Watch The Alleged LulzSec Leader Sing Along To Grease. Yes, Really.

The AFR came out and named the guy the Australian Federal Police arrested as the “self-proclaimed” leader of LulzSec. Do a little looking around, though, and you find the most bonkers video ever. I don’t even know where to start.

The arrested man is allegedly 24-year-old Matt Flannery from Point Claire on the New South Wales’ Central Coast. He’s known online as Aush0k.

Do a little searching online and you come across an attempt to dox Aush0k. That is — reveal his true identity to the world.

On the page — amongst other things — is this: a video of him doing karaoke with someone purported to be his lady friend.

It’s next-level insane. Next. Level. CRAY.

Aush0k was arrested yesterday and is being charged with hacking offences. Federal Police say he’s the “self-proclaimed” leader of Lulzsec.

The police allege that the man compromised and defaced a government website, triggering an investigation that led to his arrest.

If convicted, he faces a penalty of up to 12 years in prison.

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