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Lockheed Built A Blimp-Crawling Robot That Finds And Fixes Leaks

Satellites and autonomous drones have reduced our need for cutting-edge spy planes and stealth fighters. So Lockheed’s famed Skunk Works, creators of the SR-71 Blackbird, have now built a unique robot called the Spider that can crawl over the surface of blimps to find and fix tiny pinhole leaks.

This Aussie Robot Can 3D Print A House Using Bricks

Video: An Australian company from WA has built a prototype bricklaying machine that can build a house four times faster than a human brickie, just as precisely and with all the necessary cutting and placement all done from a robot that lives on the back of a truck.

This Crawling, Climbing Worm Bot Is A Never-Ending Night At The Club

In an attempt to design robots that are as simple as possible, David Zarrouk’s latest mechanical creation takes its inspiration from a funky ’80s dance move known as the worm. Using just a single motor it’s able to scoot across the floor by undulating its flexible body up and down, which also allows it to swim, and even climb narrow spaces.

Millions Of Wireless Keyboards Can Let Hackers See What You're Typing 

A newly discovered set of wireless keyboard vulnerabilities can let hackers take over your keyboard and secretly record what you type. It’s called KeySniffer, and it spells death for millions of wireless, radio-based keyboards.

This New Website Simplifies The Legal Boundaries Of 3D Printing

A new guide into 3D printing rights and responsibilities has been launched to explain what consumers need to know before printing in 3D, including the potential risks in creating and sharing 3D printable files, and what kinds of safeguards are in place.

The website “Everything you need to get started in 3D printing” was developed by staff at the University of Melbourne in response to the growing number of users keen to find, share, and create 3D printed goods online.

Learn More About Drones, Droids And Robots On The Go

From Pre-Schoolers to adults, here’s a handy list of some of the best resources for learning about drones, droids and robots on the go. All of these learning resources can be accessed on your iPhone or iPad.

This Tech Kickstarter Has Completely Transparent Finances

Woodenshark is the company behind the successful Lightpack Kickstarter campaign from 2013, and has a second already-popular project in the Lightpack 2. With nearly half a million dollars already banked for its latest venture, the stakes are just as high — and the company is taking a radically transparent approach to telling its backers how their money is being spent.

Best Grandpa Ever Built A Private Miniature Disneyland In His Backyard

It’s not just the $US100 ($133) ticket prices that make the magic kingdom seem slightly less magical — there’s also the crowds, long lines, and gift shops that are impossible to avoid. So Steve Dobbs, a retired aeronautical engineer, built his

These Shiny New Earbuds For Your iPhone Use A Lightning Cable

The Apple-only 3SIXT Digital Lightning Buds are here, designed to offer “pure digital sound” wrapped in compact and lightweight gel shells, the tiny earbuds promise to take your audio experience to the next level.

Say Hello To Astro's New A40TR Headset And MixAmp Bundles

If you’re an Xbox One gamer, and are looking to add some audio points to your skill tree, this may be just what you’ve been waiting for.

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