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Hoverboard Porn Is Exactly What It Sounds Like [NSFW]

Hoverboards are hot right now — so hot, they can’t be brought onto aeroplanes. They have also been banned in cities like New York and London. But thankfully, Brazzers is here to heat up the hoverboard craze even more.

Drone Racing Is Starting To Look More Exciting Than A Top Gun Dogfight

Video: Racing drones still isn’t considered as challenging as other vehicular sports given the pilots aren’t actually inside the vehicles they’re controlling. But watching the first-person footage of this drone absolutely tearing through a packed warehouse, you can’t argue there isn’t a ton of skill required.

Hackers Found A Way To Make Furbies Even Creepier

When Furby hit store shelves in November 1998, it was an instant hit. Kids loved it. Parents loved it. People paid three times the Furby’s retail value just to get one for the holidays, and within three years, Furby had sold 40 million units. Now, nearly two decades later, it’s the seedy world of Furby hackers and circuit-benders that are keeping the legendary toy alive.

Apple Music And Sonos Experiment Shows Music Gets You Laid More

Two very different Sydney households have been part of a global experiment, coupled with a 41 question survey of 4,000 Australians — and 30,000 people worldwide — looking at how music in the home positively affects the way people spend time with each other. Sonos and Apple Music are behind the experiment, dubbed Music Makes it Home, which showed some interesting results.

The Best Nerf War In History Is The Result Of A Happy Accident

If you’re on Facebook at all, you might have recently seen an event titled ‘The Best Nerf War In History’. It has a meagre description, and a few photos of the old military fort at Sydney’s Middle Head — although the combination is enticing for anyone with an active imagination. We spoke to the organisers to see how an event that was never meant to happen ended up with over 9000 people keen.

Buy This Wooden Speaker, Help A Deaf Person Hear

LSTN isn’t your average audio company. The Los Angeles-based enterprise turned head a couple years ago when it started selling sleek wood and chrome headphones. Now, LSTN is expanding into the world of Bluetooth speakers with a very lovely box named Apollo.

Build This Auto-Tracking Nerf Sentry Gun That Does All The Aiming For You

You’re supposed to spend at least part of your day at work doing actual work, but those rare times of productivity leave you vulnerable to surprise attacks from Nerf blaster-toting co-workers. Not if you build this robotic camera-equipped sentry turret to watch your back.

The Inventor Of Bop It Has Modernised The Classic Cup And Ball Game

Bop It, the memory game that has you recreating a pattern of actions, is one of those toys that feels like it’s been around forever. The same goes for the classic cup and ball game, which probably predates your grandparents, and is now being given a second life thanks to Bop It’s inventor.

Silently Stalk Your Co-Workers With Nerf's Zombie Strike Blowgun

Even without a battery-powered motor whirring away inside, Nerf’s mechanical blasters aren’t exactly silent when being reloaded and fired. So for those times when stealth is of the utmost importance, the Nerf Zombie Strike Silent Strike is a simple lung-powered blowgun that won’t give away your position.

Amazon Echo Is Suddenly A Lazy Stoner's Dream

This week, Amazon rolled out three major updates to its artificially intelligent speaker, which make it a fantastic tool for stoners: You can now order a Domino’s pizza, stream music from Spotify, and hail an Uber all by yelling commands at your Amazon Echo.

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