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Last year, our ABC produced a series called Glitch. It's a paranormal TV show, but talks about interpersonal relationships in that inimitable style that our national broadcaster does so well. If you've seen it on TV, you might be surprised to know that it's on Netflix now. If you've seen it on Netflix, you might be surprised to hear that it was produced with funding from the ABC.


The last year has been a tough time for free to air TV. Even Freeview, the peak body representing the FTA channels, says viewing habits have "changed dramatically" — everyone is using their phones instead. Netflix and Stan and catch-up apps from every major digital TV channel means that you don't need to watch TV, unless you're dead-set on watching The Bachelor live and in real time. To that end, within a month Freeview will do its bit to speed that push away from the big screen and onto mobiles with a single unified app that streams all 15 major FTA channels to your phone.


If you're still smarting over the loss of Agent Carter, then news of how it was close to making a return isn't likely to help you cheer up. But according to Hayley Atwell, for a good period of time, ABC was optimistic about the show existing alongside Atwell's new role in legal drama Conviction.