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Here's A Can Of Cranberry Sauce Playing Mozart's Turkish March

Video: Done with Thanksgiving dinner, and never want to see cranberry sauce again? Too bad: here’s a can of the stuff being dropped, mashed, thwacked and sploshed, all to play Mozart’s Turkish (geddit?) March.

How Astronauts Cook Their Thanksgiving Meal In Space

Video: Being an astronaut is cool as hell for most days of the year. The few days that it kind of sucks when you’re an astronaut? Holidays. Astronauts can’t enjoy all the holiday food because of that damned zero gravity and those dehydrated food things. But at least they get to have some turkey for Thanksgiving. Here’s how they prepare their Turkey Tetrazzini.

This Video Explains The Easiest Way To Win At Noughts And Crosses

Video: It’s rather simple if you have the first move. Put your mark in one corner and depending on your opponent’s next move, put your mark on another corner and you’ll be perfectly set up for a win.

Gizmodo Movie Night: Every Good Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Streaming Right Now

It’s almost the weekend, and that means you should book in another Gizmodo movie night. Tonight, get to the chopper and get your ass to Mars — these are the best Arnie movies on Aussie streaming services right now.

Here's What It Takes To Actually Make A Thanksgiving Dinner From Scratch

Video: If you’ve been anywhere on the internet over the past month, you’ll have seen Americans talking about Thanksgiving dinner. Apparently cooking Thanksgiving dinner is hard. There are so many dishes and only one kitchen to cook it all in, so many guests to serve and only so much time to prepare everything. Andy George and crew at How to Make Everything wanted to make it harder by finding out what it takes to make it from total scratch. That is, they had to hunt a turkey, grow potatoes, dive for cranberries, make sugar on their own and so much more.

Installing This Temporary Basketball Net Is As Easy As A Free Throw

Finding a playground basketball hoop with the net still intact is rarer than spotting Bigfoot. But because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as the swish of a net after a perfect shot, someone has created a temporary one that can be easily installed on any regulation rim.

Watch A 22x22x22 Rubik's Cube Turn For The First And Last Time

Video: God bless the ultra nerds at Coren Puzzle. These Rubik’s Cube enthusiasts built a supermassive 22-by-22-by-22 and made a 90-minute YouTube video about it. In the end, it’s a very sad story.

The Rest Of The World Wishes Their Night Sky Shone Like It Does In Tasmania

Video: Light pollution. It really screws up the view. It would be so great if the stars in the sky could still be seen over big metropolitan areas. But it doesn’t work like that. You have to go far away from civilisation into deserts and nature to see the stars and cosmos the way they are meant to be seen. David Oliver Lennon wanted to bring the beautiful night sky closer, so he layered the sky in Tasmania on top of the skylines of big cities. It’s truly stunning.

Bird Strikes Are Scary For Even The Strongest Planes

Video: Most people understand that if a big bird gets sucked into a jet engine, that causes bad things requiring a decorated pilot and a conveniently-placed river to save. But if a little birdie were to go up against a fighter jet, things would be different, right?

Strapping A Leaf Blower To Your Kid's Power Wheels Is Yard Work Done Right

Video: Buying your kid one of those pricey ride-on toys isn’t so hard to justify when you realise you can strap a gas-powered leaf blower to the back of it and have your toddler deal with the mountain of leaves on your driveway. Rakes are so old-fashioned.

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