What You'd Hear If You Found Voyager's Golden Record In Deep Space

It’s been 38 years since NASA launched a gold record containing sounds and sights of Earth into space. Yesterday, NASA made it easier to hear those noises for yourself. On Soundcloud.

Uber Is Faking Us Out With 'Ghost Cabs' On Its Passenger Map

If you use Uber, you’ve seen the map that comes up when you want a ride. The map shows little car graphics hovering adorably around your location and the wait time for a pickup. Once you request a ride, you can watch a little car creep closer to your destination as you wait. It’s a marvel of technology! Except it’s bullshit.

It Turns Out That The US' GMO Warning Labels Didn't Work

The US has seen widespread campaigns to warn them against the horrors of frankenfood by putting GMO labels on cans, but a new study shows that even when food has GMO labels, nobody cares.

Give The Olympics To Los Angeles

The news that Boston no longer wants to host the 2024 Summer Olympics isn’t really a shock. Few cities these days do. But the Olympics don’t have to be bad for the host city — and done right, they can actually benefit it. Nowhere is that clearer than Los Angeles, the new frontrunner for 2024. The Olympics would be good for LA, and even more importantly — LA will be good for the Olympics.

A Week With Windows 10

Thinking of making the jump to Microsoft’s new, fancy Windows 10 operating system on your desktop PC or laptop? Not really quite sure what you might be getting yourself into? One of our erstwhile colleagues over at Gizmodo headquarters in the US has spent the last few days chronicling his experiences so far with Windows 10.

Born-Again Planetary Nebula Keeps Reacting After It Dies

After a couple billion years, most stars with a mass similar to our Sun eventually die, shedding outer layers and creating beautiful planetary nebulas. On the outer layers of this nebula, Abell 78, a dying star had a second stab at life.

Watch This: Inside China's Prolific Technology Manufacturing Region

The bulk of the world’s gadgets are built in the Pearl River Delta region of China. There, cheap labour, mountains of electronic components and high finance co-exist — if a little awkwardly — to provide a haven for engineers and entrepreneurs. This video takes a peek inside what that’s like.

Chinese Police Shut Down A Huge Counterfeit iPhone Factory

A police raid in Beijing has shut down a large counterfeit iPhone factory that had produced over 41,000 handsets, reported to be worth $26 million.

Windows 10: Day Five

The nice thing about reviewing Windows 10 on my own computers is that there’s nowhere to hide. When something goes wrong, I have to troubleshoot on the fly. I can’t say “Oh, I’ll just go back to my personal computer until I figure this out.” You know what’s not so nice? When you shoot the trouble, and yet — somehow — it survives.

Windows 10: Days Three And Four

This weekend, I took Windows 10 to a LAN party. It was pretty great.

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