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Solar Impulse 2 Successfully Landed In California After 62 Hours In The Air

After taking off from Hawaii at 6:30am, pilot Bertrand Piccard reported that he felt great after a day of travel, and after a total 62 hours of flight time, he successfully landed at Moffett Airfield, California.

This Is How An Aeroplane Picks Up A Banner While Flying In The Air

Video: Ever wonder how those advertising aeroplanes get their flying banners attached to the aeroplane? Me neither. I thought the planes just had those banners attached when they took off. Not the case! Apparently, the planes have to first be flying before they hook onto a specific target in order to launch the banner. They’re picking up the ad as they fly by!

Interesting Animation Explains How Aeroplanes Are Able To Fly

Video: Drag. Thrust. Lift. Jet engines. Propellers. Wings. This animation breaks down just exactly how an aeroplane flies and it’s pretty damn interesting. Each design element of the plane basically solves a law of physics and is part of the reason how an aeroplane can fly.

A Prototype Of DARPA's Badass Vertical Take-Off Aircraft Can Already Fly

Earlier this year, DARPA unveiled its latest concept design for a new vertical take-off and landing craft. Now, a working scale prototype has already made its first successful flight.

This Is What Earth's Air Traffic Looks Like From Space

Image Cache: Satellites get a wonderful view of the Earth and since October 2015 one in particular has been tumbling through space while keeping a watchful eye on the planet’s air traffic. This is what it has seen.

Crazy Aeroplane Flies In And Out And Through A Wind Farm

Video: You know those basketball and soccer dribbling drills where you snake through a line of cones, dribbling a ball as you weave through them? That’s what pilot Hannes Arch is doing in this aeroplane at a wind farm in Tauern Wind Park in Oberzeiring, Austria. The aeroplane just flies through the wind turbines over and over again like it’s a video game and not real life.

Tesla And Qantas Raced A Jet Against A Model S

Who would win in a race: a Boeing 737-800, with a top speed of 850km/h and 50,000 pounds of thrust — or a Tesla Model S? To inaugurate a close partnership between the two companies, Tesla Australia and Qantas pitted a jet against a Model S P90D — the world’s fastest four-door sedan — and the result was a photo finish.

This New Supersonic Jet Could Cut International Travel Times In Half

Sydney to Los Angeles in 6 hours. That’s the promise of Boom, a new aerospace company that promises the fastest commercial airplane ever, travelling at 2.2 times the speed of sound and nearly 300km/h faster than the much-loved Concorde.

Watching These Aeroplanes Try To Land In Crazy Winds Is The Scariest Thing

Here’s some truly frightening footage of aeroplanes landing at Birmingham Airport in the UK. “Landing” actually might not be the best term for these though because the aeroplanes look more like they’re spinning sideways and tilting out of control and praying that their wheels touch the ground instead of bouncing off like a basketball. These giant flying machines look more like toys than actual aeroplanes holding hundreds of people.

UN Aviation Agency Demands Real-Time Aeroplane Tracking In Emergencies

The UN’s panel on aviation has announced that aeroplanes should now be fitted with autonomous distress tracking devices which allow them to transmit their location during emergencies.

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