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How To Rebuild Bruce Willis Inside Of A Computer

How to Rebuild Bruce Willis Inside of a Computer

Video: Blender is some impressive free, open-source animation software. It can be used to make some terrifying garbage if you don’t know what you’re doing. But some people are really, really good at it.

Like a modern-day Prometheus, watch César Salcedo mould digital clay into the shape of Emmy-winning actor and sort of musician Bruce Willis’s head. The finished product looks like this:

How to Rebuild Bruce Willis Inside of a Computer

“I may be trapped in this computerbox, Ben Affleck, but I will kill you for having sex with my daughter Liv Tyler. An oil rig is no place at all for the sex. I hope the meteor ends us all. This computerbox is suffering.”

Also, if you’re interested, the aforementioned terrifying garbage.


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