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Is Aldi's $799 65-Inch 4K TV Actually Worth It?

Aldi has a 65-inch 4K LCD TV on sale for $799 tomorrow morning. It’s a ridiculously low price for a TV of that screen size and resolution — so is it a crap TV with a matching price tag, or a diamond in the rough? I wanted to find out. So I decided to pit it against the best TV you can buy.

Here Are Aldi's Mobile Plan Changes For Its Upcoming 4G Upgrade

Here we are, thinking about 5G when there are still 3G-only plans out there. Such is the case currently for Aldi, which resells Telstra’s 3G — though not for much longer. Come 28 April, all customers will have their service 4G-enabled, with new plans to boot.

Aldi's Latest Social Media Campaign Couldn't Possibly Go Wrong

Ah, the good old “fill in the blank” twitter marketing. Getting your customers to engage with your brand is always a great idea, right? I can’t possibly see a reason anyone would horse a problem with horse, what do you horse?

Aldi Is Selling A Crazy Cheap 4K TV Today

Screw the fact that 4K content is still hard to come by. The panels themselves are still freaking gorgeous when upscaled. Kogan’s $999 4K TV had previously been the cheapest way to get in on the high-resolution dream, but now Aldi has skin in the game, selling a 4K TV for just $800.

Grab A $99 Onix 10.1-Inch Tablet This Wednesday At ALDI

A few months back ALDI had a pretty solid deal going for its 9-inch Onix tablet, and for one day in December, it’ll be offering something just as enticing — a 10.1-inch Onix running Android 4.4 for $99.

Grab ALDI's 3G Onix Tablet On Special This Wednesday

Perhaps you’re not willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a tablet, or you only need a basic gadget without all the fancy bells and whistles. Fortunately, there are many companies happy to sell you a such a device at the right price, though you might not expect one of those companies to be ALDI. Well, it is.

Telstra: It's Not Our Fault Kogan Mobile Is Closing

It seems that Telstra has been copping some flak for the impending doom of Kogan Mobile. Telstra has taken to its blog with a vigorous defence, saying that it won’t be blamed for the closure of the cut-price carrier.

Aldi Mobile: Everything You Need To Know

Aldi’s own low-cost pre-paid mobile offerings have launched, and we have everything you need to know about the new service. In light of the recent ispONE drama taking down Kogan Mobile, it might be a good idea to look at your options.

The ispONE Case Might Mean The End Of Kogan Mobile

It’s no secret that Kogan Mobile and ispONE have had their issues in the past, but the wholesaler’s latest war with Telstra means that a contract that keeps Australia’s cheapest MVNOs alive might be terminated. Kogan Mobile is today warning customers that the end may be nigh for their service.

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