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Not Even Google's Self-Driving Car Can Escape The Cops

Google’s self-driving car might be intentionally designed to look cute and innocent, but as we all know, puppy-dog eyes are not enough to escape the police.

This Giant Vending Machine Can Dispense Your Next Car

If buying a car all seems a little too complex, relax: you can now walk straight up to a five-storey vending machine to choose your new set of wheels, as if it were a gigantic candy bar.

This Is How Autonomous Cars See The City

In a way, the pace of the self-driving car revolution will really be determined by a single technology: How quickly 3D laser scanners will improve until they’re as good as the old-fashioned 3D scanners in our human eyes.

Aussie Garage To Customise Real Life Need For Speed Car

One of the best parts in any racing game is spending hours in the garage customising your car — and now EA is giving fans the chance to do the same in real life. As part of the release of EA’s recent Need for Speed game, it has collected a crack team of Aussie artists and game enthusiasts to bring fans’ vision of the perfect car to life. The car they have chosen is a Nissan Silvia Spec R, and it’s ready and waiting for some sleek customisations.

This Guy Bought A Crappy Jeep, Turns His Woes Into Amazing Aussie Rap

Chrysler Australia’s “I Bought A Jeep” campaign has been a massively successful undertaking for the struggling brand Down Under. One customer who bought a Jeep Grand Cherokee isn’t so happy, however. After multiple issues with his Jeep and no help from Chrysler Australia, he’s decided to put his troubled tale into song to smear the brand.

Self-Driving Cars Will Be On Roads By 2020 But US Cities Won't Be Ready For Them

Even though at least seven autonomous car programs swear they will be street-ready by 2020, the truth is that US cities are woefully unprepared for this reality. Only six per cent of the US’s largest cities include any language about self-driving vehicles in their long-range transportation plans.

Crazy Drone Footage Of A Sinkhole That Swallowed Cars Looks Like A Disaster Movie

Video: A parking lot outside an IHOP in Meridian, Mississippi collapsed the other day leaving a nearly 121m by 10m gash that swallowed around a dozen cars. Authorities don’t know whether it’s a sinkhole that opened up or a drain collapse that caused the ground to give out like that. They don’t think it’s a sinkhole but it’s all still under investigation. In the mean time, the drone footage looks more like disaster movie fodder than real life.

Killer Robots Hit The Road, And The Law Has Yet To Catch Up

Much of the conversation about killer machines has understandably focused on unmanned military vehicles. Yet civilian robotic vehicles also present ethical and legal questions. These have been highlighted by Tesla Corp’s recent crossing of the continental United States in a car that largely drove itself and by the first trial in Australia, involving a Volvo SUV, on Saturday.

EPA Decides To Start Properly Testing Cars Post-Dieselgate

Part of the reason Volkswagen was able to cheat the federal government’s emissions testing for so long was the test itself: standardised, free of variables, and easy to engineer around. In the wake of Dieselgate, the EPA is announcing an overhauled, actually-useful testing procedure.

Are Electric Aircraft The Future Of Aviation, Or Just Wishful Thinking?

Since the dawn of aviation, planes have primarily been powered by carbon-based fuels such as gasoline or kerosene. These contain a lot of energy for their weight, providing the vast power required to lift large commercial airliners on journeys across the globe. But with oil resources declining and penalties on greenhouse gas emissions increasing, the future of aviation is dependent on finding an alternative power source. Is electricity the answer?

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