Good Morning, Berlin

Berlin is not only one of the most vibrant cities in Europe — thanks to its food, clubs, cultural life, and the other thousand things you can do there — the city itself it’s unique. Its architecture is stunning and full of contrasts, a constant reminder of the clash between the communist and the capitalist world.

Judge The Depth Of Snow By Looking At Passing Dogs 

Overnight, nearly a metre of snow is set to blanket the east coast. Or, if you don’t have a tape measure to gauge the fall, approximately one dog’s worth.

The Forgotten Story Of NYC's First Power Grid

Lower Manhattan of the 1880s was a wonderland of futuristic technology and engineering: The city’s first cable car arced over the harbour. A spindly new steel bridge was forming to connect Williamsburg to the city. And on the Lower East Side, Edison was tearing up the streets to build the first permanent power station in the world.

Here Is EFF's Master Plan For Ending Global Mass Surveillance

We have a problem when it comes to stopping mass surveillance. The entity that’s conducting the most extreme and far-reaching surveillance against most of the world’s communications — the National Security Agency — is bound by United States law.

Fun Illustrations Of A Cartoon Fighting His Creator

There illustrations by Chicago-based artist Alex Solis mix the 2D and 3D world to show a brutal fight between a character and his creator.

Giant Circular Panorama Recreates The Hell Of Fire-Bombed Dresden

Seventy years ago, in one of the most controversial actions of World War Two, the British Royal Air Force (RAF) and the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) dropped circa 4000 tons of high-explosive bombs and incendiary devices on Dresden. Only months before the end of World War II, in four fierce raids between 13 and 15 February the allied bombers obliterated over 1600 acres of the historic city centre, and the bombing and the resulting firestorm killed at least 25,000 German people.

A Real-Life Nine-Inch Nail Gun Puts Puny Nerf To Shame

Played Quake recently? Or listened to any Trent Reznor? This man’s insane, semi-automatic nine-inch nail gun will make you want to do both. That and also eat some melons.

K'NEX's New Build-A-Blaster K-FORCE Line Is Finally Fully Revealed

It was just a week or so ago that we got our first sneak peek at K’NEX’s new K-FORCE blaster line that turned the unique building toy into a do-it-yourself foam dart arsenal. And with the UK Toy Fair well under way, the folks at Blaster Labs got an in-depth look at the entire K-FORCE lineup that’s set to hit stores later this year.

You Can Now Attend A Protest In Virtual Reality

Sundance 2015 is the year of VR, marking a metaphorical starting gun for an entire new film industry. Presumably timed to the festival, Oculus VR took the opportunity to launch its own film-focused studio alongside a spate of other cinematic VR projects.

Sneakers Inspired By Vintage Space Suits Are Back

Although not actually worn by real-life astronauts, ‘Moon Boots‘ were still an incredibly popular fashion fad during the ’80s. And, 30 years later, designers like Raf Simons are still being inspired by the complex space suits that NASA developed to allow astronauts to safely walk in the vacuum of space.

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