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Your Self-Driving Car Will Be Programmed To Kill You, Deal With It

A recent survey shows that people want self-driving cars to be programmed to minimise casualties during an accident, even if it causes the death of the rider. Trouble is, the same survey shows that people don’t actually want to ride in cars that are programmed this way. That’s obviously a problem — and we’re going to have to get over it.

Fiat Chrysler Starts Scheduling Jeep Fixes As Probe Continues Into Yelchin Death

Fiat Chrysler will begin sending final notices to customers affected by the recall of 1.1 million vehicles worldwide with confusing gear shifters tomorrow, the company said this week. The news comes on the heels of the death of Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin, who was crushed by his 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee, one of the models affected by the recall.

Mazda's New G-Vectoring Control Smooths Out Your Steering Wheel Inputs

Over the last eight years, Mazda has developed a software system that measures a huge range of data, including throttle position and steering wheel angle, to subtly smooth out driver inputs by adjusting its SkyActiv engines’ torque by miniscule amounts in a matter of milliseconds. By reducing the amount of fuel burnt, a vehicle’s weight distribution is shifted slightly forward to exert more downforce on the car’s driven and steering front wheels.

The Ethics And Fears Of Driverless Cars

Driverless cars hold the promise of safer transport. But how should they react when loss of life appears inevitable? Should a car swerve to miss a pedestrian on the road, even if doing so would kill the passenger?

Nissan's Next Leaf EV Could Travel 550km On One Charge

Nissan’s next-generation Leaf all-electric hatchback could be capable of driving well over 500km on a single charge, if indications on a recent concept car shown at the Tokyo Motor Show and an interview with Nissan’s electric vehicle boss are any evidence. The IDS concept’s battery is as twice as large as the current Leaf’s 30kWh setup, and could push the small car to a range beating even the majority of current Tesla vehicles on Aussie roads.

Mille Miglia, The World's Most Beautiful Motor Race

1,000 miles. 1,600 kilometres. 450 automobiles pre-dating 1957. Called the world’s most beautiful race by Enzo Ferrari. These are the evocative words that only one event called Mille Miglia can spruik. Not that the timeless gathering ever needed to be sold, since it’s been a global phenomenon for petrol heads ever since its inception in 1927.

Cities Band Together To Deal With Uber, Airbnb

Such is the power of Uber and Airbnb they have inspired international cooperation in this uncertain world. Mayors from 10 cities worldwide are working together to write a unified “rulebook” for how to deal with these companies.

Here's (Probably) The Fastest F1 Pit Stop Ever

F1 pit stops are fast. If you’re Lewis Hamilton or Daniel Ricciardo or Fernando Alonso and you’re waiting for over three seconds for your tires to get changed and your front and rear wings’ aerodynamic config to be tweaked, something is seriously wrong with your pit crew. In fact, the fastest Formula 1 pit stop is well under two seconds, and last Sunday’s race in Azerbaijan may well have been the shortest pit stop yet.

Aston Martin Has Started Building Its Most Powerful Engine Ever

The first brand new Aston Martin V12 in a long time has just gone into production at the British marque’s engine plant in Cologne, Germany. The new car is Aston’s most powerful ever, and propels the new DB11 to the fastest ever Aston top speed and with the fastest 0-100 time.

In Japan, The Toyota Prius Has A Solar Roof

A new variant of the Toyota Prius has been launched in Japan, with the plug-in hybrid having its internal rechargeable battery also boosted externally by a set of solar cells on the sedan’s roof. It’s an option for both Japanese and US buyers, but we won’t get it in Australia in the foreseeable future.

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