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LG's 2015 TVs: Everything You Need To Know

Thinking of picking up a new telly? We’ve got all the pricing, release dates, specs and features of LG’s entire 2015 TV line-up all in one place.

Game Of Thrones Season Five, Episode Seven Recap: The Gift

Things are going downhill in Westeros — depending who you’re cheering for, of course.

Warning: Spoilers within!

Drone Captures Incredible Footage Of Ancient Nubian Pyramids

Another great thing you can do with drones — take stunning footage of ancient royal burial chambers. This National Geographic video offers an entirely new perspective on the Nubian pyramids that have stood the test of time in the Sudanese desert for over 3,000 years.

Coming Soon: Sci-Fi Movie And TV News

Welcome to Gizmodo’s new regular Monday run down of what’s coming soon in the world of science fiction entertainment. This week: Supergirl leaks online, the awesome new Mad Max: Fury Road comic arrives and we’ve got a trailer for an upcoming flick featuring zombie Nazis riding flying sharks…

Sennheiser Now Sells Spare Parts In Australia

Headphones broken? Cable getting a bit frayed and fuzzy? Lost an earpad? Sennheiser now sells replacement cables, earpads and other bits and pieces for its headphones in Australia through an online store.

Read The First Chapter Of Neal Stephenson's New Novel, Seveneves

The following excerpt is chapter one from Neal Stephenson’s new novel, Seveneves. Stephenson is also the author of the novels Snow Crash, Cryptonomicon, and Anathem.

App Deals: Discounted iOS iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone Apps

Today’s best deals include Human Anatomy Atlas on Android, Home Contents on iOS and Oldify on Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

How ILM Made You Believe This Painting Was A Real Hangar In Star Wars

When I saw Return of the Jedi in the movie theatre back in 1983 I and everyone else thought this matte painting of a Rebel hangar was a real thing — that, somehow, they managed to build a full size set with giant models. It was all a magic trick that used distraction to fool your brain. This BBC documentary explains how.

Netflix Movie Night: 10 Mammoth Monster Mayhem Flicks

It’s going to be a wet, cloudy, windy, horrible couple of days across most of Australia this weekend. Stay indoors, rug up, and settle in with some all-out monster madness — here are 10 of the best monster movies that Netflix Australia has to offer.

Television Is Changing, And Viewer Metrics Need To Change With It

The opening months of this year saw the first rumblings of a seismic shift in the Australian television market, with the introduction of three video-on-demand (VoD) subscription services: Stan; Presto; and Netflix.

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