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New Robot Taxi Ad Highlights The Real Benefits Of Driverless Cars

Self-driving cars are coming to a street near you. And their earliest customers might not be harried tech-savvy millennials in big cities, but rather their grandparents out on the farm.

How To Fix A Flat Tire When You're Stranded In The Middle Of Nowhere

Video: If you’re going to go off-road in your car or on your motorcycle, you need to know how to fix a flat tire. You’ll often be a long ways from help and likely without mobile reception. Luckily, it’s easy to do. We just made a video showing you how.

LA And NYC's Public Transit Systems Got In A Twitter Fight Over Baseball

New Yorkers like to make fun of LA’s subway. Angelenos like to make fun of how New York is a raging hellhole of gentrification that reeks of desperation and greed, but with great trains! So with their baseball teams meeting in the playoffs, it’s only natural that their transit systems start talking smack.

Gun Violence Now Kills As Many Americans As Cars

Earlier this year, a new study revealed some shocking statistics: For nearly half of the US, gun violence deaths have outpaced the number of traffic deaths. In much of the US, you are now more likely to be killed by a gun than a car.

Everything That Happened With Uber Vs. Taxis In Australia This Week

The Uber vs. Taxi debate escalated last week when Choice released a report saying UberX was the cheaper option, and tied with taxis in safety and reliability. Since then we have seen crackdowns on Uber drivers across NSW, and ridesharing fully legalised in the ACT. Check here for all the latest on Uber and its status across Australia.

Four Hours With Android Auto

Yesterday, I took a drive from Sydney to Goulburn and back for the opening of Tesla’s first rural Supercharger. I was in a 2016 Mitsubishi Pajero, the Japanese car brand’s first vehicle with Smartphone Link Display Audio — an in-dash entertainment system that, as well as doing the usual touchscreen CD, Blueooth, AM/FM/digital radio thing, also gives you access to both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. I plugged in my phone and hit the highway.

Bioweapon Experts Aren't Buying The Tesla Model X's Bioweapon Defence Mode

The air conditioning system in the new Tesla Model X has three modes: circulating air from outside the car, re-circulating air that’s already inside the cabin, and a “bioweapon defence mode,” triggered by a button on the dashboard, which creates positive pressure inside the cabin to keep outside particles at bay. So, does it work? We asked bioweapons experts for their take on Tesla’s panic button.

Tesla's First Australian Inter-City Supercharger Is Open In Goulburn

As part of its Australian launch for the $100,000-plus Model S sedan, Tesla Motors committed to building a dozen different Supercharger stations by the end of 2015. The first station outside metropolitan Sydney and Melbourne is now open, in Goulburn near Canberra. It’s now possible to drive Tesla’s electric cars between Sydney and Melbourne, for free, without having to stop overnight to charge.

Can One Day Without Cars Really Change Our Travel Habits?

It is said that on average, we take 66 days to form a new habit. So when an initiative sets out to change our habits in just 24 hours, there’s cause for scepticism. World Car-Free Day aims to do just that. The thought is that by closing city centres to cars for one day a year, people will make a long-term switch to alternative modes of transport and help us to address the many problems caused by our dependence on cars.

The New Tesla Model X: Everything We Didn't Already Know

Tease much? We’ve known Tesla’s SUV was coming since 2012, back before the Mayan apocalypse. Today, though, it has finally arrived, and I’m at the grand unveiling outside of the Tesla factory in Fremont, CA. A lot of information has already been released in the lead-up, but I am here to find out the things we don’t already know and to attempt to rub my face on this sweet-looking vehicle.

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