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18 Tricks To Make Yourself A Microsoft Word Master

Microsoft Word is a beloved application used by typists all over the world. The program is packed with with all kinds of features, many of which you might never come across when you’re typing up a report, short story, essay, or whatever else you might be working on. To help you uncover some of the lesser-known tricks the software is capable of, we present a bunch of our current favourites. Here are 18 tricks that will turn you into a master of Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Wants To Ruin MS Paint By Making It Useful

While the name MSPaint may conjure visions of crude penis drawings in primary colours, Microsoft wants you to think of something new — crude 3D renderings of Nemo.

This Gaming Robot Is A Moody Narcissist 

Do not piss Deltu the delta robot off or it will stop playing games, ignore you, take a selfie and post it to Instagram. Cold.

How To Digitise Your Old Music And Videos At Home

If you’re looking to create digital copies of your old video tapes, vinyl, and cassettes, it can be difficult to know where to start with so many different approaches and hardware setups out there. In most cases, the process is pretty straightforward, even for the less-technically minded. Here’s what to need to know about creating digital versions of your favourite movies and music.

Alien Vs Predator Stop-Motion Battle Takes It To The Tiny Streets

Video: The Predator is on a mission to destroy a barrage of bean-headed aliens that have invaded a small office — with Boba Fett’s help, of course.

Update OS X Right Now Or You Could Get Some Nasty Spyware

Apple has issued an urgent security update for OS X El Capitan, OS X Yosemite and Safari to protect against the same security vulnerability that hit iOS last week.

This Is What A $3,000 Box Of Coloured Pencils Looks Like

Fashion mogul and designer Karl Lagerfeld has realised that the adult colouring book fad isn’t going away any time soon. But instead of cashing in with his own line of colouring books, he’s collaborated with Faber-Castell on a set of coloured pencils that will set you back $US2,850 ($3,791). Come again?

Forging A Badass Tomahawk From An Old Wrench Is Really Clever 

Video: Every wrench sitting in a toolbox wants to grow up to become a tomahawk. That’s because the locked jaw of a wrench actually makes for a pretty perfect axehead after it gets heated and treated and, well, hammered into shape.

The Staggering Evolution Of Stop-Motion In Film History

Video: Filmmakers have been stop-motion animation for aeons, but holy crap man, people have gotten really, really good at it. This video by Vugar Efendi tracks the evolution of stop motion in film starting with The Enchanted Drawing in 1900, which was really just a drawing of a face changing facial expressions, all the way up to the gloriously beautiful Kubo and the Two Strings, which was released this winter.

With A Single Touch, The Predator Completely Disappears From This Incredible Poster

Artist Anthony Petrie thinks the pop culture art scene has gotten a little stale. So many rehashes of the same ideas, same properties, with the same old techniques. This is art! Do something different! Be bold! And with his upcoming solo show — and a little help from the Predator — he’s doing just that.

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