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Where Do Major Tech Companies Stand On Encryption?

There’s a major battle brewing over encryption right now. So where do the tech companies stand?

Dell Reported To Announce $68 Billion 'Biggest Deal In Tech' Soon

According to several reports, the ‘largest-ever technology merger’ is set to be announced within a day — and it’s between Dell and storage technology firm EMC, in a deal said to be worth over $68 billion.

Watch Acer's 'ReadyToSense' Windows 10 Announcement Here

At 5PM today, Acer is holding a joint press conference with Microsoft in Taipei to announce a bunch of different, new Windows 10 devices — you can watch it here with us.

Microsoft Surface Vs. MacBook: A Head-to-Head Comparison

Microsoft is making a big splash with its latest gear, the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book. These pricey products are designed to compete directly with Apple’s traditional hegemony on premium gadgets. But just how well do these latest offerings measure up against Apple?

It Took This Robot 10 Days To Learn How To Grasp Objects From Scratch

Robots are good at a lot of things, but their track record at picking up objects is poor. So just how hard is it to teach one to pick up an object on demand from a table full of clutter?

New Dell XPS Is The Smallest 15-Inch Laptop In The World

Not only has Dell released a new XPS 15 with the border-less Infinity display, the much loved XPS 13 has been given a new set of internals. There is also a funky new 2 in 1 convertible – an updated (and quite different) XPS 12.

Microsoft Surface Book And Surface Pro 4: Australian Price And Release Date

Early this morning a slew of new Microsoft Windows 10 devices were announced, including the Surface Pro 4 and the very cool Surface Book. But how much will they cost, and how soon can you get one of your own?

LG's Crazy-Light Gram Series Laptops Are Ready To Take On Apple's Macbook Air

LG is known for lots of great things — chief among them being televisions and wonderful G series smartphones. But laptops? Not so much. But now LG’s trying to entice people with its new Windows 10-equipped laptops, called the LG Gram Series.

How 80s Computers Create 8-Bit Music

You’ve got to love that 8-bit sound. Blips and bloops and beeps magically merge together to create choppy, nostalgic melodies that remind us how far we’ve come since the first personal computers. But how did those big beige boxes actually make music?

Interfaces That Curl, Wave, And Breathe Are Closer Than You Think

An iPad case that waves almost imperceptibly when you get an email. Screens that curl up when you leave a room, and ones that unfurl like flowers when you come back. These sound like William Gibson-esque technologies from the future, but they’re actually not so far off.

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