Watch The Remote-Controlled Flight Of A Cyborg Moth

Researchers at North Carolina State University implanted electrodes in the muscles of moths — Manduca sexta – so they can remote-control their flight. This technique could lead to a new generation of small-sized biobots that can be used for both military and civil purposes.

How The Hell Does Quantum Mechanics Work Anyway?

People that know about quantum mechanics tend to talk about it very breezily, leaving us mortals behind. Be left behind no longer though with this wonderful little video.

Not Quite Human Bones On Mars

Briefly: Wait, is that… human bones on Mars? Not quite, conspiracy theorists. In fact it’s just a rock that happens to look a little bit like a femur thigh bone. It was snapped by the Mars rover Curiosity using its MastCam. [NASA]

Scientists Pulled Hydrogen From Water Using An AAA Battery

Zero-emissions hydrogen fuel cells seem like a great idea. At least they do until you realise that isolating the hydrogen that powers them creates a crapload of greenhouse gases. Now, a Stanford grad student thinks he’s found the answer — and it involves a AAA battery.

Why NASA Launched One Of The Blackest Materials Ever Made Into Space

A few years ago, we looked at NASA’s long project to design a paint so black, it would absorb nearly every bit of light around it (that’s it above, in the “D” spot). Now, NASA has finally launched the stuff into space — which means that the six-year effort to make it is finally paying off. So, why is this such a vital project for NASA?

Giz Explains: How Antiperspirant Works (And Who It Might Hurt)

You only need to walk down your supermarket’s personal care aisle to understand how big of a business the selling of deodorant and antiperspirant has become. But do you know what’s actually in the stuff you roll on (hopefully) every morning?

Stop Refrigerating Your Butter

Do you keep your butter in the refrigerator? You do? Stop it. Stop it right this second. You’re ruining your butter experience and making your toast taste like failure. Let me tell you why.

Scientists Are Building A Tomato That Grows 24 Hours A Day

Scientists already know how to make a tasty tomato, but in the quest for mass production, there’s another barrier to overcome: how to make a tomato that grows 24 hours a day.

Why This Company Wants To Build Data Centres Next To Gas Storage Sites

The problem with data centres is excess heat. The problem with liquified natural gas terminals is excess cold. In a perfect world, one problem would neatly cancel out the other — which is exactly the world imagined by Massachusetts-based TeraCool. Coupling data with liquified gas could make a lot of energy sense.

How Lizard Tails Could Help Scientists Study Human Limb Regeneration

Prosthetic technology is getting insanely good. But what if we just didn’t need it any more? What if we could simply program our genes to regrow human limbs as easily as lizards regrow lost tails? Well, scientists are getting closer to that fantastic future.