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Jet-Engine Powered Go-Kart On eBay For $6200

Take a serious inventory of your financial situation right now, because you may just have to have this jet-engine powered custom-crafted go-kart.

Veteran vehicle tinkerer Seth Kittleman has his latest creation up for sale on eBay, with a current bid of $US6200 and just two days left till the auction closes.

The kart is said to reach speeds of over 160km/h, propelled by more than 90kg of thrust from a reclaimed Boeing 502-7 gas turbine engine.

GizMag reports that the kart features spun aluminium fuel cells, a digital speedometer, a new N1 gas producer tachometer (which indicates turbine RPMs) and an auxiliary start kit.

Kettleman is currently working on a new exhaust nozzle that he claims should further increase the top speed, and has offered to build an afterburner for the new owner — mostly just for the flames and smoke it would produce.


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