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Does Disney Have Plans For A Whole Han Solo Prequel Trilogy?

When the Star Wars anthologies — now Star Wars stories — were announced, the intention would be that they were standalone, one-off films. They told a story, whether it was the theft of the Death Star plans, or the early life of Han Solo, and then were done. But a new rumour suggests that at least one Star Wars story could develop into its own franchise.

These 3D Animations Will Take You Inside The Human Body (Online)

Have you ever wanted to see what’s going on inside the human body? The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Victoria is creating a free online database of more than 100 scientifically accurate 3D biomedical animations.

Australia's Banks Want Joint Negotiation For Apple, Android, Samsung Pay

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, National Australia Bank and Westpac have lodged an application with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) for the green light to have joint negotiations with providers of third-party mobile wallets, such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay.

Australia's Cyber-Security Scientists Think The US Presidential Hack Is A New Step In 'Internet Terror'

The Australian Centre for Cyber Security at the University of New South Wales Canberra has flagged the cyber-attack on the U.S. Presidential election as a major escalation in “internet terror” directed at the liberal democracies by non-state actors, and possibly by states themselves.

The First Episode Of Dan Harmon's Dungeons And Dragons Series Is Here

Hello, fellow D&D players. You know how we all think our campaigns are incredible and our DM is the best and our sessions should be turned into a webseries? Dan Harmon (yes, Community and Rick and Morty Dan Harmon) thought that too. Except he actually did it.

We dropped the trailer for HarmonQuest a few weeks back, but now the first episode is out. Watch it here!

This New Website Simplifies The Legal Boundaries Of 3D Printing

A new guide into 3D printing rights and responsibilities has been launched to explain what consumers need to know before printing in 3D, including the potential risks in creating and sharing 3D printable files, and what kinds of safeguards are in place.

The website “Everything you need to get started in 3D printing” was developed by staff at the University of Melbourne in response to the growing number of users keen to find, share, and create 3D printed goods online.

Learn More About Drones, Droids And Robots On The Go

From Pre-Schoolers to adults, here’s a handy list of some of the best resources for learning about drones, droids and robots on the go. All of these learning resources can be accessed on your iPhone or iPad.

The Reason Blaine Had A Mute Minion In iZombie

Sometimes you make a plan assuming things aren’t going to go your way. And then they do, and you’re kind of stuck with the plan. That’s exactly the thinking that resulted in iZombie‘s morally bankrupt brain seller, Blaine (David Anders), having a giant, eye patch-wearing, mute minion named Chief (Andre Tricoteux).

1TB And 500GB Xbox One S Halo Collection Bundle Australian Price And Release Date

There’s over 100 platform exclusives available the newly designed Xbox One S, featuring backwards compatibility with some Xbox 360 titles, 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, 4K video streaming, and High Dynamic Range for games and video. But the first bundle to come out is with Xbox’s signature game — Halo.

Australian Police Targeting 'Darkweb' Firearm Sales With $25.4 Million Funding Boost

The Federal Government has announced a $25.4 million funding injection into the detection and seizure of illegal firearms, including “specialised intelligence software tools” aimed at boosting intelligence collection on international firearms trafficking.

The software will and allow the Australian Federal Police to search, analyse and map intelligence data to identify previously unknown links between firearms traffickers and their suppliers, customers and illegal activities on the “darkweb”.

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