The Biggest Kangaroos Evolved Long Arms To Fight Over Females

Male kangaroos and wallabies, like a lot of seemingly quiet grazing animals, get into knock-down drag-out fights over females. They obviously don’t have antlers or horns to spar with, but they’re perfectly willing to grapple rivals with their forelimbs and kick the crap out of each other with their big hind feet.

The Solar Cells Of The Future Look Very Pretty Up Close

You’re looking at a perovskite. Not an Eastern European bird of prey, nor an exotic toy to play with in the wind, but a potential future of solar power.

What's New On Netflix, Presto And Stan In July?

Need an entertainment fix? Or just an extra reason to upgrade to a streaming service? Here are the highlights of new TV shows getting released in July.

This Simple Video Celebration Of Everyday Colour Will Brighten Your Day

Video: The world around you is a rainbow, if only you stop and notice it. This video is a charming celebration of colour in our everyday lives — and a bewilderingly pleasant way to spend two minutes. [Vimeo]

These Cancer Cells Are Being Levitated Using Magnets

Magnetic levitation isn’t anything new: you’ve probably seen frogs made to float and maybe even trains hovering above their rails. But now scientists have gained enough subtle control over such forces that they can be used to levitate single cells too.

PSA: Only Download E-Tax From The ATO Website

It’s a new financial year as of today, and that means anyone in Australia who worked in the last twelve months can submit a tax return. In this wonderful country of ours, you’re able to prepare and submit a tax return yourself — but don’t get tricked into downloading dodgy software along the way.

How A Museum Restores A Beautiful Painting From Hundreds Of Years Ago

Charles Le Brun’s painting of Everhard Jabach and His Family was finished in 1660. Now that it’s 2015 and hanging in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, my favourite museum in New York, it was in need of a little bit of, um, reviving. The Met guides us through as it restores the giant piece of art and shows the steps the artwork needed to shine again.

USA Challenges Japan To A Duel Between Giant Robots

It’s a potential Megabots Inc vs Suidobashi Heavy Industries showdown. Actual huge piloted mechs doing battle. This is what science and technology is all about. Check out the hilarious and awesome team Megabot video challenge for yourself and decide for yourself who will win.

Sorry, Don't Expect STD-Sensing Colour Condoms Anytime Soon

When the TeenTech Awards announced their 2015 winners last week, news outlets far and wide swooned over the concept of colour-changing condoms that detected STDs proposed by three teenaged students. The idea is brilliant as it is bizarre — but don’t expect to see these in stores anytime soon.

Government Taskforce To Review Ridesharing And Taxi Industries

With the rapid growth of transport services such as Uber, it’s no surprise that the current rules need an overhaul. It’s not just ridesharing either – existing taxi regulations will be examined to ensure a more even playing field. But who will come out on top?

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