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Turn A Broken 1986 Macintosh Plus Into An Amusing Rubbish Bin

Here’s a great way to enrage the Apple fans in your life who put all of the company’s creations on a pedestal. Someone who goes by the handle hahabird on Imgur converted the shell from a classic 1986 Macintosh Plush into a rubbish bin, complete with a spring-loaded screen flap.

Drone Footage Shows Apple's New HQ Continuing To Grow

Video: Apple’s new UFO headquarters/backup plan for escaping the planet is continuing to take shape, as this update from a drone shows.

Why Visa Having A Developer Platform Actually Matters

Yesterday, a very dull press release from Visa announced an actually important thing: the world’s largest payment processing network is opening up to developers. Yawn all you like, but this is big news.

Kindle's Home Screen Is Finally Getting Updated

I’ve been using Kindles since ebooks were barely a thing, and while the hardware has come a very long way, the user interface has been lingering. At long last, the much-neglected homescreen is being fixed.

This Aussie App Helps Kids With Learning Difficulties

As a kid with dyslexia, Kim Halliday dropped out of school when he was 15, only semi-literate. It was only when he got a job in the Merchant Navy that he devoted himself to learning, devising a system of flashcards that helped him where years of schooling didn’t. Now, he is taking the system that helped him learn and putting it into an interactive app called Flip Flash Cards, which will be trialled in Aussie classrooms this year.

A Museum's 155-Year-Old Antique Mouse Trap Is Still Catching Rodents

Now here’s a testament to build quality. If you’ve ever lamented about your electronics dying after just a few years, you’ll be impressed with Colin Pullinger & Sons’ Perpetual Mouse Trap which, 155 years after its design was originally patented, is still successfully catching mice.

Inside An Abandoned Socialist Textile Factory

Image Cache: There’s always a very special thrill in visiting silent and deteriorating industrial places where hundreds of men and women worked amidst loud machines decades ago. It was not a different feeling taking these photos in the abandoned power plant building of a long gone fabric factory.

3D-Printed Semi-Automatic Gun Is Simply Terrifying

When I decide to exercise my brain I play Sudoku. When Youtube user Derwood exercises his brain he creates a semi-automatic gun that 95-per cent 3D printed, completely untraceable, and currently very legal.

Wrangle Loose Decks Of Cards With This Kingly Silicone Strap

Massive accelerators like the one at CERN create particles that can exist for as little as billionths of a second. But you know what lasts even shorter? The cardboard box a deck of cards comes in, leaving you with a loose deck and missing cards, unless you grab this clever alternative.

Here's How Those Big Store Signs Are Made

Video: Here’s how channel signs — basically those big signs that hang above stores and restaurants across the world — are made. The Science Channel gives us a sneak of the way things are done and it’s surprising that so much of it still requires the help of a human. It’s not all robots! And it’s actually a lot more work to shape vinyl and aluminium into letters and logos than you’d think.

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