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Turns Out Ezra Miller's Flash Has Excellent Taste In TV

We already liked Ezra Miller’s Flash when he appeared in last night’s Justice League Comic-Con trailer, but now? We’re ready to be BFFs, because it turns out the (Movie’s) Fastest Man Alive is a big Rick & Morty fan.

Watch Silicone Get Happily Poured Over Lego Bricks

Video: There’s really not too much to this, but if you need a break from the world or a little time-out on brain activity, just watch this totally silly video of silicone being poured over Lego bricks. It’s stupid but it’s kind of, sort of, fun to see the layers of goo neatly pile up until they collapse all over each other. At that point, the silicone crawls and oozes down until it satisfyingly fills the crevices around the bricks.

Watch How Special Effects Made Game Of Thrones' Season Finale An Explosive Masterpiece

Video: When I close my eyes at night, I can still hear that beautifully creepy score from Game of Thrones’ season finale, I can see the Great Sept of Baelor and the characters inside, and I can feel that chilly sense of doom. It’s funny how real those emotions are still, especially since so much of what we watched on TV was faked through expert visual effects.

Why The New Version Of The Tick Is Going To Be So Different

Ben Edlund has a great laugh. Several of them, actually. One of them sounds like the sarcastic giggle of a skinny kid who used to insult his tormentors in ways that they wouldn’t even understand. There’s another kind of tittering that rings with nostalgia, as he thinks about elements from previous adaptations of The Tick. The laughter I heard the most was the excited cackle that came up when he discussed his new plans for his signature creation.

The Case Against Netflix's Binge-Watching Model

I love binge-watching TV as much as the next obsessive. I wasted many weekends of my youth stretching the tape on bootleg Simpsons tapes. I devoured Battlestar Galactica on DVD over a few days in bed with the flu, and downloaded a few hundred episodes of Scrubs after a particularly bad break-up. As Aya Cash, star of the excellent televisions show You’re The Worst tweeted, “I’ve been binge-watching shows since it was just called depression.”

American Horror Story's Sixth Season Teasers Give Off Major Texas Chainsaw Vibes

Video: These teasers for American Horror Story‘s sixth season are equal parts artful and vague. They are also the only clues that we’ve gotten (other than that baffling logo, above) regarding the plot — and the combo of farmhouse, sharp-object mobile and sounds of terror all scream Texas Chainsaw Massacre to me.

James McAvoy Plays A Terrifying Bad Guy In New M. Night Shyamalan Trailer

Video: In 2015, M. Night Shyamalan released his best film in years, found-footage nightmare The Visit. He returns to a conventional style with Split, which may or may not delve into the supernatural, but definitely flirts with some very weird science. It also has a killer cast; James McAvoy alone gets to play 24 different characters.

Netflix's Reason For Not Saving Agent Carter Was 'Business'

When ABC canceled Agent Carter, there was a brief hope that Netflix would pick the show up and continue it. It made sense — Netflix was already home to other Marvel shows. And now we know the reason the company didn’t pick up the show.

Lunch Time Deals: $1200 Off An (Awesome) 4K LG TV

Need a new big-screen TV? Today’s the day to pick one up if you’re near a JB Hi-Fi — you can score yourself $1200 off the price of a 65-inch LG Ultra HD telly, in what is almost a carbon copy of a similar deal from June. The catch? You’ll have to make your decision today.

Jared Leto Has A Ridiculous Idea For How The Joker Would Do An Interview

At this point, it’s probably no surprise that Jared Leto did some very, very weird things to get into the mindset of the Joker for Suicide Squad. And yet, every time he talks about it, things get grimmer.

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