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These Crazy Robots Are 3D Printers That Build Together

3D printers are getting way faster and more intricate. Now, Siemens has created a swarm of spider-like robots that can collaborate with each other to build large and intricate structures.

Make A 3D Scanner Using Milk, Because Why The Hell Not

All a 3D scanner does is capture cross sections of an object, so some people are coming up with cheap ways to do it. And for $20, this is one of the most inexpensive and easily the grossest.

Turn Your Smartphone's Camera Flash Into The Bat-Signal

If you find yourself in trouble you can always use your phone to dial 000. Or you can reach for this compact 3D-printed lens that turns your smartphone’s camera flash into the Bat-Signal, summoning someone who can help but who also has a way cooler car than the police do.

Dremel Idea Builder 3D Printer: Australian Review

3D printers are moving into the mainstream, cropping up in schools, offices and homes. Power tool giant Dremel are getting in on the action with the Dremel 3D Idea Builder, a 3D printer intended to corner the home consumer market and provide the perfect printer for those looking to get their toes wet. Available in Australia at Bunning’s Warehouse it’s one of the most accessible printers for the Australian consumer — so how does it stack up to other printers on the market?

OLO 3D Promises To Turn Your Smartphone Into A 3D Printer

3D printing is alive and well, even if we’re not all manufacturing our own Warhammer figurines just yet. For example, portability is still an issue, though for the smartphone-wielding and less-serious 3D printing enthusiast, the OLO 3D presents itself as an interesting options.

Giant Multi-Headed 3D Printer Creates Massive Objects In One Pass

The trade-off of an affordable 3D printer is that they’re usually small and can only produce small objects. To make something big, you have to break it down into smaller parts first. But Autodesk has come up with a better approach: a 3D printer with multiple heads that all work together to churn out massive creations.

We Beat Up Under Armour's New 3D-Printed Shoe And It Survived Gracefully

It’s been 20 years since Under Armour changed the way football players wicked sweat out of their pits. Since then the company’s expanded to producing all kinds of apparel as well as shoes. To celebrate its twentieth anniversary Under Armour is tackling a brand new market: 3D-printing.

Watch What Happens When You Ship A 3D Printer While It's Still Printing

Video: 3D printers have revolutionised the speed at which prototype parts can be created, but what if your deadline is so tight you can’t wait for the printer to finish before the part is shipped out? That’s easy, you just pack up the entire printer in a box, with a battery for power, and send it off in the mail.

This Cheap 3D-Printed Antenna Works Just As Well As Its Expensive Siblings

This light pink plastic dish may look like something from your grandmother’s china collection, but in fact it’s the European Space Agency’s first 3D-printed dual-reflector antenna. And it works surprisingly well.

Hasbro Patented A 3D Scanner For Kids That Uses A Smartphone To Digitise Toys

Mattel might be the first to market with a 3D printer aimed at kids, but Hasbro isn’t sitting by and letting its main competitor have all the 3D fun. The company just patented a kid-friendly 3D scanner that can digitise small objects using a smartphone’s camera and clever software.

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