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Whimsical Coffee Table Recreates The Start Of Our Planet's Nuclear Apocalypse

Designer Stelios Mousarris claims that his new Rocket Coffee Table was inspired by childhood memories of watching Saturday morning cartoons and playing with action figures. But perhaps repressed memories of the Cold War, and the threat of nuclear war, also played a part in its creation.

Too Sick For Work? 3D Print Yourself A Body Double

If you’re feeling a little bit sniffly and you don’t want to go into the office — don’t worry, we’ve all been there — the time-honoured tradition is to put on your best sick-person voice and make a gurgly phone call to your boss. If that all sounds a little bit too low-tech for your 21st century job, how about 3D printing an entire human doppelganger?

Dubai 3D Prints A Whole Office Building In A World First

The world’s first 3D printed office building has opened in Dubai, as part of a push to make Dubai and the UAE a world leader in the 3D printing industry. The one-storey, 250 square metre building is just a prototype for a further program, but it is the first of its kind that has been fully equipped and is able to be used as a functional office building.

You Can Now Buy An Alien-Looking 3D-Printed Violin

A 3D-printed replica is nothing more than a plastic trinket if it doesn’t function as well as the original. But as revealed last year, a company called 3Dvarius has created the world’s first 3D-printed playable electric violin that sounds just as good as its wooden equivalent — and now you can finally buy one.

You Can Buy This Crazy, Alien-Like 3D Printed Electric Motorcycle

The word Airbus probably brings to mind an image of a hefty aeroplane that flies you around the world. But this time around, Airbus has made a decidedly different kind of vehicle: a 3D printed motorcycle that looks like something straight out of Alien.

LulzBot Releases New Improved Self-Levelling, Self-Cleaning 3D Printer

With 3D printers moving further into the mainstream, companies are pushing to make their printers easier to use and more accessible for first-time buyers. LulzBot’s latest offering has added a whole bunch of new features into the TAZ 6 which make it easier to use — such as a self-levelling bed, self cleaning and support for even more types of filament material.

New 3D Printer Draws In Midair Like Magic

Lasers and metal were part of 3D printing for decades before the machines became affordable for personal use. But researchers at Harvard are demonstrating a new technique by which 3D metal structures can be printed in midair, without the need for anything supporting them.

A 3D Scan Of A Famous Graphic Designer's Arse Could Win The World's Most Famous Art Prize

Yes, you are looking at an 5.49m sculpture of a man’s arse. In fact, the artwork is one of the finalists of this year’s Turner Prize — though the owner of the depicted arse is a mystery, with the artist admitting only that it’s from a 3D scan of a well-known graphic designer’s posterior.

Great Deal Alert: For $30,000 You Can 3D-Print A Life-Size Clone Of Yourself

Couldn’t make it back home for Mother’s Day? That’s OK. Your mum will happily pretend that a phone call and a flower delivery is enough. But imagine her excitement if instead of flowers, someone delivered a life-size 3D-printed replica of you to her door?

Giz Gadgets: The Futuristic Sci Fi Tech That's Available Now(ish)

Each new week brings with it an abundance of new gadgets — whether devised by tech giants like Google and Samsung or pushed by hopeful entrepreneurs to Kickstarter, they run the gamut from useful to niche to tech that nobody really needs. This week we’re looking at gadgets that wouldn’t be out of place in a high-tech sci-fi — though some of them should have stayed a fiction.

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