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Starting this Saturday 17th of December, Aldi is selling a 55-inch Ultra HD LED 4K TV for less than $500. That's not a typo.

This just might be worth lining up outside the store for (and you might have to, to get your hands on one).


Perhaps you're not willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a tablet, or you only need a basic gadget without all the fancy bells and whistles. Fortunately, there are many companies happy to sell you a such a device at the right price, though you might not expect one of those companies to be ALDI. Well, it is.


It's no secret that Kogan Mobile and ispONE have had their issues in the past, but the wholesaler's latest war with Telstra means that a contract that keeps Australia's cheapest MVNOs alive might be terminated. Kogan Mobile is today warning customers that the end may be nigh for their service.


First Kogan Mobile, now Aldi is getting in on the cheap pre-paid mobile game. News leaked tonight suggests that the discount supermarket will put its own pre-paid MVNO offering out to market next week, with others pointing to the fact that it will run from Telstra's wholesale Next G network.


Coffee might as well be a religion for some people. Everyday, all at the same time, coffee-worshippers line up to pay their tithe and receive a cup full of arabica blessings to start them on their day. So how will the hyper-caffeinated fanatics, who seem to spend quite a lot on shiny home shrines dedicated to the gods of the blessed bean, respond to the latest ultra-cheap alternative from ALDI? Is it still fanaticism if it's cheap?


Normally, I'd throw this kind of thing in as a lunchtime deal, but with Aldi products, you can never be quite sure how much stock there'll be in a given store. So if you are after a tablet to pick up while you're stocking up on Haribo lollies, next Wednesday is the day for you.


Got less than $100 in the Gadget kitty right now? You've got your choice of gadgets today and tomorrow. First up, Kogan's selling off its USB recording set digital set top box for $29 as a Friday special. You could plug that set box into the tiny but inexpensive Dick Smith 15-inch $99 TV. If mobile's more your thing, Gus over at Lifehacker notes that Aldi's got the Huawei Ideos U8150 on sale tomorrow for $59.99, including $35 worth of call credit.


Oops. Those who picked up Aldi's $99 Fission 4-in-1 hard drive/DVD drive/card reader combo may have got more than they bargained for. Apparently a small number were sold with malware yesterday, and though free AV software (or a clean format) will nix the issue, Aldi will give a full refund if you return it to the store of purchase.