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What Are These 20 Things That Happened On The Internet In 2013?

Your two-week-long hangover may have prevented you from realising this, but… it’s 2014 now. That means 2013 is over and done with and like any other year, needs to be wrapped up nicely in one lovely drawing. This drawing, commissioned by Syzygy and created by Brosmind, sums up all that has happened on the internet in 2013.

The 10 Most Unsubscribed Email Lists Of 2013

Whether you willingly signed up in the naive hope that maybe this one would prove useful, or your email address just magically appeared on the list, chances are your email inbox is plagued by an onslaught of undesirable newsletters on the daily. So it takes a lot to make it into the most-hated list.

The 38 Most Interesting Designs Of 2013

Welcome to the start of another year, people! We made it, and not without a lot of brand new stuff to carry us into 2014 and beyond. We saw lots of beautiful, interesting and just plain weird things, but here we’ve rounded up the items that stuck with us; not just because of what they are, but also because of how they were made, or the interaction they required, or — yes — the way they made us feel.

Watch This Video To See How Incredibly Awesome People Were In 2013

The end of the year is here, and hopefully you did something awesome in 2013. If you didn’t, that’s OK, because you have a brand new year ahead of you to do something memorable.

2013 As Told By Top BitTorrent Searches

There isn’t one central BitTorrent search engine to release top searches queries of the year, but Kickass Torrents is pretty close. It’s definitely a go-to for standard stuff. And the most searched terms in 2013 were all over the place. Let’s dig in.

Feature: The 11 Most Exciting User Interface Ideas Of 2013

Much has changed in our world in the past decade. Remember 2003? 50 Cent was still on top, as was Dubya, and you were hot shit if your mobile phone had a colour screen. Imagine knowing that in 10 years, we’d interact with tech using our voices, our gestures, and even our brainwaves. 2013, in particular, has been a year of change.

The Year In Amazing Photos From Reuters

Of course the year’s best photos can’t all come from the same place, but with photographers all over the world Reuters certainly gets some amazing stuff. And it’s kind of cool to watch three minutes that visually sum up 2013.

Gizmodo's Favourite Fitness Articles Of 2013

Listen to me now and believe me later, 2013 was no year to just sit around eating buffalo-wing-flavored-pretzels-flavored-biscuits. Or maybe it was. But it was also the year we got down to the nitty gritty of of health and fitness. From bionic knees to six-pack science, here are our favourite Fitmodos of 2013.

This Animation Tries Put Everything That Happened In 2013 Into One Minute

Christmas is over! The year is almost up! And in days like today when there’s not much going on, it’s always fun to look back at the year that was. Who did something stupid? What silly things happened? What do you remember? Can you recognise everything?

The Best Data Visualizations Of 2013

Visualisation continues to mature and focus more on the data first than on novel designs and size. People improved on existing forms and got better at analysis. Readerships seemed to be more ready and eager to explore more data at a time. Fewer spam graphics landed in my inbox. So all in all, 2013 was a pretty good year for data and visualisation. Let’s have a look back.

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