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Fast And Furious' Justin Lin Directs Live Action 360 Video For Google

Following from last year’s beautiful Duet, Google just pushed out a sweet little short from Justin Lin, best known as the director of the Fast and Furious.

Cortana Leaps Onto Lenovo PCs With Boosted Search Capabilities

Lenovo today announced a new collaboration with Microsoft that will see Windows 10’s Siri challenger, Cortana, enhanced with a new propitiatory search platform. Dubbed REACHit, it will allow Cortana to search and locate difficult-to-find content across multiple devices and cloud services with a few spoken commands.

Lenovo Cast Is A Wireless Streaming Hub For Tablets And Smartphones

Lenovo has lifted the curtains on Lenovo Cast, the company’s first media casting device for tablets and smartphones. It allows users to stream content wirelessly from their portable screens to a TV. Read on for the specifications.

Watching 60 Seconds Of Slapping Scenes From Movies Is Pretty Funny

Video: This is beyond silly, but to stitch together this wonderful minute clip of slapping from movies is a work of art. All kinds of slapping is going on here with all sorts of sound effects from all sorts of movies. It goes from being slightly amusing to giggle funny to ridiculously riotous.

Disney's Developing Robots That Walk Like Its Cartoon Characters

In an attempt to make its theme parks even more magical, Disney’s Research division is working to develop bi-pedal robots and animatronic characters that walk and move like the lively cartoon characters in its animated films and TV shows.

AnimeLab Switching To Premium Plans

Madman’s anime streaming service, AnimeLab, has been chugging along nicely for a while now, and is now making its prophesised switch to a premium service. But while you’ll have to pay for the finer features, there’s still a lot up for grabs for free.

LG's 2015 TVs: Everything You Need To Know

Thinking of picking up a new telly? We’ve got all the pricing, release dates, specs and features of LG’s entire 2015 TV line-up all in one place.

Game Of Thrones Season Five, Episode Seven Recap: The Gift

Things are going downhill in Westeros — depending who you’re cheering for, of course.

Warning: Spoilers within!

Drone Captures Incredible Footage Of Ancient Nubian Pyramids

Another great thing you can do with drones — take stunning footage of ancient royal burial chambers. This National Geographic video offers an entirely new perspective on the Nubian pyramids that have stood the test of time in the Sudanese desert for over 3,000 years.

Coming Soon: Sci-Fi Movie And TV News

Welcome to Gizmodo’s new regular Monday run down of what’s coming soon in the world of science fiction entertainment. This week: Supergirl leaks online, the awesome new Mad Max: Fury Road comic arrives and we’ve got a trailer for an upcoming flick featuring zombie Nazis riding flying sharks…