Gizmodo Awards 2014: Best Console Nominations Now Open!

It’s almost time to deck the halls in the lead up to the end of the year and that means we have the business of finding the best tech that 2014 had to offer. A year into their lives, it’s time to revisit the topic of best console. Nominate your favourite now!

Steam Sales Are Back: Brace Yourself For Sweet, Sweet Bargains

Ready your wallets. Prime your credit cards. Boot up your PC because it’s time to wade back into the glorious waters of Steam’s beautiful gaming sale. Here are some of the bargains we’ve seen so far.

A Game Controller Coffee Mug Provides Unlimited Caffeine Power-Ups

Video game worlds are littered with health packs, energy potions, even random piles of food that your character can take advantage of for a quick energy boost. At most offices though, the only power-up you’re going to find is a pot of coffee — and even when it’s stale and awful that shot of caffeine can revive you better than even a giant red mushroom.

You Can Actually Play A Game Of Snake On This Hacked Backlit Keyboard

If Solitaire and Minesweeper have been stripped from all the computers at work but you’re still after a discreet way to kill a few minutes, you owe a debt of gratitude to Jeroen Domburg who successfully hacked a backlit Coolermaster QuickFire Rapid-I mechanical keyboard to play the classic game of Snake — which you might remember from an old Nokia phone.

One Year Later, Should You Get An Xbox One Or A PS4?

People ask us all the time whether they should buy a new-gen console? Should they get an Xbox One? A PS4? For a year, we’ve told people to not bother with either. Now, we think you should make the leap, especially if you’re a console-only gamer. But which one to get?

Alienware Says Alpha Is Still In Alpha

The Alienware Alpha is smaller and more powerful than an Xbox 360 or PS4, but the $US549 Windows-powered game console shipped a little half-baked. Not to worry, says Alienware: updates are on the way! “We’re in the alpha phase of Alpha,” admits the company.

GTA V's Traffic Jam Gets So Insane It's Hilarious

Video: According to the video’s description, YouTube user Naswas was playing GTA V when he felt hungry and decided to stop for a few minutes to get food. When he came back this insane traffic jam with cars exploding, police sirens howling, and people shooting was happening.

If You're Making A Hot Video Game Trailer, Use The Voices Of Actual Players

Video: EVE Online has one of the most passionate user bases in the world. Thousands of players all work and play together to build an empire, ravage opponents and conquer the galaxy in one of the most complex game worlds I’ve ever seen. It hasn’t ever really pulled me in due to the sheer level of technical knowledge that you need to be a great player. The latest trailer, however — which features voice chat footage from real-life player battles — has totally sucked me in.

It Took Three Years, But The Nintendo 3DS Has Been Hacked

The likes of Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft have gotten better over the years at securing the consoles from external modification, though persistence (and a bit of smarts) can get you a long way. The PS3 eventually fell thanks to some determination and now the Nintendo 3DS has been hacked, so to speak, allowing users to run unsigned code on the platform.

The Solitude Of Space Exploration Should Be Turned Into A Tablet Game

Video: There might not be anything more awesome than going to space. It’s an incredible achievement and the idea of exploring the unknown is fascinating. But as this short animation called Solus by Zac Dixon for Identity Visuals shows, it can get quite lonely. Watch it, it’s nearly as good as any feature.

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