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Onkyo's New Wireless Earbuds Look Hilariously Huge

Onkyo is best known for its strong tradition of audiophile-grade home theatre gear. But the legendary Japanese hi-fi company is branching out, and just unveiled a massive-looking set of completely wireless earbuds at IFA in Berlin. They probably sound great, but like home theatre components, you probably couldn’t go jogging with them.

TomTom Is Bringing Tunes To Its Newest Fitness Watches

TomTom’s first running watch was a great first step two years ago. Last year it got even better, with an integrated heart rate monitor. For this year’s watches, TomTom is adding full activity tracker capabilities and the ability to stream music to Bluetooth headphones, all for a pretty reasonable price.

Samsung's New Sleep Tracker Liberates Your Wrist By Hiding Under Your Mattress

Sleep tracking gadgets and apps can be invaluable, health-boosting tools. The trouble is that you need to remember to use them, which often involves wearing a wristable to bed. Samsung’s new Sleepsense tracker helps fix this problem by hiding the tracker under your mattress.

Wacom's New Digitising Notebook Could Bring Me Back To Pen And Paper

I love writing stuff down. Well, I love the idea of writing stuff down. Often I abandon the actual task because keeping track and archiving written notes is a huge pain in the arse. Wacom has a new toy called Bamboo Spark that digitises your handwritten notes without you having to think about it… much.

The Truly Spectacular Process Of How The Best Chef's Knife In The World Is Made

Made of stacked melted meteorite that looks more like Thor’s hammer and armed with the encyclopaedic knowledge of knives and stunning skill from bladesmith Bob Kramer, these chef Kramer knives are among the finest in the world. This video of him, by Anthony Bourdain’s Raw Craft, features his process and it might be the most impressive knife making video I’ve ever seen.

Samsung At IFA 2015: Everything You Need To Know

Very soon, we’re going to be living in a hyperconnected world. Samsung’s IFA 2015 gadgets want to be all over your body and all throughout your life.

The FAA Is Allowing A Company To Fly A Massive Fleet Of 300 Drones

In the biggest approval of commercial drone use to date, a tiny UAV startup got the OK from the Federal Aviation Administration last week to fly its fleet of 324 types of drones in the sky for “aerial data acquisition”.

NASA Teams Up With Hoverboard Company To Build A Magnetic 'Tractor Beam'

When Arx Pax unveiled its “hoverboard” last year, we had a hunch that this was but the first demonstration of the company’s new magnetic field technology. Why was Arx Pax really messing around with magnets? For one, to build a tractor beam.

This Accident-Recording Dash Cam Will Now Prevent Crashes Too

If the endless supply of crazy Russian dash cam videos haven’t convinced you to get one for your car, maybe Garmin’s new Dash Cam 35 will. In addition to documenting accidents, it now has Forward Collision Warnings to remind drivers when they’re following too close to another vehicle, risking a crash.

Technics Will Release A New Turntable In 2016, And We Can't Wait 

Vinyl is on the rise these days, and so Technics is getting back into the the turntable game. The venerable brand showed off an aluminium prototype of a new model set to be released in 2016. Here’s what I know: I’m really excited.

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