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Oculus Backtracks On DRM And Allows The HTC Vive To Play Rift Games Again 

Games exclusivity is common place for consoles. Master Chief is on Xbox and Nathan Drake is on PS4. That’s the way it is. But for VR, many fans and developers want things to be more open, so gamers can play games on any headset they want. Today, Oculus’ latest update removes a perviously controversial DRM rule, making that idea much more possible.

Building A Windows 98 Gaming PC In 2016 Is A Pain In The Arse

Video: 1998 was such a good year for PC gaming. Half-Life, Grim Fandango, Baldur’s Gate, Star Craft, Rogue Squadron and many, many more. Dang. Those looking to relive the glory days could easily run most of these games through a virtual machine, but YouTuber nine took it a step (or several) further and built a period-accurate 1998 gaming rig.

Schools Can Soon Use Civilization V To Teach Kids History

This is not a drill. A modified version of Sid Meier’s Civilization V is being brought to high schools as of next year.

Civilization EDU will provide students with the opportunity to think critically and create historical events, consider and evaluate the geographical ramifications of their economic and technological decisions, and to engage in systems thinking and experiment with the causal/correlative relationships between military, technology, political and socioeconomic development.

The Video Game Helping People With Schizophrenia

A ‘brain training’ iPad game, Peak, developed and tested by researchers at the University of Cambridge may improve the memory of patients with schizophrenia, helping them in their daily lives at work and living independently.

RTX Is Returning To Sydney in 2017

Last year around 11,500 fans braved the lack of air-conditioning to celebrate Rooster Teeth, and from 4-5 February 2017 RTX will be back — but this time in a slightly less sweaty venue.

Rebranded as “RTX Sydney”, it will be the first first major event to be held in Sydney’s brand new International Convention Centre Sydney at Darling Harbour, so even more fans can catch all the panels, games and meet and greets from Rooster Teeth.

Xbox 'Project Scorpio': Here's What We Know So Far

In 2017, Microsoft will be significantly upgrading the Xbox One via a new hardware release. Codenamed “Project Scorpio”, it is being billed as the most powerful console ever created. Here’s everything we know so far.

All Of The E3 2016 Game Trailers

Sit back and enjoy. Here are the trailers out of this year’s E3.

New South Park Game Trailer Pisses All Over Marvel And DC Superhero Movie Franchises

Video: Ubisoft’s next South Park game will cast Cartman, Kyle and the other foul-mouthed schoolkids as caped crusaders. Why? Because the boys want to set up billion-dollar movie franchises, of course.

In Pictures: Say Hello To The Xbox One S

During Microsoft’s post-briefing E3 demo showcase, we were shown the final production model of the Xbox One S. Not to be confused with the so-called “Project Scorpio“, this is essentially the same console in a much smaller package. It also comes with some connectivity tweaks, a redesigned controller, 4K Blu-ray support and an integrated power supply. Here are the photos.

The Case That Turns Your Smartphone Into A Game Boy Was Shown Working At E3

The folks at Neowin made an exciting discovery at E3 this week. Originally teased as an April Fools’ joke over a year ago, Hyperkin’s Smart Boy was not only on the show floor with an updated design this year, it was also fully-functional, with a possible official release closer to December.

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