I Drifted Like Ken Block On The Adult-Sized Crazy Cart XL

Last year’s Crazy Cart gave kids the ability to drift to their heart’s content, but there was one catch: with a maximum weight capacity of 140lbs, most adults couldn’t ride it. No longer, the adult-sized Crazy Cart XL brings 27kph sideways hijinks to everyone. And we rode it.

A Cheaper Highway Guardrail May Be Malfunctioning And Deadly

It’s the difference of just 2.5cm. In 2005, the guardrail manufacturer Trinity Industries shaved that much off its guardrail design, saving the company $2 per guardrail head. It also neglected to report this design change to the Federal Highway Administration. Tens of thousands of these potentially deadly guardrail heads are now installed all over the US, and after numerous accidents and deaths, states are finally banning it.

This Street Has No Lanes, Signals Or Signs -- And It's Safer For It

Imagine a street where pedestrians, bikes and cars peacefully coexist without any posted regulations or official roadway technology. Is this some autonomous car utopia of the near-future? Nope. This is a globally proven design for safer streets, which is finally making its way to the US.

Crazy People Put Car Inside Giant Inflatable Ball, Roll It Down A Hill

This is fun, and I don’t care it was made by the car manufacturer. I care that someone was crazy enough to think about putting a freaking car inside one of those giant inflatable balls — called Zorbs, apparently, perhaps the biggest ever made — and then pushed it down a hill. I only wish they put people inside.

This Tuned Jaguar F-Type R Coupe Sounds Amazing

Video: We’ve already pined over the beastly sound of the Jaguar F-Type Coupé, but this is something else. John Hennessey got hold of one of the gorgeous coupés and gave it a tune. Now the thing produces 623 horsepower and one hell of a noise.

How To Drive Off-Road

Driving a truck off-road is the second most fun thing you’ll ever do. After riding a motorcycle off-road, of course. Here’s how you can start doing it, even if you don’t currently drive the world’s most capable vehicle.

The Government Is Finally Making You Pay More For Fuel

Ready to pay more for fuel? Ready or not, the Government is coming after your car juice in the next fortnight thanks to a loophole that allows it to collect more revenue without subjecting the plan to Senate scrutiny.

NSW Police Pounce On Aussie Supercar Rally Stage After Driver Clocked At 216km/h

What do you do when you’re part of an elite club of supercar owners in Australia looking for some thrills? You go on a rally-style drive of course. A group taking part in an event called the Modball Rally are racing exotic cars around Australia right now, and one of them was busted at an insane speed on the way to Melbourne yesterday.

This Awesome Roadster Should Be The New Batmobile

The new Batmobile for Batman v Superman is cool, but I wish we could go back to something lighter, less militaristic, and a lot cooler. The Vapour GT by Swedish design firm Grey Design is the car that I would like for a new Batman TV series that is more smart detective work and less brainless action.

Ford's Adding Another Self-Driving Feature To Its Cars Next Year

There’s a lot of debate over when — and whether — self-driving cars will hit the road. Elon Musk says six years. Volvo says three. However, some of the features of self-driving cars are already in action. And with Ford’s announcement that its sedans will sport pedestrian detection technology starting next year, there are about to be a lot more cars sporting autonomous tech.

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