Your Lettuce Could Come From An Old Semiconductor Factory

In a factory that once made floppy disks, herbs are growing. Inside an old semiconductor factory, there’s lettuce taking root. Oddly enough, electronics factories make great farms. And Toshiba, Sony and Panasonic are swapping industrial infrastructure for a business that’s as old as civilisation itself.

Noodle Chef Tries To Hook Customers Using Opium Poppy Shells

The South China Morning Post reports on a noodle shop chef who was secretly adding opium poppy shells used for the creation of opium and heroin. His hope was that the ingredient would make customers addicted to his food but, while the ingredient triggered a drug positive, it only landed him in jail.

A Teenage Hacker Ring Stole $US100 Million In Army And Xbox Tech

The US Department of Justice just charged a group of four young hackers with a doozie of a crime. They’re accused of breaking into both Microsoft and US Army servers and stealing $US100 million worth of everything from unreleased games to military training software. Two of the hackers have already pleaded guilty.

Video: Rare White Shark On White Shark Attack In Australian Waters

Video: The huge fish always eats the less huge fish: Witness the attack of a white shark against a younger one recorded on Neptune Island, 80km off the coast of Australia. Perhaps it was a mistake — the big one seemed headed to the bait when the small one crossed its path closer — but the final result is just the same.

17-Year-Old Climbed NYC's Tallest New Building And Took These Photos

We’ve watched the future tallest residential building in America grow from a mere rendering into an almost-complete building over the past three years. 432 Park Avenue is now a prime target for the growing number of daredevils who climb forbidden or abandoned structures and bring back photos as proof — and now, a 17-year-old urban explorer has done just that.

Laser Mapping Reveals A Hidden Cavern The Size Of Four Great Pyramids

In an age where every square kilometre of Earth’s surface is so easily photographed and surveilled, to be a true explorer — to see what no human has ever seen before — one has to descend into the bowels of the Earth. Armed with high-tech lasers scanners, cavers are slowly mapping that underground world. And now they have found the world’s largest cave chamber, equivalent in size to four Great Pyramids carved out underground.

Thailand Built An Electronic Tongue To Police Thai Food Worldwide

The government of Thailand does not approve of your town’s crappy Thai restaurant. In fact, it’s so upset about the global scourge of tasteless Tom Yum soup and dank drunken noodles that’s spending $US1 million to combat it. A large portion of that money has gone into the development of an electronic tongue.

The Man Who Made Apple Possible Is In Trouble -- And You Can Help Him

Perhaps you don’t know John Draper aka “Captain Crunch”, but if you’re using a MacBook or an iPhone today it’s because of him. He and his blue box were a fundamental inspiration for Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in making Apple. He’s now in trouble and needs our help. Woz has written this fascinating article so you can understand how he influenced them both and how much we all owe him.

Breakfast Wrap: Monday Night's Top Stories

Stop Bending The Apple Store’s iPhones So wasteful I wanna scream with frustration.

This Tiny 3G Chip Will Pump The Internet Into Anything Not even your clothes can get away from the internet.

Facebook Is Going To Use Its Data To Sell Ads On Third-Party Sites Your Facebook data will be used to target ads at you even when you’re not on Facebook.

Holy Crap, The New GoPro Hero4 Video Quality Is Insane That is not even an exaggeration.

Report: New iMacs With Retina Displays Could Be On The Way Soon This took way longer than I thought.

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