Apple's Newest Store In China Looks Freaking Gorgeous

Video: When you think of an Apple Store, you probably imagine swathes of glass, fancy wood-grain and gorgeous minimalism. Apple’s latest store in China is a little different, with the gadget giant contracting one of China’s best calligraphers to paint a beautiful mural for the front of the new store in Hangzhou.

Report: The Apple Watch Will Only Last 2.5 Hours With 'Heavy' Use

We’ve heard rumours for some time that Apple’s been less than pleased with the purported battery life of its upcoming Apple Watch. And now it looks as though it has plenty of reason to be worried. According to a new report from 9 to 5 Mac, the Apple Watch the battery is looking at just 2.5 to 4 hours of “active application use” before it dies. Yeesh.

App Developers In Crimea Are Getting Cut Off Thanks To US Sanctions

When one country annexes another, there’s some things you expect to happen, like airstrikes or strongly worded letters to the UN. One consequence you probably wouldn’t have predicted is that you’ll no longer be able to buy certain apps.

9 Gadgets And Tech To Be Excited About In 2015

2015 is the year of the Future, thanks to that one rambunctious, time-travelling teen with a hoverboard. As we’re still in the opening moments of 2015, we’re allowed to be hopeful. Last year we saw a lot of awesome but also a lot of “just wait until next year!” Almost every major company talked of things just on the horizon. That’s why I asked last week what rumoured and not-so-rumoured tech you were most excited for in the year ahead.

A Look Into The Design World Of Marc Newson

On Sunday, SBS aired the third episode of season two of Designer People hosted by Lee Lin Chin, and this week’s episode was about Aussie industrial designer extraordinaire and tech world hearthrob Marc Newson.

You Can Now Watch Aussie Cricket Highlights On Your Apple TV

Got an Apple TV and a powerful desire to fill the rest of your summer with cricket? You’re in luck: Cricket Australia is about to start putting content onto your Apple TV in a new dedicated channel.

Leaked Companion App Spills Details On The Apple Watch

The Apple Watch was already one of the most anticipated gadgets of 2015 before the year even started. And though current rumours indicate we still have two months worth of waiting, a new leak of the watch’s companion app, posted by the ever-reliable Mark Gurman at 9to5Mac, give us even more details on what this watch will be able to do.

Apple Pay May Launch Internationally By March

Since November, the rest of the world has been forced look on with mild annoyance and jealousy as Americans have paid for stuff with fingerprints (and a $US600 phone). But according to a report from 9to5Mac, the days of having to key in a PIN — ugh — are numbered.

Idiot Thieves Stole PINs With An iPod Nano Covered In Duct Tape

Despite the repeated cries of tech bloggers everywhere, it would seem that the iPod isn’t actually dead; it’s just gone rogue. The newest ATM skimming scheme relies almost entirely on a MacGyver-ed version of your former, clickwheeled friend. How could you, iPod?

That Rumoured 12-Inch MacBook Air Could Be A Stunner

Ah, the wonders of photorealistic 3D modelling software. Although it’s only been two days since 9to5Mac leaked that Apple is planning the biggest overhaul to its laptops in years — in the form of a new 12-inch MacBook Air — we’ve already got gauzy, hyper-real renderings of this sucker. If this is what Apple is planning, count us in.