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Google's Next Futuristic Self-Driving Car Is A Chrysler Minivan

After months (and months and months) of rumours, including one rumour that it was partnering with Ford, Google’s self-driving car is going into manufacturing mode, with a new prototype based on the Chrysler Pacifica minivan. But hold the grocery-getter jokes, please. An autonomous minivan is exactly what Google should be making.

You Can Survive A Military Grade Bioweapon Sitting In A Tesla

More than twice the number of people that die in vehicle accidents die from air pollution — that’s over three million people every single year. Statistically, according to the World Health Organisation, you’re more likely to die from the air you breathe than the car you drive.

With Tesla’s focus on health and safety, it decided to take this into consideration with the design of the Model S and Model X cars. But of course, being Telsa, the protection doesn’t stop with your everyday garden variety smog.

Why Do Wheels Sometimes Appear To Spin Backwards?

You’ve seen this optical illusion in movies — but it happens when you’re watching in person too. What’s really going on?

Uber: You Can Tip Your Driver But You Really Shouldn't

After settling two big lawsuits where drivers claimed Uber did not allow them to accept tips, Uber agreed to not get in the way of the practice any more. There was even speculation that Uber might start encouraging the act. Today, the on-demand ride app has answered that speculation with an unequivocal middle finger to its drivers: “Tips are not included nor are they expected on Uber.”

Uber Is Charging People For Making Drivers Wait Two Minutes

You might want to hurry out the door a little faster if you live in Dallas, New Jersey, New York or Phoenix, where Uber is testing stricter penalties for keeping drivers waiting and cancelling rides.

Australia Now Has The Southern Hemisphere's Most Advanced Driving Simulator

Video: A partnership between the Australian Road Research Board and the Curtin-Monash Accident Research Center will see the Southern hemisphere’s most advanced driving simulator installed at Curtin University’s Technology Park, where it will be used to study the impact of driverless cars, distractions like mobile phones, and new designs for roadways.

All Cars Should Tell You When You've Forgotten Your Keys

Land Rover’s new car has an integration with Tile, which sounds geeky as hell because it is. But it means one highly important thing: if you get in the car without your wallet or keys, your car will inform you of this.

Honda And Hitachi Have Built A Smart Car Key With A Breathalyser Inside

Hitachi and Honda have teamed up to prototype a “portable alcohol detection device” that might be integrated into your next car’s key. You can’t fool it by spraying air on it — it knows what human breath is — and it’ll work even when it’s not near your car, giving you the ability to check your sobriety even while you’re still sitting in the pub.

Future Movers: Drivers Hate Other Drivers, Sydney's New Tesla Store, Hertz Gets Mustangs

Tired of walking? Future Movers is our roundup of the week’s biggest news in powered transport. Whether it’s a car, a bike, a plane or something in between, you’ll find the Aussie angle on it right here.

This Month In Dashcams: Um, It's A Red Light

Video: Put them in charge of a couple of tons of metal, plastic and petrol, and people do some stupid things. Dash Cam Owners Australia has put together another compilation of Australians being morons on our roads — and this month, we have for you a delightful fusion of red lights, crashes, and driving on the wrong side of the road.

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