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Could This Supersonic Technology Help Australia's Metal And Car Industries?

A CSIRO-developed technology, known as MagSonic, produces magnesium using up to 80 per cent less energy and up to 60 per cent less carbon dioxide emissions thanks to a supersonic nozzle.

As the lightest of all structural metals, Magnesium is in rising demand from car manufacturers who are turning to the metal as a solution for making lightweight, low-emission vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz Has Three New Plug-In Hybrid Cars For Australia

In an effort to counter BMW’s growing plug-in hybrid fleet, Mercedes has launched three new plug-in, petrol-electric hybrids to the Australian market. The Mercedes C350e sedan (and Estate wagon variant), the GLE500e SUV, and S500e limousine can all have their internal lithium-ion batteries charged from a 240-volt wall plug and have enough range for regular everyday city driving on electric power alone. A future E-class hybrid, too, will be “the most intelligent sedan in its class”.

How Pokemon GO Is Actually Helping Road Safety

Pokemon Go is giving a glimpse of how gaming can keep drivers safer behind the wheel, according to QUT’s Dr Ronald Schroeter.

Dr Schroeter, from QUT’s Centre for Accident Research & Road Safety — Queensland (CARRS-Q), said while critics will say Pokemon Go poses a danger on the road, if properly designed, augmented reality offers safety benefits.

Nissan Plans To Be Very Careful With Its Self-Driving System

With all the criticism recently surrounding self-driving cars, you might think it’s a strange move for Nissan to announce some news regarding its own system. Well, it is, but the company is aware.

Tesla's Autopilot Driving Mode Is A Legal Nightmare

The revelation last month that a fatal car cash involved Tesla’s “Autopilot” feature has sparked a debate over liability when it comes to assisted driving: Who’s legally at fault in a crash if a car is being somewhat controlled by a computer?

Holden's New Colorado Gets Apple CarPlay, Android Auto And Other High-Tech Safety Tech

Trucks are everywhere. Ford has the new Ranger, there’s the Mitsubishi Triton and Nissan Navara, and now Holden has a refresh for its super-sized Colorado. The reinvigorated super-ute is probably the most high-tech truck that you can buy at the moment, with even the base model including a new MyLink entertainment system that includes Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Mercedes-Benz Will Take On Tesla With An Electric Sport Car

The unstoppable Tesla juggernaut born from the electric vision of Elon Musk will soon have to compete with the world’s most formidable automaker, Mercedes-Benz.

Honda's New NSX Has Never Looked Meaner

The new Honda NSX — the circa-$400,000, sub 3.0-seconds to 100km/h, 427kW hybrid petrol-electric quad-motor monster — is already a mean piece of automotive engineering. The FIA GT3 spec of that car? Even meaner.

Toyota Has Three Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Cars In Australia Right Now

The world is slowly, but inevitably, moving away from petrol and diesel as the motive power source for cars and trucks. Some vehicle manufacturers are adopting hybrid drivetrains as a stopgap, but even longtime fossil fuel burners like Volkswagen are investing in clean tech like battery energy storage. As well as being a leader in hybrid tech, Toyota is throwing its considerable weight behind hydrogen fuel cells — and the first three cars using the tech have just been delivered to Australian shores.

How Ford's Smart Mobility Tech Turns Congestion Into A Thing Of The Past

All around the world, we use our cars every day — to pick up the kids from school, to visit the supermarket to buy groceries, and to commute to work. Cars are incredibly convenient, but navigating through traffic and parking presents an unwanted challenge. Here’s how Ford, one of the world’s longest-running car brands, is using technology to solve problems and revolutionise the future of driving.

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