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E-Divorce Startup Wants To Make Splitting Up Painless

Divorce can be expensive, drawn-out and painful. But one startup is betting that it can make divorce proceedings in the US more amicable for everyone involved.

LA Mayor Sings A Sexy Lullaby To Comfort Angelenos About Closing The Freeway

When LA closes a major freeway for construction, the city usually comes up with scary names for it to keep people off the roads. Carmageddon. Jamzilla. This weekend, the city is taking a different approach. The “101 Slow Jam” not only has a cute name, it has a video starring LA Mayor Eric Garcetti doing his best-worst Barry White.

Relive Your 90s Technology Catastrophes In The Malware Museum

The early internet was truly a technological frontier, ripe with amazing ideas and equally amazing malware. Now, pesky code that used to attack your plastic, beige internet box is safely stored in The Malware Museum. Best part? Admission is free.

Don't Believe Facebook's Claim That 'Six Degrees Of Separation' Is Bogus

Yesterday, a Facebook post revealed that each Facebook user is an average of only 3.57 connections away from all users on the site. That by itself is interesting, but instead, Facebook’s comparing it to the popular theory of six degrees of separation — presenting its user base and the general population as two groups that, hell, may as well be considered one in the same!

This Video Of A Crane Collapsing In Manhattan Is Your Worst Nightmare

Strong winds caused a colossal crane to collapse in downtown Manhattan on Friday morning. Someone in a nearby office caught in on tape from above, and holy shit is it scary to watch.

UN Panel Rules That, Yes, Julian Assange Has Been Arbitrarily Detained

A United Nations panel has ruled that Julian Assange has been “arbitrarily detained by the Governments of Sweden and the United Kingdom” and believes he is “entitled to his freedom of movement”.

63,000 Students Hacked At University Of Central Florida 

At least 63,000 current and former students at the University of Central Florida are getting bad news this week: Someone breached the school’s network to access their social security numbers and other sensitive personal data.

Friday's Biggest Stories

Every evening, we wrap up the day’s biggest stories in one place for you to easily check out. If you’ve been off the grid all day, jump in here and catch up on current events.

Gizmodo Movie Night: 15 Movies That Are So Bad They’re Goodw This week, be prepared to cringe as we feature the absolute worst movies streaming right now.

Here Are All The 2016 Super Bowl Commercials On Monday, two teams of strong men wearing tight clothes and bulky armour will run into each other for four hours, but the more important thing is a bunch of advertisements.

US Experts Say Three-Parent Babies Are OK, Just No Girls A controversial fertility treatment requiring three genetic parents has been approved by an FDA-appointed expert panel.

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Epic Catch Wants To Replace Tinder With Experience-Based Dating

Do you like skydiving? Do you want to go on a date with someone else who likes skydiving? Do you want skydiving to be your first date? With someone that has been chosen for you?

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Here’s where we round up all the Aussie news around the ‘net about the ‘net, every week. Check in here for a quick primer on everything from piracy to privacy to data retention and the NBN.

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