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The Latest In Technical Outdoor Wear: How To Maximise Your Adventure

The weather’s getting warmer across Australia as we barrel head-first into a sweltering summer, and that means it’s time to get outside and get exploring. Whether you’re planning an afternoon bushwalk in the scrub behind your house, or a fortnight-long trek through the middle of nowhere, there’s plenty of high-tech clothing that you can pick up to make the journey more comfortable.

UNIQLO's New Technology Picks You A T-Shirt To Fit Your Mood

Sleepy kittens, a stormy day in the city, a man standing on top of a mountain. These are just a few of the images that UNIQLO’s UMood flashes in front of you, as part of its new tech that promises to curate a small selection of t-shirts that match your mood.

A Closer Look At The Microsoft Band 2: More Wearable, But Not Without Problems

In the crazy world of new Microsoft — where Surfaces are now more fully-fledged laptops and Lumias turn into complete PCs — Band 2 was met with little fanfare. But getting a closer look at Band 2 helped convince me that Microsoft has something brewing inside this little wearable, but it’s not quite there yet.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Bigger Screen, Faster Guts

Now that Apple has joined the convertible don’t-call-it-a-laptop party with the iPad Pro, Microsoft is giving the Surface Pro a much-needed specs bump. Productivity has never been so competitive.

You Can Now Buy Mattel's Awesomely Affordable Google-Powered VR Headset

Virtual reality headsets are the future we were promised, but it’s unclear if they will just end up being toys for rich people. However, with a little help from Google, Mattel is resurrecting the classic View-Master for VR.

Turn Your Sketchy Nighttime Bike Ride Into A Blaze Of Glory With Revolights

Night biking is one of my favourite activities. But you know what’s even more fun? Not getting hit by careless drivers who fail to remember that bikers, too, sometimes have somewhere to be after dark. You’ve gotta have good lights, but taillights are passé. It’s time to step up your game. It’s time for Revolights.

This Startup Wants To Plant One Billion Trees A Year Using Drones

Deforestation downs 10 billion trees around the globe annually. Replanting trees by hand is slow, expensive, and barely puts a dent in reversing the damage. But one startup wants to use drones that can reforest our increasingly tree-strapped Earth, on a big enough scale to replace slow and expensive hired humans.

Cheap Down Insulation, Sleeping Bags Explained, Lightest Bow Ever: What's New Outside

We’re having a bit of a warm period, but you never know when you’ll need down jackets and cold weather sleeping bags. Going on a holiday, maybe? PSE just released the lightest compound bow ever and new watches from Suunto bring effective satellite navigation to your wrist. This is What’s New Outside.

All The News You Missed Over The Long Weekend

If you’re in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia or the ACT, then you’re probably back at work after a well-deserved long weekend. If you stayed off the internet, then you might have not caught up with anything that happened in the world of tech. Here’s where we wrap up all the news you missed while you were busy watching the AFL or NRL or getting outside to enjoy the sun.

I Want To Buy Keurig's New Soda-Dispensing Machine (Unfortunately)

Keurig, the company that stole all your money with its annoyingly convenient coffee machines, has just announced a machine that might do the same thing for soda.

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