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What It's Like To Use The iPad Pro As A Tablet

Apple’s souped-up iPad Pro is supposed to be a laptop replacement — yet as many have already pointed out, it just isn’t up to the task. So I decided to use the iPad Pro as its namesake suggests: As a huge arse iPad. To my surprise, I liked it.

Apple Bought The Company That Helped With Motion-Capture For Star Wars

Apple, a maker of expensive aluminium slabs, might not be the obvious first buyer for Faceshift, a Swiss startup that makes motion-capture tech used in Star Wars. But when you consider how its software can be applied to augmented reality, things get a lot more interesting.

Experts Try To Figure Out Apple's Insane New Emojis

Video: If you’ve seen the new additions Apple has made to its vast emoji repertoire, you may be a bit perturbed. Floating business man? Ominous hole? Boob-grab smiley face? These are just some of the strange new emojis we had our experts weigh in on.

Top 5: The Best Smartphones Of 2015

Chart: Looking for a new phone? Here are the best smartphones, whether they’re Android or iOS, available in Australia as of November 2015.

This Is The Cheapest iPhone In Australia

So you want a cheap iPhone? You had best take your eyes off the shiny, new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Those will cost you a pretty penny for a long while yet. No, instead the cheapest iPhone in Australia’s brick-and-mortar universe right now comes from JB Hi-Fi: $499 for an iPhone 5s.

Apple's First Store In Singapore Will Be Powered By The Sun

Despite Singapore having a long and profitable relationship with the iPhone, Apple has never got around to opening a retail store there. All that’s changing with the announcement of a new store, and a network of solar panels to power it.

11 Great Apps That Are Even Greater On The iPad Pro

So you’ve got a brand spanking new iPad Pro. You’re probably going to want to take advantage of the 12.9-inch display, the four speakers, and the souped up A9x processor. We’ve made a list of the coolest, most beautiful apps you can get, whether you’re a designer or just someone who appreciates big screens.

iPad Pro Teardown: Big Screen Doesn't Mean Easy To Repair

As is tradition with new gadgets, the cruel folks at iFixit have torn the iPad Pro from limb to limb for our entertainment and education.

Apple iPad Pro: Australian Review

Goddamn. I mean…goddamn. When you look at the iPad Pro, it looks ridiculous. You’ll never find someone who isn’t flabbergasted by the sheer size. How could anyone ever love something this preposterously large? But when you stop fat-shaming the maxi-tablet and actually start using it, you’re almost instantly seduced by everything.

Apple Said To Be Developing A Person-to-Person Payment Service

According to a new report, Apple is said to be in discussion with banks to build a person-to-person payment system that would allow people to transfer money between phones without the need for cards or checks.

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