Breakfast Wrap: Tuesday Night's Top Stories

Dumb Wi-Fi Network Name Delays Flight For Four Hours Come on, if you’re gonna do it, at least make it funny!

World’s Fastest Fibre Line Can Support An Internet’s Worth Of Data And it may not be a pipedream for long.

Apple Pay May Only Be The Start Of Apple’s NFC Ambitions I hope bringing it to other countries is a priority.

Jim Carrey Spoofs McConaughey’s Ads For Lincoln In Hilarious SNL Sketch He does McConaughey better than McConaughey does McConaughey.

OnePlus One Pre-Orders Start Right Now Did you have any success?

Breakfast Wrap: Wednesday Night's Top Stories

Google’s Inbox App Wants To Read Your Email So You Don’t Have To I can see this revolutionising email.

Report: Solar Is Way Worse Than Other Renewables I wonder how different it would be if solar cells were manufactured somewhere other than China.

Apple Quietly Launched A Business Listings Service For Maps Not that it will get you switching over from Google Maps.

There’s Already An iOS 8.1 Jailbreak For The iPhone 6 If you still even jailbreak at all.

A ‘Smartwatch’ For Kindergarteners Is The Only Smartwatch You Need Seriously. It does everything.

Breakfast Wrap: Tuesday Night's Top Stories

Engineers Create Real Back To The Future Hoverboard, And It Really Works Major caveats apply though.

Don’t Get Too Excited About That New ‘Hoverboard’ Just Yet The above-mentioned caveats detailed here.

‘Flying Car’ Crash Leaves Two Injured What a crazy image, the one where it’s mid-air with a parachute.

Scientists Produce Rounded Crystals That Could Lead To 3D-Printed Pills Could that possibly mean cheaper print-it-yourself medication?

Why The FBI Director Is Wrong About Encryption He’s trying to convince everyone of some kind of fantasy.

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of The Weekend

How To Find Long-Lost Passwords Hiding In Your Browser It’s not best-practice for your security, but it helps to find that old forum password.

How To Protect Your Data Before Your Phone Gets Stolen Don’t wait until it’s loo late!

How To Free Up Space On An Android Phone Or Tablet Don’t let your Android tablet suffer.

Tipping Rescue Raft Makes It Easier To Pull People From The Water How did it take us this long to think of this? Hello, Bondi Rescue.

Scattering Your Ashes Into The Stratosphere Is A Very Final Sendoff Attention loved ones: this is how I want to go.

Nexus Player Pulled From Google Play Store Over FCC Certification

It’s been a rollercoaster day for Google fans: first, the new Nexus Player and Nexus 9 pre-orders went live on the Play Store; but just a couple of hours later, Google’s set-top box was pulled, apparently because of its lack of FCC certification.

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