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The Aussiest Things You Can Ask Cortana In Windows 10

Last week, Microsoft released an official Australian version of Cortana on Windows 10. In addition to having a genuine accent, the Australian version of Cortana will give Aussie-centric response to a range of questions and commands. Does it do a decent job? Read our Q&A session and decide for yourself…

London's New Bridge For Pedestrians Solves A Common Problem With Clever Engineering

It’s by design that most modern cities grew up around rivers or coastlines. But today, those bodies of water pose problems for thousands of commuters who’d prefer to ride or walk — and cities are developing new infrastructure to bridge them.

Gizmodo Is Hiring! Digital Designer Wanted

Are you a tech savvy creative? We’re looking for an ideas driven and commercially focused digital designer to join our rapidly growing team at Allure Media.

The Greatest Innovation In Squeaky Toddler Shoes Is A Silencer Switch

An easy way to ensure toddlers don’t randomly yank their shoes off is to put a squeaker in there, turning every step into a symphony of fun sounds. Or, at least, fun to the child. To parents it can get annoying real fast, which is why Ikiki was smart enough to put on/off switches in its toddler shoes.

The Forgotten History Behind Some Of America's Busiest Airports

Have you flown through LaGuardia Airport, Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, or Chicago O’Hare International Airport when visiting America? It turns out each of these airports has a bizarre and little-known backstory.

A Portable Room-in-a-Box Lets You Move House In An Instant

If you regularly suffer from itchy feet, you might need a room-in-a-box like this. Designed to make it easy to move from city to city with all the basics you need to set up home, the Travelbox is an experiment in nomadic living.

This $1440 Sweater Is A Rip-Off Of A Sacred Inuit Design

A family from the northern Canadian territory of Nunavut is accusing high-end European clothing designer Kokon To Zai of using a sacred inuit design without permission.

90 Years Ago, The Los Angeles Subway Was Born In This Lost Tunnel

By now almost everyone knows that Los Angeles has a subway. But did you know that this is not the first subway that LA has ever had?

A 120-Year-Old Building Damaged In Japan's 2011 Quake Is Reborn As This Beautiful Home

The Great Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in 2011 damaged over a million buildings in northeastern Japan. A century-old storehouse that barely survived has been redesigned into this gorgeous home — the Rebirth House, a symbol of both great architecture, and resilience.

Stackable Chess Pieces Hide A Rolled Up Leather Board Inside

Humans have been designing portable versions of chess for almost as long as the game itself has been played. But few designs are as elegant, or as compact, as this set from Raw Studio that rolls into a tube — complete with 32 chess pieces — that’s just 40cm long.

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