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You Could One Day Take 3D-Printed Medicine Tailor-Made To Your Body

In the near future, being prescribed the perfect pill that will zap away your illness, free of side effects, could soon come to your medicine cabinet courtesy of 3D printing.

Sorry, Rogaine -- We Can Finally 3D-Print Hair

Could this be the ‘killer app’ for 3D printers that finally makes them a must-have device for every home? Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute have found a way to use 3D printers to create realistic-looking hair, bristles, and other fibres.

An Upgraded Tape Gun Lets You Quickly Build Life-Size Wireframe Prototypes

How many times have you battled a tape measure to try and figure out a if new piece of furniture will actually fit in your living room? With the ProtoPiper — a heavily upgraded tape gun — you can quickly build a full-scale mockup of almost any object and know for sure how big it will be.

This Miniature Medical Device Measures Five Of Your Blood's Vital Signs

This tiny 3D-printed device doesn’t look all that, but it manages to keep track of five different substances floating around in your blood and sling the results to a nearby tablet using Bluetooth.

This Is How Foster And Partners Wants To 3D-Print A Martian Settlement

The acclaimed architecture firm Foster + Partners has unveiled a series of images that depict plans for a 3D-printed settlement that could be built on Mars.

eBay's Innovation Lab Tracks Your Reaction To New Technology

eBay wants to know what the technology of the future looks like — and they need your help to do it. Overnight, a huge eBay branded dome turned up next to the IMAX in Darling Harbour, but it’s what’s inside that’s important. Gathered in this tent are some of today’s most interesting emerging technologies, but who’s to say whether they will be adopted by consumers or fall by the wayside as just another fad.

This Energy-Sharing Solar House And Hybrid Car Are The Ultimate Off-The-Grid Fantasy 

What if you could live and drive without having to depend on traditional energy or fuel? That’s what a new prototype from Oak Ridge National Lab means to do — and it brings new meaning to “off-grid” living.

This Popular And Super Futuristic 3D Printer Is Now Also Easy To Use

3D printers don’t need help sounding futuristic. They take digital content and make it physical in a 3D space. People have used the term Star Trek’s “Replicator” as a distant sci-fi descendent of 3D printers more times than I can count.

You Can 3D Print Your Own Homo Naledi Specimens

If you’re excited about last week’s announcement of a new human-like species discovered in South Africa, you can get your hands on the specimens — sort of. You can print your own 3D replicas of Homo naledi and several other important hominin finds.

MIT Scientists Can Now 3D Print Optically Transparent Glass

3D printing has become a cheap and versatile way of creating new solid objects — but some materials have so far refused to be shaped using the manufacturing technology. Now, researchers at MIT have finally developed a way to 3D print optically transparent glass.

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