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What It's Like To Grow Up Being Player Two In Video Games

If you grew up with an older brother or sister and an old school video game console, Zachary Antell’s short animation Player Two should hit you right in the nostalgic feels.

Someone Built A Real-Life Mechanical Version Of Pong Complete With A Square Ball

Video: A real-life version of Pong would actually be just a ping-pong table, since that’s what the classic video game was based on. But a bunch of clever hackers in Uruguay have succeeded in making a real-life version of the video game that’s still played using a pair of rectangular paddles and a square ball bouncing back and forth.

This New AI Plays Space Invaders, And May Put Game Testers Out Of A Job

An artificial agent that combines machine learning techniques with “biologically inspired” mechanisms can learn how to play 49 classic arcade video games when given only minimal background information.

This discovery paves the way to building artificial intelligence systems that excel at learning a variety of challenging tasks from scratch, including QA testing.

10 Tricks To Turn You Into A PS4 Master

Whether you’ve just unwrapped a brand new PS4 or you’ve had one since launch day in November 2013, you probably haven’t explored everything Sony’s powerhouse console has to offer — no doubt you’ve been too busy gaming. Join us on a tour of 10 of our favourite PS4 tips, from upgrading its internals to streaming games to your laptop.

There's A Stunning Amount Of Precision Work In Alice's Vorpal Blade

Man at Arms consistently wows us with the swords and weapons that they craft, whether it’s from blockbuster movies such as in The Hobbit series, or video games like Dark Souls III. This time, they have put together the Vorpal Blade from Alice: Madness Returns.

The Spaceteam Card Game Finally Lets You Play Without A Smartphone

Parodying the ridiculous and made-up technical jargon thrown around in sci-fi classics like Star Trek and Star Wars, Spaceteam started life as a mobile game where players shout instructions at each other while trying to keep their malfunctioning spaceship running — but it’s now a card game for those times when you want to leave your smartphones in your pockets.

You Can Now Buy Secretlab's Super-Comfy Gaming Chairs In Australia

The Secretlab Omega Stealth is, by all accounts, an incredibly comfortable chair. It’s designed for long sessions of marathon gaming, and is washable to get rid of all the food and drink stains that come with hours in front of keyboard and mouse. The guys behind Secretlab are former competitive gamers who have suffered back issues with inferior chairs, and now you can buy their brainchild in Australia.

Here Is Razer's New Blade Stealth Ultrabook

Meet Razer’s newest ultrabook — the Blade Stealth — with a new sleek form factor, the latest Intel Core i7 processor and QHD or 4K display panels.

Starting at $1,549 and with the highest-end version priced at $2,449, this is Razer’s attempt to replace your portable computer, your desktop computer and your gaming computer all in one swoop.

It's Nuts How Much Work Went Into Making The Sounds For Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is the closing chapter of Nathan Drake’s treasure hunting adventures. The game is made by Naughty Dog, a developer known more recently for the survival thriller The Last of Us. The unifying thread among developer’s projects is that they’re exceptionally cinematic, even more so than most other big budget games.

Watch: The 'Assassin's Creed' Movie Trailer

Video: It’s finally here — the first trailer for the upcoming Assassin’s Creed movie starring Michael Fassbender (X-Men: Days of Future Past, 12 Years a Slave )and Marion Cotillard (The Dark Knight Rises, La Vie en Rose).

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