The Plan To Save Bluefin Tuna By Using Science To Farm It On Land

The bluefin tuna is a magnificent creature. A silvery torpedo, it grows as big as 453kg, swims as fast as cars, and survives the cold waters of the ocean, weirdly enough, as warm-blooded fish. Oh, it also happens to be pretty tasty as sushi. Thanks to our growing sushi appetites, the bluefin tuna seems likely to be obliterated off the face of the Earth unless we do something drastic — like stop eating it or, what the hell, use science to start spawning them in tanks on land.

NASA Will Make Oxygen From CO2 On The Surface Of Mars

NASA has announced what the Mars 2020 rover will carry to the Martian surface, and one of them sounds like pure sci-fi: MOXIE, a machine that sucks in carbon dioxide from the Martian atmosphere and pumps out pure oxygen for use in rocket fuel — or someday, for humans to breathe.

25 Must-Read Books About Space Travel

A couple of weeks ago, we asked you to name your favourite book about space travel and explain why. Many of you replied with awesome, succinct and sometimes very funny explanations of your favourites.

BenQ W7500 Home Theatre Projector: Australian Review

What happens when you install a home theatre projector and expect it to replace a TV? Can you get the same kind of image for the same price range, but with the advantage of a much, much larger screen? BenQ’s W7500 is simultaneously one of the most versatile and most capable home theatre projectors that I’ve seen, but it’s still more suited to the cinema room than the living room.

Why Snot Is Green And Yellow

Snot is an essential part of a healthy body (no, really), and its colour and consistency can give you a lot of information about what’s going on in yours at any given time.

Pixar-Worthy Animated Short Shows How Unpredictable Love Is

Video: This is the story of two people that are so different that they are meant to be together. He is the unluckiest guy on earth, everything he tries ends up badly. And she is the exact opposite. As I said, the perfect couple — for a romantic story. A pitch-perfect animation short worthy of Pixar by Jinxy Jenkins.

Explainer: How Israel's Iron Dome Anti-Missile System Works

The breakdown of an initial ceasefire between Israeli forces and Hamas last weekend played out to a familiar soundtrack: the wail of air-raid sirens and the menacing hiss of incoming rocket fire, followed in many cases by the concussive crackle of Iron Dome missiles intercepting their targets.

There Are Cells Inside Teeth That Can Turn Back Into Stem Cells

Inside each of our hard, calcified teeth is a small population of living stem cells that can differentiate into many types of tissue. The origin of those stem cells has long been unknown, but scientists may now have a completely surprising answer: Cells of the nervous system can migrate into the middle of a tooth and actually turn back into stem cells. If verified, this could be a possible new source for stem cells.

The World's Fastest Network Lets You Download A Movie In 0.2 Milliseconds

Danish researchers just created the Usain Bolt of networks. A team from the Technical University of Denmark used a single multi-core optical fibre to transfer 43 terabits per second, making it the world’s fastest fibre network. I’d say it makes Google Fibre look like 1996 AOL dial-up from a decrepit rural phone line, but that comparison is too kind to Google Fibre.

App Deals: Discounted iOS iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone Apps

Today’s best deals include Amazon’s Appstore 29-app bundle deal, Godfire on iOS, and Everyday HD on Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!