Publisher Accidentally Puts Porn Star On Maths Textbook (NSFW)

Lazy Googling strikes again! A Thai textbook publisher had to recall 3000 copies of a maths textbook after it was discovered that one of the photos on the book’s cover came from a porn movie. Won’t somebody please think of the children?

Tim Cook Talks iCloud Hack, iPhone 6 And More With Charlie Rose

Last night, Charlie Rose aired the first half of his two-part interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook. It was a wide-ranging conversation covering Apple’s current products and problems, the future of the company and (of course) the loss of Steve Jobs. Here are the most important tidbits you might have missed.

Latin America's New Tallest Skyscraper Will Look Like A Quarter Pipe

Argentina’s planning to erect a new waterfront tower, and it looks like it belongs in a skatepark. President Cristina Fernández posted the winning design on Facebook this week. It’s wrapped in the same white and sky blue on Argentina’s flag. And it’s a quarter pipe.

Virgin Galactic Has Delayed Its First Flight

Things don’t always run smoothly for Virgin Galactic, although it is increasingly making progress. Now, those eager to make it into space on a plane may have more of a wait than they’d like though — because the company has had to push back its maiden voyage.

Time Capsule Of Unpublished Books Won't Be Opened Until The Year 2114

Sadly, you won’t be able to read Margaret Atwood’s new book. When it’s finally published you’ll be dead. Well, you’ll probably be dead. Because her latest work is going to be placed in a time capsule that won’t be opened until the year 2114. And hers isn’t the only book.

NSA Was Going To Fine Yahoo $US250,000 A Day If It Didn't Join PRISM

When we first learned about NSA metadata collection, we wondered how readily the biggest tech companies acquiesced to the government. Today we start to find out. This is the story of how Yahoo was coerced into PRISM, as told by court documents cited by the Washington Post today.

One Of The Most Amazing Nuclear Explosions Ever Recorded On Film

As things get hotter between Russia and NATO, Putin is waving his nuclear dick around. Russia plans to conduct massive nuclear war manoeuvres. Yesterday, it successfully tested its new Bulava (“Mace”) submarine launched nuclear missile, hitting its target with complete accuracy with its dummy warheads.

Why China's Building A Military Base In The Middle Of The Ocean

After flying a surveillance plane over the South China Sea last February, the Philippine government saw how China was constructing islands in order to bolster its claim to the territory. (See above.) It even suspected that China might plan to build a military air strip to protect them. Looks like they were right.

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