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God's 12 Biggest Dick Moves In The Old Testament

Before Jesus arrived and his divine father chilled out, the Old Testament God was, ironically, kind of a hellraiser. He was not a nice guy. He really liked killing people. And he may have actually been insane, if his willingness to randomly murder devout worshippers like Moses was any indication. Here are the 12 craziest, most awful things God did in the Old Testament, back before that wacked-out hippie Jesus softened him up.

Mark Zuckerberg Made $4.5 Billion Yesterday, What Did You Do?

Yesterday, I got off at the wrong train station two separate times, ate a bowl of cereal for lunch and fell asleep reading the entirety of OJ Simpson’s Wikipedia page. Mark Zuckerberg, on the other hand, made $US3.4 billion ($4.5 billion) in an hour. You win this round, Mark.

Redditors Gift Trump Up To $700 In Worthless Reddit Gold During His AMA

When you have an important guest over to your home, it’s good etiquette to give them a gift to show them your gratitude. Even though redditors don’t have the reputation for being the nicest people online, they apparently have good manners. During his AMA yesterday, Donald Trump was gifted hundreds and hundreds of dollars of useless Reddit gold, also known as gilding, presumably as token of alt-right redditors’ appreciation for the massive-handed Republican nominee.

Twitter, Depressingly, Tries To Be Snapchat

Move over Moments, because Twitter is releasing a new feature no one will care about.

Will President Trump Take Over The @POTUS Twitter Name?

Donald Trump’s Reddit AMA was a circus. But I spotted one question that made me have a good hard think about the future of the United States of America. Will President Trump be taking over the @POTUS Twitter handle? Or will he be keeping the name @realDonaldTrump? Or… both?

Thursday's Must-Read Stories

Every evening, we wrap up the day’s must-read stories in one place for you to easily check out. If you’ve been off the grid all day, jump in here and catch up on current events.

How Much You Need To Exercise To Make Up For Sitting All Day There’s been a lot of finger-wagging of late about the health risks associated with sitting at a desk all day.

Something Is Erasing The Craters On Ceres Ceres, the tiny asteroid belt world we’ve come to know and love through NASA’s Dawn mission, seems to delight in mysteries.

The Case Against Netflix’s Binge-Watching Model I love binge-watching TV as much as the next obsessive.

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Rich People Get Free* Houses In Silicon Valley

Are you a fresh-faced brogrammer with no money to spend on a house, but have a promising job at a company like Google, Twitter or Facebook? You could be in luck.

12 Quotes From Authors To Remember When Starting Your First Book

When working on your first book, you’re faced with an extremely daunting task. Regardless of whatever training or practice you’ve had in the past, it’s still your first novel. At times it will be a highly enjoyable venture, but much of it will be excruciating. There are moments where you might want to throw in the towel, or where you’ll feel completely lost. And when that happens just remember the wise words of the successful authors below — they hold the roadmap back to finishing your novel successfully.

Donald Trump Just Asked Russia To Hack Hillary Clinton's Emails

During a news conference in Florida today, Donald J. Trump — a man who is running for what is arguably the most powerful job in the world — challenged Russia to hack into opponent Hillary Clinton’s email.

How Will We Know It's Really Trump Doing His Reddit AMA Today?

Donald Trump is doing a Reddit AMA today at 9:00AM AEST (7:00PM ET). AMA, of course, stands for Ask Me Anything, and people are already filling up the page with questions. But here at Gizmodo we’ve been wondering: How will we know that it’s actually Trump answering the questions?

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