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US State Governments Use Racially Biased Software To Predict Crimes

We all know there’s a racial disparity in US criminal prosecutions — but imagine if a computer algorithm was being used to insert even more bias into the criminal justice system. According to a damning new report from ProPublica, that’s exactly what’s happening in many states around the country.

Understanding Exactly How We Make Decisions Is Helping AI Developers

In machine learning, a programmer might develop an AI that can calculate all possible consequences of a single action. Humans, however, don’t have the same raw computational power; we have to efficiently create and execute a plan.

We mentally invent different “layers” to organise our actions and then think about the higher levels rather than individual steps, according to a Neuron study from members of Google DeepMind and the University of Oxford.

Australia's Not The Only Country With Crazy Expensive Housing

If you thought Australia was the only country with ridiculous housing prices, this map of “Million Dollar Listings” in the US’s priciest cities will make you want to roll up into the fetal position and bawl your eyes out.

Frenetic Video Reveals The Different Layers Of Chaos Of Living In A City Like Hong Kong

Video: Big cities around the world all have an unmistakable energy — which happens when you stack people on top of more people — that makes them unique and yet similar all at once. There’s a constant buzz around the city and there are different layers to the life there. Here’s what it’s like in Hong Kong.

How NYC's Super Skinny Skyscrapers Stack Up Next To The World's Tallest BuildingsĀ 

Over the last two decades, a new type of building has invaded New York City: The super skinny supertall known as a “super-slender.” This new generation of skyscrapers range from 50 to 100 stories, are almost uniformly filled with luxury housing — and some are wedged into the city with astoundingly tiny 13.72m-wide footprints.

Deals: Get Lifetime Access To Over 3,000 Tech Training Courses--All For Only $89

Who does Apple, the George Washington University, and Pfizer turn to for professional online training services? OSTraining. Now Gizmodo Australia readers can get the same professional level education with a lifetime subscription to OSTraining Developer Courses for only $89 AUD [$65 USD], a savings of 90% off RRP.

The Best Music Apps You've (Probably) Never Heard Of

Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, blah blah blah… change the record, can’t you? Stand out from the crowd by using one of these lesser-known jukebox apps to listen to your tunes on your smartphone. In the end you might find you prefer using them to the more well-known alternatives.

LEGO's Next Architectural Masterpiece Is A 60-Centimetre-Tall Replica Of Big Ben

LEGO’s Architecture series gives adult fans the perfect excuse to keep buying the building toy — because they appreciate the design of the buildings, not because they secretly wanted to build spaceships. And while the new LEGO Big Ben isn’t officially part of the Architecture line, at 60cm tall it’s still an impressively-detailed recreation.

Clever Chess Set Is Already Set Up And Ready To Play When You Open The Box

Mastering the game of chess is infinitely complicated, but getting started just got easier with a chess board that’s perfectly set up and ready to go as soon as you open the box. That’s the genius of Preset Chess.

You Can Now Buy An Alien-Looking 3D-Printed Violin

A 3D-printed replica is nothing more than a plastic trinket if it doesn’t function as well as the original. But as revealed last year, a company called 3Dvarius has created the world’s first 3D-printed playable electric violin that sounds just as good as its wooden equivalent — and now you can finally buy one.

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