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There's Finally An All-Electric Version Of The GMC Sierra Denali -- For Kids

One of the last horizons for electric cars are work horse vehicles like pickup trucks that would suck a battery dry in no time. There is demand, though, which is why GMC is tip-toeing into the market with an all-electric version of the Sierra Denali that’s only spacious enough to seat a couple of three-year-olds.

Sony New Zealand Discontinues Sale Of PlayStation 3

You had a good run, PlayStation 3, but the writing was on the wall when the PS4 came out. You’ve been superseded, demoted, set aside. Retired. And now your papers have been signed by Sony itself. Well, in New Zealand anyway, but I’m sure Australia — and the rest of the world — will follow.

Why Don't Libraries Have Dungeons & Dragons Gamebooks?

Dungeons & Dragons and libraries should be a natural fit. Both attract people who love books, storytelling, and lore. Early D&D gamebooks even point readers towards their local libraries for research, and many libraries host comic book-themed events or have D&D clubs.

Laptop Gaming Just Got Overclocked With Nvidia's Desktop-Grade GTX 980 GPUs

This time last year Nvidia’s 980M introduced improved energy efficiency for mobile gamers, and now the company is touting a 30 per cent performance boost from putting a proper GeForce GTX 980 GPU into a notebook. The new chip effectively takes a desktop GTX 980 and shrinks it into a gaming laptop, giving it a huge power boost that optimises it for VR and makes overclocking possible. Yesterday, we got a sneak peek at some of the upcoming machines headed to Australia –- including the crazy liquid-cooled Asus GX700 first spied at IFA.

Check Out This Amazing Virtual Enterprise-D Built For The Oculus Rift

The sets for Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Enterprise-D were torn down long ago (in addition to the ship itself being expertly stacked by Commander Deanna Troi). The closest any of us will come to walking its brightly lit, hallowed halls is via virtual reality. Fortunately for us, an artist by the name of Jason B. has set himself the task of crafting a 3D replica, one ready for exploring via the Oculus Rift.

This Game Has Kids Knocking Down Schools With A Wrecking Ball

There are more than a few childhood rhymes that involve the destruction of a school; it’s a fantasy that most kids have every time recess comes to an end. So, naturally, someone has made a game that lets kids take a miniature wrecking ball to a school they just built.

Play Pokémon While Shredding Hot Riffs With This Combination Electric Guitar And Game Boy

Like millions of humans on planet earth, I’m a self-identified gamer and guitar player. But I never had the genius idea, or the technical prowess, to smash the two together. Luckily, one electronic maker did and now we get to bask in his glorious creation.

Apple TV Games Will Have To Work With The Siri Remote

Apple’s upcoming set-top boxes will support third-party controllers for gaming, which is good news for anyone (everyone) who doesn’t like gaming with a touchpad. But that still doesn’t mean you should expect hardcore games from your Apple TV.

Epic Just Made 7,600 Art Assets Freely Available To Developers

This one goes out to all the game developers out there. If you’ve been deciding which engine you want to use for your next project, Epic have just made the prospect of using UE4 much more enticing, with a massive free trove of assets from the Infinity Blade series.

This Guy Turned His Dorm Room Fridge Into An Oversized Playable Game Boy

You can buy stick-on decals that will make your fridge look like a giant Game Boy, or you can do what Daniel d’Entremont did and actually turn your fridge into a giant playable Game Boy using a Raspberry Pi 2.

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