A Murder Suspect Actually Asked Siri Where To Hide The Body

Answering “I need to hide a body” used to be one of Siri’s little jokes. She used to give suggestions. She doesn’t anymore. Why? We can’t be sure, but it miiight have something to do with an accused murderer who asked the question apparently in earnest.

Report: The Next iPad Will Have A New Glare-Free Display

The next iPad will have a new anti-reflection coating to make the display easier to read, according to a new Bloomberg report. The news agency claims that Apple’s suppliers have already started putting together the new iPads, which will feature a special coating on their display to cut glare.

Report: Apple In Talks With Major Hospitals To Work With HealthKit

Apple’s new HealthKit API is designed to help keep all the important information about your body in one place. Now, though, according to Reuters, the company is in discussion with major healthcare providers ahead of its launch to make it a tool used by physicians too.

Take A Look Inside Apple Genius Jony Ive's $17 Million San Francisco Mansion

Apple executive Jonathan Ive bought a stunning home on San Francisco’s “Billionaire’s Row” for $US17 million in 2012, according to The Wall Street Journal. The home was originally listed for $US25 million. Now you can finally take a virtual tour.

Inside Apple's Secretive University-Style Training School

Deep within the bowels of Apple, there’s a secretive school where employees learn about the company and how to work for it. Some call it education, others indoctrination — but either way, a new report explains what it’s like.

New Apple Patent Shows Off Smartypants 'Siri For Mac'

Given the gradual blurring of lines between iOS and OS X, Siri for Mac is a pretty safe bet. Now, a new patent filing details what the desktop version of the voice assistant might look like. As previous patents have also suggested, it’s going to be a lot more extensive than on mobile.

Report: Microsoft Wants A Flash New York Store Near The Apple Cube

Microsoft has long been playing catch-up with Apple in terms of physical stores. But now rumour has it that it wants to open a fancy new store on Fifth Avenue, just a couple of blocks from Apple’s iconic glass cube.

The Weirdest Products Apple Tried To Sell In The 1980s

In 1986, Apple tried to turn itself into a beacon for the fashion world. Banking on the popularity of the Mac, the company launched an extensive catalogue of clothing and accessories known as the Apple Collection. And it couldn’t have been more 80s.

iPhone 6 Rumour Roundup: Everything We Think We Know

It’s iPhone time of the year again! Apple will reportedly show off the eighth generation of its flagship device on September 9. If you believe the rumours, iPhone 6 will be one of the most dramatic updates to the iPhone line in quite some time.

Chinese Government Bans Employees From Using Apple Devices

Following concerns that Apple products represent a security threat, China’s government has chosen to ban its employees from using iPads and MacBooks.