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Why The New iPod Touch Is A Lifeline To iPod Classic Users

The iPod Classic is brilliant. The iPod Classic is probably the best media player of all time. The iPod Classic is dead.

The Latest High Tech Gadgets For Your Living Room

Sure, you could watch Netflix, Stan or Presto on your tablet, but don’t you want it on the big shiny TV in your living room? That’s where these hot new streaming gadgets come in. Here’s the latest and greatest in home streaming gadgets.

Apple Music Lets Siri Work As A Silly Sound Effects Machine

An unexpected perk, if you can call it that, of your free three-month Apple Music subscription? Siri can access it in order to work as a kind of sound effects machine. Go on, ask Siri to play the sound of farts. Go on.

The Five Thinnest And Lightest Laptops You Can Buy In Australia Today

Thinking of buying a new laptop, but really need some serious portability? Travelling around the world and want a light but capable machine to carry with you? Here are the five thinnest and lightest ultraportable laptops that you can buy today from an Australian retailer.

Download The Mac OS X El Capitan Beta Right Now

Apple’s latest and greatest OS, El Capitan, is now in public beta, which means you don’t have to be some fancy pants dev to get your hands on the new software.

Streamline The System Preferences Dialog In Mac OS X

The System Preferences dialog controls just about everything on your Mac OS X machine, from trackpad behaviour to screen timeout delay. If you’ve never really delved into the menus though, you might not realise you can hide the settings you don’t regularly use, making it easier to find the ones you do.

How To Make The Most Of Apple Music

There’s so much to Apple’s new Music streaming service you aren’t using. Here’s how to make the most of the new platform.

iOS 9 Now Explicitly Encourages Selfies

If you needed further proof that 2015 is the Year of the Selfie, look no further than the latest beta of iOS 9, which among other things, has brought a dedicated selfie folder to your iPhone.

'iPhone Keeps Restarting' Glitch Is Driving The Internet Crazy

At first I thought it was just my old 5s — in the middle of an activity, it freezes for a few seconds, blanks out to the Apple screen, and restarts. Then friends reported the same restarts with varying iPhone models and iOS versions. Now the problem is so common, it’s become a meme unto itself.

iOS 9 Preview: Well, This Was Long Overdue

This year’s update to Apple’s mobile operating system isn’t a blockbuster release full of controversial design; in fact, the biggest iOS update of the year, Apple Music, is already out. But that doesn’t mean you should write iOS 9 off just yet.

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