Here's What Sin City Looks Like Before They Add Any Special Effects

It takes a whole lot of special effects to bring a comic book to life on the big screen. So what does a movie like Sin City: A Dame for Kill look like before all the after effects are applied? The answer is basically nothing like the actual film.

Cool History Of Evolution Turns Lifeforms Into Robots

Video: This ad for the German technology store Saturn makes as much sense as a Transformers movie: Zero. But I like how it tells the evolution of life on Earth making a parallel with the evolution of human technology.

The Weirdest Album From 1964 Was From A Sleep-Talking Lyricist

There are regular ol’ spoken word albums, and then there’s The Dream World of Dion McGregor. This curiosity, distributed by Decca Records in 1964, is a recording of the songwriter talking in his sleep, ostensibly narrating aloud whatever strange nighttime visions running through his brain.

Short Film Tells The Weird Story Of A Missing Nuclear Missile

Writer and director David Soll explores the interior of a real-life Cold War era nuclear silo in this comedy short film: The custodian of a nuclear missile silo wakes up one morning to realise that the projectile has disappeared.

Explore The Star-Crossesd Spotify Users Listening To Songs In Sync

You might think yourself a unique soul, but thrown into a data pool of the tens of millions of users of an online service, your behaviour is going to sync up with somebody else’s at least some of the time. (Sorry, Quixote!) On Spotify, this means you’re going to be listening to songs in sync with someone else.

An Ode To All The Terrible Shows On Pay TV

Video: Is it me, or is Pay TV just 400 channels all filled with people doing stupid stuff like headbutting watermelons or crying at each other? Meet Popstel: Australia’s newest (satirical) and most awful Pay TV provider.

Dendy Direct: Australian Review

What happens when a trendy movie distributor tries out online streaming? Dendy Direct is the movie and TV streaming service from Australia’s top independent cinema chain. It’s not bad, and it’s a little cheaper than heading to the cinema with your partner, even if the service is still in its infancy.

This Video Replaces The Sounds In Game Of Thrones With Old Video Game Sounds

If you think there’s too much violence and sex and awful human behaviour in Game of Thrones, you’ll enjoy this light hearted remix where all the sounds of the show are replaced with old school video game noises. If you like Game of Thrones already, you’ll like the video because it’s more Game of Thrones.

SoundCloud Is Getting Ads

SoundCloud has been getting a little more business-savvy recently. Now, the pivotal music service has announced some sad news: it’s getting ads.

The First Automata Trailer Is Finally Out, And It Looks Spectacular

If Blade Runner and I, Robot gave birth to a new movie starring a bald Antonio Banderas, it would look just like Automata, the latest vision of our inevitably dystopian future. That future — or at least the way director Gabe Ibáñez has imagined it — also looks pretty dang awesome. Well, spectacular is probably a better word.