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Why Amish Children Rarely Get Asthma

For years, scientists have known that growing up on a farm protects children from asthma, but the reasons for this weren’t entirely clear. A fascinating comparative analysis of Amish and Hutterite farming communities has finally uncovered the specific aspects of farm life that are responsible for this built-in immune protection.

Scientists Isolate Gene Responsible For Rare Vibration Allergy

A small segment of the population is literally allergic to vibrations, an annoying condition that gives rise to hives and other symptoms. Researchers at the NIH have now isolated the genetic mutation responsible for the disorder, and it’s offering new insight into related conditions.

Honeywell's Bluetooth Air Purifier Knows When Your Allergies Are Bad

It’s allergy season every season for some people. Honeywell’s new Bluetooth-enabled Air Purifier talks uses your smartphone’s internet connection to monitor allergy reports and help you keep those sniffles under control.

Doctors Ease Peanut Allergies In Tiny Test You Shouldn't Try At Home

To a nut-allergic person, a peanut is a little grenade of discomfort and danger. So a small study published this week, showing that kids with severe peanut allergies can increase their tolerance through gradual exposure, is great news for allergic children and their caretakers. Just please, don’t try this technique at home.

Smartphone Analyser Spots Ingredients That Give You Allergies

Every meal can be a minefield when you suffer from severe food allergies. So researchers at UCLA’s Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science have developed a sort of mine detector for food that’s able to analyse, detect and warn a user about food allergens before they dig in.

You Might Be Allergic To Your Canon Camera

Canon just released a statement saying the front rubber grips of some Canon EOS 650D DSLR cameras may cause an allergic reaction. The grips could also turn white after a short period of time, which combined with the possibility of allergies, is, uh, sort of a problem since you hold the thing to take pictures.

Allergies Could Have Evolved To Protect Us

Some people are incapacitated all year from sneezes, coughs and itchy eyes. While allergies are a pain in the arse, they may not be the misguided immune responses many scientists have believed them to be. In fact, a new theory suggests that they may have evolved to protect us.

Hypoallergenic Dogs Are Just A Myth

The next time you’re looking to get a dog, get any kind you want. Yep, any breed, size, fur, even if you have pet allergies. Wait, what? According to researchers, there’s no difference between a hypoallergenic dog and non-hypoallergenic dog.

7 Tools To Help You Conquer Your Allergies

This week’s toolkit is a personal one: allergies. I’ve had ’em as long as I can remember and this year, they are TERRIBLE. I can barely function myself, sometimes, and figured these seven tools might help alleviate the suffering of others.

Man Sues Neighbour, Becomes Homeless Over Wi-Fi "Allergies"

I’ve heard of people making claims about “electromagnetic allergies”, but so far, no one has been able to prove that this is an actual, physical ailment. Still, Santa Fe resident Arthur Firstenberg was forced into homelessness by his neighbour’s gadgets.

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