A Few Choice Excerpts From Tim Cook's Commencement Speech

Apple’s CEOs are fascinating: Where Steve Jobs cultivated a shrewd genius persona, Tim Cook’s journey to Apple’s upper echelon is equally inspiring. In his George Washington commencement speech on the weekend, Cook shared some details about that journey — and threw in an iPhone joke or two.

Apple Has Dropped Plans For Its Own 4K TV: Report

Remember that Apple TV panel that was set to change the way we all watch the boob tube? Cupertino has reportedly abandoned the project, according to a new report.

Apple Is Celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day By Showing Off Its Watch's Cool Features

This Thursday the 21st of May is Global Accessibility Awareness Day, a day to raise awareness of the importance of making technology — everything from smartphones, to laptops and PCs, to websites themselves — easy to operate by any user, no matter their disability. Apple is getting on board with the event in Australia, holding a couple of talks to open peoples’ eyes about disability and accessibility.

Apple Sues To Prevent Radioshack Selling Customer Data

As the painful destruction of the once-mighty RadioShack empire continues in the US, administrators have been selling off anything worth anything — including a massive trove of customer data, much to the displeasure of some states’ Attorneys General. And now, Apple is joining the good fight.

Well, This Makes The Apple Watch More Appealing To Steal

It took Apple seven years to learn one hard lesson: The right security features can deter thieves from stealing your devices. Unfortunately, the lesson hasn’t transferred to Apple’s new wearable.

10 Tricks To Make Yourself An iMessage Master

Apple’s iMessage is an all-in-one messaging solution that stays with you across mobile devices and laptops — assuming they’re all made by Apple of course. Even if you rely on the service every day, you may not know about some of the features and tricks you can take advantage of, so we’re here to help put that right.

I Beta-Tested The Apple Watch So You Don't Have To

Two weeks ago, I started wearing an Apple Watch. I’ve come to a conclusion: I just paid hundreds of dollars to be a glorified beta tester for Apple’s latest product. But you know what? I’m glad I did — because Apple’s latest product really needs a kick in the pants.

A Prank Image Of A Peeing Android Killed Google's Maps Editor

Google has temporarily shut down its Map Maker program while it figures out how to stop people from inserting pranks into its maps, like the image of an Android robot taking a big pee on an Apple logo that prompted an apology last month.

400 Football Fields Could Fit Inside Samsung's New Semiconductor Complex

Samsung already makes the most smartphones in the world, but now the South Korean company is pushing to make the most semiconductors. Samsung just started constructing its own version of Silicon Valley, starting with $US14 billion semiconductor complex larger than 400 football fields.

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