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What Happens When You Crack An Egg Into Liquid Nitrogen?

Video: There are something like a thousand ways to cook an egg, with each of them being just as delicious as the next. But what if you cooked an egg in liquid nitrogen? What would happen? From the looks of this video, it looks like the egg freezes into this chalky styrofoam texture that looks totally cool.

Amazing Video Turns Apollo Archive Photos To Life With Truly Stunning 3D Effects

Video:This is just awesome. Stop reading and start watching the video below. Tom Kucy used 3D effects and motion to bring the recently released photos from NASA’s Apollo Archive to life. The photos that document the most amazing feats of human history now feel like they’re moving videos. It is so completely awe-inspiring.

Every Space Agency Should Have Space Invader Art Like This At Its Entrance

Briefly: The entrance to the European Space Agency’s ESRIN Earth observation centre near Rome in Italy just got a little brighter, thanks to the French artist known as Invader.

The Placebo Effect Can Make You Enjoy The Same Old Video Games More

The weird and wonderful impacts of the placebo effect are well-documented for health treatments. But now a team of researchers has shown that it can help you enjoy a video game that you’re told has been updated — even when it’s exactly the same as it always was.

These Sorrowful Holdouts Remain In A Favela Outside The Rio Olympic Park

Brazilian officials have less than a year to prepare Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 Summer Olympics. We’ve already seen disturbing photos of the water sports site from the air and shore, but these images shows how dispossessed locals are living among the ruins of their former homes, right next to the future Olympic Park.

This Is What A Mass Die-Off Of Earth's Coral Reefs Looks Like

Earlier this week, we learned that Earth’s coral reefs are in the midst of a massive dieoff, triggered by abnormally hot temperatures in ocean basins worldwide. It’s hardly the first time in recent history that we’ve witnessed a widespread coral bleaching event, and it won’t be the last. In several decades, coral reefs could literally be extinct — a striking casualty of global climate change.

How Fish Guts Launched An International Empire

These days, it’s a luxury (and often a goal) to eat local. A few hundred years ago, it was a necessity. One country found a way to break free of local, seasonal eating and that discovery changed the world.

Mars Orbiter Spots A Huge Avalanche Of Carbon Dioxide On The Red Planet

In another reminder that the Red Planet features a complex and active surface, the HiRISE camera aboard the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has captured an image of a “dry ice avalanche” streaming down a cliff.

No, Taking Your Coffee Black Does Not Mean You're More Likely To Be A Psychopath

Is that friend who always very politely turns down your offers for cream or sugar very possibly hiding a dark secret, as haters around the internet have been insisting recently? Nah, probably not — but here’s why some people are saying taking your coffee black means you’re more likely to be a psychopath.

Here's Where The Tallest Observation Decks In The World Will Be In 2020

A crop of new skyscrapers are coming due over the next five years — and with them, nine new observation decks that will be taller than any others ever built.

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