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iOS 7.1 Developers' Source Code Hints At Siri For Apple TV

Apple’s virtual helper might soon appear in additional types of hardware from the tech giant, with snippets of code found within the iOS 7.1 SDK suggesting that a version of Siri for Apple TV may be in the works.

This Apple TV Concept Is Flat-Out Gorgeous

We could be getting a new Apple TV as soon as April, but I guarantee you it almost won’t be as pretty as this custom concept unit from designer and 3D visualiser, Martin Hajek. It’s freaking gorgeous.

Report: Apple Could Announce Its New Apple TV As Soon As April

Bloomberg reports that Apple’s next-generation Apple TV will likely be announced as soon as April. The new Apple TV would be faster and easier to navigate, and it might even host video content from Time Warner Cable, the first such deal with a cable company.

I Would Totally Buy This Awesome Apple Curved HDTV

Tim Cook says that Apple has BIG plans for 2014. Everyone is assuming that it will finally be the fabled Apple TV set. Our friend Martin Hajek joined forces with Andrew Ambrosino to make this awesome curved Apple TV set concept which supposedly would reduce glare and reflection.

Everything Apple Didn't Announce At Yesterday's iPad Event

Two new iPads! Better MacBook Pros! The finishing touches on the cylindrical Mac Pro. OS X Mavericks for free. iLife. iWork. Apple announced heaps of stuff during its iPad event — stuff that will dent your wallet. Stuff that will make your life better. Stuff that will keep you happy. But what about all the stuff Apple didn’t announce? There’s still a bunch of, well, stuff.

How To Live Stream Apple's iPad Event

Fancy watching Apple’s special event from San Francisco live, in all its iGlory? Here’s how.

Apple TV Gets Support For iTunes Radio And More

Apple TV didn’t even warrant a mention at the iPhone event earlier this month, but as expected, the set-top box just got a software overhaul.

Rumour: There's An Apple TV Software Refresh Coming Next Week

While there was no mention of Apple TV yesterday, All Things D is reporting that it believes Cook & Co will roll out a software overhaul for the media box next week.

Report: Apple's Future Of TV Is An Actual Television

We’ve said it time and time again: Something like half a dozen companies are working on their own versions of the future of TV. The latest rumour, via Quartz, mentions that Apple’s been chatting up providers about offering their content on a new TV service.

What Apple's Latest Acquisition Says About The Future Of Apple TV

Apple just bought a small startup company you probably never heard of called Why is this important? Because it might, maybe, possibly reveal what Apple sees as the future of Apple TV: a channel-less oasis, where it doesn’t matter what streaming service you watch your favourite TV show on, as long as it’s through Apple TV.