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Win! The World's Fastest D-Link Wireless AC1750 Dual Band Gigabit Modem Router from Gizmodo!

Yay, free stuff. Speedy 802.11ac draft 2.0 stuff! Up for grabs thanks to D-Link: 7x DSL-2890AL Wireless AC1750 Dual Band Gigabit ADSL2+ modem/routers (valued at $299 each). To enter, you just need to answer this simple question…

NBN Will Be Cheaper Than ADSL2+

According to, when pricing for NBN services is compared on a per GB basis to ADSL2+, it’s going to be cheaper once line rental costs are taken into account.

Lunchtime Deal: TPG Increases ADSL2+ Download Limits

Standalone ADSL2+ users on a $30 plan now receive 50GB (up from 15GB), while the $40 plan is increased from 60GB to 150GB. The $50 plan gets a boost from 200GB to 500GB, though its shaped speed is reduced from 1Mbps to 256kbps, matching the other plans. The new quotas are divided in half: peak and off-peak (2:30am-8:30am). [TPG via Whirlpool]

iiNet's BoB2 Combo Modem Finally Available

After a few months of delays, the successor to iiNet’s popular all-in-one modem/router/VoIP device is finally available. Here’s what’s new.

Internode Tweaks Its Bundle Offerings Too

Telstra may have boosted its bundles today with extra data, but Internode has come to the party for entry level customers with its Easy Reach 30 Special, which adds 30GB of data to a NodeLine telephone service for $60 a month, plus calls.

Internode Carves 60 Broadband Plans From Its Line Up To Leave Just 18

Internode has completely overhauled its broadband plans today, reducing the number of plans on offer from 78 to just 18. Simplicity FTW!

Get Naked And Internode Will Let You Keep Your Home Phone Number

You can’t remember the last time you used your home phone, but you don’t want to jump on the Naked ADSL2+ bandwagon because that phone number is really important for reasons no one else gets. Well, what if you could go naked and keep your number?

Internode Drops 1TB Plan Price, Adds Data

Cheaper plans, plans with more data, and all with no off-peak times to worry about.

iPrimus To iiNet: 'My 1.1TB Is Bigger Than Your 1TB'

The ISP market is pretty competitive in Australia. Well, it is once you get past Telstra up there in number one. But something about iPrimus’ announcement of 1.1TB broadband plans sent through at 7pm last night sort of lacked… tact.

BigPond's New Broadband Plans Another Step Forward

BigPond has just announced a refresh of their broadband packages. It’s fairly major step in the right direction for Telstra, with their 200GB plan now costing just $90 a month (plus landline), down from $180.

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