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The 'Taxi Of Tomorrow' Is Finally The Official Cab For New York City

Against all odds, the Nissan NV-200 will rule the streets of New York. As of today, the vast majority of cab drivers must buy the so-called Taxi of Tomorrow when they retire their old yellow cabs.

Could The Sharing Economy Bring Back Hitchhiking?

On August 1, hitchBOT, a robot that had successfully hitchhiked more than 10,000 km (6,213 miles) across Canada and northern Europe, was destroyed by unknown vandals in Philadelphia’s Old City neighborhood.

Taking One Of The World's Most Insane Drift Cars Into The Heart Of New York Is Certified Insanity

Video: New York City offers some of the worst driving in the world. The roads suck, the traffic blows and there are pretty much no rules. So clearly the smartest thing to do is see if you can thread the vehicular needle with an insane, street-legal, 500-horsepower HP Scion FR-S around those tiny, lawless NYC streets.

Land Rover Has Come Up With A Way To Make Trailers Invisible

Driving with a trailer in tow leaves with you a gigantic blind spot directly behind your vehicle. So to make it easier to keep an eye on traffic following you, Land Rover has come up with a way to make trailers appear to be transparent using strategically placed cameras.

This GIF Is Amazing, But Those Aren't Self-Driving Cars

Over the past month, this video of traffic at a busy intersection has gone viral. People are sharing it as a demonstration of self-driving cars on the road. And while there’s some truth to the general idea that cars will be able to caravan and avoid each other much better in the future, that’s not what this video actually shows. The video is an art film that’s been heavily edited in post-production.

Uber Can Actually Make It Easier For People To Ride Public Transit 

Uber’s destruction of the taxi industry is obvious — and NYC cabs are finally fighting back. But how much of a threat is Uber to other modes of transportation? Earlier this week I worried that Uber’s plan to more easily scoop people off city streets might take ridership away from public transit. But a FiveThirtyEight investigation claims that might not be the case.

Paris Will Ban Cars For One Day

Most major cities now have their own versions of open streets events that temporarily transform streets into car-free freeways for the day. Some of these have gotten quite expansive: Each Sunday, Bogóta famously closes about 128km of streets. But Paris is hoping to best everyone next month by closing a large, contained portion of its urban core to all cars for a day.

This Month In Dashcams: Rated S For Stupid

Video: Australia’s drivers aren’t getting any better, as this batch of dashcam-driving derp demonstrates.

Uber Hires The Car Hackers That Stopped Chrysler In Its Tracks

Uber has hired the hackers behind one of the most terriyfing hacks in recent memory. You’ll remember Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek as the security researchers who last month demonstrated their ability to stop Chrysler vehicles in their tracks remotely by hacking their internet connected powers.

What The Heck Is A Road Diet?

You might have heard the term “road diet”, which sounds like the dining habits of some asphalt-chomping ogre. And it kind of is! But what does it really mean? Here are four videos that explain exactly what transportation planners are doing when they turn space for cars into space for walkers and bikers — and why it’s good for your commute.

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