These Dominoes Are Stuffed With Actual Cold Hard Shredded Cash

When you’re a kid, dominoes are for stacking and toppling in magnificent chains circling your bedroom floor. But when you’re older, and realise that all those dots can be used to play an actual game, suddenly dominoes become yet another form of competition. And nothing says you’re in it to win it like playing with a set of dominoes stuffed full of actual US currency.

The Smallest Game Of Chess Takes Up Just 487 Bytes

In this age of digital bloat, you might be surprised to hear that making a game as small as possible is an attractive challenge. But this tiny implementation of chess is just that — and takes up just 487 bytes on your hard drive.

Civilisation V's Aussie Mod Now Has A Fully-Realised Henry Parkes, And It's Awesome

If you’re a Civ player, you may remember that last year an enterprising Steam modder created an Australian mod which added our great nation into the game. Now, a year later, fearless leader Henry Parkes finally has a voice.

Game Boy Pokemon Mugs, Because Caffeine Is Your Real Champion

When your opponent is a long day filled with meetings and paperwork instead of a skilled Pokemon trainer, Pikachu, Charmander and Squirtle won’t be much help. The real fighter you need in your corner is caffeine, delivered via this wonderful Game Boy-themed mug that’s perpetually playing Pokemon.

Bud Light Built A Human-Sized Pac-Man Maze For Its Super Bowl Ad

Say what you will about the actual beer, but Bud Light has made some pretty memorable Super Bowl commercials over the years. And for this year’s big game they have made the dream of child of the 1980s come true by building a human-sized version of Pac-Man that even has challengers battling giant glowing ghosts while desperately hunting for cherries.

This Is The Most Embarrassing Gaming Moment Of My Life

We were all kids once. Kids do stupid things, and no matter what generation they are, they’ll always try and pull a fast one over on their parents. A JB Hi-Fi review of GTA V uncovered today reminded me of the most embarrassing gaming story of my young life, and lo and behold, it also involved Grand Theft Auto. All of this has happened before…

I Can't Wait To Stream Xbox Games To My Laptop

At its big Windows 10 event today, Microsoft talked about its universal apps, Windows 10 for phones, and a big crazy Surface TV thing. But forget all that. You’re gonna be able to stream Xbox One games to any other device in your home that’s running Windows 10. That’s great and I can’t wait to try it.

Aussies Download From Steam At Under A Megabyte Per Second

Ever wonder why your download of DayZ or Fallout is taking ages? As a country, our average Steam download speed is 6.6Mbps, or about 0.825 megabytes per second.

You'll Be Able To Stream Xbox One Games To Your PC Or Tablet

Microsoft just announced that later this year you’ll be able to stream Xbox One games to any Windows 10 device in your house, which is freaking nuts.

Microsoft's New Xbox App Brings Game DVR And Chat To Your PC

Windows 10 is about universal apps, and getting everything on all your devices. That includes the new Xbox app, which you’ll find on PC, Xbox and mobile. It will let you text and chat and do everything you love on Xbox Live across every Windows device you have. The biggest and best news? It will let you stream your Xbox One games to any Windows 10 device.