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'Tab Discarding' Will Help With Google Chrome's RAM Addiction

Browsers have become one of the most memory-intensive applications you can run and while vendors such as Google and Firefox have gone to great lengths to keep things under control, for some users, it’s still not good enough. In fact, Chrome will introduce a rather drastic measure in an upcoming version — tab “discarding” — to help alleviate the issue.

Windows 10 Meta Review: Download It, In A Month Or Two

You can now go get Windows 10 (if you registered for the update months ago, and if Microsoft has rolled it out to your PC yet). But should you? Let’s let the collective wisdom of the internet decide.

The Windows 7 Upgrade To Windows 10 Isn't So Scary After All

Upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 is not quite as seamless as the move from Windows 8.1, but it’s close. You get to keep your applications and settings, and the process is simple and leaves you almost no chance to accidentally delete all your apps and data.

Check These 5 Settings After Installing Windows 10

You’ve taken the plunge and got Microsoft’s brand new operating system up and running on your machine — now what? Before you start familiarising yourself with the ins and outs of the software, take a tour around these five settings and make sure Windows 10 is working the way you want.

Meanwhile In The Future: Cross The Border Using Only Your Face As ID

This week, we go to a world where facial recognition is so good that any company can grab an image of your face while you’re walking down the street, and link it to everything from your social media profiles, to your credit score, to your workplace.

Waiting In Line Sucks, And Google Wants To Help You Avoid It 

Your lunch break burrito bowl awaits, but avoiding the winding, noon-hour queue is an art. But soon, you’ll be able to work around those long lines on your grub-fetching quests — or at least anticipate them — using data from Google.

Google Voice Gets Neural Network-Powered Transcription To Slash Errors

Google Voice has an incredibly useful function that provides you with a transcribed version of your voicemail — but if often gets things wrong. Now, Google is throwing neural networks at the problem to help improve its performance dramatically.

Don't Ask Google Maps 'Are We There Yet?'

The Google Maps lady might sound all friendly and helpful, but like any mum, she gets real sassy if you keep asking her if you’re there yet.

Create Custom Names For Your Favourite Places On Google Maps

The most recent version of Google Maps for Android lets you retrace your steps with a new timeline feature, but there’s more to explore when you dig deeper, like creating custom names for places on your maps. You can label your friends’ houses, use local nicknames rather than official labels, and so on.

Apple's Cut The App Store Prices Of 100 Popular Apps To $1.29

If you’re staring at your iPhone and feeling bored, how about a few new cheap apps? Fortunately Apple has launched a new promotion where it’s cut the price of 100 popular apps to $1.29. Including Goat Simulator.

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