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Man Of Steel Restored In Colour Looks So Much Better Than The Original

Man of Steel was mostly fine, but one huge problem with the movie was that it was just too dark. It embarrassingly cribbed its visual style off of Nolan’s Batman trilogy and that dark tone just doesn’t match up well with Superman. Visual Lab decided to restore the colour in the film and it looks so much better.

Dr Oz's Defence Against Critics: My Show 'Isn't A Medical Show

Dr Oz is in full damage control mode this week after numerous experts have pointed out that he should be fired. And his latest talking points might be the most hilarious yet. His bizarre defence? He says the Dr Oz Show is “not a medical show”.

Short Film Animates People's Stories About Their First Time

Video: Jonas Odell asked four different people about their first time having sex and then animated their stories in this wonderfully intimate short film. Some of the stories can get funny and familiar, other are touching and enlightening while another unfortunately is really sad. But even though the stories all very personal, they’re all relatable and the animation style is great.

A Simple Website Helps Sort Your Movie-Watching Options

Leanflix is a stripped-back website that rounds up the best movies from your favourite streaming (and pay-to-own) sites, sorts them by almost any criteria you could dream of, and spits out the results. It’s simple, effective and everything you wish Netflix’s interface actually was.

Netflix Movie Night: 10 Stunning Food And Nature Documentaries That Will Open Your Eyes

Look, the problem with Netflix is that it has too many movies and TV shows. One category Netflix has that most people don’t visit, because they’re too busy binging on sci-fi and action, are its documentaries. Here’s a shortcut to what you should learn about this weekend.

A Scientific Guide To The Fantastical Predators In Game Of Thrones

The monsters in George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones are magically badass. But could dragons, direwolves and lizard-lions be scientifically plausible, on some level? Today we’re going to try to answer that question — with the help of some biology experts.

Infini Is An Amazing-Looking Australian Sci-Fi Action Film

Gone are the days of twee, culturally cringe-worthy Australian films. With movies like Wyrmwood and the locally-produced Mad Max: Fury Road, our film industry is alive and kicking. Infini is the latest action-horror movie on the scene, and it looks brilliantly terrifying.

Telstra In Talks With Netflix, Despite Foxtel And Presto

Despite its 50 per cent ownership of Aussie pay TV stalwart Foxtel, Telstra is talking with Netflix to promote the service and integrate its video storage and server hardware in Telstra’s own data centres.

WIN! A $12k Trip For 2 To The NASTAR Space Flight Simulator In America

Alright, alright, alright guys — this is pretty amazing! To celebrate Interstellar now being available on Blu-ray and DVD, Gizmodo has teamed up with Roadshow Entertainment to send you and a friend to The National AeroSpace Training And Research (NASTAR) Center in Philadelphia. NASTAR is the only non-government facility for G force exposure in the world — perfect for your simulated space flight and overview of what it takes to be an astronaut. Entering is easy!

A Closer Look At The New Batmobile In Batman Vs Superman

Video: If you want to get a closer look at the new black dune buggy that Ben Affleck’s stunt guy will be driving in the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie, here’s some up-close footage from JoBlo Movie Trailers. You get up close shots of the parts and a glimpse of the weaponry. It’s like a cross between the Tumbler and sleeker Batmobiles of yore.