How To Keep Milk From Spoiling Without Refrigeration

For centuries, before refrigeration, an old Russian practice was to drop a frog into a bucket of milk to keep the milk from spoiling. In modern times, many believed that this was nothing more than an old wives’ tale. But researchers at Moscow State University, led by organic chemist Dr. Albert Lebedev, have shown that there could be some benefit to doing this, though of course in the end you’ll be drinking milk that a frog was in.

Nanoparticle Panels Will Bring Blue Skies Indoors

Skylights are so 1986. Now it doesn’t matter if the weather outside is dark and dreary, or even if it’s midnight, for that matter: Thanks to this LED panel which replicates cloudless skies, you’ll feel like you’re bathed in warm sunshine.

This Is The Simplest Explanation Of Climate Change You'll Ever See

Climate change is one of the most complex areas of scientific study out there, causing physicists, chemists and meteorologists alike to scratch their heads — so it’s understandable that the rest of us find it a little difficult to grasp. But this video is your best chance yet of understanding the topic.

Watch Where 26 Asteroids Recently Slammed Into Earth

The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Detection Network usually used to monitor for covert nuclear weapons testing serves an alternative use in its spare time: it detects asteroid impacts. This video visualises the data it’s managed to collect since 2000.

Seven Robots So Creative They Almost Seem Human

Can robots be artistic? You’re darn right they can! With a (significant) nudge from their flesh-and-blood creative counterparts, these machines produce work that’s technically precise with room for personality. Plus, they’re totally mesmerising to watch.

How To Mould A Brain

Our brains are inherently plastic and can be easily shaped to change our behaviour. In this video Crash Course looks at the history of psychology to explain how possible to mould our grey matter

Giz Explains: What Your Poop Is Trying To Tell You

What the hell is that? Seriously, did that just come out of you, or did it crawl up the pipe? If you’ve just exorcised a poo that looks nothing like what you’ve eaten recently, it could be a sign of a serious illness. It could also just be that curry from last Wednesday, so it’s good to know what to look for.

Where Are All These Awesome Spaceliners Of The Future?

The other day a friend saw that cool reusable Falcon 9R rocket video and he wondered where the hell are the spaceliners of the future — the epitome of them all being Pan Am’s space clipper Orion, from Stanley Kubrick’s 2001. I think about that myself many times. Why haven’t we advanced in propulsion technology? We are not thinking big enough.

Awesome Chemical Reactions That Look Like Impossible Sorcery

This is not a video trick. This person is pouring a transparent liquid, which, all of the sudden, turns black. It’s the magic of chemistry, Mr White. The reaction above is called the iodine clock reaction, which is a classic demonstration of chemical kinetics. But there are others, more complex and cooler than this.

Researchers Invent A Camouflage Material That Changes Like A Chameleon

Mother Nature has already mastered the art of camouflage, so it only makes sense that we steal her ideas when it comes to the art of hiding. Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a remarkable new material “inspired” by chameleons, which can change shape and colour under different lighting conditions.