Software Could Automatically Put Your Holiday Photos In Perfect Order 

If you rely on just a single camera while travelling, it’s easy to organise your photos by time and date when you get home. But most of us use multiple cameras, smartphones and action cams to document our travels. So researchers at Disney and the University of Washington are working on software that can automatically put all of those shots into a perfectly ordered slideshow.

Turn Your Drawings Into 3D-Printable Models With MakerBot's iPad App

One of the biggest reasons there isn’t a 3D printer in every home — yet — has nothing to do with price or availability. It’s the fact that if you want to design and print your own objects, you need to know how to use relatively complex 3D modelling software. So MakerBot has updated its free PrintShop iPad app to include a new feature that can photograph and easily convert your hand-drawn sketches into 3D models.

The DEA Is Buying Off-The-Shelf Spyware From A Sketchy Company 

The Drug Enforcement Agency has been quietly spending millions on off-the-shelf spyware for the past few years. Motherboard’s Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai traced the DEA’s $US2.4 million in purchases of malware for snooping called Remote Control System.

How To Make Sure Your Torrent Client Isn't Secretly Mining Bitcoin

If you use uTorrent for your torrenting needs, there’s a good chance your client is also mining Bitcoin without you even realising it, and gobbling up your computer’s processing power.

10 Tricks To Make Yourself A Google Calendar Master

Google’s lightweight, versatile Calendar app runs across the web and multiple mobile platforms to keep our lives organised — but just how deep have you delved into the more advanced features that it offers? Read on to go beyond the basics of appointment scheduling and calendar colours to get more out of this powerful agenda-setting tool.

Homescreen Voyeurs Rejoice, This App Lets You Gawk At Other iPhones

Admit it, whenever you see someone using their iPhone you’re always trying to sneak a peek of what apps they have deemed important enough to put on their homescreen, and what kind of wallpaper they’re using. Now, thanks to an iOS app called #Homescreen that allows users the world over to share and stare at screenshots of their diverse homescreens, you no longer have to be so covert about it.

Google Maps Currently Shows 'Edwards Snow Den' Shop At The White House

The world’s most famous whistleblower could have turned to retail, if Google Maps it to be believed. Look up the White House using the service and you’ll find a store positioned right at the front of the building called “Edwards Snow Den”.

Use Hooks To Get iOS Alerts For Virtually Anything

There are all kinds of ways to get notified about what’s of interest to you: Twitter, RSS, IFTTT, Yo, specific apps, your favourite sites, your next-door neighbour and so on. Hooks is a clean and simple app for iOS that focuses on notifications and nothing else; it can prompt you with alerts for everything from sports scores to website fails.

Our Favourite Android, iOS And Windows Phone Apps Of The Week

It’s starting to feel a lot like autumn, which means its the perfect time to stay inside and mess around with some apps. We’ve got smartphone software for finding that next favourite app, mixing that perfect drink or finding that perfect trip. Let’s get to downloading.

Watch A Facebook For Windows App Being Built In Three Minutes Flat

We’re always being told (via the medium of pop-up ads) how easy it is to “make a top-10 app instantly” and “earn $$$ working from home”. But, as this video, which lasts all of three minutes and forty-two seconds serves to show, making an app can be really easy these days.