In October and November, around 70 people left their laptops at a single airport security checkpoint at Newark's Liberty International Airport. It's not only the cheap stuff that gets abandoned — a fair amount of Macbooks are getting left behind as well.


Could this be the most disgusting computer that ever computed?


With the month of December comes a whole bunch of deals to tempt your wallet. Microsoft is getting in on the action, too, and the first of its 12 days of end-of-year bargains is a pretty decent saving on a pretty decent everyday laptop from HP.


As the end of the year draws near, thoughts turn to family gatherings and celebrations — and the obligatory tech support session for your not-so-computer-savvy relatives. If you want to maximise the good you do and minimise the time you spend doing it, here are five steps to focus on.


Everybody's favourite ultra-discount computer store MSY Technology has run foul of Australia's consumer watchdog, again. This time, the ACCC is targeting MSY for apparently misleading customers on their rights around refunds, replacements and warranties.