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Security Researcher: It's 'Trivial To Bypass Security Tools On Macs'

At one time, Mac owners could sit smugly in the knowledge that their computer was far safer than a Windows machine. But the rise of Apple brought the rise of hacker interest — and now a researcher claims that it’s “trivial for any attacker to bypass the security tools on Macs”.

Why Is It Called 'Rebooting'?

You hear the phrase all the time when you’re working with computers, especially on customer service calls: “Please reboot your computer.” Why do we use the word reboot to mean “turn it off and on again”? It all goes back to tech history — and to one of the most revolutionary aspects of these computing machines.

Here's What A $US400 Laptop Looks Like This Year

Cheap laptops are getting better every year. The $US200 HP Stream 11 is a perfect example of that. What do you get for a couple of hundred more? The new 11-inch Pavilion x360. It’s a sleek backflipping laptop/tablet hybrid that sounds like surprising value for the money.

The Most Interesting Laptops And 2 In 1s In 2015 So Far

Got a need for a new notebook? Don’t cop out with a completely boring, staid beige box; you can find a bunch of out-of-left-field, amazing devices if you look around a little. Here are what we think are the most interesting laptops that you can buy this year.

This Is What You Get When You Buy A $10,000 PC

A crate. You get a crate. A crate full of $10,000 of high-performance gaming PC, actually. This is the five-figure Origin Genesis gaming desktop, and we have one in the office at the moment for review. It arrived in its own wooden shipping box.

Which Ports Do You Want On Your Dream Machine?

The new MacBook is out this week, and its most famous attribute — other than its model skinniness — is its single USB-C port for power and everything else. Yep, you can’t power your machine and use an external monitor or USB drive at the same time. So let’s build a crazy multi-port dream machine together.

This Little Device Turns Your Thumb Nail Into A Track Pad

Sometimes, your hands are completely tied up when you need to use a device the most — so even gesture recognition is no use, let alone a touchscreen. MIT’s latest input device though, which turns your thumbnail into a track pad, could help.

The New MacBook's Force Touch Trackpad Is Amazing

This is the Force Touch trackpad hidden inside the 12-inch MacBook and new MacBook Pro. It’s a close relative of the force-feedback tech inside the Apple Watch, but unlike a regular trackpad, there’s no click when you push against a Force Touch pad. Instead, a tiny vibration motor pushes back against your fingers.

Touch, Type, Click, Draw: Tips to Make You Faster At Using Windows 8

The best part of Windows 8.1 is its ability to support a touchscreen. There are some subtle tips and tricks you can learn to take yourself from touchscreen timid to touchscreen pro.

An Inside Look At The New MacBook's Weird, Slim Battery

The new MacBook has all kinds of tricks up its sleeve, from a new keyboard to a force feedback trackpad, and of course a lovely new hi-res screen. But maybe the coolest new feature is deep on the inside: terraced batteries that can put more power in a thinner package.

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