Why The NBN Still Isn't Helping Rural Australia

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull reiterated the importance of the National Broadband Network (NBN) for regional and rural Australia in an address to the NBN Rebooted conference in Sydney last week:

The EU Wants To Extend Its 'Right To Be Forgotten' Around The World

Earlier this year, the European Union Court of Justice ruled that people could ask Google to delete sensitive information from its internet search results. Now, it wants to extend the measure around the rest of the world.

The Syrian Electronic Army Is Infesting News Sites With Popups

The Syrian Electronic Army, a group of pro-Assad-regime hackers, has decided to celebrate today by infesting a bunch of popular news websites with cheery Thanksgiving popups informing people that they have been hacked (spoiler: they haven’t).

Why Blocking Piracy Websites Is Bad For Australia's Digital Future

Rumours are flying that the government will introduce legislation before Christmas aimed at blocking certain websites, such as The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents, as part of a range of efforts to reduce copyright infringement in Australia. But is that a good idea?

Censoring The Web Isn't The Solution To Terrorism, It's The Problem

In politics, as with internet memes, ideas don’t spread because they are good — they spread because they are good at spreading. One of the most virulent ideas in internet regulation in recent years has been the idea that if a social problem manifests on the Web, the best thing that you can do to address that problem is to censor the Web.

Senator Kate Lundy To Quit Federal Politics

We love Senator Kate Lundy here at Gizmodo Australia. The self-professed geek and passionate politician, the Senator is a passionate advocate of tech issues in the Australian Senate. Sadly, the Senator Lundy announced last night that she wouldn’t contest the next election. In short: she’s quitting, and that’s sad.

Twitter Is Going To Start Tracking What Other Apps Are On Your Phone

Twitter is starting a new program called App Graph that tracks all of the other apps people have on their phones. You might be wondering why Twitter cares if you’re a Candy Crush fiend or if you also use Instagram. It’s because Twitter follows the ABT school of sales: Always Be Targetin’.

Individual Submissions To The Australian Government's Piracy Discussion Paper Are Finally Available To Read Online

Feel like some bedtime reading tonight? What about over 600 submissions from individuals to the government’s piracy discussion whitepaper?

Australian Defence Minister: 'I Wouldn't Trust The Australian Submarine Corporation To Build A Canoe'

Let’s face it, Australia’s submarine fleet isn’t the best. After getting through almost two decades of problems with the Collins-class submarine fleet, the government’s shipbuilder is coming under attack again, this time by the Government minister responsible for Defence, who says he wouldn’t trust them to build a canoe.

Australian Government Minister Admits P2P File Sharing Isn't Always A Bad Thing

When the Australian government is determined to side with content providers rather than consumers, it’s a little surprising to hear a government minister admit that file sharing isn’t always a bad thing. But that happened this morning.

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