Holden Discontinues Volt In Australia

The Holden Volt is dead in Australia. Long live the Holden Volt.

17 Gorgeous Hood Ornaments That Defined These Classic Cars

Even though I’m not a car buff, old-timer car shows and exhibitions attract me. One reason is hood ornaments — a distinctive aspect of each automobile that beautifully combines art, design and typography.

This Working Replica Of Bucky Fuller's Dymaxion Car Is Scary As Hell

Buckminster Fuller was either a brilliant inventor or a nutcase charlatan, depending on who you ask. And perhaps no single invention of Bucky’s encapsulates that divide quite like his Dymaxion car. Was it a death trap or a feat of engineering genius? The Wall Street Journal recently tested out a functioning replica and decided it was very much the former.

Garmin's New All-In-One Dashcam-Navigator Helps You Stay On The Road

The days of standalone car GPS units have been numbered ever since Google Maps started turn-by-turn directions, but Garmin is still keeping them relevant by packing in smarts. The latest nuviCam LMTHD not only features a dashcam, but it can use that same lens to prevent you from crashing.

Uber Expands Into Newcastle, Offers Free Rides After Devastating Storm

Following a three day-long storm that has seen Newcastle and the New South Wales Central Coast declared as disaster areas, Uber has decided to expand into the north of the state to help people get around free of charge.

Plastic Gears Reinforced With Carbon Fibre Could Replace Metal In Cars

Given the sheer amount of torque and power needed to propel a car that weighs thousands of kilos, you’d think that parts made from plastic would disintegrate in minutes. But researchers have developed a plastic gear reinforced with carbon fibre that’s strong enough to actually be used as a replacement for metal parts in a vehicle.

Being Inside An Automatic Car Wash Can Be So Relaxing

I remember being so fascinated with automatic car washes as a kid. Your mum would pull up the family car and then relinquish control to what seemed like a highly choreographed ballet of robot arms and soap ballerinas that worked together to clean your car. I would watch the bubbles, listen to the thumping and enjoy the whole experience.

Tight Spot? The New BMW 7 Series Can Park Itself With No One In The Car

The actual car hasn’t been revealed to the public just yet — at least without its camo wrapping — but that hasn’t stopped BMW from announcing that its new 7 Series will be the first car that can be parked remotely using its key fob, without anyone actually having to be inside the vehicle.

The FTC Wants Your Opinion On Airbnb, Uber And Lyft

Should cities treat Airbnb rentals like any other hotel room? What kind of insurance should Uber drivers carry to protect passengers? These are just some of the questions that the Federal Trade Commission will (probably) be discussing in an upcoming workshop exploring the so-called “sharing economy”. And it wants to hear from you.

In Top Gear's Absence, This Is The Best Car Show You Can Watch

Missing Jeremy, Richard and James cocking about on the BBC every week? We kind of are too. Thankfully, there’s a replacement that has been under our noses the whole time, and it’s called /DRIVE.

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