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This Is How Foster And Partners Wants To 3D-Print A Martian Settlement

The acclaimed architecture firm Foster + Partners has unveiled a series of images that depict plans for a 3D-printed settlement that could be built on Mars.

eBay's Innovation Lab Tracks Your Reaction To New Technology

eBay wants to know what the technology of the future looks like — and they need your help to do it. Overnight, a huge eBay branded dome turned up next to the IMAX in Darling Harbour, but it’s what’s inside that’s important. Gathered in this tent are some of today’s most interesting emerging technologies, but who’s to say whether they will be adopted by consumers or fall by the wayside as just another fad.

This Energy-Sharing Solar House And Hybrid Car Are The Ultimate Off-The-Grid Fantasy 

What if you could live and drive without having to depend on traditional energy or fuel? That’s what a new prototype from Oak Ridge National Lab means to do — and it brings new meaning to “off-grid” living.

This Popular And Super Futuristic 3D Printer Is Now Also Easy To Use

3D printers don’t need help sounding futuristic. They take digital content and make it physical in a 3D space. People have used the term Star Trek’s “Replicator” as a distant sci-fi descendent of 3D printers more times than I can count.

You Can 3D Print Your Own Homo Naledi Specimens

If you’re excited about last week’s announcement of a new human-like species discovered in South Africa, you can get your hands on the specimens — sort of. You can print your own 3D replicas of Homo naledi and several other important hominin finds.

MIT Scientists Can Now 3D Print Optically Transparent Glass

3D printing has become a cheap and versatile way of creating new solid objects — but some materials have so far refused to be shaped using the manufacturing technology. Now, researchers at MIT have finally developed a way to 3D print optically transparent glass.

You Can Now 3D-Print Your Own TSA Master Keys

TSA-recognised locks provide little more than a false sense of security. That’s not news. It is news, however, that some hacker type has uploaded the CAD files of the agency’s master keys to Github, so that anybody can 3D-print them at home. Let the stealing begin!

Robotic Microfish Can Sense And Remove Toxins From Their Environment

In the not-too-distant future, tiny robotic fish could be cruising around inside our our bodies, delivering drugs and cleaning up toxins. This week, engineers at the University of San Diego unveiled the first prototype: a chemically powered, magnetically controlled swimmer.

Cheaper, Faster, Better: The Plan To Build An Open-Source Prosthetic Hand 

Over the past five years, 3D printers have gotten cheaper, hardware has gotten smaller, and tinkerer communities have boomed. All of that has spurred a renaissance of prosthetic design, bolstered by an open source ethos and crowdfunded budgets.

Doctors Print A Medical-Grade Stethoscope For Less Than Five Bucks

The stethoscope is a staple of modern medicine; but in parts of the developing world, off-the-shelf models are prohibitively expensive. That’s why a team of doctors and hackers in Gaza has started 3D printing their own.

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