Alternative Universe Made With Every Star From Every Disney Movie Ever

The Disney Universe has every single view of the stars and the sky contained in every Disney film — from Pinocchio (1940) to Frozen (2013) — seamlessly integrated in one multi-gigabyte 150-inch x 40-inch illustration.

Astronomers Invent New Telescope By Tying Telephoto Lenses Together

A team of Yale astronomers got a little crafty recently. In an attempt to see parts of space that their big fancy telescopes weren’t showing them, they tied eight telephoto lenses together to create their own little homemade array. And then, thanks to their new invention, they quickly discovered seven new galaxies.

Look At The Aurora Borealis Lighting Up A Frozen Icelandic Cave

It looks like something out of a movie, but it’s very much real life. You’re looking at the Aurora Borealis as they illuminate a huge cave in Iceland. It’s pretty humbling.

Watch A Mountain Explode To Make Way For The World's Largest Telescope

The name for the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) is exactly as literal as it sounds. When completed, it will be the largest optical telescope in the world. And to make room, they’re blasting off the top of a mountain in Chile.

You Can Explore These Remote Astronomical Observatories On Street View

By nature, astronomical observatories have to be remote — far away from humans and cities and light pollution. That makes these extraordinary facilities difficult to visit, unless you’ve got Google Street View. Three of Chile’s most remote observatories are now open to the digital tourist, and we’ve found you some of the coolest views.

Scientists: 100 Million Worlds May Have Complex Alien Life In Our Galaxy

A group of international astronomers and astrobiologists have published new research that assesses the possibility of complex life on other worlds. Their calculation in the Milky Way alone is staggering: 100 million worlds in our home galaxy may harbour complex alien life. One. Hundred. Million.

Saturn Will Be Visible Over Australia This Week, Here's How To View It

Everyone’s favourite ringed planet – the magnificent Saturn – is well worth some extra attention in the coming days. This weekend, it reached opposition, shining at its very best and brightest, directly opposite the sun in the sky, and it will still be visible tonight! Here’s how to see it.

Science Just Made The Most Massive, In-Depth Universe Simulation Ever

Ever wanted to see what our universe looked like moments after the Big Bang? Good luck — it would take your desktop computer more than 2000 years to complete. Luckily, researchers just published findings from the first ultra-realistic simulation of our universe’s growth. And it covers 13 billion years.

Hubble Photos Capture The Formation Of Planetary Systems

Researchers have used new image processing techniques to reveal two images of planetary systems forming around their home stars. The images are, according to NASA, “two treasures that were hiding in the Hubble archives”. They are spectacular.

The Most Beautiful Celestial Diamond Ring I Have Ever Seen

The remnant of an ageing star and a strikingly bright newcomer form this amazing cosmic engagement jewellery, brought to you by the European Southern Observatory (ESO) today.