: All About The PC Case Mods

PC gaming is enjoying a renaissance, with new massively powerful graphics cards and CPUs coming out, the imminent arrival of Windows 10, and a ceaseless stream of high-profile blockbuster game releases. What all that means is that enthusiasts are tinkering with their home-made PCs more than ever. Here are some of the most bonkers custom cases on show at Computex this year.

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