'Papers, Please' To Head To The App Store In Its Unedited Form

After instructing a game developer to resubmit indie darling Papers, Please due to a definition of pornography including ‘sexual organs or activities intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings’, Apple got its way. But shortly after, it’s reversing its decision — and Papers, Please will be re-resubmitted, nudity and all.

'Girls Make Games' Program Heads To Australia

Girls Make Games is a series of one-off, girls-only workshops that aims to teach the basics of all creative game-making disciplines, and get more future women in the industry — and it’s coming to Sydney and Melbourne this January.

The Australian Shape Up Xbox One Challenge: Week Three

We’re currently in the third week of our Shape Up Xbox One Challenge and things are starting to heat up. Last night, Chris and Mark took some time out from the Quest Mode to battle each other in the game’s grueling push-up challenge. Here is the video.

New Nintendo 3DS XL: Australian Review

I’ve never been one for mobile gaming. Not on a phone, not on a PS Vita , or on a 3DS. Then the so-called New 3DS from Nintendo came along and showed me just how good it could be.

The Incredible Evolution Of Video Game Graphics In One Image

Image Cache: This picture represents over 30 years of progress in video game graphics. And my, how far we’ve come. On one side, we have Indiana Jones in the video game version of Raiders of the Lost Ark on the Atari 2600. On the other side, we have Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4 on the PS4. We’ll let you guess which side is which.

This Is The Console Of The Year: Gizmodo Awards 2014

The votes are in. This is your console of the year for 2014.

This Beautiful Vintage Radio Is Actually A Custom Gaming PC

In the 1940s, people tuned into regal radios that were as much a piece of furniture as they were a gadget. So when computer designer Jeffrey Stephenson decided to build a small, high-end gaming PC, he took design cues from a popular Canadian radio model, The Addison. Stephenson crafted an intricate paean to old-fashioned radio aesthetics so he could play his favourite modern games.

Report: Sony's PlayStation Store Goes Down Following Cyber Attack

Things aren’t getting any better for Sony. The Financial Times reports that Sony’s PlayStation online store went down for approximately two hours overnight following a cyber attack. Early reports seem to indicate that no passwords or sensitive information were compromised.

The Day Computer Games Got Sexy

Welcome to Reading List, a short round up of great science and technology reads from around the internets. This week we have a sexy foray into the first erotic computer game and the story of a scientist whose discovery of the rare element francium ultimately caused her death. Get to readin’.

Opinion: Stop Trying To Get Things At Target Banned, You Look Like Idiots

You know what? I get it. I understand how frustrating it is, as a gamer, to have titles previously cleared by the Classification Board pulled from shelves for being “inappropriate”. That’s what happened at Target with Grand Theft Auto V.

As a form of retaliation, though, gamers have started new petitions trying to ban everything from the Bible through to 50 Shades Of Gray. I’m here to ask you to stop that — mostly because you look like idiots.