Tim Cook 'Deeply Offended' By BBC's Portrayal Of iPhone Factory Working Conditions

The BBC’s Panorama recently aired its report into working conditions on the iPhone factory floor, and things don’t look good — and Apple CEO Tim Cook has allowed Senior Vice President of Operations, Jeff Williams, to internally comment on the matter for him.

BBC: Apple Still Failing To Protect Factory Workers

An undercover investigation by the BBC’s Panorama team has found that Apple is still failing to protect those that work at the factories of its parts manufacturers.

Apple Halts Online Sales In Russia Due To Seesawing Rouble

The wildly fluctuating worth of the Russian rouble currency has lead iPhone makers Apple to halt online sales in the country, as the tech giant cannot set stable prices for its wares.

Don't Spend $30,000 On This Stupid Diamond-Covered Apple Watch

Hey, rich people: you know that $5000 Apple Watch you already had your eye on? Forget it. This one is better, in every quantifiable way. More diamonds. Bigger price tag. An extra side order of diamonds to go with your diamonds. Oh, and you can even pay for it right now.

'Papers, Please' To Head To The App Store In Its Unedited Form

After instructing a game developer to resubmit indie darling Papers, Please due to a definition of pornography including ‘sexual organs or activities intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings’, Apple got its way. But shortly after, it’s reversing its decision — and Papers, Please will be re-resubmitted, nudity and all.

Apple Is Pulling A Bunch Of The Best iOS 8 Apps

Remember when Apple went after that handy note-taking widget, a popular app that’s one the first truly useful widgets for iOS 8? It turns out Apple has been pulling all kinds of apps that take advantage of new features in iOS 8 — even after they have been approved to be in the App Store. And developers are starting to get pretty upset.

Report: Bose Is Going To Return To The Apple Store

Less than two months after Bose saw its products ignominiously booted from Apple’s physical and online stores, rumours are suggesting a triumphant return for Bose’s high-end audio equipment, now the two firms have finished squabbling.

Report: Apple's Hiring Fashionistas To Help Flog Its Watch

With the impending launch of the Apple Watch, many people have been wondering how a company geared towards selling gadgets to techies will flog $US5000 fashion accessories to Vogue editors. According to documents seen by 9to5Mac, the solution lies in hiring conscious staff.

Trust Us, Change Your Yosemite Font From Helvetica To San Francisco

Brittle, anaemic Helvetica is simply not a good choice as a default display font on Apple’s operating system. That’s why I’m pretty excited about this little trick to replace Helvetica Neue (the standard font that comes with Yosemite) with San Francisco, Apple’s new typeface designed in-house for the Apple Watch.

Apple's First Computer Wasn't Designed In A Garage At All 

Although the legend of Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs developing the first Apple computer in a garage at 2066 Crist Drive in Los Altos is certainly romantic, it didn’t exactly happen that way.