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MIT Channels MacGyver: Boils Water Using A Sponge, Bubble Wrap And Sunlight

Boiling water is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to get rid of dangerous parasites and bacteria, and thanks to MIT, the next time you go camping you might be able to leave the stove and matches at home. All you’ll need is a sponge, some unpopped bubble wrap and some sunlight.

Sam Raimi's Ideas For An Army Of Darkness Sequel Make Us Wish It Had Happened

We love Ash vs Evil Dead. And we get why the show is the most excellent way to continue Ash’s adventures as he blasts his way through his 50s. But that doesn’t mean we don’t wish that, back in the day, Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and company had made Evil Dead 4 — especially now that we’ve heard a few of Raimi’s ideas.

Wooden Desktop Arcade Might Be The Most Beautiful Retro Hardware I've Ever Seen

8Bitdo, the company behind those Bluetooth SNES and NES controllers that let you play classic 8 and 16-bit games without annoying wires, is teasing this gorgeous wooden retro desktop arcade on its Facebook page, and at the Gamescom convention currently underway in Cologne, Germany.

This Is Your Only Way To Get An Xbox Onesie

As you’re likely aware, this week Xbox discovered a wonderful pun and decided to share it with the world in the form of the multi-pocketed (seriously, there’s even a pocket for your phone) Xbox One-sie (get it?!) — an item hotly debated here in the office, and not actually available to the public — yet.

But that looks set to change, and we have the details.

Pete's Dragon Movie Review: Too Nice For Its Own Good

Watching Pete’s Dragon is a very enjoyable experience. It’s a simple story, told well, with gorgeous cinematography, beautiful music, and strong performances. But if calling it “an enjoyable experience” makes you think there’s something off about the movie, well, then you’re absolutely right.

We're Hiring: Want To Sell Advertising For Gizmodo In Sydney?

If you have a keen interest in technology, regularly read Lifehacker, Gizmodo or Kotaku and want to be part of a business at the cutting edge of digital publishing, this could be the perfect role for you. We are hiring for the position of Account Manager to represent Allure Media’s brands to some of the largest agency partners and brand advertisers in Australia.

The New Doctor Who Spinoff Class Sounds A Lot Like Torchwood (Minus The Mature Content)

We didn’t really expect Class to have the same type of tone as the former Doctor Who spinoff anyway, but it’s kind of weird just how close the premise for Patrick Ness’ show actually is to the former adventures of Captain Jack and friends.

'Touch Disease' Is The Latest Flaw Killing iPhones

If a new report is true, your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus might have an expiration date unrelated to failing batteries or outdated tech. Some users report that over time the touchscreen on these iPhone models becomes unresponsive and that, eventually, a flickering grey bar will appear on the top of the screen. After that the phone is toast. While the phone may be intermittently operational afterwards, it’s unlikely to make a full recovery. What was once an attractive hunk of Apple engineering will now be a computer you operate exclusively by Siri and your tears.

The Disappointments Room Has A Cool Premise, A Scary Trailer And A Terrible Title

Video: A general rule of thumb is, if you buy a new house and discover a spooky room that’s not on the floor plans, you run away as fast as you can. But if that happened in horror movies like The Disappointments Room, there wouldn’t be much of a story, would there?

Canon's New EOS 5D Mark IV Lets You Focus After Shooting

Canon’s best camera just got even better. The new EOS 5D Mark IV has a 30.4-megapixel full-frame sensor, will record 4K video, and can snap away at 7 frames per second, but it’s also the first Canon SLR that lets you focus after you’ve taken a photo.

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