FLIR ONE Camera Review: Yep, iPhone Predator-Vision Is Awesome

Do you want to have Predator heat vision? Heck yeah you do. And now you can! On your phone. And if you can forget about the price, it’s one of the most fun things you can do with an iPhone case.

You Won't Believe These Pictures Were All Captured Using A Raspberry Pi

Adafruit Industries recently held a Raspberry Pi Photography contest. Now, it has announced the winners — and you won’t believe how good some of them are.

How Hollywood Just Saved Motion Picture Film From Death

These days, almost everything you watch on TV and in theatres is shot digitally. But because Hollywood still needs film sometimes, the biggest motion picture companies in the world are banding together to keep the lights on in Kodak’s Rochester motion picture film plant.

This Is How New York Would Look Submerged In A Gigantic Latte

Flóra Borsi is fascinated by the beauty of coffee. And so she made this stunning series of pictures where New York City skies are dyed with coffee and the clouds are made of cappuccino foam. It’s like the whole city is submerged in a gigantic cup of latte — and some how it is, considering New Yorkers’ love for coffee.

Photographers Picture The End Of The World, Architecture And Art

Photographers Vitaliy and Elena Vasilieva explore apocalyptic themes — and society’s obsession with catastrophe and disaster — as they destroy the New York Guggenheim, Pompidou and other modern institutions. Will art survive the end of the world?

Movidius' New Vision Processor Could Make Future Smartphone Cameras Dope

You might remember Movidius as one of the key companies that enable the 3D mapping powers of Google’s Project Tango phone. Today, the company is announcing the second generation of its vision processor, which has the potential to enables a slew of everyday camera enhancements for future smartphones.

Tropfest Wants You To Make Your Own Super-Short Film With Vine

Fancy yourself a short-film maker? Tropfest wants you to prove it with a new ultra-short film contest featuring six-second vine movies.

Instagram Went Nuts Over The Incredible Sunset In Sydney Yesterday

If you happened to be outside when the sun went down over Sydney last night you were treated to an amazing sky, as well as a whole bunch of people trying to capture it on their devices.

Stunning Selfie Of A Lone Man Facing A Terrifying Volcano Pit

Look at that lonely guy, so tiny and fragile on the edge of the fiery Gates of Hell — the Kilauea Volcano’s Halemaumau Crater. His name is Andrew Hara, the photographer who took this amazing self-portrait, which was just featured as photo of the day in National Geographic’s Your Shot. How the hell did he do it?

Antarctic Ice Looks So Tempting, Even In Winter

Photographer Martin Bailey captured these gorgeous images of Antarctic ice during a seven week working trip to the continent. As summer temperatures soar it is hard not to see these sublime and moving landscapes in terms of giant slices of ice cream.