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Scientists Concerned About Safety Of New Airport X-Ray Scanners

By the end of 2011, two-thirds of US airline passengers will be asked to step through one of 1000 new Rapiscan X-ray machines. But some scientists are concerned about the unprecedented exposure to radiation coming along with them.

Yes, Airport Screeners Do Make Fun Of Your Tiny Penis

This man, former TSA screener Rolando Negrin, apparently has a tiny penis. It was revealed to his TSA coworkers by the TSA’s fancy electronic no-hands strip searcher. They mocked him for nearly a year. Then he snapped.

Plane Liquids Will Hopefully Be A-OK, If DHS Scanner Gets Go-Ahead

Not being able to take bottled water on the plane is one of the most frustrating things about travelling. You have to constantly catch the steward’s attention, flapping your arms screaming GIVE ME WATER NOOOOW. But that could change, soon.

Nudists Fully Support Peeping Airport Scanners

I sort of expected the nudist community to be a bunch of hardline civil libertarians or something, but that doesn’t change how wonderful this story is: Nudists? Totally OK with the TSA’s new, aggressively denuding security scanners.

Is It This Easy To Pull Nude Pics From Airport Scanners? [NSFW]

The Drudge Report has an image of a woman from an airport scanner up right now. It’s scandalous enough as is, but it’s shockingly easy to make it look even more like a normal nude photograph.

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