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Microsoft Has Given Us The F**k-You Emoji We All Wanted

Briefly: Insult emoticons have arrived at last, thanks to Microsoft. Windows 10 will feature the first wave of blatantly offensive emoji, a collection of middle fingers in full F-you salute. One sad step closer to Instagramese becoming the de facto language of humanity.

Can A Card-Playing Artificial Intelligence Beat A Bunch Of Poker Pros?

Faster hardware and better software means artificial intelligence is only going to get more, er, intelligent. Games are one way to put electronics smarts through their paces and when researchers got bored of Chess they, naturally, moved onto Texas Hold’em. So, how well does a dedicated, poker-playing cyber-brain go against the professionals? Not well.

The Best And Worst From Microsoft Build 2015

Microsoft’s Build Developer Conference wraps up today, and as we pack away our (metaphorical/emotional) lanyards and look forward, we’re mostly excited about how Microsoft’s latest consumer electronics fever dream is shaping up.

Rebuilding Cambridge University's First Computer

In 1946, scientists at Cambridge University built the institution’s first ever computer — the Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator. One of the first to be used to solve real scientific problems, it was scrapped to make way for its successor. Now, it’s being rebuilt.

Windows 10 Will Be The Software Brains Behind DIY Arduino Projects

Both Start Menu-lovin’ Microsoft maniacs and amateur engineers should froth over this news: Arduino and Microsoft are teaming up to make Windows 10 the first Arduino-certified operating system.

We Only Just Solved A 33-Year-Old ZX Spectrum Challenge

When the ZX Spectrum was released in 1982, a problem was posed in chapter 19 of the computer’s manual. Now, 33 years later, that problem has finally been solved by a team at Oxford’s Museum of the History of Science.

You Can Download A Free Windows 10 Preview For Raspberry Pi Right Now

Earlier this year, we found out that Windows 10 was going to be free on Raspberry Pi. Now, Microsoft’s made the first Windows 10 previews for the little computer available to download.

Yes, Windows 10 Is Coming Soon, But Only For PCs

We already knew that the next version of Windows was slated to arrive sometime by August 2015 (and for free!) — but it wasn’t completely clear what that meant.

IBM Just Cracked One Of The Biggest Problems Facing Quantum Computing

Quantum computing could make complex calculations trivial — but it’s currently fraught with problems. Now, though, IBM has solved one of the biggest, allowing it to detect the internal errors that could otherwise render quantum calculation useless.

It's Microsoft Build, Day 2: Live, Streaming, Hot

If you can’t get enough of the sizzling hot code popping on the screen at the Microsoft Build conference, today’s keynote will do you right. Watch it here, live, starting at 8.30am PDT (1.30am AEST).

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