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HP Launches Its Own Super-Fast 3D Printer

Today, HP announced a new technology and 3D printer it thinks is going to revolutionise the industry. This massive machine isn’t meant to sit in your home, but rather be a new piece of tech in the arsenal of additive manufacturing. Using a new technology that HP calls “Multi Jet Fusion”, the company says printing something that would have taken days will now only take hours.

T-Rex Skull Shower Heads Justify The Existence Of 3D Printers

The next time someone asks you to explain 3D printers, and why anyone would want one in their home, you can simply bring up this article and show them that without 3D-printing technology we may never have had a T-Rex shower head.

New Software Lets The Visually Impaired 3D-Print A Map To Go

You probably get pretty frustrated when you catch your parents printing out Google Maps directions even though they have a smartphone, but the notion seems less ridiculous when those same maps are coming off of a 3D printer as a way to let the visually impaired safely navigate a city by foot.

Scientists Produce Rounded Crystals That Could Lead To 3D-Printed Pills

Taking inspiration from the microscopic rounded structures that creatures like starfish naturally grow to improve their limited vision, researchers at the University of Michigan have succeeded in artificially creating smooth facet-less crystals in the lab that have the potential to revolutionise everything from solar panels to LEDs.

Iron Man Prosthetic Hand Will Make Kids Feel Like Superheroes

Remember that prosthetic with Wolverine-like claws? It has nothing on this Iron Man 3D-printed glove, designed for kids in need of a prosthetic, packed with electronics and other Stark-approved features.

Scientists 3D-Printed Self-Assembling Wood And Carbon Fibre

For the most part, our wood and carbon fibre objects are solid, inert and boring lumps. They don’t bend or curl — or at least, they aren’t supposed to. But MIT researchers have created wood and carbon fibre specially designed to be dynamic, conjuring up visions of wood furniture that self-assembles out of the flat pack or carbon fibre that morphs with the temperature.

Australia's Laws Can't Keep Up With 3D Printed Guns

It’s been some time since the NSW Police sat us all down and told us how each and every one of us would be shot in the face with a 3D printed gun. Yesterday the concerns over 3D printed guns came up at a Senate Inquiry into gun violence, and the warnings were stark: Australia’s laws aren’t ready for 3D printed guns.

3D-Printed Machine Gun Folds And Shoots Endless Paper Aeroplanes

It doesn’t matter what side of the debate you’re on when it comes to using 3D printers to make guns, how could anyone being against using the technology to build a machine gun that folds and fires an endless barrage of paper aeroplanes?

Arduino's New 3D Printer Will Cost Less Than $US1000

Arduino is at the heart of do-it-yourself electronics, and now the company wants to make inroads into additive manufacturing with its 3D printer: The Arduino Materia 101.

The First Concert With Only 3D-Printed Instruments Doesn't Sound Too Bad

This is footage from the what was apparently the first live concert played completely with 3D-printed instruments. From the little bit we can hear, it doesn’t sound as bad as you might expect!

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