The Leatherman Tread Is A Multi-Tool That's Also A Bracelet

If you’re an adult, you should own a multi-tool. This is a Fact. But if you’re also a frequent flyer, you’ll know the annoyance of not being able to carry said multi-tool through airport security both in Australia and internationally. This is where this nifty new tool will come in handy — the Leatherman Tread packs 25 different tools, sans knife, into a vaguely fashionable bracelet.

The Tread is a multi-link bracelet, with 9 links each with 2 to 3 tools on the outer edges — Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, a bottle opener, a cutting hook, glass breaker, and so on. When it’s released in March or April, during the US spring, you’ll have to spring about US$150 for the Tread, or US$200 for the the black as shown above — very expensive, but that’s what you expect from a company with Leatherman’s reputation for quality. I’ve used a black Leatherman Wave for a couple of years now and it barely looks used, so the Tread should stand the test of time.

Later in the year, Leatherman will expand the Tread lineup with a version that includes a Swiss-made quartz movement watch — the QM1 will set you back at least US$500, though. Now I just have to wait and see whether I’ll be able to use the Tread itself as a wristband for my LG G Watch R.

We checked with Leatherman’s official Australian importer to confirm local launch dates and possible pricing, but that’s still to be worked out — at the moment, March is all we know, with pricing still “TBA”.


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