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Teacher Who Crashed A Drone At The US Open Last Night Has Been Arrested

It’s time to add “international tennis match” to the list of places where drones have taken high-profile spills. Thursday night, an unmanned aerial vehicle crashed into an empty seating area at a match during the US Open tennis tournament in New York.

How To Make Your iPad Kid-Friendly

If you spend any time around young children you’ll know what a soothing and calming influence a tablet can be, but it’s potentially a pretty dangerous one too — there’s plenty of unwholesome content out there on the internet and app store for your little friend to accidentally stumble across. Here are the best ways to make an iPad kid-proof before you hand it over.

This Futuristic See-Through Fridge Is Finally Going To Be A Real Thing

Haier’s been teasing its Smart Window Refrigerator for a couple of years now, but it will finally hit stores in Europe and Asia next year. It’s a crazy invention. You walk up to the fridge, and lights powered by motion sensors illuminate the inside of the inside, which you can see through the translucent door.

The Best Star Wars Loot From Force Friday

OHHHHH hell yeah. Star Wars toys galore. Welp. May the Force be with your credit card.

Hasbro's Remote Control BB-8 Doesn't Need A Smartphone Or Tablet

We haven’t seen more than a couple teasers, a trailer, and a few TV spots for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but it already seems clear that BB-8 is going to be a fan favourite alongside R2-D2. But if Sphero’s self-balancing BB-8 toy is too rich for your blood, Hasbro’s got you covered.

What's New With Parrot's Zik 3 Wireless Headphones?

Parrot just revealed the third generation Zik headphones. The Zik 3.0 will look very familiar if you’ve ever seen the Zik 2.0, since the design remains largely unchanged, it’s just available in some gaudy new styles. But a couple of tiny tweaks like wireless charging and USB audio make them even more futuristic.

Drone Captures Hikers' Near Death In Hawaii Flash Flood

Flash floods are one of the most powerful and therefore most dangerous things you can encounter outdoors. In this terrifying video, a group of hikers in Maui’s jungle is swept away.

Philips' Smartphone-Controlled Lightstrips Now Do Natural White Light

At some point in their life everyone has to grow up, and the same goes for Philips’ flexible Hue Lightstrips. Once the perfect way to subtly turn your living room into a colourful rave, the LED strips can now be tuned to generate more natural white light for reading the paper, or just relaxing with some knitting.

Clear Your Toy Shelves And Make Room For A New Fleet Of Star Wars Vehicles

One of the things that sets Star Wars apart from all of the other space operas that have come and gone are its wonderful ships and vehicles. The iconic X-wing is easily as recognisable as Darth Vader is, so of course The Force Awakens is going to usher in a whole hanger full of new rides.

I'm Looking Forward To Bank Robbery Footage Featuring This Roaring Chewbacca Mask

Now don’t get us wrong, we’re not advocating bank robbery as an easy way to resolve your financial difficulties. We’re just really looking forward to the first security camera footage of a perp using this electronic Chewbacca mask to hide their identity behind authentic Wookiee roars.

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