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This 3D-Printed Television Will Transport You To The 1950s

Once upon a time, long before Twitter or Xbox live, you could turn on a TV that looked a lot like this and watch spacemen valiantly defeat their enemies with rayguns and plutonium-powered rockets. We can’t travel back to that simpler age, but we can re-create the experience using 3D printing.

This Lego-Modded Glue Gun Is A Handheld 3D Printer

Tired of the same old, boring laminated pattern that’s in all of your 3D printed stuff? Industrial design student Vimal Patel was, and so he decided to fashion himself a 3D doodler, out of a hot glue gun which he modded with a custom Lego extruder. You know, obviously.

These Kinetic Sculptures Are Like Beautiful Nightmares

These mesmerising gifs are, quite literally, the stuff of nightmares. Strange, lovely nightmares.

These Terrifyingly Real Teeth Were Made By A New Dental 3D Printer

The world is still trying to figure out why every home would need a 3D printer, but in the professional world they continue to thrive. At the International Dental Show currently going on in Germany, Stratasys announced a new 3D printer that uses multiple materials at once to create startlingly realistic dental models in a single print run.

Crazy Cool Bikinis Or Bio-Suits For Interplanetary Travellers? You Decide

Neri Oxman and her team at MIT’s Media Lab created these cool 3D printed wearables designed for interplanetary travels — space suits featuring synthetically engineered microorganisms that interact with each planet’s extreme conditions, allowing the traveller to obtain food, light, and oxygen (mildly NSFW.)

Watch This Mesmerising Zoetrope Grow

This GIF is mesmerising, but what the hell is it? But one of many bio-inspired designs created by Nervous System, a design studio that uses 3D printing to recreate patterns found in nature, including corals, cellular colonies, and this technicolor fungus looking thing.

Animation Recreated Frame By Frame In Real Life With 3D Printing 

This clever art installation shows a CGI animation that’s been converted into a real life frame-by-frame depiction of the animation with 3D printing. As in, the artists took the digital animation they had in a video and showed what every frame would look like (all at once) with actual figures. It gets pretty trippy.

Will.i.am Really Wants You To Stop And Think Before You 3D-Print A Human

In an interview with Dezeen, Will.i.am is boldly pushing a new, completely batshit agenda. “3D printing humans may sow our moral destruction” he warns, calling for new laws to stop it BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

You Can 3D-Print This Kid-Friendly Rubik's Bear Puzzle For Free

If there’s one surefire way to make a Rubik’s Cube less frustrating for kids — or less-gifted adults — it’s to make it in the shape of a loveable bear that no one could possibly get angry with. Just look at Emmanuel Carrillo’s adorable Ozobear, even when it’s all mixed up it’s impossible to want it to smash it against a wall because you can’t figure out how to get it realigned.

Amazon Wants To 3D-Print Your Purchase In The Back Of Its Delivery Van

Amazon is a keen experimenter, especially when it comes to delivery. But now a new patent suggests that it’s thinking of 3D-printing its products as they make their way to you.

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