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Update Your iPhone: Apple Just Patched A Big Security Hole

NSO Group, a company that sells hacking services to governments so that they can spy on journalists and dissidents, exploited gaping security holes in iPhone software, according to a report by Lookout Security and Citizen Lab. But don’t worry: Apple just pushed a fix.

Who Needs An Apple Snapchat? 

Apple is reportedly working on its own Snapchat clone. It would join companies like Twitter and Facebook who are furiously trying to copy the features that have made the image and video sharing app popular with younger users. Young people are important, sure, but where Apple is uniquely positioned to succeed is in building a Snapchat for text-addicted old people like me.

5 Father's Day USB Gadgets For A Tech-Savvy Dad

Do you constantly text your Dad just to get no reply — because his phone is out of battery? Well, take the opportunity of Father’s Day to fix that once and for all. We’ve got chargers, cables, battery packs and organisers aplenty in here, so take a look.

'Touch Disease' Is The Latest Flaw Killing iPhones

If a new report is true, your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus might have an expiration date unrelated to failing batteries or outdated tech. Some users report that over time the touchscreen on these iPhone models becomes unresponsive and that, eventually, a flickering grey bar will appear on the top of the screen. After that the phone is toast. While the phone may be intermittently operational afterwards, it’s unlikely to make a full recovery. What was once an attractive hunk of Apple engineering will now be a computer you operate exclusively by Siri and your tears.

Woz To Apple: You Don't Know Jack

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is just as pissed off about the iPhone 7‘s reported lack of a headphone jack as you are.

Take One Last Tour Of Tekserve, New York's 'Original Apple Store'

Tekserve has been in New York City, on 23rd Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenue, for nearly 30 years. Today will be its last. This morning, Tekserve began a live auction selling off everything in its store, including the private collection of its co-founder, Dick Demenus.

Why Apple's Move Towards Health Is So Exciting

Apple’s slow creep towards becoming a health company just made a little progress with the acquisition of Gliimpse, a personal health data startup. It’s unclear what Apple plans to do with the company, but I have a free idea for Tim Cook: Let me control my health records on an iPhone. It could save my life.

Why The ACCC Siding With The Banks Against Apple Will Not Be In Consumers' Interests

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) has denied four of Australia’s banks an interim authorisation to act collectively against Apple and other third party wallet providers (Samsung and Google) in Australia.

A Ton Of Classic Macs Are Going Up For Auction

Tekserve, known as the “original Apple Store” and a technology icon in NYC for 29 years, sadly closed up shop this week. And in traditional “everything must go” style, is putting its gigantic collection of Macs up for auction.

Cash Money Records Reportedly Signs Deal With Apple Music

It is a truly extraordinary day for Apple Music subscribers. According to an Instagram post by Cash Money Records co-founder Birdman, the label has made “a power move” with Apple Music. He posted a picture over the weekend with Apple music executive Larry Jackson announcing the news, and reposted the photo today with a link to a Music Business Worldwide article about the alleged deal.

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