Exoplanet Hunters Will Comb Starlight With Lasers

This picture shows the spectrum of light. You may have seen similar images in the past, but this one is something special — because it’s made of star light.

This Bizarre Star Is Being Devoured By Its Companion

Astronomers are calling it the “Nasty 1″ but the hefty, rapidly ageing star that shines in the centre of the image above sure is beautiful. It’s also damn peculiar, and it may hold clues to a stellar mystery that’s puzzled scientists for decades.

The Cheap, Tiny NASA Spacecraft That Will Explore Distant Worlds

Right now, the cost of studying the atmosphere of a distant planet or moon is a multi-million dollar mission. But NASA is working to make space exploration way more affordable — using cheap, lightweight CubeSats.

This Newly-Discovered Class Of Galaxies Shouldn't Exist

When you spot a galaxy in a telescope, you know it — galaxies are bright, dense collections of millions of stars, often in a spiral or orb shape, held tightly together by gravitational forces. But now scientists have discovered a new kind of galaxy, which they call “fluffy” and “wispy.” No one is sure how they have come to be.

How Humanity's Planet Hunters Will Find Earth 2.0

Twenty years ago, discovering another Earth sounded like a science fictional dream. But within a generation, astronomers now believe we might do just that.

Look How Extremely Large Europe's Extremely Large Telescope Will Be

This simple animation shows you just how immense the European Extremely Large Telescope is going to be compared to the Pyramids of Giza, the Colosseum in Rome, and the Statue of Liberty. It’s going to be Extremely Large.

Shooting A Laser At A Planet, But Not To Blow It Up

This breathtaking photo shows the intense orange beam of a new 22W laser pointed at the planet Saturn. Wait, isn’t this like the shocking scene in Star Wars where the Death Star’s superlaser completely annihilated planet Alderaan?

A Total Solar Eclipse Makes The Arctic Look Like An Alien World 

The solar eclipse in March has been photographed to death — from every which angle and even from space. But here’s a late contender for what may be the evocative photos of the eclipse yet: a glowing black dot over a barren snowscape, as captured by astronomers observing the sun’s magnetic field.

Astronomers Found A Gas Giant Orbiting Surprisingly Close To A Tiny Star

Astronomers watching a small red dwarf star 500 light years away were surprised to notice a brief dip in its already dim light. But they quickly identified the source of the change: the darker mass of a planet passing between the distant star and our vantage point on Earth.

The Pillars Of Creation Will Disappear In A Cosmic Blink

One way or another, the Pillars of Creation are toast. Based on new observations at the European Southern Observatory, these awe-inspiring structures have another three million years before their ghostly image fizzles away into cosmic nothingness.