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Sony's Image Sensors Are Good Enough To Survive As A Separate Company 

Sony is spinning its moneymaking image sensor business into its own company that will be named Sony Semiconductor Solutions. And rather than propping up other electronics lines that haven’t been performing as well, the semiconductor business will now be able to make a lot of money.

Fujifilm's Newest Instant Camera Is Unashamedly, Adorably Retro

You don’t buy an instant camera because you care about photo quality. You buy it because you yearn for a simpler, easier time, when photographs were tangible objects, and cameras came in cutesy colours and swallowed film.

Here's The Camera Compared In Every Single iPhone

Everyone knows the 12-megapixel iPhone 6s camera is leaps and bounds better than the 8-megapixel iPhone 6. But think about this: The first iPhone camera was only two megapixels. How much of a better photo does that equate to?

The Hero+ Is GoPro's New Entry-Level Camera, Now With Wi-Fi

GoPro’s got itself quite a stable of little cameras these days. We already had (from high end to low end) the Hero4 Black, Hero4 Silver, Hero4 Session, Hero+LCD, and the straight up Hero. Now, squeezing in between those bottom two, comes the Hero+. It’s a $299.95 version of the Hero, but it has Wi-Fi and has significantly upgraded shooting modes.

Flir's New Thermal Imaging Camera Fits Into A GoPro Mount

The Flir One thermal imaging camera is awesome fun, but when you put the technology on a drone, it also becomes quite useful. That’s why the company is now targeting anyone from farmers to firefighters with a new camera, the Flir Vue Pro that’s specifically designed for the GoPro mounts on drones.

Battle Of The Superzooms: Canon G3X Vs. Sony RX10 Mark II

A while back, camera makers decided that people want to zoom in really, really far. More recently, they also realised people want great image quality and advanced controls. (Who’da thought!?) Here are new two cameras that do both. Let’s see which is worth your hard-earned dollars.

The Exo GP-1 Turns Your GoPro Hero Into A Mini Leica

So many people these days carry their GoPros around with them on holiday — walk around Sydney’s Circular Quay, near the Gizmodo office, and you’ll see them on selfie sticks, on little waterproof handles, and in holidaymakers’ hands, using them as compact wide-angle cameras. But they’re a little small and unwieldy to snap photos with; the Exo GP-1 wants to change that with a custom housing that includes a shutter button, viewfinder and cold-shoe accessory mount.

How DSLR Camera Traps Are Capturing Stunning Wildlife Photos

By now you’ve probably heard of camera traps, and if you haven’t, you’re definitely familiar with the photos they take. Camera traps are small cameras hidden inside sturdy boxes that a researcher or photographer attaches to a tree or stake or rock in order to spy on wild animals. The images are incredibly valuable for studying animal science, and now, next-level DSLR cameras are capturing photos that are visually stunning, too.

Sony A7s II: The Best Low-Light Mirrorless Camera Now Records 4K Video Onboard

Last year, Sony’s A7s camera blew us away with low-light video powers that can capture decent footage, even when it complete dark. Today, we’re getting a new version that shoots 4K video.

This Little Black Dog Isn't Impressed By The Petzi Treat Cam

I vacationed in Europe last month. I don’t mean to rub it in — it just happened to be the perfect opportunity to test the Petzi Treat Cam. It’s a remote control treat dispenser with a built-in Wi-Fi camera, so you can play with your pet from anywhere in the world.

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