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Yahoo AppSpot Is An App To Help You Find Apps

Yahoo’s new AppSpot service lets you search for iOS and Android apps using a web browser or a mobile device. The system includes ratings, daily personal picks and a list of related apps to help you discover the perfect app. You can download AppSpot for Android and iOS today. [Yahoo]

Motorola Claims 70 Per Cent Of Returns Were Due To Performance Destroying Apps

Android’s open system is both its greatest asset and its biggest curse, as Motorola has discovered. In a webcast presentation last week, Motorola CEO of Mobility Sanjay Jha said that 70 per cent of Moto handset returns were due to Android applications affecting handset performance.

Australian Android Developers, Go Make Some Money

The Android Marketplace has finally rolled out paid app privileges to more countries, and this time that means Australia as well. For local developers eager to embrace Android’s more open platform, but had to give their work away for free to do it, the 2-minute noodle days may be over. Now all you need is an app that’s good enough people will pay money for it…

Google Removing All Games From South Korea Android Marketplace

There were rumblings last month that South Korea was going to block Android Marketplace because some games hadn’t been reviewed by the Korean Game Rating Board. Oh, yeah, Korea? Well, Google’s gonna just go ahead and exclude all games pre-emptively.

Android Marketplace Still Has Serious Catching Up To Do

We can finally put an official number on the apps in the Android Marketplace: 30,000. That’s more than double what was available in December, a crazy fast rate of growth. And they’re going to need to keep it up.

Android App Store Is 57% Free Compared To Apple's 25%

App store analytics firm Distimo recently released a bunch of juicy info about the major mobile app stores, and the results are pretty interesting. For one, Android is the place to be for free apps.

Motorola’s Got Their Own Android Shop Cookin’

Well, lookee’ here. Motorola’s been building their own Android Marketplace, and someone found it out. It’s been taken down since, but here’s what Android and Me found before Moto pulled the plug.

Remainders - Stuff We Didn't Post (and Why)

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Android Developer Challenge 2 Winners: Grow, Marketplace, Grow

Google’s just announced the winners of the second Android Developer Challenge, a homegrown app competition that’s produced some must-haves for seasoned Android owners and nervous new Droid users alike.

Optus Are Blocking Paid Android Apps

Now that Telstra’s trying to fix its public image, is Optus trying to fill the role of telco villain? Neerav Bhatt over at APC magazine reveals that Optus – no stranger to criticism over its handling of Android – is actually blocking people purchasing paid applications for Android phones on their network.

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