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Dissecting A Chainsaw

Video: Here’s a really neat animation that reveals how a chainsaw works. The piston inside powers the three-row shark teeth chain of blades at 113km/h! We get to see how the hundred of parts come together in this dissection animation and even cooler, get to see the manufacturing process of the all-important guide bar of a chainsaw (the metal plate of the chainsaw blades).

A Troupe Of 540 Dancing Robots Is The Best Way To Celebrate The Lunar New Year

Video: There is no better way to celebrate the passing of time than with a gratuitous display of synchronised dancing. Scratch that: Make the dancers robots and add in some drones, too. That should do it.

This Twisting Manhattan Tower Will Have A Park On Every Floor

When you think of supertalls you probably think of pricey real estate — not leafy parks in the sky. A new 300m tower going up in Manhattan provides a more interesting take: Hanging gardens that twirl down the exterior of the building like a giant green exclamation point marking the end of the High Line.

You'd Never Spot This Skimming Device Found At A Supermarket Checkout

Skimmers have been growing ever more advanced in recent years. Do you think you’d be observant enough to notice that this checkout front-plate was about to gobble up your card details?

Turn A Broken 1986 Macintosh Plus Into An Amusing Rubbish Bin

Here’s a great way to enrage the Apple fans in your life who put all of the company’s creations on a pedestal. Someone who goes by the handle hahabird on Imgur converted the shell from a classic 1986 Macintosh Plush into a rubbish bin, complete with a spring-loaded screen flap.

Drone Footage Shows Apple's New HQ Continuing To Grow

Video: Apple’s new UFO headquarters/backup plan for escaping the planet is continuing to take shape, as this update from a drone shows.

Why Visa Having A Developer Platform Actually Matters

Yesterday, a very dull press release from Visa announced an actually important thing: the world’s largest payment processing network is opening up to developers. Yawn all you like, but this is big news.

Kindle's Home Screen Is Finally Getting Updated

I’ve been using Kindles since ebooks were barely a thing, and while the hardware has come a very long way, the user interface has been lingering. At long last, the much-neglected homescreen is being fixed.

This Aussie App Helps Kids With Learning Difficulties

As a kid with dyslexia, Kim Halliday dropped out of school when he was 15, only semi-literate. It was only when he got a job in the Merchant Navy that he devoted himself to learning, devising a system of flashcards that helped him where years of schooling didn’t. Now, he is taking the system that helped him learn and putting it into an interactive app called Flip Flash Cards, which will be trialled in Aussie classrooms this year.

A Museum's 155-Year-Old Antique Mouse Trap Is Still Catching Rodents

Now here’s a testament to build quality. If you’ve ever lamented about your electronics dying after just a few years, you’ll be impressed with Colin Pullinger & Sons’ Perpetual Mouse Trap which, 155 years after its design was originally patented, is still successfully catching mice.

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