Breakfast Wrap: Monday Night's Top Stories

#IllRideWithYou: Sydney Stands Up To Racism And Bigotry With One Beautiful Hashtag We really needed this to happen. Muslims are not terrorists.

Hackers: Sony Employees Can Ask Us Not To Publish Their Emails Because they’re apparently about to.

This Rickety Bridge Between Two High-Rises In China Can’t Be Legal And it’s not even open to other residents!

Holy Crap, The New Mad Max Trailer Is Amazing Now is probably a good time to go and watch the other Mad Max movies.

Computers Think These Are Real Animals And Objects Silly computer. That looks nothing like a penguin.

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

How To Do As Little Work As Possible Without Getting Fired It’s the last week before Christmas. Let’s get lazy.

This 8TB Seagate Hard Drive Only Costs $US260 Christmas storage bargain!

How To Look Amazing In Pictures: Supermodel’s Secret Tips Don’t do that weird face in your Christmas party photos again.

Another Torrent Site Has Resurrected The Pirate Bay The Pirate Bay sails again.

Watch The Latest Trailer For New Hacker Thriller Blackhat This actually looks pretty awesome.

Breakfast Wrap: Thursday Night's Top Stories

Apple Is Pulling A Bunch Of The Best iOS 8 Apps Way to go, punishing the developers who make your App Store worthwhile in the first place.

Sony Pictures Top Lawyer’s Emails Exposed In Latest Leak What a mess. I wonder what’s next.

Intel, Cisco And Other Tech Companies Come Out Against Net Neutrality It sounds like these companies want to charge you money for faster internet lanes.

Google News Is Closing In Spain Because Of Copyright Law Didn’t Spain see what happened in Germany last year?

This Is How The Great 8-Bit Game Movie Versions Are Made The more you know.

Breakfast Wrap: Monday Night's Top Stories

How Napster Changed Everything Was it nearly 15 years ago now? I am getting old.

Report: Sony’s PlayStation Store Goes Down Following Cyber Attack The hacks are no longer limited to Sony Pictures.

Tons Of Albert Einstein Documents Are Now Online For Free And these documents are only a fraction of his work. He sure liked to write a lot.

What Sci-Fi Films Actually Deserve A Reboot? Surely not Jurassic Park. That was a surprise.

Another Near Collision Confirms That Drones’ Biggest Problem Is People Stop ruining it for everyone else!