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Your Ultimate Guide To Mountaineering Gear

Ready to geek out on outdoors gear? Combining climbing, high altitudes, camping and extreme winter weather, mountaineering is probably the most gear-intensive sport there is. And here’s your ultimate guide to the best gear for it.

The DJI Osmo Is A Handheld Stabilised 4K Camera

Not just a builder of amazing drones, the DJI boffins have used their expertise to create a camera stabilisation system for ground use. Check out the buttery smooth video.

The Latest In Technical Outdoor Wear: How To Maximise Your Adventure

The weather’s getting warmer across Australia as we barrel head-first into a sweltering summer, and that means it’s time to get outside and get exploring. Whether you’re planning an afternoon bushwalk in the scrub behind your house, or a fortnight-long trek through the middle of nowhere, there’s plenty of high-tech clothing that you can pick up to make the journey more comfortable.

What's Inside A Cheap Vibrator? We Took This One Apart To Find Out [NSFW]

Electromechanical vibrators actually have a long history — consumer versions have been around for more than 100 years. But how do they actually work? To find out, we did a teardown on a nice cheap vibe: the Platinum Edition Butterfly Kiss from California Exotics Novelties, pictured here in all its garish pink glory.

For $40,000, This Bang & Olufsen Speaker Should Play Sound In 11 Dimensions

Bang & Olufsen will freely admit that its new BeoLab 90 speaker is ‘not for everyone’. Given that most people can’t blow $US40,000 on a car, let alone speaker-systems-as-modern-art, that’s not surprising. But at least for the money, you should get a nice hi-fi.

The New Beats Pill+ Looks Like A Rip-Off

Beats products are a trick. The combination of slick marketing and deceptive design is effective! But it’s still a trick.

UNIQLO's New Technology Picks You A T-Shirt To Fit Your Mood

Sleepy kittens, a stormy day in the city, a man standing on top of a mountain. These are just a few of the images that UNIQLO’s UMood flashes in front of you, as part of its new tech that promises to curate a small selection of t-shirts that match your mood.

A Closer Look At The Microsoft Band 2: More Wearable, But Not Without Problems

In the crazy world of new Microsoft — where Surfaces are now more fully-fledged laptops and Lumias turn into complete PCs — Band 2 was met with little fanfare. But getting a closer look at Band 2 helped convince me that Microsoft has something brewing inside this little wearable, but it’s not quite there yet.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Bigger Screen, Faster Guts

Now that Apple has joined the convertible don’t-call-it-a-laptop party with the iPad Pro, Microsoft is giving the Surface Pro a much-needed specs bump. Productivity has never been so competitive.

You Can Now Buy Mattel's Awesomely Affordable Google-Powered VR Headset

Virtual reality headsets are the future we were promised, but it’s unclear if they will just end up being toys for rich people. However, with a little help from Google, Mattel is resurrecting the classic View-Master for VR.

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