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Makerbase Is Like Liner Notes For Your Favourite Stuff On The Internet

Actors and musicians have the leading roles, but their support teams are acknowledged in ending credits and liner notes. But online creativity often discredits the editors, designers and developers who quietly work in the background to make your favourite sites and services possible. Makerbase wants to change all of that.

Watch John Oliver Explain How Three Young Women Catfished ISIS

Three ladies from Chechnya scammed ISIS fighters online and got ‘em good.

Facebook Is Testing A Marketplace To Buy And Sell Your Junk In Australia

Tired of sharing your Gumtree links on Facebook? What about if Facebook was the marketplace where you sold all your junk? Whoa. That’s what Zuckerbook and Co are testing in Australia right now for limited users.

I Wrote A Bot That Won Twitter Competitions

This is the story of how I wrote a Twitter bot to automatically enter competitions and ended up winning on average 4 competitions per day, every day, for about 9 months straight.

Malvertising Attack On Yahoo Is Another Reminder To Disable Flash 

In case you weren’t already aware that Flash is useless trash that you should disable immediately, consider the sad tale of last week’s malvertising attack on Yahoo.

Giz Explains: Why Are URLs Full Of Garbage Characters?

#?&%! Why do some URLs look like cuss words in comic books? We have the answer.

Movie Studios Seek SOPA Power Through Broad Site-Blocking Order

Major movie studios are again trying to make a website they don’t like disappear without a trial. This time, the studios are asking for one court order to bind every domain name registrar, registry, hosting provider, payment processor, caching service, advertising network, social network and bulletin board — in short, the entire internet — to block and filter a site called Movietube.

India Just Banned Heaps Of Porn

Porn is now banned in India. So are some racier corners of the online dating world, apparently.

What It's Like To Have The Oldest Phone In San Francisco

I live in the world’s most famous tech city, surrounded by the most advanced personal electronic devices. None of them, however, grab quite as much attention as my own phone does.

This Guy Bought The Arkansas Governor's Domain Name And Set Up An LGBT Forum

Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson’s website now redirects to an LGBT chat room and forum. That’s because when Hutchinson’s domain registration expired, it was quickly grabbed up by college student Dylan Hailey, who set the site to redirect to the forum.

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