Declassified: The US Government's Secret Plan For A Military Moon Base

More than 50 years ago, before man had ever stepped foot on the moon, the US government hatched a plan whose ambitions were exceeded only by its total infeasibility: A secret, self-sustaining, Soviet-shaming military moon base.

Flawless Replica Space Suit From Alien Took Adam Savage 10 Years To Make

Last week we saw the impressive Hellboy mecha-glove built by Mythbusters co-host Adam Savage. That was great, wasn’t it? Trust Savage though to outdo himself just days later with this perfect re-creation of the space suit worn by John Hurt in Ridley Scott’s Alien. Oh, he spent a decade getting it just right.

Pizza Tank Actually Fires 14-Inch Pizzas

Video: Holy crap, it’s real! As this new video shows, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Pizza Thrower — a full scale 3.66m-long version of the classic toy — actually works, throwing pizzas fast and far enough to actually hurt people with dough, cheese, and pepperoni projectiles. They should really call it the Pizza Tank.

Silicon Valley's Algorithm Expert Wrote The Paper On 'Tip-To-Tip' Jerking

Silicon Valley‘s attention to detail means even the fictional maths is hyper-realistic. IEEE Spectrum profiles Vinith Misra, the brain behind Pied Piper’s compression algorithm — and the guy who wrote the mathematical proof of that epic penis joke from the season finale. This guy is a legend.

The World's Largest HD LED Display Takes Over US Town

Not everything is bigger in Texas. The gargantuan LED display housed in the Dallas Cowboys’ stadium, and the even the slightly more humongous display in the Houston Texans’ stadium, have just been displaced by the mega-jumbotron debuting today in Jacksonville in the US.

Beer Pong Ball Washer Solves Every Uni Student's Worst Nightmare

There’s two problems with beer pong. First: drinking beer blessed by a ball that’s been rolling around on an apartment floor. Second: the lack of Kickstarter daydream machines to solve problem number one. Behold the solution to exactly one of those problems: the Clean Cup.

Clever Crow Knows Exactly How To Solve Different Puzzles To Get Food

Video: I love it when animals can solve puzzles and problems that I can’t even figure out. Here’s a crow going through a bunch of different exercises to show its understanding of size, weight, density, the elements and even the amount of effort it should put in to a puzzle to win its reward.

The Penis Propaganda That Warned WWII-Era Soldiers Of Venereal Disease

During World War II, a foe far more insidious than the aggressive Axis powers was felling our boys fighting overseas. Venereal disease had always been a huge problem for US troops, but in 1942 the government got serious about schooling soldiers to be more conscientious with their erections. Protect Yourself is a new book that collects this peen propaganda in one place.

5 Easy Ways To Reorganise Your Kitchen Like A Master Chef

Does your kitchen look like a bomb went off even before you’ve started cooking? Do you spend more time looking for ingredients than actually using them? Here are five simple steps you can take towards the functional cooking space you’ve always wanted.

This Is A Fully Functional Microscope Built From LEGO

When something made from LEGO isn’t busting Rubik’s Cube world records, it’s delving deeply into the far corners of science. OK, maybe not the furthest corners, but the fact someone has crafted a working microscope purely from LEGO means almost anyone with time (and a bunch of plastic bricks) can poke around.