The Moon Might Be Littered With Fossils From Ancient Earth

Earth is an unforgiving place. Volcanoes erupt, rivers erode, continents break up — it’s a small miracle every time a millions-of-years-old creature is found fossilised in rock. By comparison, the moon is dead and lifeless; astronaut footprints will be preserved forever in moon dust. So it’s the moon that could hold the secrets to life on ancient Earth.

Scientists Reveal The Secrets Of Mysterious Ship Found Under Twin Towers

Scientists have found the secrets of the old ship unearthed in 2010 under the ruins of the Twin Towers. First, the large vessel — buried under 6.7m of soil and wreckage — was built around the same time the Declaration of Independence was signed. There’s more — but there’s also one big mystery left unsolved.

Scientist Invents Ice Cream That Changes Colour As You Lick It

Spanish physicist and electronic engineer-cum-chef and ice cream master Manuel Linares has invented an ice cream that changes colour. The formula is a patent-pending secret but he claims it’s “entirely made with natural ingredients”. He calls it Xamaleón.

Nope, This Isn't How NASA Gets Ready To Roast A Chicken

Briefly: In fact, this image shows its engineers testing the sunshield for the NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. The size of a tennis court, it folds up like an umbrella — so has to be tested extensively to make sure the five layers of thin membrane can unfurl reliably in space. [NASA]

How A Desert Cat Uses Its Super Ears To Hunt Birds In Mid-flight

Video: This footage of a desert cat taking out a bird in mid-flight is another impressive reminder of the astonishing power of natural evolution. The small but agile caracal uses 20 muscles — in three distinct groups — to independently control each of its ears, which act as supersensitive parabolic sound antennas.

Smart Grids Could Save Australians $28 Billion In Electricity Costs

A $500 million, four year smart electricity grid pilot project in Sydney and Newcastle CBDs has paid off, with the final analysis showing that smart grid monitoring and control could save Australian consumers a total of $28 billion over 20 years. A national smart grid would enable a gamut of services like real-time consumption monitoring that could help Australians lower their energy bills.

Is Cannibalism Unhealthy Or Just Awful?

If, say, a human ate another human in an apocalyptic scenario, would it be unhealthy? Or gross? Or just generally awful? It would, in fact, be all kinds of bad. Allows us to explain how.

This Is What Your Stomach Does To A Cheeseburger To Digest It

Video: The Periodic Table of Videos is one of my favourite YouTube channels. It’s fascinating to delve into their library and find jewels like this: “What happens when you dunk a cheeseburger in concentrated hydrochloric acid?” Hydrochloric acid is one of the compounds in your stomach.

No One Knows What's Causing These Mysterious Radio Bursts From Space

Back in 2007, astronomers detected an incredibly brief, incredibly strong radio wave burst in Australia. And now, on the opposite side of the world, astronomers have detected a second blast of similar proportions. Meaning that A) the first one wasn’t a fluke, and B) we have absolutely no idea what’s causing them.

How Much Sleep Do You Need To Feel Normal And Healthy?

Feeling a little groggy this morning? I don’t blame you: Tuesdays are tough. Maybe it’s because you just didn’t get enough sleep last night? “Enough sleep” is a weird concept, considering that everyone is a little bit different. What does science have to say on the matter? Just how much sleep should you be getting?