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Apple TV Games Will Have To Work With The Siri Remote

Apple’s upcoming set-top boxes will support third-party controllers for gaming, which is good news for anyone (everyone) who doesn’t like gaming with a touchpad. But that still doesn’t mean you should expect hardcore games from your Apple TV.

VLC Is Bringing Its Video Magic To The Apple TV

Here’s some good news for anyone planning to buy an Apple TV: VLC, the company behind the best video player for OS X and Windows (and arguable iOS) will be supporting Apple’s new set-top box.

VLC Is Working On An App For The New Apple TV

VLC — the play-everything media centre app — is coming to the new Apple TV.

New Apple TV Meta Hands-On: Touching And Talking Takes Some Practice

Apple wasn’t able to invite us to its homecoming dance in San Francisco this year, but we admired its dance moves from afar. We also tuned into the after party gossip when attendees told everyone how they really felt about the latest products. The new Apple TV, apparently, is pretty good.

Apple iPhone 6s, New Apple TV, iPad Pro Australian Live Blog: Follow All The News As It Happened

New Apple TV. New 12.9-inch iPad Pro with a stylus. Two new iPhones with insane cameras. New everything. This is the news from Apple in San Francisco, and you’ll want to see how it happened. Get in here!

The New Apple TV Is All About Apps

Just when you thought the Apple TV was just another set-top box, everything has changed. The Cupertino company just announced the biggest Apple TV upgrade in recent memory, one that transforms the little box into a whole new platform for your home.

The New Apple TV Is The Most Interesting Announcement From Today's iPhone Event

This morning, we were introduced to new iPhones, with much improved cameras and faster processors. We were introduced to a new, bigger iPad Pro with an optional keyboard cover and a pressure-sensitive digital stylus. But it’s the Apple TV, the diminutive set-top box that has been more of a quiet labour of love for Apple than its heroic mobile devices and MacBooks, that has seen the biggest upgrade and the biggest unlocking of potential.

8 Years Later, Apple TV Finally Gets Its Own App Store

The iPhone’s App Store is the virtual marketplace that launched a thousand think pieces. Apple called it “revolutionary” (as it does every product) and many tech sites called it worldchanging, too. And now, the Apple TV will finally get its own App Store.

Remember The Last Time Apple Tried To Launch A Video Game Console?

With Apple’s big event less than 24 hours away, everybody is getting excited about a new gaming-focused Apple TV. But you might not realise that the Cupertino’s been down this road before. A few times, in fact.

Apple TV Rumour Roundup: Everything We Think We Know

It’s been a long time coming, but the prophets appear to agree: Apple is finally ready to reinvent TV. But! Instead of a releasing a long-rumoured Apple television set, which would be a long shot, the Cupertino company will likely showcase a radically improved version of its stodgy set-top box. It will be great for gamers, and yes, it will finallyfinally! — have apps and Siri.

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