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The Best Camera Bags And Straps

After doing more than 24 hours of new research and testing — including interviews with several professional photographers — on top of 60 hours previously spent reviewing camera carrying gear, we’ve found the best bags (both backpack and messenger style) and straps to keep your equipment organised and protected in the field.

You Don't Need It: The New Leica M-D Doesn't Have A LCD Screen

You don’t need a screen on the back of your camera to take photos. You only need that to view photos, and that’s what a computer with a properly calibrated monitor is for, right? Leica’s new M-D joins the original M, the logo-less M-P and the innovative sensor of the M Monochrome, but this one is distinctly different because you can’t see what you’re doing — just like a film camera.

So How Does Analogue Film Work Anyway?

Even though it contains some of the most memorable images in human history, how many of us really know how film actually works?

The Future Of Tripods Gets Rid Of All Those Fiddly Knobs And Buttons

Having a tripod always on hand can mean the difference between a mediocre or a great shot, but only if you can get it set up in time. By eliminating knobs, buttons and gangly extending legs, Edelkrone has created an interesting tripod alternative that can be easily positioned in seconds.

Nikon Releases Its SnapBridge Sharing App On Android

Nikon’s Bluetooth sharing app SnapBridge has arrived on Android, with a release for iOS devices to follow later this year.

Watch Daredevils Land Skate Tricks In Slow Motion, While Their Boards Are On Fire

These guys may have melted the soles of their shoes a bit, but it was worth it to capture these jaw-dropping tricks in stunning slow motion.

DJI's Osmo Video Camera Gets Hardcore With A New Micro Four-Thirds Sensor And SSD Grip

DJI’s Osmo camera is already an incredibly stable handheld video camera rig. It’s a great choice for anyone looking to film constantly-moving, dynamic video. But DJI decided to get really into it, with a new option called the Osmo RAW using the company’s video-friendly Micro Four-Thirds sensor, with a huge 512GB solid-state drive for recording, as well as a new vertical stabiliser for even more shake reduction called the Z-Axis.

Video Shot From Fighter Jets Will Melt Your Face

Video: To help Saab Defence and Security capture some spectacular footage of its Gripen fighter jet, a Swedish-based company called Blue Sky built a custom gyro-stabilised camera system that can ride along at speeds of over 555km per hour.

This Flexible Sheet Camera Captures Images Of What It's Wrapped Around

Bored of taking photographs from a single point in space? This experimental new camera can be wrapped around objects to capture images in completely different ways.

Facebook Built A 360 Camera For Shooting VR Video

With Oculus Rift out in the wild, Facebook is giving us our first look at its design for a 360-degree video camera.

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