The Most Beautiful Celestial Diamond Ring I Have Ever Seen

The remnant of an ageing star and a strikingly bright newcomer form this amazing cosmic engagement jewellery, brought to you by the European Southern Observatory (ESO) today.

The Lick Observatory's Newest Telescope Is An Exoplanet Hunting Robot

Exoplanets — planets orbiting stars that aren’t our Sun — seem to be popping out of the cosmic woodwork now that we know where and how to look for them. The Kepler mission alone has discovered 961 of them, and it’s only looking at a tiny sliver of distant space. Just think of how many we’ll find when the new James Lick robotic telescope comes online and starts surveying one thousand of our closest solar neighbours.

Astronomers Discover First Direct Proof Of The Big Bang Expansion

Somebody’s going to win a Nobel Prize. At least that’s what the physics community is saying after the announcement on Monday that a Harvard team has found the first direct evidence of cosmic inflation right after the Big Bang. It’s more proof that the Big Bang really was the beginning of it all.

Watch Neil DeGrasse Tyson Tell The Planet Pluto How It Is

The demotion of Pluto from ninth planet in our solar system to mere planetoid has been met with its fair share of detractors — one of whom squared off yesterday against astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson on Late Night with Seth Meyers. And even though the verbal sparring match ended amicably, Tyson left little doubt why our cosmic neighbourhood is now (and should be) one resident smaller.

The Number Of Known Planets In The Universe Just Doubled

NASA’s $US600 million Kepler Space Telescope has discovered a few new planets. Actually, Kepler data revealed 715 new exoplanets. That’s astonishing. It’s actually twice as many as we previously thought existed. The number of known Earth-sized planets also just quadrupled.

Australian Captures Extraordinary Video Of Saturn Setting On The Moon

Colin Legg caught an amazing thing on camera a couple of days ago. In the cobalt-coloured sky above Australia, this amateur astrophotographer managed to capture the exact moment that the moon passed in front of Saturn. Did you know you could see those rings from so far away?

New Satellite Shield Uses Pigment Found In Prehistoric Cave Paintings

The European Space Agency’s new solar satellite will be partially shielded using a bone-based pigment found in prehistoric cave paintings. The result will be a surreal cross between the earliest era of human cognition and creativity — that underground cinematic world of flickering animal images found in European caves — and the outer reaches of our current mechanical sciences.

Australian Astronomers Discover Oldest Star In Known Universe

Well, here’s a superlative for you. With the help of Australia’s SkyMapper telescope, astronomers have discovered the oldest star in the known universe, some 6000 light-years away from Earth — and the star’s chemistry could change the way we understand the Big Bang.

One Of The Most Stunning Space Images Ever Captured

This is one of the most dramatic, unique and beautiful astronomy images ever captured by the Hubble Space Telescope: The protostar Herbig-Haro 24, located in the L1630 cloud within the Orion B group, 1500 light years from Earth. That beam is made by particle jets emanating from the primitive star:

Zoom Into The Orion Nebula With This New Awesome Timelapse Technique

In an amazing twist on timelapse videos of the night sky, physicist and photographer Isidro Villo outfitted his camera with an automated mega-zoom lens, and captured the journey from the ground to the great Orion Nebula in this video found on DIY Photography and Petapixel.