Why You Think Some Things Are Common On Social Media When They're Not

Have you ever found yourself staring at Facebook, blinking in disbelief because you can’t quite fathom why something is so popular? Well, you might just be victim of a network quirk that makes it appear as though something is common — when in fact it’s actually rare.

Research Shows Internet Shutdowns And State Violence In Syria Related

EFF has noted and protested when authorities deliberately cut off Internet access in times of unrest. As a restraint on the freedom of expression of those affected, communication blackouts during protests are unconscionable. But recent research by Anita Gohdes, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Mannheim, suggests that Internet shutdowns are becoming part of a toolkit for more violent repression.

Reddit Is Tearing Itself Apart

If you take a look at the front page of Reddit right now, you might find it a bit… empty.

UK PM David Cameron Wants To Ban Encryption In Britain

David Cameron has signalled that he intends to ban strong encryption — putting the British government on a collision course with some of the biggest tech companies in the world.

DEA Agent Who Stole Bitcoin During Silk Road Investigation Pleads Guilty

One of the two US government officials charged with some shady dealings during the investigation of Silk Road pleaded guilty today. Carl Force used to work for the DEA and during the course of his investigation was doing things that might even make the darknet blush.

How To Make Your Gmail Look Way, Way Better

The handful of themes offered by Gmail have let you make your inbox look less like a faceless, nameless sprawl of email and more like something you actually enjoy gazing at. And now Google has added hundreds of photos and new theme options that are going to make it look much better.

When Twitter Q&As Backfire Disastrously

This was not a good week on social media for writer E.L. James of Fifty Shades of Grey and would-be US Presidential candidate Governor Bobby Jindal. Both took to Twitter to answer fans’ questions. But both are controversial figures, and the majority of tweets were delightful take-downs that burned so good.

Mark Zuckerberg On VR, AI And Sending Thoughts Over The Internet

Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg ran a Q&A on Facebook, answering questions about the future of the social network, its technology and the internet more generally. Here are some of the choice cuts.

Google's Top Hit For 'Greek Bailout' Is An Indiegogo Campaign To Fund It

What’s the top hit for a Google search of “Greek bailout”? Depressingly, it’s not a thorough economic analysis of how to get Greece out of debt. It’s a goofy Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund €1.6 billion. And the campaign is fast approaching €1 million.

Facebook Is Changing Its Logo And You Probably Won't Even Notice

The screens, they are a’ changing. Facebook has tweaked its logo for the first time since 2005, and if I hadn’t pointed it out you, you probably wouldn’t have even noticed.