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Go Check How Many Devices Are Actually Connected To Your Twitter Account

With Twitter’s recently revamped security dashboard rolling out to all of its 302 million users, there’s no time like the present to run a quick audit of your account security — and checking up on the devices and apps associated with your Twitter profile is a key part of that.

New Study Shows How Deeply Awful Those 'Get The App' Web Pages Are

Those web pages that stop you getting to the information you really want in favour of asking you to Download An App are deeply annoying. But now a study by Google shows just how counter-productive they actually are for the people that put them there in the first place.

Google Is Finally Divorcing Google+

The oft-mocked Google+ is getting stripped of features that will be incorporated elsewhere into the Googleverse. Google has decided to “move some features that aren’t essential to an interest-based social experience out of Google+,” according to a post on its official blog today.

Labor Changed Its Mind On Data Retention

Remember when the Federal Labor Opposition voted in support of data retention legislation? Well, now that it has passed the Parliament and become law, the same Labor Opposition has changed its mind, flagging the need for a review at its annual conference over the weekend.

Joe Hockey Warns GST-Free Threshold For Online Shopping Could Be Reduced To $0

Ready to pay GST on absolutely everything you buy from overseas retailers? That’s the plan Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey wants to pursue.

iiNet Shareholders Vote Up TPG Takeover Deal

Today’s the day: iiNet shareholders have today considered and voted in favour of a takeover bid by TPG Telecom.

Twitter Is Using Copyright Law To Bust Joke Thieves

Imitation is supposed to be the sincerest form of flattery, but for comedians on Twitter it’s a pain in the arse. Joke theft is rampant, with “parody” accounts and spambots racking up thousands of followers by tweeting stolen jokes as their own. But now Twitter is helping people bust joke-stealers.

Watch: Samsung's Gear VR Combined With YouTube's 360 Degree Videos

Nothing beats going on an actual holiday, but is there anything wrong with enjoying the visual experience from the comfort of your own home, even if it’s fleeting? Armed with a Samsung Gear VR and an assortment of vehicles and locations, 360-degree video specialists Immersive Media decided to bring the world to you — via YouTube.

This Might Be The Best US Government Instagram Account Of All

This week, I did a round-up of some of the best US government Instagram accounts, but as several readers pointed out, I neglected to mention one very special Insta-goldmine: The TSA. We covered this treasure trove in its early days, but it’s such a gem we thought you deserved a reminder.

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