This Warehouse Holds All Illegal Wildlife Goods Confiscated In The US

Crocodile purses, polar bear rugs, ivory chalices — they’re all illegal in the US. Confiscated pieces end up in a warehouse outside Denver, Colorado, named the National Wildlife Property Repository, a haunting space filled with the frozen faces of endangered and extinct creatures.

Garage Collides With Fighter Jet During Severe Flood

It is hard to imagine a situation where a garage might collide with a fighter jet — but this is just what happened during severe flooding earlier today in Magadan, a port town on Russia’s east coast.

Flood waters washed away roads, bridges, buildings, and even planes, which are believed to have belonged to a local aviation museum.

Believe It Or Not, The World's Fastest-Growing Drone Fleet Is In Japan

Japan is a peaceful nation, in no small part because its post-World War II constitution required it. All that changed last month when President Shinzo Abe ended the ban that’s kept Japan’s army in check since 1945. And do you know what the country did next? It started buying drones. Lots and lots of drones.

World's Largest -- And Most Gross -- Aquatic Insect Discovered In China

Briefly: A new specimen of an insect was found this month in a mountain in Chengdu, Sichuan province, China. The insect belongs to the order of Megaloptera and has a wingspan of 21cm.

Tech Journalist Discovers Feds Had His Credit Card Number For 9 Years

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Airbus' Electric Aeroplane Prototype Is Eerily Silent In Flight

Airbus just showed its battery-powered E-Fan 2.0 electric aeroplane to the public for the first time, at England’s Farnborough International Airshow. Standing still, it looks like a normal if slightly odd-shaped tiny plane. In the air, though, it seems decidedly abnormal. Where’s the noise?

Russia's World Cup Is Already Outrageously Expensive

Maybe you’re still mourning Brazil’s catastrophic loss to Germany, but the rest of the world has moved on — to discussing the impact of the next series, which will take place in 11 Russian cities in 2018. And according to their reports, it’s going to be very, very expensive. Like $US11,500 per seat expensive.