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Your Body Odour Could Help Make Airport Security A Breeze

Forget retina scans and fingerprints. Turns out, body odour is a shockingly accurate biometric identifier. According to new research from a team of Spanish scientists, it could change the way security checkpoints work.

This TSA Redesign Could Change The Way You Think About Airport Security

The TSA needs help — bad. The agency and its blue-shirted officers have never been the most popular kids on the block, but things got worse last week when a former employee told all in a Politico article. But don’t worry, TSA. The designers are here to save you.

The Crazy Things The TSA Found In 2012: Chainsaws, Cannonballs, Mace And More

A week in the life of the TSA is already ridiculously productive. What about seven months? The TSA published a 2012 year to date report to reveal what the apocalypse year has brought through airport security and it’s a doozy of bizarre weapons. Things like guns and bombs aren’t enough anymore, the TSA finds grenade launchers, venomous snakes, gassed up chainsaws and more.

Australian Airports To Get Compulsory Body Scans

In a $28 million security upgrade, new “no scan, no fly” laws are expected to be proposed this week for Aussie international airports — removing the option to request a pat down instead. After trials last year, full body scanners (from the same company used in US checkpoints) will roll out in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast and Cairns. Here’s what they look like.

TSA Could Skip Independent Backscatter Tests

Backscatter X-ray machines may or may not be carcinogenic. The European Union isn’t taking any chances, but the TSA is so confident in their safety that it likely won’t conduct the additional tests it promised the US Senate.

EU Bans Airport X-Ray Machines

“Backscatter” X-ray machines, which bombard your body with radiation at the airport, are a subject of controversy in the US. Not in Europe, Mother Jones reports — the machines are now banned throughout the entire EU over cancer risks. Good.

TSA Agent Caught Stuffing Stolen iPad Down His Pants

You’ve got to give points for efficiency. Detectives say the 30 year old luggage screener would use his phone to sell stolen cameras and laptops online — often by the end of his shift.

TSA Agents Now Making Elderly Women Remove Their Adult Diapers

Taking disabled people’s toys, exposing women’s breasts, making women remove their prosthetic breasts: seems TSA agents never stop figuring out new ways to be sadistic. Now comes word that some agents made a wheelchair-bound, 95-year-old woman with final-stage leukemia take off her adult diaper for pat-down purposes.

Old Lady Tries To Smuggle 44 iPhone 4s Through Airport Security In Her Stockings

Last week, at Israel’s Ben-Gurion International Airport, security officials stopped a 60-year-old woman who had been moving erratically through airport security. She said she was feeling sick. Not true! She actually had 44 iPhone 4s stuffed down her pants.

TSA Status Site Tells Whether Your Airport Actually Uses Their Body Scanners

The Transportation Security Administration has installed the new “backscatter” screening machines in many airports, but a good number of them aren’t actually used yet. One helpful site is compiling reports on which airports are still using X-ray/metal detector combinations.