5 More Dead Shopping Centres That Found Surprising Second Lives

When malls die — as so many have these days — they too often end up as sad, empty lots befitting only ruin porn and zombie movies. But a handful of shopping centres have been repurposed for unusual inhabitants, from Christian car dealerships to, yes, even zombies.

How To Sight-In Your Rifle For The Perfect Long-Range Shot

Your rifle is only as accurate as you make it. Here’s how to sight it in for tight clusters and long-distance shooting.

1970s Kids Dressed Up For The Year 2000

What will people dress like in the year 2000? That was the question in 1978 when kids at Lincoln Middle School in Indiana were encouraged to participate in a dress-up contest for “Year 2000 Day.” Their answer? Apparently a little bit Judy Jetson, a heavy helping of astronaut, and maybe a dash of… Darth Maul?

Wrap Your Walls In A Glorious Tribute To Classic Cartridge Gaming

Nintendo has stuck with plastic cartridges for its portable gaming machines, but every other console you can buy today left them behind years ago. Which is too bad, because there was a certain charm to swapping those old seemingly indestructible game carts. And if you’re feeling nostalgic for them, you can now deck out your home with this wallpaper homage to those far-from-forgotten cartridges from your childhood.

This Alien Human-Pilot Mask Already Won Halloween

You can go ahead and scrap your plans for that ‘hilarious’ bent iPhone costume you’ve been planning, because we clearly have a winner for this year’s best Halloween getup. And it only takes mere seconds to put on, no hours spent in a makeup chair.

A Solar Cell Snowboard Powers Your Gadgets While You Cruise

A couple of years ago the folks at Signal Snowboards tried their hand at making a board with a thin layer of solar cells on top to charge a battery while it careened down the slopes. Not only was their creation a success, it actually worked so well the company decided to put it into production, and it’s now available in its online store.

This Is How Medieval Knights Fought Inside Their Clunky Armours

Video: My uncle used to own an old medieval Spanish armour. I remember looking at it and thinking how the hell knights could fight stuffed inside those heavy and clunky metal suits. This video shows how: Reconstructing medieval fight techniques using combat treatises of that time as a reference.

Shelving That Automatically Waters Your Plants, Even When You Forget

It might not be as heartbreaking as saying goodbye to a pet, but no one wants to see their plants die — it’s a sign of failure. And since using a device that reminds you to water them is useless if you’re never home, this simple set of shelving will serve as your horticultural assistant, keeping your plants watered — and alive — for up to an entire month without intervention.

Here's Proof Peregrine Falcons Dive Faster Than Skydivers

Video: BBC’s Steve Leonard wanted to discover who dives the fastest in free fall: A peregrine falcon — known to be fastest animal on Earth — or two skydivers in tandem. To test that they jumped off a hot air balloon from 10,000 feet (3000m).

The Creepiest Talking Raven Ever Will Be In Your Nightmares Tonight

Video: Ravens are known for making pretty uncanny voice impersonations. This one has to be one of the creepiest I’ve ever heard. I-will-be-in-your-nightmares-tonight creepy.

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