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Hey, Game Of Thrones, What Is Up With Dorne?

If you watched the season premiere of Game of Thrones, you were treated with a brief return to Dorne, that south-most region of Westeros where last season’s most boring storyline took place. And then, after seeing one of the show’s greatest deviations from the books, you started wondering what the hell is happening here.

Either Donnie Darko Hasn't Aged Well Or The Director's Cut Isn't As Good

Donnie Darko is one of those movies I watched and rewatched endlessly during university. The small, but bold, tale of a troubled young man saving his family and friends spoke to me in ways I don’t quite recall 15 years later. I just know I loved it. However, rewatching the director’s cut of the film (released on DVD in 2004), I found that connection much less potent.

Gizmodo Movie Night: 15 Animated Movies You Should Watch Again

It’s almost the weekend, and that means you should book in another Gizmodo movie night. This week it’s time to reminisce with movies you’ve probably seen a hundred times before. Australian streaming services rarely have the latest movies, but they do have decent back catalogues — here are some of the best animated movies that you’ve already watched but should again.

A Solo Mission To Mars Goes Weirdly Awry In Approaching The Unknown

Video: Here’s the first trailer for writer-director Mark Elijah Robinson’s debut feature, Approaching the Unknown. An astronaut (Mark Strong) blasts off for Mars but ends up heading more in the direction of… well, the title’s kind of a giveaway. When existential weirdness meets space travel, though, anything’s possible.

Could Pretty Much Anyone Just Make A Jackson Pollock Painting?

Video: You know that feeling, we’ve all had it. You’re walking in a museum and stumble upon something you think is so simple, a piece that is so ridiculous that you look at it and then look at the people around you and are like, “Oh my god, I could totally do this. How is this art?!” You might even wave your arms in an exasperated fashion. You might think art is stupid. You’re also totally wrong.

The Adventure Is Bigger Than Ever In The Last Kubo And The Two Strings Trailer 

Video: This winter some huge, epic action films will be coming to a theatre near you, but none of them look like they can hold a candle to Kubo and the Two Strings. The third trailer is here and it shows an adventure on an epic scale we rarely see in movies — and definitely not movies made with stop-motion animation.

See The Incredible Amount Of Work It Took To Make Deadpool's Mask

Video: One of the Deadpool movie’s best elements was how the movie brought his mask to life. This might shock you to learn, but there was an astounding amount of work involved in making a mask that could be as expressive as it is in the comics, but that Ryan Reynolds’ could still see and talk out of.

Check Out X-Men Apocalypse's Comic-Inspired Uniforms In All Their Goofy Glory

We got a glimpse of the new generation of X-Men’s comic-inspired costumes thanks to Empire Magazine recently, but a new image of the mutant team reveals their uniforms from top to bottom, and they look wonderfully colourful and silly in just the right way.

Mads Mikkelsen Might Have Just Dropped A Huge Rogue One Spoiler

Oh dear. Even after the recent trailer, much of Rogue One is still a mystery to us. But Mads Mikkelsen might have just pulled the curtain back on a rather important detail about his character. Seriously, big spoilers ahead.

9Now Can Stream Live TV In Regional Australia, Court Says

The NSW Supreme Court has knocked back an attempt by Australia’s regional broadcaster WIN to prevent Channel Nine from live streaming its TV broadcasts through 9Now, saying the online service is not a direct competitor to WIN’s digital TV transmissions.

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