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The Future Of The Earth Will Be Decided This Week

The signs of climate change are all around us, and at long last, the world is taking action. This week, leaders from 196 countries are meeting in Paris to negotiate a historic climate treaty that could steer humanity away from dangerous global warming and toward a low-carbon future.

Your Herbs Have For Some Reason Declared War On Your Potatoes

Proving that the world never stops being weird, scientists found an unexpected property in two common household herbs. For some reason, they contain a chemical that stops another plant from sprouting.

What Made Anne Of Green Gables Turn Green In The Latest Google Doodle?

The latest Google Doodle celebrated Lucy Maud Montgomery‘s 141st birthday with scenes from the life of her most famous creation, Anne of Green Gables. One shows Anne Shirley taste a cake and promptly turn green. Given the chemistry of the time, that may be more sinister than we imagine.

Zuckerberg, Gates And Bezos Launch Massive Clean Energy Fund

Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have announced that they’re joining forces with other big names in the world of technology to create a new fund that will encourage private investment in clean energy.

What Happens When You Get A Parasite

The experience of living with a stomach parasite is not something a decent person would ever want to share. Which brings me to the point of this article: the parasites I contracted in Guatemala.

Scientists Can Now Make THC From Yeast

Yeast is an incredible organism — you can thank it for booze! — and thanks to the marvels of modern genetics, we’ve made it incredibly versatile. Just a month after announcing a method for hacking yeast to produce narcotics, researchers just announced that the creation of yeast that produces THC and cannabidiols.

A Photographer Toiled For Six Years To Capture This Kingfisher In Mid-Dive

It took six years and 720,000 exposures, but Scottish wildlife photographer Alan McFayden finally got his bird. He captured this stunning image of a female kingfisher in a rare mid-dive, perfectly mirrored in the water below.

The James Webb Space Telescope's First Mirror Has Been Installed

NASA has announced that they have installed the first of the James Webb Space Telescope’s mirrors. The part is one of eighteen that will eventually be bolted to the satellite, which is set to launch in 2018.

Wind, Solar, Coal And Gas Will Cost The Same By 2030

By 2030 renewable energy sources such as solar and wind will cost a similar amount to fossils fuels such as coal and gas, thanks to falling technology costs, according to new forecasts released in the CO2CRC’s Australian Power Generation Technology (APGT) Report.

After 300 Years Of Evolution, Has The Piano Reached Acoustic Perfection?

The modern piano evolved rapidly in the first 150 years after its invention, but it is now so good acoustically that it probably won’t change much more in the future.

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