NASA Says Nobody's Getting To Mars Without Its Help

NASA really wants humans make it to Mars, and it also really wants to be the one that gets us there. In fact, NASA administrator Charles Bolden went so far as to say that “No commercial company without the support of NASA and government is going to get to Mars.”

One Small Espresso Machine For The ISS, One Giant Leap For Humankind

In the early hours of what would be this morning for many of us, astronauts on the ISS reached out into space with a robotic arm and plucked the Dragon re-supply capsule from orbit. It contains plenty of important SCIENCE, but also the most important supply of all: coffee.

This Is Ceres' North Pole

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has spent a month in the shadow of Ceres. But now, the highest-resolution images of the dwarf planet to date reveal its north pole.

Should Professions Like Pilots Have Less Medical Privacy?

Since it was revealed that Andreas Lubitz — the co-pilot who purposefully crashed Germanwings Flight 9525, killing 150 people — had been treated for psychiatric illness, a debate has ensued over whether privacy laws regarding medical records should be less strict when it comes to professions that carry special responsibilities.

An MIT Professor Shaved Her Head To Teach You Neuroanatomy 

A few seconds into this video, MIT neuroscientist Nancy Kanwisher pulls out a pair of scissors and — is she really, oh god she really is – cuts off all her hair. Kanwisher, best known for discovering a brain area for face recognition, gives one very memorable lesson in neuroanatomy.

Leaked Barge Video Reminds SpaceX How Close To Perfect The Landing Was

By now, you’ve probably heard that SpaceX’s third attempt at landing a rocket on a drone barge met the same watery fate as numbers one and two. And, you’ve probably seen the long-distance video of the landing attempt. But to rub just a little more salt in Elon Musk’s wound, here’s the leaked video shot from the barge itself.

A Failed Lab Experiment Accidentally Invented A Replacement For Cement

As the world’s cities expand at faster and faster speeds, so does its use of cement. One oft-quoted statistic shows that China alone used as much cement in the last three years as the US used in the last 100. Just one problem: Cement is responsible for pushing a hell of a lot of carbon dioxide into the world.

MRI Video Reveals What It Actually Looks Like When You Crack Your Joints

It’s one of the most addictive things humans can do. Everyone does it. And it feels so good when you get to do it. We’re talking about cracking your joints. Researchers have alway been curious as to where the sound of joints cracking comes from and put a hand under MRI to find out (and for us to see visualised in real time). They have figured it out.

Crickets Aren't The Superfood They're Cracked Up To Be

Bug-eating evangelists like to talk about how crickets are caloric magic, claiming the insects can transform table scraps into a crunchy, healthy protein. A new study debunks at least one aspect of what’s being touted everywhere as the food of the future.

This Mesh Stops Oil But Lets Water Right Through

This looks like a fairly normal piece of stainless steel mesh — but it’s coated with a special substance which allows it to block oil while allowing water through.