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The World's Largest Radio Telescope Dish Is Taking Shape Like A Giant Puzzle

Within a year, the world’s current largest single-dish radio telescope, the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, will lose its title. It will instead be usurped by this: the five hundred metre Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) in Pingtang County, China.

The Amazingly Creepy Way Mars Will Kill Its Moon

It was a rough month for Phobos, as astronomers decreed — yet again — that Mars is ripping its lumpy moon apart. But apparently, Phobos’ loss is the Red Planet’s gain. After the satellite is torn to pieces, its fragments will fan out into a disk and 20 million years from now, Mars will become a ringed planet.

This Is The First Time We've Witnessed A Planet Forming

Four and a half billion years ago, a whirling cloud of cosmic dust condensed into the lump of rock we call home. For the first time, astronomers are now watching that same planet-forming process playing out around a distant star.

Enceladus And Dione Look Stunning In The Latest Cassini Image

Image Cache: Is anything more striking than this family portrait of Dione and Enceladus? The two Saturnian moons are night and day when you put them side by side, and yet they’re made from the exact same material.

The Heart Of This Elliptical Galaxy Exposes A Ghost From Its Past

Unlike spiral galaxies, with their flat shape and twisted arms, elliptical galaxies are featureless blobs without much structure. But then there’s NGC 3610 — an elliptical galaxy with a bright and distinctly disc-like shape at its center. Astronomers say it’s a blast from this galaxy’s past, one that played an important role in its evolution.

This Gorgeous Starburst Nebula Will Make You Wish You Had A Spaceship

Sometimes (often) I think about how great our distant descendants are going to have it; whizzing about the Milky Way in sleek, FTL-enabled spacecraft. Some of those lucky future humans may even get to glimpse wonders like this with their own eyes.

First Interstellar Weather Forecast: Gusty As Hell

Astronomers have measured and mapped a weather system on a planet outside our solar system for the first time, and interstellar camping trips maaaay not be so much fun after all. On planet HD 189733b, at least, the winds are blowing at a robust 8690km/h.

This Newly-Discovered Dwarf Planet Is The Most Distant Object In Our Solar System

V774104: That’s the name of the new dwarf planet astronomers revealed this week, and it’s three times as far away from the sun as Pluto. It’s the most distant object ever discovered in our solar system — and it could mean there are even more far-flung planets in our corner of the universe just waiting to be discovered.

It's A Really Bad Day To Be This Moon

Can I ask what is up with the moons today? First we’ve got Pluto’s four little scamps tumbling about like a bunch of circus monkeys. Now, word is that Mars’ moon Phobos is falling to pieces. Our Moon better not get any ideas!

Pluto's Tiny Moons Are Spinning Like A Bunch Of Hooligans

Mayhem in the outer solar system! Pluto’s four baby moons — Nix, Styx, Hydra and Kerberos — are spinning like mad, surely a sign that the once-ninth planet is gearing up for a full-out assault on the denizens (us!) of the sunlit realm.

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