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It's Somehow Legal To 3D-Print This Poison Dart Gun

In an attempt to circumvent proposed regulations that would make it illegal to share or distribute blueprints for any kind of homemade gun, Peter Alaric DeSimone has designed a completely legal 3D-printed alternative that shoots .40-calibre blowgun darts instead.

Here's A 3D-Printed, Self-Driving Mini Car

I present to you the engineering equivalent of peanut butter and jelly: A self-driving vehicle that was 3D-printed. A prototype is currently being tested, and in the future it could shuttle jet-lagged passengers across terminals or hungover college kids across the quad.

This 3D Printer Is An Artist That Paints With Light

3D printing needn’t just be used to make real objects. Artist Ekaggrat Singh Kalsi has been using one to paint with light — and this is what it looks like.

3D-Printed Flutes Can Produce Notes That Regular Flutes Can't

3D printing has been around long enough for playable 3D-printed instruments to exist, but most musicians will still opt for one made using traditional methods. That could soon change, however, as researchers have found a way to design and 3D print musical instruments capable of producing unique notes that traditional instruments can’t.

The Only Way To Describe This 3D-Printed Mechanised Toy Tank Is Amazing

If there’s one thing a plastic resin 3D printer is good at, it’s making custom toys. And Michael Sng’s Machination Studio has created the ultimate example of what 3D-printed toys can be with the HMC Boudicca; a 20-inch tall walking mechanised tank with more detailed animated features than even R2-D2 has.

Sorry IKEA, This Robotic Arm Prints Furniture Any Shape Or Size I Want

This robot that can spin together 3D-printed furniture could really get your creative juices flowing. And maybe eventually inspire the world to nix sectional couches once and for all.

Melbourne Man Receives 3D-Printed Titanium Jaw

3D printing has many applications, but medicine has to be one of the more promising and exciting areas — and one that’s seeing constant advancement. Australia is one of a few countries staying ahead of the game, with a Melbourne man recently receiving a custom-made, 3D-printed titanium jaw.

This Is The World's First 3D-Printed Platinum Spacecraft Thruster

More than 600 ignitions and an hour of firing — this was the heavy test for the world’s first spacecraft thruster with a platinum combustion chamber and nozzle made by 3D printing. And the thruster successfully passed its baptism of fire.

The Plan To 3D Print A Steel Bridge In Mid-Air

In two years, a one-of-a-kind construction project will commence over a canal in Amsterdam. It wont involve any humans at all, but rather, a six-axis robot that can craft molten metal in mid-air. Two months later, a 7.3m-long steel pedestrian bridge will arc its way across the water.

Open-Source Cyborg Hand Is Making Prosthetics More Accessible Than Ever

A generation ago, getting a prosthetic limb fitted usually amounted to a having a heavy, nearly useless hunk of plastic and metal tacked onto your body. But bionic hands such as this one illustrate just how quickly that’s all changing.

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