Watch John Malkovich Play A Vampire In This Funny French Commercial

Video: John Malkovich is a great actor, no doubt about it. That’s why it’s not surprising to see him nail the role of a vampire in this cinematic — and quite funny — TV commercial for a French video streaming service.

DJ Matthew Dear Sampled Thousands Of GE Machines To Make This Banger

DJ Matthew Dear teamed up with General Electric acoustics engineer Andrew Gorton to sample the tones created by the churn of “thousands” of different GE machines, from turbines to medical equipment. The sounds were then chopped up and reassembled into “Drop Science”, a frantic, meticulous music experiment.

Sony MDR-1RBT Mk2 Headphones: Australian Review

Sometimes a piece of technology comes along that just hits all its marks perfectly. Excellent and thoughtful design, high quality components and some smartly integrated features combine to make something that just feels special. Sony’s updated MDR-1RBT Mk2 headphones are part of the company’s growing stable of High Resolution Audio devices, and they’re very nearly the cream of the crop.

Could Virtual Reality Seem Real Enough To Kill You?

I will never, ever forget the first time I played F.E.A.R. Years later, the game’s dark corridors continue to haunt me and every time I think of Alma, that ghostly little girl, I feel slightly queasy. Still, I guess I’m thankful we didn’t have the Oculus Rift in those days.

The Netflix Challenge: The Two Major Hurdles In The Australian Market For The Service Transforming The TV Industry

The estimated 200,000 Australians who cheat so they can be recognised as local US subscribers of Netflix and access a deep well of entertainment content may be better off continuing the arrangement even if the on-demand internet streaming giant opens shop in Australia.

7 Things You Maybe Didn't Know About Guardians Of The Galaxy

To be honest, I didn’t know Guardians of the Galaxy was a thing that even existed until I saw the awesome trailers of a raccoon firing rockets and a tree beating people people up. But after taking part in the fun space road trip that was disguised as a movie, I can’t get enough of it. I want to know everything.

Captain America Should Use These Throwing Ninja Star Shield Weapons

Captain America’s shield is as iconic as comic book superhero weapons get but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement. Man at Arms: Reforged decided to give it an upgrade by turning the shield into throwing ninja stars. Captain America should definitely use them for his next movie.

Hasbro's FanArt Collaboration Is Now More Than Meets The Eye

Hasbro’s expanded its officially sanctioned fan 3D model printing setup to include a bevy of additional brands, including Transformers and Monopoly. You know, for all that derivative Rich Uncle Pennybags art you’ve been hiding from their lawyers.

Short Film Shows The Dangers Of A Computer That Makes Wishes Come True

Video: What would you do with a magic computer that could make anything you want to appear in front of you. No payments, no three-day shipping — just type something and boom, it’s yours. It sounds awesome until you see what happens in this short directed by Spencer Susser.

The First 4K OLED TV You Can Buy Will Cost $12,000

OLED has taken its sweet time to arrive in 4K sets, but now LG has announced that the first such set is about to go on sale. And this thing looks good enough to fall in love with.

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