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Australian Police Seized 3D Printers For Building Guns In A Melbourne Raid

In a raid this morning on a Mongols outlaw motorcycle gang member house in the west of Melbourne, police have seized 3D printers and other equipment allegedly used to manufacture firearms. Along with drugs and ammunition, the police raid on the group has found consumer-grade desktop 3D printers, which have the potential to be used to produce single-use firearms or to manufacture components to convert semi-automatic weapons to fully automatic.

Queen's Guitarist Wants You To Use His Plastic Smartphone VR System

Brian May is many things: Lead guitarist of Queen, lover of badgers and astrophysicist. Now, add VR guru to the list — because he’s just announced his very own version of Google Cardboard.

The Pebble Core Lets You Leave Your Smartphone At Home

Known for its smartwatches, the Core is Pebble’s latest offering — and possibly most exciting yet. The core is 3G and wi-fi enabled, can record voice notes, stream music from Spotify, tracks your pace, distance, and location with GPS and sync GPS the data with top fitness apps, send an emergency SOS SMS with your location and comes with 4GB built-in storage.

But it’s not a smartwatch. It’s a “magic button” Pebble calls “the first 3G, truly connected ultra-wearable,” it’s only $69, and most importantly — you don’t need your smartphone around to use it.

Ultra Simple Licence Plate Sensor Adds Collision Protection To Any Car

If your car’s scratched and dented bumpers reveal a long history of you accidentally backing into things, you don’t necessarily need to buy a new vehicle just to get a fancy collision warning system. If you have a smartphone, and can use a screwdriver, you can easily install this licence plate cover that serves as an extra pair of eyes for you when reversing.

A Full-Colour E Ink Screen Means Your Next Kindle Might Be Great For Magazines

Despite competition from tablets boasting full-colour LCD displays, devices that use black and white electronic paper, like Amazon’s Kindle, have remained popular. And now that E Ink has created the first full-colour electronic paper, e-readers have found yet another way to remain relevant.

Lunch Time Deals: Save Up To $100 On Parrot Drones

When you’re buying your lunch today, you might want to take a moment and spend a little more. Gizmodo’s Lunch Time Deals posts point out any particularly good bargains for Aussie bargain hunters around the ‘net.

Today, it’s “Flying Season” with Parrot offering a $40 to $100 cash back on a selected range of drones.

Jake Dyson Is Fixing The Way We Light Up Our Homes And Offices

We’ve been thinking about lighting the wrong way for years, apparently. Desk lamps with shades over globes, downlights in household ceilings, fluorescent light fixtures in offices. Jake Dyson, son of renowned inventor Sir James Dyson, and an entrepreneur and inventor in his own right, has turned his attention to making a better light — and fixing the way that designers use light in home and office spaces alike.

“It’s not about seeing the light,” he tells Gizmodo. “It’s about seeing the result of the light.”

Apple Is Reportedly Building An Echo Rival And Opening Siri To Developers

Less than a week after hearing about Google’s voice-controlled home assistant, The Information says that Apple has a similar inclination. The Cupertino company will reportedly open up the Siri API to third-party developers in the near future and will eventually make its own Amazon Echo rival.

Win A $10,000 Luxaflex Smart Blinds Package!

Our homes are getting smarter — automatically adapting and reacting to who we are and what we want. While it’s up to you to upgrade your TV or buy a new sound system, we can help you out by making your blinds smart — with $10,000 worth of smart blinds and installation from Luxaflex. That’s huge. And entering is easy!

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