Google Updates Hangouts On iOS But Not Android (Yet)

If you’re using Google’s suite of online services and the apps that accompany them, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’d get the best experience on a new, high-end Android phone like the LG G4 or Samsung Galaxy S6. That’s often true, but not always — and sometimes, like right now, you’d be better off with an iPhone.

Apple's Beats 1 Radio Will Start Its Never-Ending Transmission On Wednesday

Tuesday morning sees the launch of iOS 8.4, and with it Apple Music. And even if you’re not a Taylor Swift fan, there’s still some joy to be had in the world: the Beats 1 radio station, DJed by Zane Lowe and free for everyone with an Apple ID, will start its broadcast at 5pm Wednesday AEST.

Force Touch Is Reportedly Coming To iPhone

Ahoy, an Apple rumour! Unnamed sources tell Bloomberg Business Apple has begun production on an iPhone model equipped with Force Touch, the same haptic feedback feature that made its debut this year in the Apple Watch and the company’s new MacBook.

Are There Any Sites Or Apps You Refuse To Use On Principle?

Many people avoid using the ride-sharing service Uber because of the company’s questionable policies, which can lead to events like multiple lawsuits, violent protests and attacks on cars carrying Courtney Love. What service do you stay away from on moral grounds?

Indie Labels Are Signing On To Apple Music. Also: Pharrell.

Following last weekend’s Apple Music/Taylor Swift tango, the most influential independent labels have signed on to Apple Music. Also, a Pharrell track will be the first Apple Music exclusive. That makes me happy.

iOS 9 Will Delete Apps To Make Room For Updates

When iOS 8 was unleashed on the general public, the size of the update — 4.6 GB — caused many users’ iPhones to cower in fear and shame. In an attempt to avoid a repeat of the problem, iOS 9 will free up space by deleting third-party apps before downloading (and then reinstalling afterwards).

Tom Ford Made A Steampunk Apple Pocket Watch

You gotta hand it to designer Tom Ford. He’s a real innovator when it comes to smartwatch hacks. He’s taken away the most annoying parts of the Apple Watch — like having to wear it on your wrist all the time — and turned it into a cute little phone you can simply tuck into your vest pocket. Genius!

Meet The Truthers Who Think There's A Taylor Swift/Apple Conspiracy

After streaming music nemesis Taylor Swift published an open letter to Apple on Sunday asking the company to pay artists during Apple Music’s free three month trial period, Apple quickly changed its policy to line up with Swift’s wishes. Almost TOO quickly…

Taylor Swift Vs. Tim Cook In A Cartoon

Taylor Swift and Apple have been enjoying a back-and-two over the last 24 hours about streaming royalties — a conversation that’s made Apple look like the artist-exploiting, money-churning behemoth that it is. To the extent that it U-turned. Go Swfit! [Joy of Tech]