John Deere's New Ride-On Mower Is One Of The First To Have Airless Tyres

Michelin and Bridgestone have been racing to take the air out of everyone’s tyres — but in a good way. Both companies have been developing open-air wheels that will never puncture or deflate, and while they have mostly seen use in research and military vehicles to date, John Deere will finally offer a ride-on mower that uses Michelin’s see-through Tweels.

Why Do Radio Signals Travel Farther At Night Than In The Day?

Not all radio waves travel farther at night than during the day, but some, short and medium wave, which AM radio signals fall under, definitely can given the right conditions. The main reason this is the case has to do with the signal interacting with a particular layer of the atmosphere known as the ionosphere, and how this interaction changes from the nighttime to the daytime.

Telstra's Next T-Box Won't Have Netflix

The Telstra T-Box is a surprisingly popular piece of hardware, but it’s not long for this world — a new one should be out very soon. That new media streamer, though, apparently won’t support one of the world’s most widely used streaming video services.

A Hologram Of Emperor Marcus Aurelius Floats Above This Watch

When you’re spending just shy of $55,000 on a watch (or $60,000 if you prefer the look of white gold) you’re going to want something that catches people’s eyes so they know just how affluent you are. And as Back to the Future 2 proved, nothing grabs someone’s attention like a hologram floating in mid-air. Or, in this case, just above your watch.

How Radical 1970s Scientists Tried To Change The World

In the 1970s, radical scientists thought they could change the world — if they could change science first. As told to Alice Bell.

Toshiba's Portege Z20t: Laptop, Tablet, 17 Hours Of Battery

Toshiba’s Portege thin and light laptops have always been small, but they’ve made minor compromises to get there — generally in battery life or overall flexibility. Not the Portege Z20t, though — in the one device you’ll get the portability of a sub-800g tablet, or clip on the included docking keyboard for a laptop that barely tips the scales at 1.5kg.

High-Speed Cameras Reveal Why Sodium Explodes In Water

You remember the sodium demo from chemistry class: Just a small chunk of the pure metal dropped into water causes a great big flash and bang. You might even remember your chemistry teacher’s explanation for why. But there’s always been a missing piece of the puzzle, which scientists have finally figured out using high-speed video cameras.

New Malware Can Bring Down Drones Mid-Flight

It’s easy to forget that drones are essentially flying computers. And as autonomous flight features become the new standard, drones are quickly becoming computers that think for themselves — which is exactly why Maldrone is such scary software.

Inventor Of The Laser Dies

Charles Townes, the physicist whose work would help lay the foundations for the development of the laser died today. He was 99. His career also ranged far beyond an interest in lasers, into astronomy and a fascination with spirituality.

How Your Connected Devices Could Get You Fired Or Ruin Your Credit

There’s probably something you do right now you wouldn’t really want everyone to know about. Maybe you’re letting a Fitbit gather dust while you eat Doritos and watch The Good Wife (understandable). Maybe you’re in the habit of driving around at 3am when you can’t sleep. Whatever you do, if you’re doing it while using “internet of things” devices, those private vices may not be so private.