AnimeLab Now Has A (Great) App For iPad And iPhone

Australia’s own Madman Entertainment has a great little homegrown anime streaming service in AnimeLab, and after half a year on PC and Android it’s finally making its way to the iPad and iPhone.

Ted 2: Marky Mark And The Funky Bear Are Back

Video: Ted became the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time when came out in 2012. I freely admit I haven’t seen it — not my cup of tea — but plenty of people have, and plenty of people like its CGI bear namesake’s particular brand of off-colour humour. Well, now there’s a new one coming out in the middle of this year.

Why Aren't There Any Human Doctors In Star Wars?

Though set “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away,” it isn’t hard to see in the Star Wars films a vision of our own not so distant future. But Anthony Jones, a physician with a long background in health care technology development, sees the Star Wars vision of medicine’s future as sheer fantasy. Specifically, he is struck by the dearth of doctors – at least human ones. “In Star Wars,” he says, “there are no people practicing medicine. Caring for patients seems to have been taken over by machines.”

Spotify Is Killing It, And That's A Good Thing

Sony just made PlayStation immeasurably better by ditching its own Music Unlimited service for Spotify, bringing the world’s most popular (and arguably best) on-demand streaming service to the word’s most popular next-gen gaming console.

How Breathing Marks Every Single Second Of Our Lives

Breathing is not only the most crucial part of our existence but an expression of ourselves at the most basic level. It is the most crucial part of our existence but we rarely think about it — especially in Western civilisations. This short film is a good reminder of the power of breathing and how it marks our lives.

This Ad Explains Why Unicorns Disappeared

This hilarious ad for French network Canal+ — promoting their film production division — tells the story of why unicorns disappeared from the surface of the Earth. I’m not going to tell you more about it so I don’t spoil it — just make sure you watch it until the very end.

Streaming Movies And TV On Stan, Easier Than Netflix

A streaming video on demand service can have a massive library of movies and TV online, but just as important is actually guiding you to easily find and watch that video. For my $10 per month, the experience of actually using the just-launched Stan is every bit as good as, and in some cases even better than, Netflix.

Qantas To Use Samsung's Gear VR For First-Class In-Flight Entertainment

If you’re lucky enough to fly in first class, your pointy end long-haul flight is about to get even fancier. Qantas is going to be using the Samsung Gear VR, and the accompanying Galaxy Note 4, for in-flight entertainment for its first-class customers.

Can You Recognise These Upcoming Movies From Just A Simple Icon Drawing?

This movie poster by Silenzio actually shows 35 different movies coming out in 2015, all represented with just one icon. Can you tell which movie is which? Some are easy because the sequel numbers are listed, while others are just a little bit tougher. How many can you recognise?

This Is The Main Cast Of Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs Biopic

Filming for the forthcoming — and much-troubled — Steve Jobs biopic started yesterday. With that came confirmation of the main cast that will feature in the film.