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Awesome Photo Of A F-15 Being Refueled From The Air Fuel Tankers Perspective

Image Cache: What a view. Here’s a KC-135 Stratotanker refuelling a F-15 in the air from the perspective of the air tanker. Actually, it’s almost like seeing the whole process from the perspective of the boom, as we see the probe arm reach into the receptacle. It’s such an awesome angle.

How Much Paper Does It Take To Stop A 50 Cal Machine Gun?

Video: Reams of paper make for pretty good bullet proof material. It’s just layers and layers of protection! But what happens when it’s a 50 cal machine gun that’s shooting at paper? How many reams does it take to stop that ridiculously giant and powerful bullet? About 7! Which is like, 3500 sheets of paper.

Guy Builds Gigantic Glowing Lightsabers For The Best Christmas Display Ever

When it comes to home made lightsabers — a popular pastime for Star Wars fans — Bob Clagett doesn’t mess around. He was recently hired to build a pair for a client’s holiday display, and the gigantic results put any Christmas tree, gingerbread house, or nativity scene to shame.

Check Out The Glorious Capes On These Batman V Superman Action Figures

Although some may disagree, nothing beats a good cape on a superhero suit — and the same stands for superhero action figures. So it’s a good jobe Medicom’s new toys based on Batman v Superman have some fantastic, poseable capes to make the figures really shine.

This Insane 2-Player Synth Makes The Music Of The Future

What happens if you bolt together two keyboards, full colour displays, a full suite of analogue controllers and a granular synthesiser engine for two enthusiastic musicians? The Collidoscope is what — and it sound just futuristic as you’d expect.

What Happens When An Aeroplane Hits A Bird

Video: Poor birdie. If you ever wondered what would happen if an aeroplane and a bird hit each other head on, here it is. It doesn’t end up exactly how you think it would. Well, it kind of does as in the bird loses but it is a little surprising in how high and straight the bird bounces in the air after hitting the nose of the jet. Poor birdie.

Are You Watching Jessica Jones On Netflix?

After the success of Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix, a new superhero has emerged on the streaming platform. The hard-drinking, harder-hitting Jessica Jones dropped on Netflix over the weekend, and we want to know: are you watching?

Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary Special Was Almost The Worst Episode In History

Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary special, The Day of The Doctor was one of the better TV celebrations in recent memory, but according to showrunner Stephen Moffat, it was nearly one of the biggest TV embarrassments in history.

This Slow-Motion Fire Tornado Is The Prettiest Damn Thing You'll See All Day

Video: Vortices made of flame are an awesome sight, but as this new video by the SlowMo Guys beautifully illustrates, they take on a completely new complexion when seen in slow motion.

Rdio Will Be Cancelling Subscriptions Starting Tomorrow

Briefly: As you’ve probably heard if you’re an Rdio user, the music-streaming service is shuttering its doors. The fate of the company’s assets is clear — sold for $US75 million to Pandora — but the wind-down process has now been outlined.

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