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Agents Of SHIELD Shows Off Its Badass Ghost Rider In This Fast, Arguably Furious New Promo

Video: Want to see a flaming car ram another car? Or a car drive at a screaming, chained-up man? Or how about some graffiti touting the character’s legendary status? Well, it’s all here.

The Ultimate Guide To Every Science Fiction And Fantasy Show On TV This Spring

It’s almost September, which means it’s almost time to and get ready for the new TV season to begin. Some of these shows even manage without time travel!

ABC Explains Why Marvel's Most Wanted Was Mostly Unwanted

The one-two hit Marvel TV fans took when both Agent Carter was cancelled and Agents of SHIELD spinoff Most Wanted was dropped by ABC was a rough one. While we’ve had answers as to why Agent Carter came to a close, why Most Wanted was left behind was never discussed — but it turns out the reason was a simple one: It just wasn’t that good.

Lucasfilm Is In Talks To Potentially Make A Live-Action Star Wars TV Show

Lucasfilm’s plans to bring the galaxy far, far away to live action TV have waxed and waned over the years — Lucas himself famously had the long-in-gestation Star Wars Underworld, but after the Disney acquisition, hopes of it coming to TV were quashed pretty rapidly. This is Star Wars, though: Now there’s a new hope.

Netflix's Reason For Not Saving Agent Carter Was 'Business'

When ABC canceled Agent Carter, there was a brief hope that Netflix would pick the show up and continue it. It made sense — Netflix was already home to other Marvel shows. And now we know the reason the company didn’t pick up the show.

How Doctor Strange Brought Ghost Rider To Agents Of SHIELD

With the delay of Inhumans and the upcoming Doctor Strange, Agents of SHIELD has a much wider world to work in. In a press roundtable after their Comic-Con panel, we talked to executive producers Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen about what those things meant for the future of the show.

Which Time Travel TV Show Remake Should You Watch, Time After Time Or Frequency?

Neither. Both. They’re both entirely generic in completely different ways. Pick your poison with our spoiler-free first impressions of their pilots.

iView Is Now Streaming Every Live ABC TV Channel

Time to throw away your TV antenna. Every single one of the ABC’s channels can now be streamed live through the national broadcaster’s iView website or through the iView apps for iOS and Android.

Good Morning America Thinks This Frog's Name Is 'Tea Lizard'

Last night, folks on the internet were chuckling heartily over a faceplant of a tweet from Good Morning America.

Shakespeare And Time Travel And Imaginary Friends: These Trailers Are Ridiculous

Everyone’s releasing new trailers this week: Of particular interest to us are Still Star-Crossed, the Shondaland sequel to Romeo and Juliet; Time After Time, where a time-travelling HG Wells hunts Jack the Ripper; and Imaginary Mary, a show where Jenna Elfman gets advice from her imaginary friend.

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