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James Wan's Description Of The Aquaman Movie Is Both Exciting And Confusing

A “swashbuckling action-adventure” — that’s how director James Wan just described his upcoming Aquaman stand-alone movie. Which raises a lot of questions. What will he be adventuring for? Will he fight pirates? Will I get to see Jason Momoa swinging around a ship with a cutlass between his teeth? Because if I don’t I’m going to be mad.

New TV Drama About The Imminent Arrival Of A Killer Asteroid Feels Very Timely

Unfortunately, the CBS show — from executive producer Alex Kurtzman, whose TV credits include Fringe, Limitless, Sleepy Hollow, and Alias; he also directed the Tom Cruise Mummy reboot that’s out next year — is titled Salvation, suggesting it might not end with the asteroid smashing Earth into a billion pieces, as we all might currently be hoping

Where The Hell Is The DJI Mavic Pro?

Last month, DJI announced its very cool new Mavic Pro drone, a tiny, foldable, super smart UAV that can do lots of cool tricks. There’s just one problem: The shipment date has come and gone and customers who pre-ordered have no idea when they can expect to get their flying cameras.

Watch A Japanese Hand Plane Shave Wood Impossibly Thin

Japanese hand planes or kannas are remarkable tools that can shave off layers of wood so ridiculously thin that they look like tissue paper. The wood shaving in the GIF above is only 8 microns thick which almost sounds like an impossible measurement because even human hair has a diameter of about 50 microns.

Here Is Barack Obama's Old Email Address

Turns out there was more to Wikileaks’ John Podesta email dump than just weird messages from Tom DeLonge and Katie Couric’s email preferences — the cache also includes what appears to be a personal email address belonging to one Barack Obama.

These Onesie Costumes Are Beautiful And Majestic And I Would Like To Wear Them All

Looking for an incredibly easy, inexpensive, last-minute costume? I recently found a treasure trove of comfortable (and soft!) adult onesies that a) make Halloween shopping a cinch b) are nerdy beyond belief and c) are so glorious that picking just one to buy is honestly the hardest choice I have faced this year.

You Can Buy These Absurdly Creepy Wax Amish Children For Just $US300 (Each)

If you have a giant house that you find lonely to live in by yourself, then why not consider filling it with 28 wax Amish school kids and teachers? Halloween is just around the corner.

Gizmodo Frights: The 10 Most Haunted Videos On The World Wide Web

Tonight, we present the ten creepiest, most haunted videos online. Watch, but only with a loved one. Beware. Be safe.

Palmer Watch: Day 27 

It’s been 27 days since Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus VR and former Facebook golden child, has been seen or heard from publicly. On September 23, Luckey issued this statement on his funding of and involvement in Nimble America, a pro-Trump, anti-Hillary Clinton political advocacy group with the stated mission of proving “shitposting is powerful and meme magic is real.” Palmer said he donated $US10,000 ($12,956) to the group because he “thought the organisation had fresh ideas on how to communicate with young voters” but said his actions do not represent Oculus, the company Facebook bought for $US2 ($3) billion in 2014. He also said he planned to vote for libertarian candidate Gary Johnson.

Australian Man Claims Flaming IPhone 7 Killed His Car, Pants

Apple users might feel insulated from the exploding batteries currently fueling Samsung’s Note 7 nightmare, but a new story of out of south Australia serves as a helpful reminder that true safety is just an illusion. On Thursday, surf instructor Mat Jones told Australia’s 7 News that an iPhone 7 he left in his car wrapped in a pair of pants caught on fire, taking both the pants and the car with it.

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