Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

How To Find Long-Lost Passwords Hiding In Your Browser It’s not best-practice for your security, but it helps to find that old forum password.

How To Protect Your Data Before Your Phone Gets Stolen Don’t wait until it’s loo late!

How To Free Up Space On An Android Phone Or Tablet Don’t let your Android tablet suffer.

Tipping Rescue Raft Makes It Easier To Pull People From The Water How did it take us this long to think of this? Hello, Bondi Rescue.

Scattering Your Ashes Into The Stratosphere Is A Very Final Sendoff Attention loved ones: this is how I want to go.

Nexus Player Pulled From Google Play Store Over FCC Certification

It’s been a rollercoaster day for Google fans: first, the new Nexus Player and Nexus 9 pre-orders went live on the Play Store; but just a couple of hours later, Google’s set-top box was pulled, apparently because of its lack of FCC certification.

Snapchat's First 'Non-Creepy' Ad Is For A Horror Movie

Video: Snapchat recently announced that it was getting ads, and it’s followed through on that promise, with the first paid-for ephemeral advertisements landing this weekend. However, I’m not so sure that Snapchat’s made good on its promise for its ads to be ‘non-creepy’, since horror film Ouija was the first subject.

NPR Tells The Other Story Of Women In Tech

We’re all used to hearing about women, or rather, the lack of, in the technology industry. But as NPR’s Planet Money, points out, things weren’t always that way: back at the dawn of the IT age, women were a major player in the computer science field. The question is: what happened in 1984?

A Future Air-Traffic Control System For Drones Could Use Mobile Phones

Unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones or quadcopters as you’d prefer to call them, have certainly taken off in the last few years, which is great, if you love taking cool movies (or terrorising your neighbour’s dog). But it’s created a headache for the FAA, who have moved to regulate the infant industry and make low-flying aircraft controlled by amateur pilots safer. The latest proposal: an air-traffic control system based on cellular networks.

Breakfast Wrap: Everything You Need To Know From Apple's iPad Event

A Fully Loaded iMac With Retina Will Cost You $5279 It starts at $2999 though, thank goodness.

Apple iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3: Australian Pricing, Release Date So much thin.

The iPad Mini 3 Is Just The iPad Mini 2 With Touch ID In fact, it’s probably not worth getting.

iPad Air 2: Faster And Thinner (And Golder) Than Ever I didn’t realise I didn’t want the airgap until it was removed.

OS X Yosemite Is Out Today — And It’s Free It’s worth getting, especially if you’re heavily invested in iOS 8.

Aussies To Miss Out On Apple SIM With New iPads Bummer. This was one of the best bits from today’s announcements.

Supposed Bitcoin Creator Is Crowdfunding His Lawsuit... With Bitcoin

Back in March, Newsweek alleged that Dorian Nakamoto was the creator of Bitcoin. Now, though, Nakamoto is raising funds in the cryptocurrency to file a lawsuit against the publication, which refuses to retract its article.

New Gulfstream Jets' Flight Deck Looks Like Sci-Fi Spaceship Cockpit

Gulfstream has new jets, the G500 and G600. They can fly at almost supersonic speed and come with lots of new cool stuff, like a new cabin that is supposed to make you feel like you are not flying or this new glass cockpit made by Honeywell — called Symmetry — which looks out of some sci-fi movie.

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