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Dwayne Johnson Adds Doc Savage To His Endlessly Expanding Slate Of Projects

Dwayne Johnson took to Instagram to announce that he has officially joined Shane Black’s tale of “the world’s first superhero”, Doc Savage. The post, which you can read below, notes the actor’s excitement at playing “A F*CKING HILARIOUS WEIRDO!” Stoked for you, guy. But we have to ask: when does the Rock sleep?

Original Ghostbuster Dan Aykroyd Offers His Slightly Biased Review Of The New Film

Dan Aykroyd has a cameo in this winter’s Ghostbusters reboot, so it’s not like his opinion comes without a certain bias — obviously, he wants the movie to do well. But if the O.G. proton pack-slinger is to be believed, the new Ghostbusters is absolutely not to be missed.

Of Course There Were Plans For Even More Wolverine In X-Men Apocalypse

The X-Men movies just can’t quit Wolverine, it seems. Hugh Jackman’s take on the world’s most beloved Canadian (OK, maybe next to Justin Trudeau?) has managed to show up in every main X-Men movie, whether in a starring role or as a cameo. But it turns out his savage appearance in Apocalypse could’ve been even bigger.

Jeremy Irons Promises That Justice League Won't Be As Messy As Batman V Superman

Batman v Superman had some great moments, but overall, it was the hottest of messes when it came to setting up DC’s cinematic universe. Most people agree on that, so when even Alfred Pennyworth himself chimes in, he’s preaching to the choir. Thankfully though, he says Justice League won’t have that same problem.

What If X-Men Apocalypse Was Given An R-Rating?

Video: The latest X-Men movie is sadly a bit of a bummer, with grand scale but no soul. But what if Fox had included it in its plans to slap an R-rating on every superhero movie it had going in the wake of Deadpool‘s smashing success? It probably wouldn’t be as goofy as this parody trailer presumes.

11 History Books You Should Read Before Writing A Military Sci-Fi Novel

So you want to be a military science fiction author. You’ve read the classics from all the major authors, and you’ve got a great idea for a novel. Except you haven’t served in the military, and don’t know much beyond what you’ve seen on TV and in movies. Here are 11 books of military history you might want to read before diving in.

Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 6 Recap: Some Of The Players Are Getting Desperate

After last week’s harrowing episode, you can’t blame “Blood of My Blood” for wanting — needing, even — to take a step back. The flip side is that “Blood of My Blood” is a bit of a letdown. It’s not bad, per se, and plots do get advanced. They’re just not advanced very far, and in some cases, they’re advanced in a way that makes them sort of baffling. Take, for instance, the strange cases of Margaery Tyrell and Arya Stark.

Justice League Confirms A Returning Villain

Jessica Lange is done with American Horror Story. What could DC have planned for the Legion of Superheroes in live action? The cast of The Flash break down what the season two finale means for the show’s future. Plus, new pictures from Valerian and Star Trek Beyond, and Noah Hawley on Legion. Spoilers get!

Boogie Storm Re-Invades Britain's Got Talent

Dance troupe Boogie Storm impressed us with their performance at Britain’s Got Talent a couple of weeks ago. They’re now back with a followup, and it’s equally just as thrilling.

An Urban Explorer Group Stumbled Upon A Really Cool Star Wars Location

Oblivion State is a British urban exploration forum, and several of its members came across a really exciting find: the Millennium Falcon film set for the upcoming eighth Star Wars film.

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