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Is This What Android Jelly Bean Will Look Like?

Jelly Bean is still a bit of a mystery, we don’t even know what version number it’ll be, but it seems Google’s just given us a sneak peak at its UI. The Google I/O companion app for Android got an update complete with a strange screen shot.

The UI looks pretty much the same as Ice Cream Sandwich’s Holo, but it’s been tweaked ever so slightly. For one the Google search bar is no longer solid, sitting as an opaque bar on the home screen. Now, some manufacturers have kitted out their skinned Android phones with a transparent search bar, but in stock ICS it’s solid dark grey/black by default.

It could be utter baloney, of course, that’s undoubtedly a developer phone it’s running on — just look at the time — but does it mean Google’s just going to tweak the Holo UI gently for Jelly Bean? Considering ICS is already pretty attractive, I’d say that’s not a bad idea. I guess we’ll find out next week. [Google I/O 2012 via Phandroid]

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