How To Share Your Notes In Google Keep

Is Google creeping onto Evernote’s lawn? Probably not, but Google Keep is slowly adding one or two very handy features to encourage you to make it your simple note-taking app of choice. This week Mountain View engineers added the option to share notes with other people, and here’s how it works.

Free Google Cardboard App Lets You Stand On Stage With Paul McCartney

Google’s cheap virtual reality solution — a piece of folded cardboard — is perhaps the best thing to happen to VR in a long while. And now it lets you stand right there on stage with Paul McCartney.

Digitise Your Doodles Into Adobe's Apps With Moleskine's New Notebooks

Despite there still being a place for old-school paper notebooks in anyone’s life, Moleskine is ensuring its products stay relevant as we become more and more dependent on digital devices. Today it’s introducing an Adobe Creative Cloud-branded Moleskine notebook and app that makes it easier to get your sketches, doodles and brainstorms into Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.

Kindle Fire Owners Now Get The Washington Post For Free

Ever since Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post, there’s been speculation about how he would tie it in with Amazon. Now we know: Owners of Kindle Fire tablets are getting a full 6-month digital subscription to the newspaper for free.

Why App Store Apps Now Say 'Get' Instead Of 'Free'

Peruse the digital wares of the OS X or iOS stores, and you might notice a peculiar change: All of the apps previously labelled as “free” now say “get”. It’s a pretty small change that has no real impact on us users. “Get” apps are still free, and the apps themselves haven’t changed either. “Get” is just a more accurate description of your digital transaction.

Has An App Ever Made You Feel Special?

Last night, I experienced a moment of pure wonder. It felt like it was meant for me. Sick in bed, still coughing and sneezing at 3am, I absentmindedly checked my smartphone. To my astonishment, a tiny blue spark appeared on my screen.

Use Microsoft Sway To Make Building Presentations Easy

The younger you are, the less affection you’re likely to have for Microsoft PowerPoint, which maybe why the Redmond firm has brought out a new, super-simple, mobile-friendly alternative called Sway. Here’s how it changes the process of putting together a slideshow.

Say Hello To San Francisco, The Free Font Apple Designed For Its Watch

We’ve known for a while that the Apple Watch has a brand-new custom font designed by Apple, but now it has a name: San Francisco.

Facebook Groups: Another New App You Don't Want Or Need 

Facebook’s Great Unbundling isn’t stopping anytime soon. And the latest little birdie pushed from the nest is none other than Groups. Because someone somewhere has to want a standalone Groups app somewhere. Probably?

Apple Wants To Kill The Only Useful iOS Widget

A couple of weeks ago, we were pleased to see the launch of Neato, a handy note-taking widget for iOS 8 that’s actually useful. Now, Apple has decided that Neato no longer fits within its App Store guidelines — despite the fact that it had been already been approved. Now Neato must become useless or die.

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