Tropfest Wants You To Make Your Own Super-Short Film With Vine

Fancy yourself a short-film maker? Tropfest wants you to prove it with a new ultra-short film contest featuring six-second vine movies.

Instagram Went Nuts Over The Incredible Sunset In Sydney Yesterday

If you happened to be outside when the sun went down over Sydney last night you were treated to an amazing sky, as well as a whole bunch of people trying to capture it on their devices.

Stunning Selfie Of A Lone Man Facing A Terrifying Volcano Pit

Look at that lonely guy, so tiny and fragile on the edge of the fiery Gates of Hell — the Kilauea Volcano’s Halemaumau Crater. His name is Andrew Hara, the photographer who took this amazing self-portrait, which was just featured as photo of the day in National Geographic’s Your Shot. How the hell did he do it?

Antarctic Ice Looks So Tempting, Even In Winter

Photographer Martin Bailey captured these gorgeous images of Antarctic ice during a seven week working trip to the continent. As summer temperatures soar it is hard not to see these sublime and moving landscapes in terms of giant slices of ice cream.

This Is Not A Hubble Photo Of A Supernova -- It's Food

Ajay Malghan makes a living by playing with food and taking pictures of it. He cuts a thin slice of carrot, kiwi or any other fruit, presses it in between two glass sheets and experiments with light, colours and proportions. The result are these awesome abstract pictures.

Impressive Photo Of Hundreds Of Flying Rays Is One Beautiful Nightmare

This photograph of a large school of mobula rays by Eduardo Lopez Negrete is one of the entries for the 2014 National Geographic Traveller Photo Contest. Keep in mind that these majestic creatures can reach a 5.2m wingspan and weigh over 1000kg. It may look like a nightmare, but they are harmless.

A Triptych That Proves Portrait-Oriented Video Isn't Always Horrible

Usually, we are very much against shooting video with your phone in portrait orientation, because it looks like rubbish for the most part. But Dan Toth did something we never thought of, using three portrait-oriented videos to make a lovely triptych of his neighbourhood in Sunnyside, Queens.

Cyclist Films His Own Road Accident, Saves Life Miraculously

“The second time I rode into London in an effort to gain some fitness, rather than take the train, ended like this,” says YouTube user cyclejack. “This” being an idiot in a car deciding to ignore him, ramming and sending him and his bicycle into the air. Miraculously, he wasn’t injured, just bruised.

I Don't Know Where Buildings Start Or End In This Crazy Photo Of Hong Kong

Briefly: National Geographic’s Photo of the Day — captured by Simon Kwan — shows Hong Kong in all its glorious urban madness. When I first saw it I thought it was a collage made with multiple shots and mirrored images. It’s not. It’s just the city photographed from Beacon Hill.

All The Supernovas Ever Photographed By NASA

Image Cache: NASA has revealed spectacular, newly reprocessed images of four of the most amazing supernovas ever captured by a human science instrument — the Crab Nebula (top), Tycho, G292.0+1.8, and 3C58 — to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Chandra observatory. I decided to go one step further and collect them all.