USB File Explorer To Be Included With Android M

Sometimes it’s the little improvements that go a long way when it comes to mobile OS updates and with Android M, one of those small tweaks will be the inclusion of a file browser of USB storage devices.

CSIRO App Controls Your Appliances, Measures Individual Power Usage

Smart meters have taken us a step closer to “digitising” our power usage and making it easier to monitor just how much electricity we’re using. CSIRO however is taking the concept further and in conjunction with app developer HabiDapt, is trialling software that will allow you to see the current power consumption of individual household appliances, along with a breakdown of usage costs, with the ability to turn them on and off remotely.

How To Track Your Travel Plans With Google's Inbox App

Amid all the news and noise coming out of Google I/O yesterday, you might have missed the announcement that Inbox by Gmail is available to anyone who wants it, no invitation needed. There are a handful of new features to take advantage of too — and one of these makes it easier to keep an eye on your travel plans.

Google Now On Tap Hands-On: Contextual Awesomeness

One of the most exciting features in the (distant future) release of Android M is the upgraded version of Google Now. It’s built to understand context better than before. I just got a quick look at it on a Googler’s Nexus 5, and while this was obviously a demo, I’m cautiously optimistic about it.

Google Cardboard Now Works With iOS

Google’s Clay Bavor told everyone at Google I/O today that there are over a million Google Cardboard headsets in the world today. There’s about to be a whole lot more: he also just announced that Google Cardboard’s Virtual Reality apps are heading to iPhone.

Google Announces Brillo And Weave To Control Your Smart Home

Google just announced that a hyper-efficient operating system for the internet of things: Brillo. Developed with the engineers from Nest, the new Android-based OS is designed to be very streamlined, so that any connected object can communicate with another. The common standard that makes it all possible is called Weave.

Google Maps, Chrome And YouTube Will Be Available Offline

There’s nothing more frustrating than cueing up a set of Google Maps directions to your destination only to lose service and have them evaporate while you’re in transit. Now Google Maps, websites, and even YouTube will work with no internet connection on your Android phone.

Visual Shazam Exists Now -- To Sell You Junk

Shazam is expanding to the visual world. Now you can use your phone’s camera to scan the Shazam logo on printed media. Shazam will then load up some other “content.” Who asked for this?

Google's Inbox App Is Now Available For Everyone

Inbox, aka Google’s attempt at fixing the cesspool that is email, is no longer invite-only. You can download it right now at the Apple or Google Play store. To mark the occasion, Google’s also pumped out some new features, including the super-important “undo send”.

Periscope Is Now Available On Android

When Twitter released its Periscope live video streaming app back in March, it was an iOS-only affair. Now you can use it on Android devices as well.