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In Case You Want To Prowl Around Japan From The Point Of View Of A Cat 

We have the technology, and the time is now: We can roam alleyways from a cat’s POV.

Ricoh's Theta S 360-Degree Camera Gets An Image Quality Upgrade

A few years ago, Ricoh launched its odd little 360 camera, the Theta. Since then we’ve seen countless others. But how many of them allow you to dump your images and footage on Google Maps?

The Snap Is A Polaroid-Branded Camera That Prints Out Real Pictures 

Polaroid proper is no more, but its brand-name and identity are still around in various reanimated forms — and today at IFA in Berlin, the company that owns those assets is releasing a new rendition of the old Polaroid’s classic instant camera.

The Moto X's Camera Is Truly Stunning, But Still Afraid Of The Dark

Every time a new shiny phone is released, the typical claims of how great its camera is are barfed from the mouths of marketing professionals. It’s no different with the new Moto X, whose previous incarnation took disappointing shots. But the new 2015 edition might just deserve a seat alongside other smartphone heavy-hitters.

GoPro Just Made It Way Easier To Share Your Epic Moments

If you do something rad, but you don’t share a video of it instantly on at least three social media channels, it probably didn’t happen. Thankfully, the world’s leading purveyor of radness-capturing cameras has just made the whole process a lot easier.

DxO One Review: Souping Up Your iPhone's Camera Comes At A Cost

How do you combine the ease and connectivity of a smartphone with the quality and control of a camera? It’s basically one of the greatest conundrums of our time. Does DxO have the answer? It wants to transform your iPhone 6 into a full-fledged camera thingy with this quirky attachment.

This Drone Goes From Canister To Aerial Selfie In 20 Seconds Flat

What if you could pull a giant Pringles can out of your backpack, and turn it into an incredibly safe, easy to fly camera drone in practically no time at all? I just described the Fotokite Phi — one of the coolest quadcopters I’ve ever tried.

Watching These Daredevils Do Crazy Tricks Off A 40-Storey Building Made My Knees Disappear

Video: I might have cried. I don’t know for sure because I’m unable to process emotion or feel my face after seeing these two guys, Ilya Bagaev and OlgaCricket, tease death by pulling tricks on the roof and even on the side of a 40-story building. I stopped the video multiple times because I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Watch Aussie DJs Flight Facilities Perform At The Opera House In Sweet, Sweet VR

Video: The Vivid Sydney festival and an Aussie music label named FCX absolutely rocked the Sydney Opera House back in May. Tickets were super-limited, but you can relive a little part of it thanks to Samsung and the Sydney Opera House: they captured part of Flight Facilities’ gig in gorgeous virtual reality, and it’s really worth a watch.

Trove Of Architectural Photos Shows When LA's Skyline Became Modern

At the dawn of the 1960s, Los Angeles lacked a true city skyline. A long-standing 13-storey height restriction, in force since 1904 and only recently repealed in 1956, had created a downtown whose only vertical accent was the 32-storey City Hall.

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