Another Hint At Netflix's Inevitable Australian Launch

Netflix is coming to Australia! Probably. Maybe. I don’t know, actually, and I’m not going to pretend that I do. One hint that the US-based streaming video giant is planning an Australian expansion, though, is the fact that it has secured the exclusive Australian streaming rights to Warner Bros’ Gotham.

Sunshine Superman: An Exhilarating BASE Jumping Origin Story

Sunshine Superman, a nostalgia-flecked look at the beginnings of modern BASE jumping, is an exuberant look at the life of Carl Boenish, the sport’s founding father.

Chromecast Just Got Twitch And A Bunch Of Other New Apps

Briefly: Chromecast just got another wave of apps. Leading the charge this time is the newly Amazon-owned Twitch, along with iHeartRadio and a handful of Disney streaming apps.

Short Film: The Tough Everyday Life Of An Orc In Mordor

The everyday life of orcs in Mordor is tough. Any given day they end up with a knife slicing their stomach, an arrow piercing their jugular, or their head severed by who knows what. This short film tells the story of an Orc in one of those complicated days.

This Song Made With Random YouTube Music Clips Is Simply Amazing

I started watching the music video of Give It Up — the fourth track of Kutiman’s first album Thru You Too — with scepticism. After all, how good can a song be if it’s made from samples taken from random, unconnected YouTube music clips? Well, apparently, it can be amazingly good. Just watch and listen.

These Lovely Sony Headphones Hide Bluetooth Inside Minimalist Design

Headphones are gaudy fashion statements these days, which is why it’s nice to see Sony go with a minimalist design that recalls some of its early Walkman cans.

Buy KFC, Get A Free Month Of Foxtel's Presto

Feeling peckish? Nothing good on TV? Oh my God all your prayers have been answered at once — for the next two weeks you’ll get a free month’s access to Presto, Foxtel’s movie streaming service, when you buy a $24.95 KFC Family Burger Box.

Quickflix Attacks Netflix: 'Play By The Rules'

Stephen Langsford, CEO of Australian DVD rental and video on demand streaming service Quickflix, has hit out at international competitor and current streaming king Netflix, saying that the US video on demand giant should play by Australian rules and therefore block access to its estimated 200,000 current Australian subscribers, who are accessing Netflix through a method of uncertain legality.

Apple Just Made It Easier To Delete That Free U2 Album It Gave You

Hell hath no fury like an iTunes user with a free U2 album. For all the haters who despise the very concept of Songs of Innocence casually rubbing up against their curated iTunes collection, Apple just published a very quick one-click fix to rid your life of the Irish menace forever.

Making Noises And Sounds Like A Foley Artist Looks Like A Lot Of Fun

None of the mics are actually plugged in and this video is an ad for COS by Lernert & Sander, but it sure makes the job of a foley artist look like a lot of fun. Rushing to recreate noises by creatively manufacturing sounds, choreographing moves to heighten the senses, it looks like a band performing with ridiculous instruments.

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