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View From The Top: Watch Qantas' Last Boeing 767 Take Its Final Flight

Qantas’ last Boeing 767 aircraft took its final flight in December before the airline retired it after almost 30 years in the sky. We were there to check it out as passengers, but Qantas had a camera in the cockpit to give us a great view of the final flight.

Gallery: Qantas Boeing 767 Final Flight

Qantas has had the Boeing 767 in its fleet for almost 30 years. Today the last passenger flight of the Qantas 767 took off from Melbourne to Sydney as QF767 at 1700 AEDT — and we were there to witness it.

Just Look How Much Aeroplane Wings Flex In Crosswinds

Landing in a crosswind can be terrifying, but just watch this video and see how much the wings of a Boeing 767 flex during severe turbulence. It’s… disconcerting.

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