People Still Insist This Flying Car Will Arrive By 2017, Despite Crash

Another day, another promise that flying cars are just over the horizon. It’s like that movie Groundhog Day except Bill Murray’s character wakes up once every six months to a new world where he’s completely forgotten the media’s promises of flying cars from six months ago.

I Would Ride This Emergency Vacuum Brake At An Amusement Park

Smart cars are already at the point where they can detect danger and react faster than a driver can. And to help ensure that a vehicle can actually stop in time to avoid an accident, a Swedish company has designed an emergency brake that grabs onto the road using extreme suction.

Paris Taxi Drivers Burn Cars In Violent Anti-Uber Riot

Parisian taxi drivers have long made their anti-Uber feelings clear, normally through the medium of broken windows and slashed tires. But taxi drivers protesting against Uber this morning took things a step further, attacking passenger-carrying cars and burning other (empty) Uber vehicles.

NSW Should Embrace Uber, Not Fight It Says State Opposition Leader

Luke Foley is the Leader of the NSW Opposition, and he thinks it’s time for the State’s Government to surrender its war on Uber and embrace the so-called Sharing Economy.

Tesla's Cars Have Driven A Billion Miles And Counting

1,000,000,000 miles is 1,609,344,000 kilometres. It’s also over 4,000 trips to the moon or a 2000-year-long road trip — and when you travel those kilometres in a Tesla electric car, it’s the equivalent of 570,000 tons of carbon dioxide, 10 years of petrol, and $225 million in fuel saved.

You Can Jump Start Your Car With A Dozen AA Batteries

Although you should probably just keep a set of jump leads and a spare $20 in your car, it turns out there’s a non-conventional way to revive a dead battery, using a dozen AAs, a little soldering, and some firmly-crossed fingers.

The Military Is Building A Hoverbike

Marty McFly’s hoverboard is a cool piece of scifi fantasy, but I’m more excited for this hoverbike to hit the skies. And there’s a good chance that will happen now the US military is getting involved.

Video Compares Pit Stops In F1 Racing, NASCAR, Indy Car And More

F1 Racing is like driving jets on the ground. NASCAR is like racing monster cars in sheet metal around an oval. Indy Car are powerful beasts themselves. Each type of racing has their own unique demands and needs. Here is a video that shows the difference between pit stops in F1 Racing, NASCAR, Indy Car, Formula E and WEC.

Samsung Wants To Make 'See-Through Trucks That Are Safer To Pass

Here’s a thought: Wouldn’t passing a big truck be an awful lot safer if a video display on the vehicle’s back showed drivers what was happening up front? The “transparent truck” concept isn’t exactly new, but Samsung is now trying to bring the idea to life, with a prototype truck whose display-covered caboose transmits feed from a wireless camera.

The Infrastructure Australia Needs To Make Electric Cars Viable

Tesla may have ambitious plans for battery technology for the home but it is also looking to upgrade its electric vehicle batteries, which will allow them to travel twice the distance they currently do. So what will be the implications for Australia?

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