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The Best LEGO Sets of 2015: Star Wars, Jurassic World, Doctor Who, And More

2015 is coming to a close, and it’s time to start looking back at the many things the year gave us. So why not the best Lego sets of 2015? We could look back at sports results (too fat), news events (too sad), or gadgetry (OK, we love a bit of that), but let’s do something a little bit more fun, eh? Let’s look at some of the brilliant Lego sets that got unleashed upon the world since January 1st.

Watch Jeremy Clarkson Talk Amazon's New Drones

Video: Not content with just starring in a new Top Gear Top Gear-esque car show on Amazon Prime, Jeremy Clarkson is putting the good word out about Prime Air, Amazon’s they-really-want-it-to-be-legal drone delivery service. A new drone stars in this particular video, with a mix of vertical and horizontal propellers that makes it look like some kind of cardboard version of the V-22 Osprey. Amazon says that it, and its other drone friends, could deliver you a parcel in 30 minutes or less, over a 25 kilometre range from its depot — if the government allowed it.

Here's How To Make A Vaccuforming Machine

Over on io9, I’ve been charting my progress on how to make a set of Stormtrooper armour, working off of a kit. But, how do you make the kit in the first place? You need a vacuforming machine.

Take A Bite Out Of Yourself With A Custom Cookie Cutter

Oreo’s on a mission to create a flavour that will appeal to every last person on the planet. But its efforts can’t come anywhere close to the level of personalisation that a custom cookie cutter shaped like your head and face allows.

My Google Alert For 'Hoverboard' Is Officially Ruined

I have Google Alerts for everything. Whenever an article is posted with terms like “flying car,” “time capsule,” and yes, “hoverboard,” I get a notification. But today I can call my Google Alert for “hoverboard” officially worthless. Just take a look at this story from The Irish News.

Should You Buy A Hoverboard?

The self-balancing motorised scooters that are popularly called hoverboards are this year’s must-have Christmas gift. But even if you’re dying to go out and get your hands on one, Gizmodo is here to let you know whether you really should.

Microsoft Australia Has Some Pretty Sweet Xbox One And Surface Deals For Black Friday

Black Friday isn’t a thing here in Australia. Which is unfortunate considering that there’s a bunch of sweet cash to be saved on gadgets this time of year. Microsoft Australia decided to throw the land Down Under a bone and discount products from the Surface through to the Xbox One, and everything in between.

These Ice Tools Are Made From...Wood?

Ice climbing is one of those niche sports that pushes the cutting edge of crapping yourself, and materials technology. Equipment has to be light, stiff, flexible enough for shock absorption, and cheap enough for dirtbag climbers. Sounds like a job for nature.

This Tiny Device Can Wirelessly Spoof Magnetic Stripe Readers

This humble-looking piece of circuitry, little larger than a coin, can be used to wirelessly fool magnetic stripe readers into thinking you’ve swiped your card, by generating hefty magnetic fields that mimic the data held on it.

The Q Founder Is Fossil's First Android Wear Watch, Seems Pretty Average

For the past year or so, the smartwatch revolution has belonged exclusively to tech companies, who are better at designing electronics than fashion wearables. But earlier this month, Tag Heuer finally released its first Android Wear smartwatch, and Fossil isn’t far behind.

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