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Bionic Earbuds Are Like A Smartphone You Can Leave In Your Ears Forever

Doppler Labs, the company that wants to stick a Jarvis-like computer in every ear, will go live with its first bionic buds. Anyone can buy the device later this year, and it is some futuristic stuff.

Self-Expanding Curtain Makes Your Shower Feel Like A Spacious Luxury Spa

The tiny bathtub shower crammed into your equally tiny apartment probably feels like a claustrophobic nightmare every morning. But the Curvi’s an easy way to make it feel larger, spacious, and almost luxurious — without having to knock down walls or perform any kind of renovation.

This Cute Robot Is The Coolest Toy Since Furby 

San Francisco AI startup Anki has a great reputation for making robot that cars you can race with your phone. And considering that all three founders got their start at Carnegie Mellon’s Robotic Institute, that’s really no surprise — making little cars you race around a track should be a piece of cake for these guys. But their next trick — an adorable robot called Cozmo — is one of the coolest leaps in toy technology since baby dolls starting soiling their own diapers.

VR Isn't Just For Games: CSIRO, Augmented Reality And The Future

Gizmodo was recently invited to visit CSIRO’s Data61 team to try one of their fabled Microsoft Hololenses. While we were there, CSIRO’s Matt Adcock gave us a rundown of CSIRO’s history with VR, which goes back long before the Hololens, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive ever existed. Not only VR, however, CSIRO has also been playing with augmented reality and its odd lovechild with traditional VR, something they call ‘augmented virtuality’.

Hot Toys' Force Awakens Han Solo Is The Grumpiest Harrison Ford Figure Ever Made

Look at that face. That is the face of an action figure that has had enough of this shit.

Japan's New Godzilla Makes For A Beautifully Monstrous Action Figure

We’ve seen the gnarly-looking star of Shin Godzilla stomping about in the trailer and stills already, but this new Figuarts action figure of the monstrous design really gives us our best look yet at the new King of Kaiju. It also helps that it’s a fantastic-looking toy, too.

The Most Terrifying Glass Slide Ever Opens Atop A Skyscraper

Beware this new Los Angeles attraction if you’re afraid of heights. I know I am because nope.

Terrifying Helmet Doubles As Flamethrower

Two fundamental rules in most science labs are 1) always have protective eyewear on and 2) don’t stick your face next to stuff that’s on fire. For these reasons, Sufficiently Advanced‘s flamethrower welding helmet presents a conundrum.

The ELAC Debut Series Speakers Are Fancy, But (Reasonably) Affordable

ELAC is aiming for the best of both worlds with its Debut speakers launching in Australia today, with a design by famous engineer Andrew Jones and a price tag starting at $499.

How Australia Played The World's First Music On A Computer

We don’t think twice about playing music via a computer – we have them in our pockets, and in our homes and offices, with music on tap. But playing music on a computer was once an almost unthinkable leap of the imagination and the most devilishly difficult programming challenge.

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