Gift Ideas: Cool New Windows And Android Slate Tablets For Christmas

Not everything in the tablet space has to be an iPad: there’s fierce competition between a number of new low-cost Windows 8.1 tablets and their Android equivalents. Whether you’re giving a tablet to someone as a pure fun play, or with more productive aims in mind, there’s a little something for everyone this festive season. Here’s some tablet gift ideas to get you started.

The Best Australian 2 In 1 Laptops/Tablets: Mega Christmas Round-Up

If you want a computing device with the power of a laptop and the portability of a tablet, then you want a 2 in 1. There are dozens of great convertible and detachable 2 in 1 laptops out there, but we’ve picked a few of our favourites.

How You Can Use The Genetic Code For Passwords

Need a password for a new device or service? Try the genetic code. Messenger RNA triplets and the amino acids they specify provide nearly endless password possibilities. And it’s timely — the People’s Choice for Sciencemagazine’s Breakthrough of the Year is “Giving Life a Bigger Genetic Alphabet.”

Our Favourite Big-Screen Media Centre Software For PCs

You don’t have to hunch over your PC monitor to watch YouTube, downloaded movies or TV shows. If you happen to have a PC connected to your big-screen TV, or even if you’re thinking of hooking one up, then there are a few choice pieces of media centre software for you to pick between and get a great cinematic experience.

How One Company Spent Millions On A Gaming Mouse

There’s a room on Logitech’s bright, modern-looking campus in Lausanne, Switzerland full of contraptions specifically designed to torture PC hardware.

Top Tips For Steam Big Picture Mode

We’re living in the future, yet you’re gaming like you live in the past. It’s time to get that gaming PC off your desk and into your lounge room, and Steam Big Picture Mode is the way to do it. Here are our top tips for getting the most out of it.

Microsoft 'Arcadia' Could Stream All Kinds Of Games And Apps To Windows

Microsoft boss Satya Nadella loves cloud computing, and a new, rumoured Microsoft service could be putting all that computing power to better use than ever. A project codenamed “Arcadia” (yes, another Halo reference) could soon stream games and apps to Windows devices, phones and tablets and computers alike.

Top Tips For PC Gaming In The Lounge Room

If you have a gaming PC, it doesn’t necessarily need to be tied to your desk and to a tiny monitor. PC monitors are pretty good, but they don’t give you a very cinematic experience — they’re just not big enough to make some games really pop. If you get your PC out into your living room and connect it to your big-screen TV, you’re in for a great time.

Computers Think These Are Real Animals And Objects

Even computers can be fooled by optical illusions. While computer vision is rapidly advancing, this set of bizarre images can fool even the best algorithms into thinking that they’re real objects.

WIN! One Of 2x Synology DiskStation DS215j Home NAS Servers (And Review It For Gizmodo!)

We’re big fans of Synology home network storage enclosures here at Giz, so we’re excited to give you the chance to win a new $259 DS215j personal server — and review it over Christmas!

Designed for the whole family (or anyone who juggles external hard drives) the DS215j is an ideal centralised storage/backup hub for your photos and movies, and lets you securely access content remotely when you’re travelling. We’ll also include a $330 Hikvision 720p network camera so you can test the home surveillance features. Entering is super easy: tell us how you’d use one!