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The Three Most Profound Conversations I've Had In An Uber

I love talking to my passengers. Our conversations usually flow with ease and end with the exchange of warm pleasantries: “Good luck with that job interview”, or “I hope you get some sleep on the flight.” I can vividly recall three conversations, however, that didn’t end in that fashion. Three passengers and three conversations that left me speechless, not for a brief moment as I stumbled over words, but even now as I think about what they told me.

Here are the three most profound conversations spoken in my Uber.

How Likely You Are To Get Killed By A Car, Depending On Its Speed

It’s simple physics really: The faster a car is going when it hits you, the more likely you’re going to get killed. But there’s a correlation between the speed of the car and the likelihood you’ll be killed, especially when you take age into consideration. Just 8km/h can make a dramatic difference in whether you live or die.

Rally Car Dash Cam Captures Unbelievable Footage Of Flipping Vehicle

Driver Martin Kdér is racing in the Podbrdská Rally Legend 2016 competition and flying along without a care in the world. Well, except for keeping his Skoda 130 LR on the road. Who would have guessed that, moments later, his dash cam would capture a truly amazing shot… at the expense of his vehicle.

How San Francisco Plans To Use Self-Driving Cars To Fix Its Housing Crisis

For a minute, try to forget the hype you hear about self-driving cars and think about the single-occupant, human-driven vehicle like this: A very inefficient way to use expensive city land. Not only do extra-wide roads take up a lot of space, there’s far too much property allocated to parking — about 20 per cent of the land in many US downtowns are surface parking lots. Autonomous vehicles will require less than a third of the land that cars do now, which could then be used for anything but cars. Like more housing.

Porsche Is Going Digital

In an age where electric cars are (finally) reaching maturity and vehicles on our roads are getting smarter with how they interact with the objects around them and the people inside them, it’s good to see that even very traditional car companies are getting on board. Porsche has just launched an entirely new wing of its company devoted to in-car connectivity and autonomous driving.

You Can Absolutely Be Identified Just By How You Drive

Researchers from the University of Washington and the University of California, San Diego did an experiment to see what could be learned from just the information many cars are already recording. The result was that the way people drove was as identifiable as a fingerprint.

Tesla Held An Aussie Model S Owners Meet-Up, At A Petrol Station Without Petrol

The new-look Tesla Model S has landed on Australian shores — with a surprisingly short turn-around after its April facelift — and the electric car company marked the occasion last night by holding a meet up for Victorian owners, at a petrol station that wasn’t a petrol station.

Google Is Opening A Detroit Office To Poach Auto Talent

Just few weeks after Google got us all excited about its impending fleet of autonomous Chrysler minivans, the company’s Self-Driving Car project announced that it’s packing up at least part of its operation and moving it to Detroit. Ford, hide your engineers!

Everyone Was Supposed To Own A Yacht By Now, According To Futurists Of The 1950s

According to futurists of the 1950s, people of the 21st century were all supposed to be zipping around in solar-powered cars, watching wall-sized TVs and enjoying holidays on the moon. We were even supposed to all have our own yachts. Well, half a yacht at least.

Google Turned A Maserati Into An Android Car

Video: At Google I/O 2016, the software giant’s Android N platform got a lot of attention. New APIs and new software hooks are massively increasing the way that Android can be used in devices other than smartphones and tablets, and to demonstrate that the Google team chopped up the dashboard of a shiny new Maserati Ghibli.

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