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Melbourne Man Receives 3D-Printed Titanium Jaw

3D printing has many applications, but medicine has to be one of the more promising and exciting areas — and one that’s seeing constant advancement. Australia is one of a few countries staying ahead of the game, with a Melbourne man recently receiving a custom-made, 3D-printed titanium jaw.

This Is The World's First 3D-Printed Platinum Spacecraft Thruster

More than 600 ignitions and an hour of firing — this was the heavy test for the world’s first spacecraft thruster with a platinum combustion chamber and nozzle made by 3D printing. And the thruster successfully passed its baptism of fire.

The Plan To 3D Print A Steel Bridge In Mid-Air

In two years, a one-of-a-kind construction project will commence over a canal in Amsterdam. It wont involve any humans at all, but rather, a six-axis robot that can craft molten metal in mid-air. Two months later, a 7.3m-long steel pedestrian bridge will arc its way across the water.

Open-Source Cyborg Hand Is Making Prosthetics More Accessible Than Ever

A generation ago, getting a prosthetic limb fitted usually amounted to a having a heavy, nearly useless hunk of plastic and metal tacked onto your body. But bionic hands such as this one illustrate just how quickly that’s all changing.

Watch How 3D Printers 3D-Print 3D Printer Parts To Make More 3D Printers

Video: Like how some animals can regenerate limbs or like how humans can, uh, make babies, 3D printers can 3D print the 3D printer parts necessary to make more 3D printers. Thankfully, they still require some living person to put these parts together because if they didn’t, they could just start eliminating us one by one as they self-replicate and replace us all.

3D Tissue Engineering May One Day Solve Both Impotence And Miscarriage

A study published last week in the journal Biofabrication describes a new technique to build replacements for damaged three dimensional human tissues. The researchers running the study are trying to make an eardrum. But their technique, if successful, might also one day create replacements for complex reproductive tissues.

GE 3D-Printed A Miniature Jet Engine That Runs At 33,000 RPM

Curious about just how far they could take the company’s additive manufacturing technology, engineers at GE Aviation’s Additive Development Center in Cincinnati successfully created a simple jet engine, made entirely from 3D-printed parts, that was able to rev up to 33,000 RPM.

These 3D-Printed Pants Are Glowing Because They're Full Of Bacteria

Lady Gaga’s steak gown and the Bjork-in-a-swan outfit feel as plain as a white T-shirt compared to these MIT-designed threads. They’re 3D-printed, look like human innards, and could tote around live, glowing bacteria.

New Legal Case Supports 3D-Printed Gun Blueprints Under Free Speech

It’s three years since the files to 3D-print a gun were published online by Cody Wilson. Soon after he received a letter from the US State Department demanding the files be removed from the internet — and now he’s fighting that under the argument of free speech.

These 3D-Printed Devices Can Repair Damaged Airways In Kids' Lungs

It’s a medical breakthrough, thanks to a piece of technology most people are using to make plastic toys. Using a 3D printer, a group of researchers just tested this lifesaving device on three very sick infants.

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