BMW M135i Ingeniously Hacked To Sound Like A BMW M4

The BMW M135i is a great little car, but like all owners, this guy secretly pined for an M4. So what did he do? Hack the M135i’s sound program to make it pump sweet M4 tones into the cabin, of course.

The 2016 Ford Focus RS Looks Amazing In This Top Gear-Style Teaser

I love a hot hatch. Whenever we do one of our car challenges at Gizmodo Australia, I always walk away with a hot hatch or two. One of the best hot hatches of the last decade is about to get an incredible sounding sequel. This is a teaser for the new 2016 Ford Focus RS.

Jaguar Cars Will Tap You On The Shoulder To Alert You To Nearby Cyclists

Cyclists and drivers ought to co-exist on the roads, but sometimes it’s problematic, given that one can’t always see the other coming. Jaguar is looking to use its considerable smarts to save the lives of cyclists on the road with a new system called Bike Sense that will “tap” drivers on the shoulder when there’s a cyclist manoeuvring around the vehicle.

Barcode Licence Plates? Try Mass Traffic Surveillance

Back to the Future Part II was a classic ’80s movie in part because it was an escape. From the harp plucking and the optimistic-sounding French horn in the first scene, it’s obvious that you’re going to get a picture of the future that is probably closer to Star Trek than Big Brother.

Watch A Tesla Model S Completely Annihilate A Dodge Challenger Hellcat In A Drag Race

We already know that the Tesla Model S is quite a car to be reckoned with. It munches the road, humiliates Ferarris where they stand now it’s smashing records at a drag strip against a weaponised Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

What Three 4-, 6- And 8-Cylinder Cars Would You Buy With $100,000?

If you had $100,000 just sitting around, and you wanted to build yourself a nice car collection, where would you start? What if you had to buy one 4-cylinder car, one 6-cylinder, and one V8?

The Commodore Lives: Holden To Retain Iconic Nameplate

After the news came down that Holden would shutter its Australian operations by 2017, we assumed that the iconic, Australian-built Commodore would become just another automotive memory. But forget what you heard, because the Commodore is sticking around for years to come, Holden confirmed today.

Road Trip: 3000km Around Australia In A Tesla Model S

It has been 5 weeks since we received our Tesla Model S and we’ve been fortunate to spend around three weeks with the car (we lost two weeks due to an overseas holiday). During that time we’ve completed one major road trip to Canberra and a few shorter trips of a couple of hundred kilometres. Here’s what it’s like behind the wheel.

Top Gear Season 22 Launch: Watch The New Clips Right Here

The Top Gear trio held a live event this morning on YouTube to launch the new season, and fans were spoiled with a series of clips from upcoming episodes as well as interviews with the hosts. Get in here and watch these great new clips, including one from an episode shot in Australia’s Northern Territory.

Smart Billboards Arrive In Australia... And They Know What Car You're Driving

We’re living in the future, remember? So, yeah, we’re still figuring out the hoverboard thing and rehydratable pizzas are nowhere on the horizon, but “smart” ads? If you’re driving in Australia, Lexus has you covered.