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Robots Might Soon Be Writing 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Books

Interactive fiction writing is a pretty niche market, but it’s one that we can’t seem to get enough of. Imagine how many more hours of Choose Your Own Adventure-style entertainment our kids could get lost in, if we could just build robots to write these stories. Guess what? We can.

Why Pain Rewards

Why do we seek out challenging experiences in the outdoors? And why does the pain, suffering and risk make them more rewarding? We talked to a leading sports psychologist to find out.

This Old Man's Memories Are So Vivid They Feel Completely Real

Sometimes all it takes is a smell or an image or a flavour to bring back memories so realistic that you almost feel like you’ve travelled back in time. It’s the easiest way to revisit your past without having to worry about unravelling the fabric of the space-time continuum. However, some memories can be a painful place to go back to.

Kylo Ren's Hot Wheels Car Is Cooler Than His Spaceship

There are no cars in the Star Wars universe — at least as we know them — but Hot Wheels makes a strong case for the next three sequels to consider swapping spaceships for hot rods. Because Kylo Ren’s Hot Wheels character car actually looks way cooler than his spaceship does.

The Scientific Art Of Sound When Making A Guitar

Video: The Art of Sound is a short documentary by Rodgers Townsend that reveals a bit of the genius of Tom Bills and the painstaking precision that goes into his making of guitars. Equal parts science and art, every decision of every carving of every shape of every guitar is motivated by making the instrument sound as good as it can.

Awesome Video Seamlessly Edits All Your Favourite Movie Characters Into One Scene

This is so much fun to watch. Hell’s Club by Antonio Maria da Silva of AMDS Films takes so many of your favourite characters from different movies and blends them all together into one coherent scene in a fictional club. The editing is really, really well done! And it’s great because you see the same actors in different roles react to one another and to each other that it basically blurs your movie memory into one thing.

A Secret Blaster On Hasbro's Battle Action Millennium Falcon Fires Nerf Darts

A Star Wars film without the Millennium Falcon just isn’t a Star Wars film. That’s why those prequels felt so weird, and why The Force Awakens made sure to include that bucket of space bolts. The same applies to Star Wars toy lines, so here’s Hasbro’s latest take on Solo’s ship.

Gizmodo Movie Night: Impress Your Friends With The Most Underrated And Underappreciated Movies And TV Shows

It’s almost the weekend, and that means you should book in another Gizmodo movie night. This week, polish your pince-nez, un-bend the corners of your copy of That Movie Book, and settle in front of the screen with a glass of wine and a plate of fine cheeses — these are the most underrated movies and TV shows streaming online right now.

These Cards Look Like They're Floating On Their Own And Destroying Gravity

Video: Zach Mueller has mastered the art of cardistry and in doing so probably destroyed the laws of gravity. The Fontaine cards he’s using seem to have a mind of their own with special rules that don’t apply to other objects on this planet. It’s not so much that his hands are controlling the card but the card is controlling his hands. Cool trick!

Photos Of China's Parade Commemorating WWII Shows Off Its Full Military Force

No country likes flexing its numbers in intimidatingly perfect choreographed coordination than China. And to be honest, no country does that better than them. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of WWII ending in Asia, China held a military parade to show off their military might and war machines and drones and missiles and aircraft and soldiers as some way to sternly encourage peace, and probably to alert the world that if WWIII went down that they’re more than ready.

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