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Photo Essay: 13 Classic Handheld Game Portraits

Handheld electronic games were the big hit at the beginning of the 1980s, when every kid wanted a small portable plastic device for playing video games wherever and whenever he or she wanted. Hundreds of games, created by dozens of manufacturers, swarmed the toy stores, showcasing unique colours, shapes, artworks, displays and designs. And all are the subjects of collectors’ dreams nowadays.

Microsoft's Surface Book: Not Made For Gaming, But Not Terrible At It

Microsoft’s $2299 Surface Book, which launched in Australia at the same time as its flagship Sydney store, is a thin and light tablet with a keyboard dock that contains extra battery power. Uniquely, though, the Surface Book’s lower half also contains a Nvidia GeForce graphics card, fueling some small hope that it might be adequate for a bit of weekend gaming.

After some mucking around with different Nvidia drivers and a bunch of testing over the weekend, I can say that adequate is the word — the Surface Book certainly isn’t a gaming powerhouse, but with a bit of software hacking, it’s not terrible, and enough to enjoy a modern video game or two.

This NASA Arcade Cabinet Is The Retro Gaming Machine Of Your Dreams

The idea of owning a custom arcade cabinet sounds utterly amazing, but building one is no mere weekend project. Instead, we’ll just have to live vicariously though the likes of Paradox Arcade Systems, which recently put together this spectacular cabinet it’s dubbed the “NASA Arcade”.

This Is How Nvidia Wants To Be Number One In VR

Video: Everyone kinda already knows that virtual reality is going to be the Next Big Thing. Facebook and Oculus, Sony, Samsung, Microsoft, HTC — everyone’s working on a headset or another tool for creating a virtual reality environment. Virtual reality and convincing 3D graphics together require significant processing power, though; Nvidia is trying to make it a little easier for developers with a couple of small software tweaks.

Yep, You Can Play Dungeons & Dragons In VR Now

AltspaceVR is a small virtual reality company that wants you to communicate with friends and family as a virtual avatar, kind of like a 3D version of Skype. But around this time last year, the company decided to take that idea a step further — it wanted to bring Dungeons & Dragons to virtual reality.

NVIDIA To Force GeForce Experience And User Registration For Latest Drivers

If you’re used to getting the most recent drivers for your NVIDIA card via Windows Update or NVIDIA’s home page, you’re in for a rude surprise. Starting mid-next month you’ll have to not only install the GeForce Experience (GFE), but register with NVIDIA to get your fix of “Game Ready” software for your graphics card.

Fallout 4's Open World Looks So Good In Timelapse

Video: I’ve only just started playing Fallout 4, and I can’t wait to explore this beautiful world more. One of the talented video editors in the ABC’s Good Game team edited together this beautiful time lapse of post-apocalyptic Boston, and now I just want to go home and explore more!

Konami Developing A Metal Gear Solid-Inspired Prosthetic Arm For An Amputee Gamer

Twenty-five-year-old James Young, a passionate gamer, tragically lost his arm in an accident. Now one of the biggest video game companies around is working with roboticists and engineers to make James an amazing new limb inspired by one of his favourite series, and one of the greatest game franchises of all time.

This Keyboard Is *Just* For Flight Sim Nerds

Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X was an awesome game nine years ago, but it has enjoyed continued success from a dedicated fanbase — the kind of people with multi-monitor, multi-TV rigs with dedicated rooms. Now FSX has its very own specialised, backlit, custom-made keyboard.

Gaming Software Showdown: Logitech Gaming Vs. Razer Synapse

Logitech and Razer both have some pretty awesome gaming peripherals. Whether you’re playing games or getting real work done, they’re both great options. The software they use have some small, but important differences. Here’s how they stack up against each other.

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