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Man Claims Uber Laughed At Him When He Tried To Report Sexual Assault 

A New York man says he was laughed at by an operator at Uber’s emergency hotline after reporting that he was sexually assaulted by an Uber driver this month. The operator later hung up after refusing to refer the man to her manager. The driver has since been banned from the platform.

Lyft Thinks It's 'Exciting' That A Driver Was Working While Giving Birth

Lyft — the ridesharing app that is unavailable in Australia — does something a lot of tech companies do: It runs a blog. It’s where the company publicly celebrates its own excellence, for things like new features and anniversaries. It’s also where, earlier this month, a story appeared praising one of the company’s drivers for picking up a rider while en route to the hospital to give birth.

Tesla Sued Because 'Insane Mode' Not Insane Enough

According to 126 Tesla customers, the Model S sedan P85D performance version can eat dirt, because its “insane mode” isn’t as insane as the company claims.

Why Apple Should Buy McLaren

Earlier today, The Financial Times reported that Apple was interested in buying supercar maker McLaren. Since then, McLaren has denied those rumours — though the Financial Times stands by its reporting — but that doesn’t mean the idea is without merit.

The 8 Most Rewarding Cars To Drive Under $10,000

We know most of you are probably trying to be responsible by saving up for that next investment property (or a $2,000,000 Aston Martin), but that doesn’t mean the notion of cheap thrills needs to escape you.

Previously we proved that smiles behind the wheel could be obtained both at the $20,000 and $5000 mark. Today we’re slotting into the middle to hunt down those remaining killer drives we may have missed. These are the most rewarding cars to drive for under $10,000.

Researchers Hack A Tesla From 19 Kilometres Away 

A team of researchers were able to wirelessly attack a Tesla Model S and gain control over some of its internal electronic components including the car’s brakes. And they pulled it off from 19km away.

Obama Muses About The Wonders Of Tech In Op-Ed About Self-Driving Car

In an op-ed for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, President Obama not only advocates for the self-driving car, but muses on the technological advancements of the past seven-and-a-half years. “Things are a little different today than when I first moved into the White House,” the president writes. “Back then, my watch told me the time. Today, it reminds me to exercise. In my first year, I couldn’t take pictures with my phone. Last year, I posted on Instagram from Alaska.”

Lyft Says Self-Driving Cars Will Dominate The Road In Five Years

Lately, Uber has been gobbling up all of the self-driving car attention with its launch of an experimental program in Pittsburgh. But Lyft wants you to know that it shouldn’t be counted out. In a manifesto published this morning on Medium, the rideshare company’s co-founder, John Zimmer, outlined his vision of the future.

This Is When Clarkson, Hammond And May's 'The Grand Tour' Starts

For those who’ve been missing the Top Gear days of old, Jeremy “Problematic” Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are returning with their own new show. The Grand Tour is an Amazon Prime exclusive, and will kick off on 18 November. Here’s what we’ve seen of it so far.

Jet Fuel Can't Melt Gum Trees

Scientists are a step closer to using Australia’s iconic gum trees to develop low-carbon renewable jet and missile fuel.

Dr Carsten Kulheim from The Australian National University says renewable fuels that could power commercial aeroplanes were limited and expensive — but a solution could be growing all around us.

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