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The World's Largest Rubik's Cube Is 10,000x More Frustrating

Because apparently a regular-sized Rubik’s Cube wasn’t already enough of a challenge, Tony Fisher built himself a version that’s over 1.52m long on each side. Even just bringing it out to play looks like a monumental struggle, let alone the back-breaking challenge that is trying to solve it.

Smithsonian Uncovers Apollo 11 'Graffiti' Not Seen In Decades

While building a 3D model of the Apollo 11 Command Module Columbia, archivists at the Smithsonian uncovered hand-written notes and markings in areas of the spacecraft not seen in more than 40 years. The remarkable etchings offer a new glimpse into what life was life on the way to the Moon.

Whatever You Do, Don't Set Your iPhone To 1970

The tech world loves their Easter eggs, from Adventure’s original hidden feature to Tesla’s various car tricks. But don’t fall for the recent claims for one hidden in your iPhone: if you attempt it, you’ll brick your device.

Watch This Absurd 10-Minute Video On How To Land A Plane In An Emergency

Tim Morgan, a commercial pilot with years of experience, has created a ten minute video he claims will help anyone safely land a 737 in an emergency. The notion that someone could plop down in a cockpit, with zero experience, and pilot a 737 to a safe landing is ludicrous, but that doesn’t make this video any less fascinating.

Orion Is Ready To Wear Its Shield

Image Cache: The Orion Exploration Mission 1 (EM-1) spacecraft is about to get its heat shield, which is manufactured in large part by Lockheed Martin. Building the heat shield involved a so-called out of autoclave (OOA) cure process, a high temperature, high pressure method for manufacturing composite materials, such as carbon fibre and epoxy resins.

Mice Prefer Videos Of Fighting To Videos Of Sex But They Prefer Drugs Most Of All

Researchers at Keio University spent weeks showing laboratory mice footage of mouse porn, mouse fights and mouse sniffing. They found out that mice can distinguish between social behaviours — and that they prefer seeing fighting to sex, unless drugs are involved.

American Scientists Advised Guards To Shoot At Nukes If There Was A Security Breach

Back in late 2014 the National Security Archive published a historical documentary produced in 2010 that went largely unnoticed. The film explores the history of nuclear weapons safety. And if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s pretty frightening.

DARPA's New Autonomous Submarine-Hunter Could Change Naval Combat Forever

In 2010, DARPA announced it was creating an autonomous, submarine-hunting war machine that would be manned with exactly zero people. Now, that vehicle is ready for action.

This UCLA Algorithm Sees Things Your Eyes Never Could

You shouldn’t always believe your eyes — because there’s much out there that you can’t see. A new, free algorithm created by UCLA engineers enables you to discern details in images that would be impossible to observe any other way.

This Impossibly Complicated Mechanical Clock Re-Writes The Time Every Minute

A cheap digital watch can keep far better time than even the most complicated of Swiss watches. But there’s still something undeniably appealing about watching all those gears, springs, and cogs spinning about — and this incredibly complicated clock that writes out the time has them in abundance.

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