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Gizmodo Movie Night: The Best Driving, Racing And Car Chase Movies And TV Shows

It’s almost the weekend, and that means you should book in another Gizmodo movie night. This week, pull on your driving gloves, top up on 100-octane racing fuel, and crank over that small-block V8 — these are the best driving and car chase movies and TV streaming online right now.

Super Fun Short Warps Reality By Screwing With Our Expectations

This fantastic short by Terri Timely and Park Pictures completely bends your mind because everyday tasks — like, putting toothpaste on your tooth brush — become something completely different and weird and almost abstract — like, the toothpaste becoming a flame thrower. Think you know what happens when you turn on a TV or spin a lazy susan? Think again!

Orange Wine Looks Like Pee But Tastes Like Magic

“What is it?” the innocent wine drinker asks as she stares at a glass of golden grape nectar. It smells like a light red wine, but it looks like a dark white wine. It tastes like nothing you’ve had before. It is orange wine, and it is delicious.

Hasbro's The Force Awakens Toys Reveal Some New Details -- And Han Solo

Force Friday may have come and gone, but there’s going to be a lot more Star Wars toys between now and The Force Awakens heading our way. Hasbro have unveiled a bunch of new figures at New York Comic Con — and one of them is none other than Han Solo himself.

This Impressive 7-Ball Robot Juggler Is Better Than Most Buskers

Juggling isn’t an easy skill to master, especially when you up the challenge to keeping seven balls in the air. It’s even harder for robots to do, which is why Nathan Peterson’s automaton busker deserves more than just a handful of loose change if you happen to come across it busking in the subway.

This Beautiful Spinning Chocolate Cake Hides Hilarious Animations

Oh, this is great. Alexandre Dubosc made this wonderful zoetrope that uses chocolate and popcorn to animate itself. As the multi-layer cake spins around, different things begin to appear as if they’re moving and it’s all perfectly matched with the sound. Corn kernels pop, popcorn gets catapulted and chocolate mouths get fed.

E-Books Will Never Replace Print, Because E-Books Are Stagnant And Poorly Designed

Welcome to this week’s Reading List, where you’ll find the best science and technology stories on the internet assembled in one delightful package. This week, we’ll ponder the place books have in our lives, explore urban history, see without realising it, and remember the birth of online music streaming.

Infographic: The Evolution Of The Batmobile

What’s your favourite Batmobile? They all have their own charm, don’t they? The Tumbler was brute force bicep flexing whilst kissing bad arse. The 60’s Batmobile was fanciful and fun and totally goofy but cool in all the right ways. But my favourite is probably the Batmobile from the Tim Burton movies. It’s slick and mysterious and what I think of when I think of the Batmobile.

Breathtaking Helicopter Footage Of Cities Around The World

This is behind the scenes footage from some commercial that Hyundai shot that basically toured the world. I have no idea what the final commercial looks like and I don’t really care because I’m totally obsessed with this truly spectacular footage they got of cities around the world from the vantage point of a helicopter.

Coming Soon: This Week In Movie Trailers

Welcome to the trailer park! This week: Nostalgia overload with Universal’s Jaws 19 trailer, Jessica Jones gets superpowers in a new trailer, and Sarah Michelle Gellar reveals her badass Inquisitor character from Star Wars Rebels.

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