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Apple's iOS 10 Is All About Small, Subtle Changes

At WWDC, Tim Cook described the iOS 10 update as “the mother of all updates”, and “the biggest iOS update ever”. I’m not too sure about that, but there are a few major changes I’m looking forward to when the update comes later this year.

What Did Developers Think Of This Year's WWDC?

For Apple enthusiasts, there’s no bigger event than the Worldwide Developers conference. It’s the one week of the year the famously secretive company opens itself up to third party developers to ask questions, test new and unreleased features in the company’s products and read the tea leaves on the future directions of the iPhone, Mac and Apple Watch. I spoke to a few developers to gauge their reaction to the announcements of WWDC, and the mood was generally positive.

Will WatchOS 3 Make The Apple Watch Great?

Of the software on display during Apple’s WWDC keynote, watchOS was most improved, but then it needed to be. Apple have addressed all the major complaints of watchOS, most notably the slow performance of apps, and the confusing navigation of the operating system.

Apple's New Meditation App Is Competing With Deepak Chopra

Hundreds of so-called “mindfulness” apps already clutter the web. Now Apple is integrating such an app into its watch, and pitching it with a quote from new-age garbage peddler Deepak Chopra — just a few days after Chopra introduced his own mindfulness app.

iOS 10 Will Make These Apple Gadgets Obsolete

Launched in 2011 as the hardware vanguard for Siri, the iPhone 4s was a big software leap for Apple. But iOS 10, which even focused on making Siri better than ever before, will not work on the iPhone 4s. Sad!

Where Are The New MacBooks?

Apple has been moving out of the computer business for a while. Where once the WWDC keynote would have revolved around OS X (just renamed macOS), now the event is the iOS show.

Is Apple's New Privacy Feature Safe?

Today Apple announced a host of new features for iOS, including more predictive software like QuickType and advanced spotlight search. In order to make these features work, Apple’s deep learning robots will need to analyse a lot of people’s data at once, so Apple announced the integration of a new feature called differential privacy. But a cryptography expert isn’t sure the experimental technique is ready for primetime.

Everything Apple Talked About In The WWDC 2016 Keynote

Do you really like shiny new Apple laptops? Are you a night owl? Does the Swift programming language get you all hot and bothered? Well, have we got the treat for you: Apple’s WWDC 2016 keynote ran today from 3AM to 5AM. Now that you’re awake (and we’re still awake), come take a look.

5 Things Apple Tried To Destroy At WWDC 2016

Apple, the perpetual copycat, introduced a ton of new ideas today that weren’t really new at all. Many companies have made the products and features Apple showed off — and now Apple aims to destroy them with its own version.

WWDC This Year Was All About Software

Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) is, as its name suggests, usually centres around developers and software. Going by that, one shouldn’t expect crisp new iMacs or iPhones — and 2016 was no different. In fact, the last time a significant hardware refresh was unveiled at the WWDC event was 2010 when Steve Jobs touted Retina display and Facetime running a brand new A4 SoC on the iPhone 4.

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