Apple, Google And Amazon Will Likely Be Dragged Before The Senate Over Alleged Tax Dodging In Australia

Accountants and lawyers at the Australian offices of Google, Apple and Amazon had better dust off their best suits: soon enough they’re going to be dragged in front of a Senate inquiry into alleged tax avoidance activities.

Google Is Giving Students And Teachers Unlimited Free Storage

Google just got students and educators a pretty sweet gift: “Drive for Education” offers unlimited free cloud storage to the school crowd.

New Home Owners Should Pay For Their NBN Connections: Report

The Vertigan panel has handed down its final report into the National Broadband Network this week, and some of the recommendations are grim. Alongside the recommendation to split up NBN Co’s business units and have them compete against each other, and the suggestion of scrapping the rural broadband cross-subsidy, is a recommendation that says developers and new home builders should be made to pay the cost of fibre installations in greenfield estates. Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull, however, has called for calm over the recommendations.

Facebook Apologises Over Real Name Policy But Doesn't Back Down (Yet)

Facebook just posed a statement apologising for the consequences of its draconian policy requiring that people use their “real” names on Facebook. The policy was used to unfairly target members of marginal LGBT communities, but we’re promised a solution is in the works.

That National Security Bill We All Hated? Yeah, It's The Law Now, And There Are More Coming

Oh boy. Remember that piece of National Security legislation that we’ve been talking about recently? Yeah, those have just officially been passed into law.

This Portal Gun Duel Got Dark Real Fast

These guys just can’t seem to get along. After their epic lightsaber fight and then a Nerf fight for the ages, you’d think they’d have settled their differences by now. But no. It’s time to fight with Portal guns this time, and as usual, the duel between these Aussie mates gets pretty dark pretty fast.

eBay Is Splitting PayPal Off As A Separate Company

Ebay has just announced that it’s to split PayPal off as an independent, publicly traded company in 2015. The separation — which will see PayPal spun off, tax-free, naturally — means that eBay’s e-commerce business will be distinct from its PayPal payments unit.

People On Tinder Are Still Being Fooled By Obvious Bots

People on the internet aren’t smart. Whether they’re smart in real life doesn’t matter: it seems as soon as some people get online, they get dumb. Ben Bizuneh decided to find out how easy it was to fool people into meeting up with a obviously fake person on Tinder. Spoiler: some people are stupid.

A Rant Against Ello's 'Simple' Design

Have you heard of Ello? It’s a new social network site that is getting a lot of buzz for its anti-Facebook Inc stance. It promises a “Simple, beautiful & ad-free” experience. While it remains ad-free for now, whether it’s simple or beautiful is highly debatable. After all, when it comes to user experience and interface design, is there something that’s unanimously beautiful?

John Oliver Wants To Remind You That Drones Are Terrifying

John Oliver took a look at drones on Last Week Tonight and didn’t like what he saw. Oliver’s focus is military drones, not hobbyist quadcopters, and he targeted recent US drone strikes on Pakistan and Yemen.

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