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Gizmodo Movie Night: 15 Movies That Are So Bad They're Good

It’s almost the weekend, and that means you should book in another Gizmodo movie night. This week, be prepared to cringe as we feature the absolute worst movies streaming right now. Movies so bad you’ll be enjoying them for other reasons.

Own Finn's Jacket From Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Today I discovered that a site called “Film Jackets” exists and yes, it sells replica jackets from movies. If you’re wondering how long it’d take such an outlet to have Finn’s sweet piece of leather available for sale, the answer is “now”. Or “immediately”. I’m getting my tenses confused — you can buy it today.

Fan-Made LEGO Helicarrer Blows The Official Product Out Of The Water (...Well, Air)

LEGO is, clearly, more than a pastime for some. Maybe not a job (unless you’re employed by the Danish toy giant), but certainly bordering on obsession territory. The creations produced by such dedicated fans however more than makes up for any and all sunlight and social deprivation. Like this unbelievable Helicarrier from The Avengers.

This Snowball Machine Gun Shoots Snowballs So Freaking Fast

Video: Snowball fights are basically the only reason for snow so any advancement in snowball fighting technology is always going to be well received. Our pal Mark Rober, the ever inventive genius, has taken snowball fights to the next level with this awesome snowball machine gun invention. He basically outfitted an Echo Leaf Blower into the most dominating weapon you could have in a snowball fight. It’s like the snowball gun a Terminator would have.

Skier Somehow Survives A Terrifying 300 Metre Tumble Down A Mountain

Video: I don’t know how this is possible (though I am very thankful it is), but immediately after skiier Angel Collinson tumbled 300m down the side of an Alaskan mountain, she sat up and told everyone that she was going to walk back up the mountain to get her stuff. I mean, how badarse is that? After being put in the dangerous whirlwind free fall for what seemed like forever (the drop kept going and going and going), she just brushed it off like it was nothing. Incredible.

10 Movies That Secretly Hid Spoilers Inside The Movie Themselves

Video: It’s always a nice wink at an unknowing audience when a movie reveals a huge spoiler during the movie itself. It’s harmless fun that most people don’t even catch because they don’t know enough about what’s happening in the movie yet. But on future watches it gives a little extra chuckle layer for people to enjoy.

This Thunderstorm Time Lapse Is The Most Frightening Thing

Video: I know what my nightmares look like in real life now: this storm off of Maroochydore, Australia. I know what my version of hell would be: this storm off of Maroochydore, Australia. I know all this because this time lapse footage from Blue Dog Films is terrifying in the worst ways, with lightning buzzing and snapping all over the place and clouds morphing into every imaginable shape all at once.

Seeing The Most Infamous Super Villains In Movie History Smile Is So Twisted

Video: Villains from movies come in all shapes, colours, quirks and motivations, but they all have one thing in common: their smile. They all smile that same maniacal howl where they’re in a joke that no one else is on. It’s proof that they see the world completely different from the rest of us. It’s that crazy darkness that pushes them. And to watch all these super villains from movies smile that same smile one after the other in this video by Semih Okmn, it’s almost sickening to see (even though we know it’s fake, duh).

Seeing The Most Decadent Chocolate Cake Get Made Is Just Unfair

Video: Had dinner? Have plans for it? I say stop eating and cancel all plans and purge yourself from any food that you’ve eaten so you can bake this chocolate cake and eat the whole damn thing. It’s the only natural way to react after watching Chef Steps put together what they call the ultimate chocolate cake.

Wild 'Zola' Twitter Saga Will Soon Be A Movie Directed By James Franco

OK, the movie will actually be based off the Rolling Stone article that brought said Twitter saga to the world’s attention, but still — this is absolutely going to be the first film inspired by 148 tweets about a road trip involving Hooters, the “queen of hoeism”, a pimp, an exotic dancer and a plunge from a fourth-storey window.

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