Inside The Fiery Workshop Of A 21st Century Swordmaker

Down a stretch of country road in upstate New York there is a shed. The shed itself is nothing spectacular, a whitewash number with years of weathering. But inside sparks fly, fires breathe, and slabs of steel are fashioned into capable killing machines. This is Odinblades, a grimy shrine to the ancient art of swordmaking.

Ring-Tab Beer Cans Now Count As Historic Artefacts

Today’s junk can be tomorrow’s history. Now, 50 years after it was first introduced, the ring-tab beer can can already considered an historic artefact.

Judge: FBI's Ocean's Eleven Ruse Went 'Too Far'

On Friday, a federal judge ruled that FBI agents had gone too far last summer when they cut off the Internet service to Paul Phua’s Las Vegas hotel room, posed as repairmen, and entered the room without a search warrant.

Your Monday Morning Motivation, Graphed

Briefly: Last night, the world seemed exciting and you felt like you could achieve anything. This morning, all you want to do is go back to bed. Unless you’re at the right end of that error bar. [PHD Comics]

Pantone's Newest (And Best) Colour: Minion Yellow

It’s been three years since Pantone, self-declared arbiters of visible light, has declared a new colour. But after 36 months of hard toil, the research team has emerged from the lab with the latest addition: Pantone Minion Yellow.

Richard Hammond Is Having Trouble Filling His Spare Time

Video: Since Top Gear went on what is almost certainly permanent hiatus, the three presenters have been filling their time in various ways. Jeremy Clarkson has spent it dodging the media and James May has been perfecting his musical talents, but Richard Hammond seems to be struggling.

The Best Buildings Of The Year, According To The Internet 

The people who get to dole out awards to architects each year are normally critics and panels of experts who know exactly what goes into designing a building. But what would normal people — or even the internet at large — choose?

You Can Sleep In The Old Hydroelectric Plant In The Middle Of This Australian Lake

In 1995, the hydroelectric power plant on the shores of this Tasmanian lake went dark for the final time. It’s remained silent for 20 years since — until this year, when it re-opened with a radically different business model: a hotel.

Star Wars Fans Are Going To Absolutely Love These New Collectibles

Today in Anaheim, California, Star Wars Celebration 2015 kicks off in one of the best years to ever be a Star Wars fan. Not only does Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit theatres in December bringing with it new characters and the original cast, but ThinkGeek has just revealed a huge collection of Star Wars-themed merchandise that’s sure to leave you with a credit card bill twelve parsecs long.

An Oil Spill Near Louisiana Has Been Quietly Leaking For 10 Years 

Everyone remembers the catastrophic oil spills like BP’s in 2010. Few remember the slow motion spills, like Taylor Energy’s, which has been drip drip dripping for all of the past 10 years — a leak shrouded in secrecy and seemingly impossible to fix.

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