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This Video Stabilisation Software Is Totally Bonkers

Video: I’d love to produce beautiful clips from my GoPro, but whenever I load it into an editing suite, I notice that no amount of software help can make it smooth. A new tool might be about to join my kit bag, however, with the release of this crazy new stabilising tool.

One Of The World's Busiest Airports Looks Like A Toy Set In This Tilt-Shift Video

It’s amazing what a change of perspective can do — and in this case a simple camera perspective trick transforms a huge Tokyo airport into an tiny toys set fit for a playroom.

Olympus's Tiny OM-D E-M10 Mark II Gets An Australian Price And Release Date

A while back, I reviewed the Olympus OM-D E-M10 and came away damn near head over heels with the small, charming camera. The new Mark II version enhances nearly every aspect of the camera, but it’s still the little friend we know and love. We now know when it’ll come to Australia, and how much it’ll cost.

The Mesmerising Colours Of Paint Swirling Around Together

Video: Thomas Blanchard made this lovely video, The Colours of Feelings, using paint, oil, milk, honey and cinnamon as a sort of analogy for feelings like love and joy and sadness and so forth. The work is mesmerising and verges on feeling like you’re in a dream. I can watch this type of thing (it’s not quite watching paint dry but watching paint mix), for a very long time.

Seeing A Ladybug Take Flight In Slow Motion 

Video: This is just so cool. I love how the dotted red shells split and then the wings slowly swing out and then begin to flap and the ladybug takes flight like some sophisticated alien space ship that’s ready to swarm together. It’s also really cool to see this angle of a ladybug taking flight because it’s so different than the overview look we typically get.

This Video Of The Coast Makes The Edge Of The World Look Even More Beautiful

Video: There is peace when your feet sink into the sand and your ears hear the waves and your nose smells the salt. It’s a beautiful feeling, standing on a beach and looking out into the ocean and imagining the edge of the world. But it might be even more beautiful to see the water creeping onto the end of land from above. Like in this video.

This Phone's Claim To Fame Is An Indestructible Selfie Periscope

We’re only a few weeks out from IFA, but if you were hoping for a preview of this year’s most eccentric devices, Chinese company Huawei has you covered. This is our very first peek at the new Honour 7i, where a flippable, selfie-ready camera takes centre stage. Or the world’s fanciest high tech phone projectile. You decide.

Japan Uses Cameras On Train Platforms To Spot (And Save) Drunk People

Here in New York City, subway security is on the prowl for crooks, would-be terrorists, and other unsavoury characters. But in Japan, security cameras are used to detect a totally different type of passenger: Wasted people. And it’s for their own good.

It's Impossible To Overexpose A Shot With A New Camera Built By MIT

Many scenes you point a camera at are doomed to result in a crappy picture. Either the background is blown out, or the foreground is too dark. It’s a limitation of every camera sensor. MIT is working on technology that captures light in a new way, eliminating this problem completely.

Here's How Fast Canon Lenses Focus On The New Sony A7r Mark II

I’m in the midst of reviewing the new Sony A7r II camera. One of the most pleasant surprises so far? Just how fast autofocus can be with Canon lenses and a Metabones adaptor. Watch this video, and see what an amazing improvement this is from anything that came before.

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