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Incredible Overhead View Of An Oil Tanker Perfectly Docking At A Narrow Port

Video: The captain of this ship must be a master Tetris player or a savant when it comes to that time wasting iPhone parking game or at least, be the inventor of the three-point turn because his manoeuvring of this tanker, the Galway Fisher,into the narrow Port of Galway is simply incredible to see from up top.

12 Fantastic Sci-Fi Vehicles From A Century Ago

Electric airships, submarines, and other futuristic vessels were the main attractions on the covers of a pulp novel series called Frank Reade Weekly Magazine: Containing Stories of Adventures on Land, Sea & in the Air.

Tesla Is A 'High-End Disruptor', Despite Being A Startup

Elon Musk’s electric car company Tesla has defied expectations and succeeded — despite having a product that nobody was sure even had a market. But how did it happen?

Your Car Can Be Hacked. So What Are Auto-Makers Doing About It?

When I watched some security researchers hack into several cars without even touching them, my head exploded a little bit.

This Month In Australian Dashcams: You Can't Drive

If there’s one thing I love more than insane dashcam videos, it’s hearing what people are listening to in their cars when it all starts to go pear-shaped.

Where Your Luggage Goes After You Check It (And Why The Airline Keeps Losing It)

I just cannot stop watching this hypnotising video created by Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport and edited by Thrillist. They strapped a 360-degree camera on a checked bag and documented a dizzying POV as the luggage made its way through an insane maze of elevators, conveyor belts and endless shelves.

That Apple Car May Be Further Along Than We Thought

Apple seems to want a little piece of everything that could possibly be considered “technology,” and its most ambitious undertaking is its rumoured autonomous vehicle — the Apple Car. And now, according to a report from The Guardian, the Apple auto hearsay is becoming more fact than fiction.

England Is Exploring The Possibility Of Electric Car Charging Lanes

One of the biggest concerns with electric vehicles is whether they will be able to hold enough juice to get you from A to B. But what if we didn’t have to worry, because we could charge our cars on the highway? England will soon be pilot-testing tech that could lead to EV charging lanes.

I Spent A Day On The World's Most Pointless Transit System

The Detroit People Mover, a monorail forming a 4.8km, 13-stop clockwise loop around downtown Detroit, is Michigan’s longest municipal rail system.

We Cannot Allow These Awful Sliding Aeroplane Seats To Become Real

It’s easy to think of ways we could improve aeroplane seat design. It takes some sick creativity to think of how we could make it worse, though. But the world is full of sick people — like these dudes from North Carolina who want to put aeroplane seats on wheels and control them with an iPad.

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