NASA Gives The Go-Ahead To The World's Most Powerful Rocket

Today, NASA has officially committed to build the new Space Launch System, the world’s most powerful rocket ever, which hopefully will take us to Mars by 2030. The program is now set for development — the “first time that an exploration class vehicle has gotten this status since the space shuttle”.

Scientists Find Water Clouds Outside The Solar System For The First Time

This beautiful purple jewel is an artist rendition of W0855 — a Jupiter-sized brown dwarf 7.3 light-years from Earth. If the scientists who just published a new paper on its composition are right, it’s the first object outside the solar system in which we have observed water clouds – an amazing discovery.

Future Painkillers Might Be Made From Yeast, Not Poppies

Ever since humans first noticed the mind-altering effects of poppies, we’ve planted vast fields of the flowers to make drugs that range from the legal (morphine) to the illegal (heroin). Our strongest legitimate painkillers still originate in these large, unwieldy, and pesky-to-regulate poppy fields. But what if we could just brew vats of morphine-making yeast?

The Man Who Grew Eyes From Scratch

Growing nerve tissue and organs is a sci-fi dream. Moheb Costandi met the pioneering researcher who grew eyes and brain cells.

The CSIRO Is Using Drones To Hunt Weeds

When you think of aerial drones, you probably think surveillance of suspicious characters, not plant life. In far north Queensland, the CSIRO is using robot drones to hunt down invaders of a different kind.

Curiosity's Wheels Are Falling Apart (And How We Can Solve It)

There are holes in Curiosity wheels. There have always been holes — the rover landed with twelve holes deliberately machined in each wheel to aid in rover navigation. But there are new holes now: punctures, fissures, and ghastly tears.

Physicists Want To Know If We're All Actually Living In A Hologram

Although it sounds entirely like something dreamed up in a smoke-filled dorm room, whether the entire universe is hologram is a very serious question — a question that gets at the heart of a fundamental problem in physics. A new experiment starting up at Fermilab just might hold the answer.

This Is Where Rosetta's Lander May Touch Down On Its Comet

It’s not long since Rosetta reached Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, but European Space Agency scientists have already been working out where its Philae lander may be able to touch down on the piece of rock. In fact, five candidate sites have been suggested so far.

Terrifying Video Shows The Lung Capacity Of Smokers Vs Nonsmokers

Video: I’ve seen many photos and videos of smokers’ lungs — all of them disgusting — but I’ve never seen a better case against cigarettes than this Vine showing the differences in lung capacity between a smoker and a nonsmoker.

There Are Huge Plumes Of Methane Leaking From The Atlantic Floor

Methane can come from all kinds of places. But now a team of researchers has discovered over 500 bubbling methane vents just off the east coast of the US that are releasing the gas too.

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