This Homemade Crossbow Revolver Shoots Arrows Too Fast To See

Joerg Sprave, performing arts expert and mankind’s last line of defense, cooks up gnarly kill machines in his picturesque home. Today, he calmly introduced a crossbow revolver capable of shooting four arrows without reloading. It’s a beast and its secret is… a toothbrush?

Make no mistake, if Joerg decided to amp up the firepower of his crossbow revolver, he could. See how casually he shoots this thing? Don’t fall for it. If it was you versus Joerg for the last spicy bratwurst on Earth, the rapid fire nature of the bow would pierce you four times before you even realised it. One in the head, two in the nipples and the last in the crotch for good measure. Notice the placement of the toothbrush, Joerg uses it to keep the arrows dead accurate. The guy is a prehistoric Terminator. [YouTube]

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